20Michelle McCool

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Michelle McCool was amongst the participants of the 2004 “Divas Search” but soon developed herself into a very able wrestler, with her beautiful, tall figure and attractive looks complimenting her hard-hitting wrestling style very well. McCool debuted in the company as a fitness trainer and had some horrible gimmicks at

first, but soon transformed herself as one of the top divas in the company and was the inaugural WWE Divas Champion. She would later also go onto win the WWE Women’s Championship, creating history to become the only woman to hold both the Women’s and Divas Championship. McCool would later form a duo with Layla known as “Team LayCool” as they would dominate the Divas division and hold the title for themselves, before McCool had to retire in 2011 due to some persisting injuries, but because of her gorgeous figure and beautiful looks as well as her sound wrestling knowledge, she’ll definitely be recognized as one of the hottest yet most talented champions of all time.

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