Top 20 Hottest WWE Selfies You NEED To See

Long before the days of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter, there was MySpace. MySpace, along with Friendster, were two of the "OG's" of social media networking among teenagers and young adult

Long before the days of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter, there was MySpace. MySpace, along with Friendster, were two of the "OG's" of social media networking among teenagers and young adults and its 20 million plus users worldwide. The website was designed to allow users to upload pictures of themselves, which was not an original idea but it did pave the way for the future of picture taking in social media.

Soon after MySpace began the social media craze, other sites starting popping up like Facebook and Instagram that encouraged posting pictures of life events, people, and moments people want to remember forever.

Eventually, that idea turned into the "selfie" as more and more people started taking pictures of themselves instead of with others. As the term grew in popularity, so did the many ways to take selfies, from the dangerous shots taken atop a cliff to the sexy selfies that have basically broken the internet on a daily basis.

As for the WWE Divas/Women, well, they have a bad habit of taking selfies and posting them on their personal Instagram accounts for all of their fans to enjoy. We already know who are the sexiest Divas of the WWE but do we know anything about the hottest selfies those WWE Divas have ever taken?

Let's look at the Top 20 Hottest WWE Selfies from some of our favorite and sexiest ladies of the WWE.

20 Mandy Rose 

Many of you have already heard about Mandy Rose, whose real name is Amanda Saccomanno, and her amazing rise to stardom in the WWE's developmental territory, NXT. She finally got her first televised match on September 28th of this past year, and although she was defeated, the match kick-started her career with the WWE.

She was first noticed on the hit reality television shows, Tough Enough and Total Divas. It helped her rise to fame but it did not turn her into a wrestler in the NXT. She did that herself. Her hardwork to become the best female star in the world has turned her into a very hot commodity in the NXT and she has been getting several shots at Asuka's NXT Women's Title recently but with no avail. As the time passes on, she will get her big shot, sooner rather than later.

19 Alicia Fox 

After debuting on an episode of WWE SmackDown in 2008, Alicia Fox has remained a member of the Women's Division the entire time making her one of the longest tenured female wrestler in the WWE. She has not held the WWE Women's Championship belt since 2010, when she held it for 35 days, but she has not stopped trying to win it back.

She just recently was involved in the WWE's Survivor Series as a member of Team Raw for the women's Five-on-Five Traditional Elimination match. During the match, she was able to eliminate Team SmackDown's Carmella before being eliminated by the smallest active female wrestler in the WWE, Alexa Bliss. She was also heavily involved in the Six-Woman Tag Team match where she helped her team get the win.

18 Brie Bella 

#concertoutfit #gunsnroses #lastpost 😜 Make up by @zac_phoenix ✨

A post shared by Brie Bella (@thebriebella) on

Even with Nikki Bella finally coming into her own in the WWE, we still miss Brie Bella every week. Sure, we can watch her reality show on E! but we would much rather get the Brie Bella that runs around the ring causing chaos during her sister's matches. Don't get us wrong, we would enjoy watching Brie Bella in any way, shape, or form but listening to her argue with her husband, Daniel Bryan, over who used the toilet paper last takes away some of the excitement of her appeal.

But the good news for Brie is not that she is on reality television, it's because she is pregnant, finally. There had been rumors for a while now, and she never tried to hide her love for having a family, that she was trying to make a baby with Daniel Bryan and it worked as she has been pregnant and is expected to give birth to their child in April of 2017.

17 Carmella

The best move of Carmella's career, so far, was the moment she partnered up with Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady to form a very dynamic and hip new tag team group that has become one of the biggest stars in the WWE since their arrival last year.

In NXT, Carmella was one of those sexy new faces no one knew about just yet but everyone kept seeing her show up in multiple segments with Enzo and Cass. She eventually formed a friendship, in real life, with both of the men she managed at NXT and even started dating Big Cass last year.

Her popularity has continued to grow and she was recently involved in a No-DQ match at the WWE's most recent PPV, TLC, against Nikki Bella before revealing to Nikki that she was not the mystery person that attacked Nikki at Survivor Series, it was, instead, Natalya.

16 Sasha Banks 

💂🏿‍♀️ Hola #wweEcuador use sb10 for $ @striplash

A post shared by Sasha Banks (@sashabankswwe) on

Sasha Banks continues to break new ground for female wrestlers in the WWE. Before she got promoted to the main roster, Sasha was feuding with Becky Lynch and Bayley in NXT, the WWE's developmental promotion. It was during her time at NXT that she was able to become a true star of women's wrestling and she was rewarded by headlining the NXT TakeOver: Respect special, a first for any women in any event at the WWE, along with her opponent of the night, Bayley. The two would also go on to be the first women to compete in a 30-minute Iron Man match which broke two records including the longest woman's match in history.

Sasha Banks was also the first woman to wrestle in a Hell in a Cell match on a WWE pay-per-view and being the first woman, and also her opponent Charlotte Flair, to headline a WWE PPV, and then a few episodes of Raw, which has not happened in over 12 years.

15 Aliyah


A post shared by Aliyah (@aliyahwwe) on

Anyone you see on the WWE's main roster these days, got started at NXT. For Nhooph Al-Areebi, whose ring name is Aliyah, knows all about how things work with the NXT. She started off on the independent wrestling circuit in 2013 and by March of 2015, she was signing a developmental contract with the WWE. In May of the same year, she appeared on NXT TakeOver: Unstoppable. In the blink of an eye, Aliyah went from starting out in professional wrestling to the WWE.

Since her first appearance was such a success, she has continued to improve on a weekly basis and has turned into a smarter wrestler that should be on the main roster one day soon as long as she can figure out the best gimmick to use. If she gets stuck on the gimmick, chances are she will get stuck in the NXT as the gimmick has become one of the key factors in wrestlers making the move to the main roster.

14 Paige 

Paige is no longer be suspended by the WWE as her current 60 day suspension came to an end recently after violating the companies Wellness Policy a second time. The whole debacle from the suspension caused quite a debate about who was right and who was wrong. Thanks to social media, and her father feeling free to express his opinion on the matter, the story broke that she was suspended for taking prescription painkillers for the neck injury that required surgery.

Sadly, it does not look like we will be seeing her anytime soon because one of the worst injuries a wrestler could face is one to the neck. She had surgery at the end of October so the chances that she returns next week are slim to none.

Even if she was healthy enough to return, the drama surrounding the suspension has put her in a dark light with the WWE because she never held back on her true feelings in the matter on her Twitter. Not to mention her husband, Alberto del Rio, was released from the WWE last year.

13 Summer Rae 

🙄🙄🙄 @natbynature #RAWLondon

A post shared by 🔹Summer Rae🔹 (@daniellemoinet) on

After returning to the WWE in February of this year, following an extended absence from television, Summer Rae has all but disappeared from the public's eye this year compared to the last few. In fact, after she fought a few matches in the early part of the year, she started to slowly vanish from television until she was drafted to Raw in July. She would wrestle a few more times before completely falling off the map and making fans wonder about her whereabouts.

It was not until November when she finally revealed the absence to her fans on Instagram. The rumored departure was assumed to be an injury, which she confirmed was the root of the cause of her disappearance these last few months.

Fans were very pleased to hear that she was not leaving the WWE and would be returning once she fully recovers from it.

12 Charlotte 

Not gonna lie..... love my new sweatshirt 💋 @wildfoxcouture

A post shared by Charlotte Flair (@charlottewwe) on

Following one of the most successful wrestling careers in professional wrestling history, Ric Flair has retired and moved on to other areas of the business like managing his daughter Charlotte Flair.

It is surprising to see just how far Charlotte has risen since her arrival in the WWE since her father casts a pretty big shadow. It is not easy to follow a legend of the wrestling business but she has done it with ease and professionalism. And just like her father, she has become one of the best heels in the company, causing plenty of heat between her current feud with Sasha Banks. Even with their feud starting to become a little stale, the fighters involved have made it work. It isn't easy for Charlotte and Sasha to come out each week and bring something new and fresh for the audience to enjoy. But Charlotte has figured it out and she continues to work the crowds to perfection, just like her father did before her.

11 Sasha Banks, Again


A post shared by Sasha Banks (@sashabankswwe) on

After coming into the WWE main roster as one of the hottest new faces in the company, Sasha Banks formed a stable with Naomi and Tamina called Team B.A.D. Team B.A.D., which stands for Beautiful and Dangerous, showed up at the right time in the WWE and it helped get her over, very quickly.

She already had a reputation from her days at NXT but the moment she entered the WWE was the moment that the Women's Division changed, for the better. It would later be called, by Stephanie McMahon, the "revolution of the entire Women's Division."

Her talents aligned perfectly with the other big names that started arriving on the main roster like Charlotte Flair, Bayley, Becky Lynch, Alexa Bliss, Carmella, and the new and improved Nikki Bella.

10 Eva Marie 

It has become extremely clear that the only reason Eva Marie remains on the WWE's main roster is for the same reason she has earned a spot on our list today, her looks. It seems that no matter how talented the women's roster is, there will always be one or two women that are not the greatest wrestlers in the world, or in Eva Marie's case, some that are not even good.

Her best qualities are shown above, and that is sad for a woman that works really hard to become a professional wrestler but just is not ready yet. If someone at the WWE could just put her through the proper training for a year or so, then maybe she could come back refreshed with a new outlook on the WWE.

Then again, maybe not.

9 Lana 


A post shared by CJ Perry (@thelanawwe) on

As a teenager, Lana wanted to become a ballerina, just like her mother, so she decided to attend the Riga Choreography School at the Latvian National Opera. Her family had moved to Lativa when she was just a child which allowed her that opportunity. She legitimized her dancing career when she moved back to New York and started to dance at the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater and the Martha Graham Center of Contemporary Dance. She even continued dancing in college when she attended Florida State and majored in it.

If you do not remember the FSU cowgirls that caused quite a stir on the internet during a game when they were spotted cheering in the stands. These girls were not just a random group of hotties that went on with their lives unnoticed. No sir! Among them was the infamous Brett Favre girl, Jenn Sterger and Lana.

8 Alexa Bliss

Can you believe that Alexa Bliss, the cute little heel on SmackDown once had an eating disorder that nearly cost her her life?

At just 5'2", Alexa is one of the shortest wrestlers of all time. She weighs in at 102 pounds, which is already pretty low. But back when she was younger, she had problems and dealt with an eating disorder which talks about how she lost 30 pounds in six weeks. Besides the weight loss being dangerously low, her heartbeat dropped to 28 beats per minute. She would eventually go to the hospital where her doctors ended up saving her life and teaching her a life lesson about being different too. She has used that experience to help her reach her dreams of wrestling in the WWE.

7 Nikki Bella 

A much needed sweat sesh and zen 🙏🏽 #corepoweryoga #hotfusion

A post shared by Nikki Bella (@thenikkibella) on

How can we have identical twin sisters so far apart on a list of the hottest selfies? Well, maybe it has something to do with Nikki Bella's popularity and overall personality. Since the first time we were introduced to The Bella Twins, it was always clear who was the sporty, fun one and who was the motherly, responsible one. Brie is now married and expecting a child while Nikki remains with to John Cena and is just starting to become a great female wrestler.

Many people attribute Nikki's increased wrestling skills to the fact that she is with the former face of the WWE, John Cena. He has apparently helped her learn things that she would never have known, those little secrets that help make her better. It is liking watching game film in the NFL. If you practice, you can be good but never truly great without learning about your opponent.

6 Emma 

Pool days at @universalorlando wearing my @dollswimwear bikini!! 👙

A post shared by Tenille Dashwood (@tenilledashwood) on

Emma is one of those women that knows how to use Instagram correctly as evident by her incredible collection of selfies, any of which could have made up half of this list if we felt inclined to do so. Her beauty speaks for itself and her talent, well, you just need to go watch her whenever she returns to the ring.

She has been out of action since May when she suffered a horrible back injury that required surgery and has sidelined her most of the year. During an October episode of Raw, she was teased with a promo about her return. Upon her return, however, she is no longer going by her original ring name, Emma, she is now going to be called, Emmalina and appear on Raw.

5 Liv Morgan


A post shared by L I V Morgan 👅 (@yaonlylivvonce) on

Let's take a minute to introduce you to the lovely and talented future of the WWE Women's Division, Liv Morgan, whose real name is even better than her wrestling name. Her real name is Gionna Daddio and you might think we are making that up but we promise you, we are not. That is her last name and it is awesome, no sarcasm here.

She is currently gaining fame from her relationship with the WWE's newest star, Enzo Amore. Based on what we have seen of her already, she does not need to date Enzo to become a star but it has surely help to speed up the process. Knowing that Asuka is the leader of the women of the NXT, Liv Morgan is not too far behind her but needs a little more training before she can be thrusted into the main roster. So stay tuned...

4 Paige, Again

Home sweet home

A post shared by Saraya Bevis (@realpaigewwe) on

The rumor mill is swirling over whether or not Paige will ever return to the WWE. The complete debacle of her suspensions and failed drug tests has caused a ton of animosity between Paige and the WWE. She has gone to Twitter to open up about her true feelings without really saying anything incriminating.

Hopefully cooler heads will prevail and she will come back later next year with an entirely new outlook on the industry while bringing back her amazing charisma and incredible talent to the Women's Division. She was the main reason the Women's Division has seen a revolution recently and without her, it would be good but never great. She needs to return one day or the new Women's Division is going to struggle after they run out of ideas, which is already starting to happen.

3 Becky Lynch 

Without knocking the rest of the women in the WWE, it's fair to say that Becky Lynch just might be one of the top three wrestlers with the brightest futures in the company. She has already won over fans with her NXT feud against Sasha Banks that turned over the entire WWE Women's Division today. Both ladies moved on to the WWE main roster and have since been drafted to Raw and SmackDown.

Her bright orange hair and sexy Irish accent creates one of the most likeable female wrestlers in the WWE today too. She has the "IT" factor that many others before her could never achieve. She has been so impressive that, in fact, she was the only woman to hold the WWE SmackDown Women's Championship belt since its' inception on September 11th of this past year. However, at the TLC pay-per-view this past weekend, she ended up finally losing to Alexa Bliss after she was powerbombed from the ring apron, through a table, which caused her to lose the belt to Alexa and pushing their feud to the next level.

2 Maryse

Thank you #WWETyler 😎

A post shared by Maryse Mizanin (@marysemizanin) on

The Miz loves to be the heel as evident by his WWE career in which he has been a babyface, but not for too long, before going back to being the bad guy. For whatever reason, he loves to play the bad guy and that is fine because we all love to hate him. Meanwhile, his real life wife, Maryse, is another story. She can be as bad as she wants and we will still adore her.

Even though she has not wrestled in an official match in quite some time, her beauty shines through the television screen each and every time The Miz has a match. It's no wonder they make sure to keep her in the frame most of the time or the audience at home would quickly become bored with his matches. She is currently helping her husband keep the WWE Intercontinental Championship belt after winning it on an episode of SmackDown back in early November.

1 Lana, Again


A post shared by CJ Perry (@thelanawwe) on

Lana is beautiful, there is no debating that fact. She is probably the best overall female in professional wrestling today and this is one of those selfies that proves it. Most of you would agree that this picture is not just about her body, it is about the lack of makeup and hair products that she used to create such a masterful image.

Her natural beauty is what has her ranked atop all of the other ladies on this list, as if that was not obvious by now. And if you disagree about what we are saying about Lana, maybe this one will help change your mind about her. If not, look again. No no, keep looking until you see what we already know about her. Don't worry, it will happen eventually.

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