Top 20 Least Flattering Pictures Of WWE Divas You NEED To See

Stay tuned, as this list divulges the top 20 pictures of WWE's past or present Divas looking their least flattering.

Although the WWE Women's Division wrestlers now a days don't need to be the "hottest" or "prettiest" to find success, regardless of what the WWE would like to convince us, looks and appearances are still very much an important aspect of the business. The Divas Division definitely has its fair share of workhorses (Divas who may not be considered the hottest but are great wrestlers) like Bayley or Charlotte, but there are still plenty of hot Divas like Alexa Bliss, Nikki Bella and Carmella to round things out.

Since the majority of WWE's women need to look the part (even if they're not the hottest), all of the Women's Division wrestlers in the WWE wear an enormous amount of makeup to give off the image of "superstars". When current wrestling fans gossip about the least attractive Divas, the usual first couple of names that come up in that conversation/gossip session are Charlotte or Bayley, but believe me, they still wear a ton of makeup to even look how they do on our televisions.

I think it's easy to understand how the Divas always presenting themselves as "glamorous" can be a challenging job in itself, hence why there have been multiple occasions where Divas took a break from their makeup, stylists et cetera, and had their pictures taken "Au natural."

Stay tuned, as this list divulges the top 20 pictures of WWE's past or present Divas looking their least flattering. These Divas may have skipped their makeup, chose a rather unpleasant outfit to wear, or were just making an unflattering facial expression. I must admit, some of the pictures on this list are quite shocking, and some of the Divas barely resemble what they looked like while they were with the WWE.

20 AJ Lee Without Makeup


Now don't get me wrong, AJ still looks pretty good in this picture despite wearing no makeup, but let's just say that this is by far one of her least flattering pictures around. In the WWE, AJ Lee was heavily made up to look like a glamorous Diva (hence why so many male fans loved her). By looking at this picture, for a short moment, I almost guarantee a fan wouldn't even be able to recognize the woman in the picture was AJ.

As I said, this would only occur for a short moment because her face resemblance is very similar, but she was definitely more "colored up" while in the WWE. Still, compared to some of the other least flattering Diva pictures on the list, AJ Lee's is definitely not the worst, that's for sure.

19 Eva Torres Posing "Au Naturel"


Here we have a selfie of former WWE Diva Eve Torres taken "Au Naturel" or in English, without makeup. Although Eve has a pretty face despite wearing no color, this is definitely Eve's least flattering picture, no doubt. Ironically despite trying to pull off a no makeup look, there's a good chance that Eve was actually still wearing makeup, albeit less flashy stuff and more neutral colors.

Compared to how Eve looked like on WWE television, this photo is a pretty shocking contrast. Just like any other entertainment business, women do NOT look like how they do on-screen versus during their time off from work. Over the years, many Divas have acknowledged the fact that applying their makeup is almost a "full time job" in itself, and that it can take up to a few hours to look presentable for television.

18 Renee's Unflattering Expression


Renee Young is undoubtedly one of the hottest women in the WWE today, but you wouldn't think so by looking at this super unflattering picture of her. I'm assuming Renee had made this face on purpose, but as I'm sure you can plainly see, it's definitely not a "sexy" expression. To me, when I look at this photo, I see a picture that was taken by accident.

It's as if Renee was testing out her webcam and it accidentally snapped a photo and proceeded to share it to the Internet "by accident". It's crazy how nothing more than a facial expression can completely change the way a person looks, often in a negative way. Regardless, this photo definitely does not represent Renee Young's appearance on WWE television, because she's one of the hottest employees in the company today.

17 What Brie Bella Looks Like At Home


This picture of Brie Bella summarizes what most WWE Divas look like when they're off the road. If Daniel Bryan wasn't in the picture to give it away, I would say Brie Bella almost looked like a completely different person, at least for a moment that is. There's also still that possibility Brie's wearing some form of makeup that isn't very noticeable. Regardless, the Brie Bella at home versus the one we see on WWE television is very much a different looking woman.

Does Brie still look pretty at home though? Yes she sure does, but she looks nothing like she does on Total Divas or Total Bella's. In reality, most of the supposed "hottest" WWE Divas are in fact pretty normal or average looking when they're not wearing tons of makeup to cover up their imperfections. Regardless, this is definitely a very unflattering picture of Brie, that's for sure!

16 No Makeup Nikki Bella Selfie


After looking at this no-makeup selfie of Nikki Bella, do you still consider her to be the hottest WWE Diva? Although most Divas look nothing like how they do on WWE television without makeup, there are still a few Divas like Maryse and Lana for example, who still look extremely beautiful (and almost look fully made up) despite wearing no makeup at all. Maryse and Lana don't need to wear any makeup to look extremely hot and presentable, which must be great for them.

In this photo, Nikki looks like she just rolled out of bed and into the gym. This is definitely Nikki's least flattering picture out there on the Internet. It wouldn't have surprised me if John had to look twice at Nikki to make sure it was in fact Nikki, because boy does she ever look different without a hundred pounds of makeup on! This is definitely a picture that Nikki would have changed her mind about posting, no doubt!

15 Sasha Banks Looking Like A Hot Mess


"A hot mess" is in my opinion, the only phrase that could be used to describe this extremely unflattering picture of Sasha Banks. Her makeup looked completely messed up in this photo with black smeared all around her eyes which made her look like a raccoon who had just finished having an hour long crying session. Jokes aside, I don't think you could find a more unflattering picture of Banks. There even photos of Sasha posing without any makeup, but this one is still the least flattering of them all.

I believe this picture was taken during an interview after Sasha had won the NXT Women's Championship at NXT Takeover in February of 2015, so it's understandable why she looked the way she did considering her huge accomplishment. Still, I bet two days after she had won the prized NXT Women's Championship, I'm certain Sasha Banks took one look at this unflattering picture and said "delete that now!"

14 Lita's Mugshot Picture


Here we have an unflattering mugshot photo of one of the WWE's most popular Divas of all time, Lita. This mugshot was taken back in December of 2011 following a Driving While License Suspended charge as well as a Speeding In Excess Of Maximum Limits charge. Various news sources claim that Lita, real name Amy Dumas was taken to jail to spend the night. Lita's bond had been set at $2,200.

Not only was this an embarrassing moment for Lita because of her charges, but this mugshot picture certainly didn't help things at all. It doesn't appear as if Lita was wearing any forms of makeup, and if I'm going to be completely honest with you, she almost looked like someone who had just been arrested for some form of drug use. Definitely not a flattering Lita picture, that's for sure!

13 No Makeup Alexa Bliss Selfie


Alexa Bliss is by far one of the hottest Divas in the WWE today, and she has a plethora of male fans who would do anything to be her boyfriend or lover. However, by taking a look at this picture, Alexa Bliss looks nothing like the hot "blond bombshell" we get to see each week on Monday Night Raw. However, Alexa still looks pretty hot without makeup, but comparing this picture with some photos taken while Bliss was all colored and made up, you can see just how different WWE Divas look like off of the stage.

As I've mentioned before, there's also no proof that this picture was taken completely makeup-less, as she could have been wearing neutral colors to give off that "no makeup look" and yes, there are such thing as "no makeup" looking beauty products. Regardless, this is definitely one of Alexa Bliss's most unflattering pictures.

12 Paige And Her Mom Looking Totally Unflattering


Jeez, I have no idea how Paige and her mom allowed this "hot mess" photo to be posted on the Internet. Although Paige was considered to be one of, if not the hottest Diva during her tenure with the WWE, I'm certain most fans would have changed their minds really quickly after viewing this unflattering Paige picture. Not only was Paige making an unpleasing facial expression, but her makeup was "off point" to say the least.

Also, Paige's mother appearing to look like a total wacko only adds to this pictures unflattering vibe. Judging by this photo compared to what she looked like in WWE or in the media's eye, I will make the assumption that Paige wore (and still wears) a plethora of facial makeup, no doubt. When you almost look like a completely different person with less or no color, you know without a shadow of a doubt that there are some serious amounts of makeup products being used.

11 Summer Rae's Crying Tantrum Expression


What could possibly be hotter than a girl putting on a complete tantrum while holding their face in such an unflattering way? As I'm sure you can tell, that was some serious use of sarcasm. In this picture, Summer Rae looked almost as unflattering as humanly possible, and even her makeup couldn't save her in this picture. This was of course a staged incident which had Summer putting on a total crying fit, but regardless, a super unflattering picture of this total Diva came out of the segment.

I'm sure Summer Rae wanted this picture burned after viewing it, especially considering Summer comes across as a total superficial and "all about the looks" kind of lady. Unfortunately, once a picture like this is on the Internet, it will always be there. I bet 100 dollars that poor miss Summer Rae was once again throwing a tantrum and making this totally unflattering facial expression after finding out that undeniable truth.

10 Kelly Kelly Posing With A Fan Sans Makeup


Despite still looking pretty hot, this is definitely Kelly Kelly's least flattering picture out there in circulation. Not only is she wearing no makeup, but the picture was taken just as Kelly Kelly was closing her eyes making this photo look truly unflattering. During Kelly Kelly's stint in the WWE between 2006-2012, she was undoubtedly one of the hottest and most pleasant looking Diva's on the roster. She was definitely considered by the fans to be a "blond bombshell."

However, after looking at this picture, that "blond bombshell" appearance was definitely partly a result from her extensive makeup work behind the scenes. Of course Kelly Kelly still looked pleasant and somewhat hot despite being makeup-less, but she looked nowhere near as hot as she did while on television. As I've mentioned before, Diva's without their face full of color look very average and normal (at best).

9 What Eva Marie Looks Like Without Makeup


This picture summarizes what the red haired "bombshell" known as Eva Marie looks like without her obviously incredible amount of makeup on. Without a doubt, this is one of Eva Marie's most unflattering photos around. Although many fans drool over Eva whenever she steps into a WWE ring (or on Total Diva's), I'm certain many of those said fans would change their minds quite rapidly after seeing this plain and uncolored picture of her.

In this photo, Eva looks absolutely nothing like she does on television, so one can start to understand how makeup can transform someone who's not entirely too hot or visually attractive into someone who is recognizable as one of the hottest Diva's in the WWE. Had Eva been put into a lineup looking like how she did in this picture as a candidate for WWE's next Diva, she would have been instantly overlooked. However, had she been made up like how she appears on television, Eva Marie would've been the first pick for the job. Makeup is a powerful tool people!

8 Unflattering Melina Picture


I'm going to be honest here, this unflattering picture of Melina looks almost nothing like she does nowadays or during her tenure with the WWE. As you can see by looking at this photo, Melina was completely makeup-less, plain looking, and she certainly appeared to be nowhere near the standard for a WWE Diva. Regardless, her makeup team were obviously extremely talented because they transformed Melina from looking like how she did in this photo (plain and pretty average), to looking like a superstar WWE Diva who at the time, was considered to be one of the hottest women in the company.

This is definitely one of Melina's most unflattering pictures, especially if you compare it to the majority of her photos that feature Melina all colored and made-up. One point that we need to consider when discussing unflattering pictures of Divas, is makeup-less photos look even more unflattering because of how made-up they are usually. If these Divas never wore such a large amount of beauty products, pictures like this would be considered average or normal.

7 Kaitlyn's Selfie Without Makeup


Here we have a makeup-less picture of former WWE Diva, Kaitlyn. Although this is far from being the most unflattering picture on this list, it's still definitely one of Kaitlyn's most unflattering pictures around. Like a few other Divas on this list who took a selfie appearing to be "Au Naturel," I would still willingly bet that Kaitlyn was wearing some kind of neutral makeup to hide any skin imperfections. There are very few pictures out there that show a Diva without any form of makeup on, and as you would expect, those are always the most shocking and unflattering kinds of Diva photos (for example, the Eva Marie or Melina pics). Regardless, this clearly wasn't Kaitlyn's best picture.

Kaitlyn Fact: Kaitlyn is a former 1-time WWE Diva's Champion (which she held for about 5 months), and she was also ranked by Pro Wrestling Illustrated as the No. 5 of the top 50 female wrestlers in the PWI Female 50 in 2013.

6 Cameron Without And With Makeup Side By Side Comparison


Cameron definitely wasn't as hot without all of her heavy makeup now was she? This photo gives us a side by side comparison of what former WWE Diva Cameron looked like without makeup versus what she looked like with makeup. I would say that the first of the two pictures of this former Diva is fairly unflattering, as Cameron appeared to be very plain and average looking. This again brings up the fact that makeup is such a powerful tool. When you look at the first picture, Cameron looks nothing more than average. However, when she's all dressed up and in full makeup, she instantly transforms into a hot WWE Diva.

Cameron Fact: Before signing with the WWE, Cameron, real name Ariane Andrew competed on the reality show Tough Enough (hosted by Stone Cold Steve Austin), and she was the first of the 14 contestants to be eliminated. Cameron's choice of Melina vs Alicia Fox as her favorite WWE feud certainly didn't help things for her.

5 Charlotte's Black Eye


Charlotte is definitely not afraid of showing herself looking rather unflattering. In this picture, Charlotte is posed smiling (with minimal makeup) and a big black eye. This is definitely not a picture Vinnie Mac would show someone when he's referring to what a WWE Diva looks like, that's for sure. Although Charlotte's far from being the hottest Women's Division wrestler, she is undoubtedly the most talented in-ring Diva today which more than makes up for her somewhat lack of hotness (even though there are fans who think Charlotte is in fact hot).

Regardless, this is one of Charlotte's most unflattering pictures, and with how many unflattering facial expressions Charlotte makes while performing in the ring, that goes to say a lot about this picture. Charlotte Flair definitely gives off that "tough chick" vibe way more than the stereotypical "WWE Diva" vibe.

4 Another Unflattering Paige Picture


Comparing this picture to what Paige normally looks like in the media's eye, I would say that this is definitely an unflattering picture of her. Although you can clearly see resemblances from this photo compared to what Paige looks like now, to me, Paige almost looked like a completely different person in this picture. To all the fans that claim Paige was the hottest WWE Diva, take a good look at this photo and tell me if you still believe that to be the case. Did Paige look awful here? No, not at all.

However, when we compare what she looked like here to Paige's time as the glamorous Gothic Diva in the WWE, this photo comes across as very unflattering. Paige is definitely a different person now a days, so I'm sure she would have taken one look at this picture and cringed just a little bit. I think we've all had that time when we looked through a photo album and cringed (often hard) after seeing a picture that we would consider to be unflattering now a days. This unflattering Paige pic is no different!

3 Melina Without Makeup


Here we have yet another picture of former WWE Diva Melina posing "Au Naturel" (little or no makeup). Does she look terrible here? No she doesn't, but if I had seen her walking down the street dressed like this with little to no makeup on, the last thing I would have assumed is that she's a WWE Diva. Not only was Melina a WWE Diva, she was also an extremely successful one to boot as she captured the Women's Championship on three occasions and the Divas Championship on two occasions.

Not only that, but Melina was also widely considered to be one of the hottest Divas at the time. If a fan had seen this photo, I'm certain they would have been super shocked and had their fantasy of Melina looking so pampered and made-up all the time go up in smoke. Unfortunately, Divas don't usually look like "Divas" when a camera isn't in front of their face (even though some of these unflattering pics are proving otherwise). Unflattering Diva photos are pretty "rare", so I'm fairly sure that the women on this list would have been caught off guard when these pictures were taken.

2 Vickie Guerrero's Super Pleasant Expression


Vickie Guerrero is undoubtedly the sexiest WWE Diva of all time. If you're still scratching your head, that was clearly sarcasm in its finest form. No, Vickie Guerrero was far from being the WWE's hottest Diva (even though she was delusional and thought otherwise). Despite not being very attractive, Vickie still managed to find boyfriends in Edge and Dolph Ziggler (kayfabe of course). Comedy aside, this is definitely an unflattering picture of a WWE Diva none the less.

Vickie is pictured posing with an extraordinarily unfriendly facial expression, all while having the body language of someone who is ready to rip off someones (probably AJ Lee's) head. Although this was Vickie Guerrero's on-screen character, making such unflattering facial expressions (and noises) seemed to come pretty easy for her. I'll admit, Vickie was pretty darn entertaining in her annoying kind of way. However, Vickie's screeching "excuse me!" was similar to hearing nails on a chalkboard though..

1 Stephanie McMahon Looking A Tad (Or A Lot) Frumpy


Out of all the unflattering Diva pictures on the list, this frumpy photo of the bosses daughter Stephanie McMahon has to be the worst by far. I believe this picture was taken when Stephanie was pregnant, but still, could have she chosen a more frumpy and unflattering outfit to wear? If your answer was no, then I'd probably say you're 100% right. Had Vince McMahon (a guy who's all about the looks) or especially her wrinkle-faced husband Triple H seen this picture, I bet Triple H would have tried smashing it with his sledgehammer first, before handing it over to Vince to burn in their fireplace.

This picture is such an extreme contrast compared to what Stephanie McMahon looks like and how she presents herself on WWE television (or in the media's eye) now a days. If we're going to be honest here, Stephanie McMahon has definitely gotten hotter with age, and she continues to bless the WWE Universe by wearing extremely hot outfits whenever she steps into a ring. I'd say that she's way more concerned with her looks now versus 10 years ago, and I'm certain Stephanie would have shuttered after seeing this extremely frumpy and unflattering picture of herself. This is certainly not a "best for business" kind of picture, that's for damn sure!

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