Top 20 Hottest WWE Women Since 2010

If there is one thing we can confirm to be true, it’s that WWE has gotten incredibly good at hiring extremely sexy women.

If there is one thing we can confirm to be true, it’s that WWE has gotten incredibly good-or lucky-at hiring extremely vivacious young women. The best part about this now is that, with few exceptions, these women are not only gorgeous, but also incredibly talented and gifted athletes in their own right. It might sound crazy, but anyone who has been a fan of WWE for any length of time knows that Vince McMahon often hired women because they were smoking hot, but that was the only requirement.

The women’s division at times was a joke, nothing more than window dressing. Now, we are in the midst of a women’s renaissance, especially over the last few years as the Divas Division has died, replaced by the appropriately respectful Women’s Division. Women have been in some of the biggest matches on recent pay-per-views. They have been main event performers on NXT shows, RAW and SmackDown. They’ve gotten their own Money In The Bank ladder match. So, these women have made great progress. But, at the same time, the more things change the more they stay the same. Meaning, while these women are excellent and athletic and getting the professional respect they’ve long deserved, they are still absolutely amazing, nearly goddesses, if you really wanted to go that far.

The main requirement of this list? To be a woman who worked for WWE from 2010 and beyond. And what does that tell us? It shows us that while it keeps some total babes like Trish Stratus or Lita off the list. Otherwise, WWE’s womens’ ranks have been absolutely stacked over the last seven years. And, before we even dive into the top twenty, it’s worth noting there are a number of women who just did not make the cut - women like Eva Marie, who is a stunner. So, with that said…on with the list!

20 Charlotte

I might never tell this to Charlotte in person. Not because she scares me. Nope, it’s more because what are the odds she ever runs into a blogger like me? Slim to none, and I’d be willing to bet money on it never happening. So why do I have her “so low”? Well, some of it is personal preference-she is good looking, yes, but she’s no where near my favorite. And, to be quite honest, her leaked pictures did her no favors here. But, all that said, she does still make the list, so there’s that going for her. I mean, I am not completely stupid. If I made this list and got all the way through it and Charlotte wasn’t on it, I think I’d have a lot of angry readers. As it is, I still might.

19 Carmella


She is, in my mind, decent. Not decent bad, decent good. I can see why, on the looks, a lot of guys might be into the storyline princess of Staten Island. The native New England girl certainly had appeal, she made it as a dancer and cheerleader, so that says something. So, why only 19th? Honestly, two reasons. I think her faking being from Staten Island and over-doing the stereotypes, is a turn off. And, her voice, with the fake accent (see, again, over-doing the stereotypes) just ruins it for me. She’s a girl I’d rather see and not hear. And, I know that’s probably harsh, because a lot of her negative marks are due to her character, and aren’t (as best I can tell) the real Carmella. So it’s kind of a shame, but she’s still on the list.

18 Naomi

Naomi has kind of grown on me. I wasn’t always a fan…but then, who thought a few years down the road, she’d be the only one left standing, out of Brodus Clay and the Funkadactyls. And, she’s got a good thing going too, obviously, seeing as she’s the SmackDown Live Women’s Champion. She is strong, athletically gifted, a hard worker and, in general, a pretty gorgeous woman. I mean, she’s stylish, she’s strong, she’s confident…what’s not to love? Tell me there’s someone out there reading this who wouldn’t want to feel her glow? And, I dare say that if you are a fan of perfectly perky posteriors, why look any further? For Pete’s sake, she has a rear so fine, it’s its own finishing maneuver!

17 Asuka


She might be an acquired taste. Perhaps you like Asian. Perhaps you like how young she looks (even though, sorry guys, she’s actually 36). Maybe you dig those ridiculous ring outfits that are a cross between tights and lingerie, but they work for her. Bottom line is, this fierce, and as of this writing, undefeated NXT Women’s Champion is a beauty from the Land of the Rising Sun. And if she wants to, she can use her stunning good looks to make other things rise too, I am quite certain of that. But if she’s that hot, why is she so low on the list? Well, my fellow fans, it’s not a knock on Asuka. It’s recognition that WWE has some amazing women on it’s roster.

16 Billie Kay


Here's the first of our sexy women from Down Under. She prefers to be known as Iconic, along side her partner (who of course also made the list). These two women, as you will see, are interchangeable - meaning they could have swapped spots and I don’t think it would have mattered all that much. Billie has a lot working for her. Long legs, incredible natural beauty, wonderful curves. Vivacious all around. And as if that was not enough (because, really, it is, but we get greedy..) Billie tops it all off with that super sexy and seductive Australian accent. I mean, who doesn’t love that accent? For her and for Peyton, their voice (generally) is the polar opposite of what Carmella’s is. I mean, any accent would probably get me, so long as it’s overseas.

15 Peyton Royce

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See, I told you these two women could swap spots and it wouldn’t much matter. Just one spot ahead of her Iconic friend, countrywoman and partner, Peyton Royce is every bit as gorgeous. This is yet another stunner from Down Under. Must be something in the water in the Land of Oz, because we have a few Aussies on the list. Whatever the case is, Peyton Royce can do just about whatever she wants and guys will love her. She walks, they drool. And did I mention that wonderfully delicious accent? Plus, if I were, say, Corey Graves, I would have made it to this point of the list, and it would be list over. These ladies just have that impact on some guys, I suppose.

14 Liv Morgan


Now, she’s a relative newcomer, both to WWE and to the world of sports entertainment, but we shouldn’t let that stop us from ranking her, right? Of course I am right, what am I going to do, argue with myself?!? But seriously, this list puts women on it not because they are hot AND talented, or good. Nope, it’s all about the hot. Morgan could turn out to be a good wrestler-right now, I think she’s been set up as Carmella lite. But, that can all work out. In the end, she’s very spunky, very sexy, and very easy on the eyes. And, if that wasn’t enough, did I happen to mention that she was a Hooters Girl? Game. Set. Match. I believe I have won this argument…not that anyone was arguing.

13 Summer Rae


Here is another perfectly sexy example of a woman making it on the list, with her spot having absolutely nothing to do with her in-ring abilities (or lack of them). Unless Summer undergoes a Jinder Mahal-esque transformation, and someone at the top falls in love with the idea of a Summer Rae push (both long shots), Summer Rae will be confined to “just” being the really hot girl in the ring on most days. If you are asking me (and I am writing this, so who else would I be asking?) sometimes it’s OK to be drop dead gorgeous and just not that good at wrestling. I mean, why take bumps when you can just pose for risqué shot after risqué shot? I don’t think anyone reading this objects.

12 Dana Brooke

Here’s one that I think might surprise some readers. And, for a moment or two, I deliberated and it was not easy. But Dana Brooke is a total babe. And a totally sexy specimen. I was going to say “total package”, but, been there, done that. She’s in amazing shape, she’s stunning, she’s sexy, she’s strong and she’s confident. This really shouldn’t be a tough sell as to why this gorgeous young woman is on the list. And while she’s still rough around the edges in the ring, I can re-state a fact that this list doesn’t care one iota about what a woman has done inside the ring. And, with most other women here, don’t say a bad word…Dana Brooke could probably kick your ass.

11 Natalya


I have long been a fan of Natalya Neidhart. I mean, I will be brutally honest. She’s healthy looking. Not sick, not too thin, not the type of girl that looks like she eats lunch and sees it again very rapidly. I have always loved that look about her. Well-built, sexy and strong. And Canadian, so once again, there’s that allure of a woman with an accent, right? Sure, why not. But now that she’s the number one contender for the SmackDown Live women’s title, does it make Natalya even sexier? Why wouldn’t it? She’s been around seemingly for forever, but she’s a rate mix of beauty and in ring skills, which while I’ve said are not mandatory, certainly don’t hurt your case either.

10 Bayley


You knew it. You had to know Hug Life would show up on here. Can I get a show of hands, who here reading this wouldn’t want a hug from Bayley. I thought the hands wouldn’t go up. It’s OK, fans, she’s a smokin’ hot, extremely attractive woman. I would say probably the only thing that works against her is that, due to her wanting to appeal to young girls as an acceptable and positive role model, her ring gear, while tight, is never really sexing her up. Bayley would prefer it that way, of course, wanting to protect her brand and all that. But even then, wholesome imagine and all that, this young woman is powerful and pretty. What more could you ask for?

9 Sasha Banks


Here we have another multi-time women’s champion, who has done so across the main roster and NXT. She’s sexy. Hell, she’s drop dead gorgeous. She’s got the moves and she knows it. Fame is in her family, too. I mean, how cool is it that her cousin is Snoop Dogg? But she lands here because she’s just a beautiful young woman, talented in and out of the ring. And, what she does wear to the ring? It absolutely accentuates her every wonderfully amazing God-given good look. I don’t think there is a reader out there who would ever object to seeing more of the Legit Boss, who we should all be able to admit is one extremely legit babe too. Anyone objecting? I didn’t think so!

8 Ember Moon

If you have not tuned in to NXT over the last year, what have you been doing on Wednesday nights? Seriously, general remark, if you don’t, you are cheating yourself out of some really good action. And one of the brightest spots on the roster is this head-turner, Ember Moon. She has quite the look about her, too, with her dazzling good looks punctuated, if not accentuated, by her piercing eyes (yes, I know those are contacts!). I dare you to take a look at her (wrestling or not) and not be amazed. She’s rather talented in the ring too, I think you will agree. Just one word of caution - don’t make her mad - this stunner finishes off opponents with a Stunner all her own.

7 Paige


Forget about her indiscretions - running off with Alberto Del Rio, and cozying up to him even more once he got himself fired. Forget about their recent domestic “spat” that wasn’t. Forget about her leaked pictures (or not, if you liked them). Whatever you think of her outside-the-ring exploits and issues, she has always been a solid performer in the ring (when she’s actually performing). And, if pale and Goth is your look, then she is your girl. And even if it’s not, there’s something that is just mesmerizing about her look. At least, that’s how I feel. And, if that wasn’t enough, maybe you like that she’s a screamer? She could certainly check a few different boxes, but as the saying goes, to each their own, right? Regardless, she easily lands in my top ten.

6 Emma

Ah, our final stunner from the Land Down Under. There really must be something in the water down there, I swear I’ve never managed to see a bad looking Aussie. Forget the joke that was the brief Emmalina gimmick - even though, as bad and stupid as it was, it did show off much more of the sexy and sultry side of Emma. Just plain Emma - especially once WWE got past that bumbling, stumbling, stupid goofiness of her? She’s so much better off. She’s foxy, she’s got killer curves, and if you want to be with a woman who likes to be in control, then I am sure she’s your woman. For me, it’s just the overall presentation. She’s got the looks from head to toe, and that delicious Australian accent is the wonderful cherry on top of a very vivacious sundae.

5 Becky Lynch


Who loves them some ginger? Anyone fancy themselves a redhead fanatic? Yes? OK, well, the Irish Lass Kicker is here on the list at number five, and she’s here just to scratch your itch. Yes, we know that no one on Earth has that color hair naturally. So what, who cares, she rocks it. Becky and her Steampunk style are incredibly hot together, and I challenge any among you to say she’s not one of the foxier women on the WWE payroll at the time of this writing. Look, she may not be the hottest (she’s not on my list either, she’s “only” number five), but there’s not a person viewing this right now who would kick her out, I dare say. I certainly wouldn’t.

4 Renee Young/Maryse


I was torn on this one, because neither woman here is a wrestler of late, or at all. Maryse, of course has wrestled and been otherwise involved in matches over the years, but Renee has been “only” a pretty face. But the way things have gone, it would not be surprising to see a mixed tag match down the road…and ultimately, both women are drop dead gorgeous. Either one deserves a spot on the list, but I forced them to share it just on the basis of neither being active wrestlers right this minute. I feel as though their non-active wrestler status is a worthy reason to give them each “only” a half a spot. Who knows…in a few months, things could explode and both women may find themselves in ring action, and then all bets are off-they’d have to fight each other for ranking!

3 The Bellas


Why are the twins here in one shot? Well, for one, as much as we all know Nikki and Brie are individuals, they made their mark on the WWE Universe primarily as the sister act that they mostly were. Oh, sure, they had their rivalry where they attacked each other and all that, and who doesn’t love watching sisters get physically violent, even if staged? But the girls who made twin magic famous land here together in my third spot because, quite frankly, I couldn’t pick just one. Deciding was just too hard. And, I figured, twins are probably used to sharing, and they’ve shared so much for so long, so what’s the big deal if they have to share a top spot in this countdown. I don’t think anyone reading minds seeing them here, do you?

2 Lana

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Ah, Lana. The non-Russian Russian, she’s finally ditched the Bulgarian Brute, struck out on her own, and has gone back to wrestling. It has not, for what it’s worth, gone particularly well for Lana thus far. She might look good or even really good in one match, but she follows that up by looking far less than good in several others. And in this case, far less than good ONLY applies to her in ring performance. Because, let’s be real here-the woman is a ten. Tye Dillinger would likely allow her to join him as a Perfect 10. It’s a shame she basically got the recycled Emmalina gig when Emmalina bounced on it, but Lana also didn’t need much in the way of help for people to realize she’s a total babe.

1 Alexa Bliss


Man, here it is. We’ve finally made it to number one, and look who it is. That’s right, it’s Five Feet of Fury, the one and only, Alexa Bliss. And Little Miss Bliss, who as of this writing holds the RAW Women’s Championship, and has been so hot in the ring that she’s the first woman to ever hold both RAW and SmackDown titles, well, she just can’t get much sexier, can she? And, I have to admit, right here and now, I can’t help but love her short stature. To me, that just adds to her undeniable appeal. She’s got it all, folks. She’s short, sexy, athletic and, if you haven’t been paying attention, she’s the best woman in sports entertainment today. This debate is over!

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