Top 20 Hottest WWE Women's And Divas Champions Of All Time

The WWE has always tried to portray their female wrestlers as eye candy, hoping to appeal to young males. Although recently there has been a revolution in the women’s division, it wasn’t always the case, as WWE liked to push the hottest of their women to the top of the division to make sure it attracts casual fans to watch the product, and only until recently did they stop doing disgusting stipulation matches, which were merely a ploy to get more eyes onto the product.

The WWE started to use its women competitors beginning in the Attitude Era, as more and more daring acts were being committed by them, including: stripping on live TV, borderline nudity, and obscene Bra and Panties and Evening Gown matches--basically anything that would appeal to men.

Even though the state of the WWE’s women’s division has improved over the past few years with the inflow of the NXT women, Vince almost always puts the title on the hottest woman who can represent his division, and because of that we’ve seen some gorgeous women win championship belts.

Let’s take a look at 20 of the hottest WWE Women’s and Divas champions of all time.

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20 Michelle McCool

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Michelle McCool was amongst the participants of the 2004 “Divas Search” but soon developed herself into a very able wrestler, with her beautiful, tall figure and attractive looks complimenting her hard-hitting wrestling style very well. McCool debuted in the company as a fitness trainer and had some horrible gimmicks at first, but soon transformed herself as one of the top divas in the company and was the inaugural WWE Divas Champion. She would later also go onto win the WWE Women’s Championship, creating history to become the only woman to hold both the Women’s and Divas Championship. McCool would later form a duo with Layla known as “Team LayCool” as they would dominate the Divas division and hold the title for themselves, before McCool had to retire in 2011 due to some persisting injuries, but because of her gorgeous figure and beautiful looks as well as her sound wrestling knowledge, she’ll definitely be recognized as one of the hottest yet most talented champions of all time.

19 Lita

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Lita debuted in the later parts of the Attitude Era as a punkish gothic girl, pulling off insane stunts with the Hardy Boyz, but soon turned into a real eye-turner when she won the Women’s Championship from Stephanie McMahon and became more gorgeous as the years passed by. She would then begin an iconic rivalry with Trish Stratus which amazingly dragged on for a number of years as they exchanged the title amongst themselves a lot of times, and Lita soon became one of the top Divas on the roster as she and Trish helped each other reach dreamland with their feud. Lita would later take part in various romantic angles, one which got real personal between Matt Hardy and Edge (Hardy her ex-boyfriend and Edge her current one at the time) and her sexy antics alongside Edge is what made her such a stunning figure in front of the audience. Lita lost the Women’s title (her 4th reign) in her final match in the WWE, but has since returned in a more backstage role and appears frequently nowadays as Lita might be an amazing athlete, but she developed herself into a sexy diva over the years as well and currently also looks like a stunner.

18 Kelly Kelly

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Kelly Kelly had quite the memorable first few years in the WWE, as she started “Kelly’s Expose” where she would dance and strip every week in ECW. Her expose in the WWE was what got her over with the fans, as her antics in ECW impressed management enough to draft her to the main shows, as she was soon drafted to the Raw Brand. Kelly would start wrestling more often in the main shows, and soon targeted the Divas championship. After trying to win the title, she finally won it in 2011 and had a healthy 104 day reign as champion. She left the WWE in 2012 after injuring her neck, but will definitely be remembered for her antics in the WWE which included her showing off her sensational figure many times as the absolutely stunning Kelly Kelly was definitely a stuff of dreams when she was in the WWE.

17 Gail Kim

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So there’s a story that Gail Kim was only appointed by the WWE after Jim Ross persuaded Vince McMahon to sign her, convincing him that “her kind” are a hit among adult entertainment viewers in the country. So Vince was sold and brought her in to give her a Matrix inspired gimmick which was highly advertised and hyped and she debuted in a battle royal match for the WWE Women’s Championship, which she won. She held the title for four weeks, before losing it to Molly Holly. Kim would then continue to challenge for the title before leaving the WWE. She returned in 2008, but didn’t win any title this time and became Daniel Bryan’s on-screen girlfriend for a while and left the company again, thinking that female talent was “getting held back”. But Kim will definitely be one of the hottest champions of her time, as she had quite the attractive figure to go with her solid wrestling skills and even though she’s now in the TNA Hall of Fame, a Hall of Fame induction in WWE looks bleak going by her rapport with the company.

16 Eve Torres

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Another Diva to enter the WWE via its “Divas Search” program (which she won in 2007), Eve Torres had a career in the modelling business before the WWE so she definitely got chosen for her sexy figure. She found herself feuding with the top divas after debuting, hence making for an underdog story as she went onto win the Divas Championship and won her 2nd one in the space of a year as well. She then started accompanying various wrestlers to the ring, having a romantic angle with Zack Ryder and John Cena and also got an authority role under John Laurinaitis. She again won the Divas Championship in 2012, becoming the first ever 3 time WWE Divas Champion and was on top of the WWE till she left in 2013, leaving as one of the most celebrated women champions in WWE history and her sexy figure and looks definitely got her to the top of the crop.

15 Paige

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Paige is another young Diva who has a long way to go in her wrestling career, as she has already made quite an impact in the WWE, as she became the first ever NXT Women’s Champion to start off her career amazingly. She would later be called up to the main roster the night after WrestleMania XXX, as she debuted to challenge Divas Champion AJ Lee to a match and won the title in her debut match in the roster, making her the youngest Divas Champion at the age of 21. She lost the title months later, and had portrayed quite a kinky, sexy heel ever since as she was part of the “Divas Revolution” program in the WWE, but couldn’t find herself get ahead of the likes of Charlotte and Sasha Banks. Paige is still contracted to the WWE even though she has been out ever since serving a 30-day suspension for violating WWE’s wellness policy, but she’s scheduled to return soon and will look to make her mark once again on the roster. Paige is undoubtedly one of the sexiest divas in the WWE right now, and definitely one of the hottest Divas Champions of all time as her amazing figure and looks makes us feel jealous of Alberto Del Rio, who must be a lucky man to get a stunner like Paige.

14 Stephanie McMahon

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Stephanie McMahon might be more of a heel authority figure in the WWE, but she did have her wrestling days during the Attitude Era when she was accompanying Triple H. During her time as part of the “McMahon-Helmsley” faction, Stephanie won the WWE Women’s Championship from Jacqueline and held the title along with Triple H, who held the WWE Championship at the time. Stephanie would mostly get help from other superstars to help retain her title, but finally lost it to Lita when The Rock fended off all the interferences to help Lita win the title from Stephanie. Since then, McMahon hasn’t really wrestled as a full time wrestler in the WWE, but she does have a Women’s Championship title to her resume and going by how hot she was back in the day, she’s definitely one of the hottest women’s champion of all time inspite of not being “as good a wrestler” as most of the other women on this list.

13 Victoria

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So Victoria had quite the memorable debut in the WWE, debuting as one of The Godfather’s “ho’s” and referred to herself as the “lead ho” and started the “Save The Ho’s Campaign”. She was only later given the name of Victoria, and after spending sometime in developmental returned as Victoria in the WWE and started a dominant reign in the division. Victoria turned into a sadistic heel and feuded with Trish Stratus, from whom she would win her first ever Women’s Championship and continued to be the top heel of the division, also winning her 2nd title soon after. She would then turn on her sexy persona as part of “Vince’s Devils” with Torrie Wilson and Candice Michelle as the trio were the sexy eye-candies of the time. But this somewhat hurt Victoria’s reputation as she wouldn’t get back on top of the WWE ever again and be released in 2009, going to spend some years in TNA. But Victoria was definitely one of the feistiest, yet hottest divas of her time as she also had some amazing moves in her arsenal but was a pleasure for the eyes as well with that stunning figure.

12 Sasha Banks

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“The Boss” Sasha Banks has not only cemented herself as one of the top women in the WWE right now, but also a stunning figure to back up her amazing wrestling skills with. Banks was one of the prominent women to come through WWE NXT, where she won the NXT Championship from Charlotte and soon got the call to the main roster, where she was part of the “Women’s Revolution”. After spending much of her first months feuding with other women, she finally found a break-through earlier this year as she won her first ever WWE Women’s Championship from Charlotte. She kept the title for some-time before dropping it in SummerSlam, and won the title back in the last edition of Raw from Charlotte. Banks has an amazing wrestling base as she’s one of the most talented wrestlers in the company, but how she’s transformed into a beautiful, stunning woman in the WWE with that boss-like attitude makes you unable to hate her, and even though she has a long time to go, Banks is already one of the most successful and sexiest Women Champions of all time.

11 Layla

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One of the first British Women to actually make it to the WWE, Layla was used in some very bizarre story-lines at first before she got the audience’s attention as part of “Extreme Expose” with Brooke and Kelly Kelly, as they’d perform weekly dance segments in ECW. Layla was later used as more of a wrestler than a performer, as she soon formed a duo with Michelle McCool known as “Team LayCool” as the two dominated the title scene for quite some-time, and Layla also became the first ever British Woman to win the WWE Women’s Championship. After McCool left WWE, Layla also won the Divas Championship before drifting off towards 2014, before retiring in 2015. But Layla was definitely an amazing women to look at, as the sexy Brit used her sensational figure to wow audiences and got quite far up the WWE because of it, and also paved the way for other British Women to excel in the WWE with her legacy.

10 Melina

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Melina found prominence in the WWE as the manager of John Morrison and Joey Mercury, also known as “MNM” as the duo formed a dominant tag team in the WWE, while Melina’s sexy entrance caught a few eyes on herself. Melina’s popularity would make her soon try out as a singles competitor, as she turned into a full-fledged heel by betraying Mick Foley who kissed Vince McMahon’s ass to save her job, and soon received a major singles push which resulted in her winning the WWE Women’s Championship. She soon had a 2nd title reign as well, as she was a feisty diva who incurred quite a bit of heat with the crowd and her fellow athletes, having a bad reputation in the locker room. She won her third Women’s Championship at Royal Rumble 2009 as well, before winning the Divas Championship the same year as well. She left the WWE in 2011, but will definitely be known as a prominent Women’s Champion having won it so many time and with her amazing figure and feisty antics, she was definitely a stunner in her time in the WWE.

9 AJ Lee

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Coming into the WWE as one of the participants in the all-female season of NXT, she ended up getting eliminated after reaching the top 3 and got her main roster call soon, as she was mostly getting entangled into weird romantic story-lines with several wrestlers and ended up becoming the Raw General Manager in the 1000th episode of Monday Night Raw. After continuously accompanying wrestlers to the ring, AJ finally broke free and started out her singles competition career and won her first Divas Championship in 2013. This reign would last for 295 days, making her the longest reigning Divas Champion(which would be surpassed by Nikki Bella) as she lost the championship to Paige. She later won it back when she returned months later, becoming 2 time Divas Champion but lost it to Nikki a few months later. AJ would later retire from the WWE mostly because of the fact of her husband CM Punk leaving the company, and she might have been short and small, but she had quite the sexy figure and kinky attitude in the WWE while also having a strong wrestling base as she’s definitely one of the sexiest and most successful Divas Champion of all time.

8 Kaitlyn

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Kaitlyn had a history of body-building before she joined the WWE, as the muscular, stunning beauty was part of the all-female, 3rd season of NXT and became the winner of the 3rd season of NXT after which she got the main roster call. She started to tag along with AJ for a while, and mostly wrestled in tag team encounters during his first years in the main roster. She got her big opportunities various times in the late part of 2012, before finally winning the Divas Championship in December 2012 in her home state of Houston, Texas. She continued to be on top of the Divas division for a long time, as her reign ended at an impressive 153 days and was unable to regain it from there. After wrestling a bit, she retired from wrestling in 2014 to focus on other options, but she’ll definitely be in the list for one of the sexiest diva’s champions of all time, as with her amazing figure and beautiful looks, Kaitlyn was definitely a stunner during her days in the company.

7 Debra

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After coming in from WCW, Debra was more of a valet at first in the WWE as she’d accompany Jeff Jarrett as Jarrett’s girlfriend and wore sexy outfits to wow fans. Because of her looks, she’d often unbutton her shirt to distract Jarrett’s opponents to show the crowd her “puppies”, helping him win quite a few matches. After wrestling a few inter-gender matches herself, Debra would soon challenge Sable for the WWE Women’s Championship, and won the title in an Evening Gown match in a controversial ending, as Sable had already stripped of Debra and lost the match regardless of it. Debra lost the title soon to Ivory, and afterwards would go back to being a valet as she barely wrestled anymore. She married Stone Cold Steve Austin afterwards and make sporadic appearances after it, but Debra’s definitely one of the sexiest women of the Attitude Era as her unbelievable “assets” were enough to reap crowds into the product and she’s definitely one of the knockout Women’s Champions of all time.

6 Maryse

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A former model before making the jump to the WWE, Maryse’s character was all about glamor and style and did she excel at that, as she wore some amazing costumes to show her sensational figure superbly every week. After spending some years in developmental, Maryse debuted in the Smackdown brand of WWE as this snobby, villainous character and competed in some revealing matches, which showed off her perfect figure amazingly. After building herself as a formidable heel in the company, and soon won the Divas Championship from Michelle McCool. She held the Divas Championship for 216 days, but soon came back from injury to win it back in a tournament to become the first ever Diva to win the championship twice. She’d later manage Ted DiBiase Jr for a bit, but soon left in 2011. She recently came back to accompany her husband The Miz to his matches, and has been doing an amazing job alongside him as she’s still so sexy and is not only one of the most successful Divas Champion of all time, but also probably one of THE hottest ones as well as the Miz is so lucky to have this stunning French as his wife.

5 Stacy Carter

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Stacy “The Kat” Carter might not have been in the WWE for many years, but boy oh boy did she make quite an impact during her time in the company. Quickly after debuting as the assistant to Debra as “Miss Kitty” and soon went her own way to win the WWE Women’s Championship in a four corner evening gown match and saw her popularity rise even more as she flashed her breasts to the crowd after winning the match. This was the first case of intentional nudity in the WWE. Carter was extremely over because of her antics and her amazing figure made it irresistible to fans to ignore her, as she later on went to feud with other divas at the time which mostly ended up in erotic matches which showed her “assets” even more. Towards the end of her career, she was the manager of a stable called “Right To Censor” but was quickly released by the WWE afterwards, and even though she isn’t really mentioned by the company nowadays, she’s definitely one of the absolutely hottest Women’s Champions of all time as her incredible figure and kinky antics was what made her successful in the WWE.

4 Candice Michelle

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Candice Michelle was another woman to come out of WWE’s “Divas Search” program, and inspite of not even making top 10, she was hired by the WWE to get a main roster spot in the gimmick of a “makeup artist”. She soon moved to Smackdown! and soon became a part of “Vince’s Devils” with Victoria and Torrie Wilson as they bullied Ashley Massaro and feuded with other divas. She even posed for PlayBoy Magazine at the time, and she soon drifted away from Vince’s devils to become a singles competitor. After impressing in her matches, and after many attempts won the WWE Women’s Championship from Melina, becoming the first ever WWE Divas Search participants to have won the title. She then suffered a horrible injury in her match against Beth Phoenix, and couldn’t really recover from that as she was released in 2009 after failing to impress after returning, but she will definitely be remembered for her amazing figure which got her many fans, as her sensational body and looks were probably the reason she made it so far and got her so many fans.

3 Nikki Bella

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Debuting as part of “The Bella Twins” with her twin sister Brie Bella, Nikki Bella started off slow and only slowly got her recognition as the Bella twins would be quite the mischievous pair in their first years. Nikki was part of many romantic angles with Brie in her first years, and only found her singles push happen in 2012 when she won her first ever Divas Championship in a Lumberjill match on Raw. But she’d lost it quickly, and spend much of the next year feuding with other divas, which included her sister Brie. She won her 2nd Divas Championship from AJ Lee at Survivor Series 2014 and went onto dominate the Divas division for almost the next 2 years, holding the title for 301 days, making her the longest reigning Divas Champion of all time. Bella is now at Smackdown, and is sexy as ever with that stunning figure which has seemed to get more sexy with each year and Bella is not only the most successful divas champion of all time, but probably also the hottest one to hold the title.

2 Trish Stratus

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Trish Stratus originally debuted as the sexy manager of various wrestlers, which included T&A(Test and Albert) and Val Venis before she became the love interest of WWE Chairman, Vince McMahon in a storyline. Vince would do obscene things with her, which escalated to him ordering her “bark like a dog” in an episode, but she turned face and focused on her wrestling. She won her first ever Women’s Championship in a six pack challenge at Survivor Series 2001, and saw herself lost and regain the title in a space of some months. She would be dominating the women’s scene with Lita as they put on some amazing matches, and Trish would win the Women’s Championship several times and have a great feud with Mickie James during the last days of her career. She retired in 2006 as champion after winning her 7th Women’s Championship in her hometown of Toronto, Canada and is definitely the most successful Women’s Champion of all time, and with an incredible figure and stunning looks, is definitely one of the THE hottest Women’s Champions of all time.

1 Sable

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Sable had originally debuted as the valet of Triple H, but soon became the on-screen girlfriend of Marc Mero(her real-life husband at the time). Sable not only had some amazing moves in her moveset, but her stunning figure got her over on her own as she quickly drifted away from Mero to focus on her singles career. After much attempts, Sable won her first ever Women’s Championship at Survivor Series 1998 and turned heel later on, as she’d still woo fans with her gorgeous figure and she posed for PlayBoy Magazine various times because of her sensational body. She’d lose her Women’s Championship to Debra in a controversial fashion, and had a bitter relation with the WWE over a few years, before returning in 2003. She started to have an on-screen relationship with Vince McMahon and a kinky angle with Torrie Wilson which only showed her sexiness even more, but she couldn’t win the Women’s Title back ever again as she’d feud with other Divas and left the company in 2004 to look after her family. But Sable will remain as probably the stuff of dreams of many during her era, as she was a complete knockout and probably the sexiest diva of all time as Brock Lesnar is a lucky man to have her as his wife right now.

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