Top 19 Most Devastating Injuries In WWE Last Year

Injuries are one of wrestling’s inevitable problems, even at the highest level, as injuries can be caused by the simplest of things.

Last year was one of WWE’s worst years to date in terms of time lost to injury, with plenty of superstars spending time on treatment table at one time and some of them are still currently fighting their way back to fitness.

Some injuries are career threatening, these can be some of the smallest problems that when looked at by a professional, turn out to be a much bigger threat.

But some injuries can be life threatening, Rey Mysterio was involved in a match for AAA in Mexico back in 2015 and following his trademark 619, El Hijo del Perro Aguayo seemed to slump down into the mat before medics were called in and it was announced that he had tragically passed away.

Accidents in wrestling have become common place; it’s a sport where you are aiming to make it look like you hurt your opponent so it isn’t that much of a shock that sometimes the competitors end up being injured for real.

Below is a list of superstars who were injured while performing last year.

19 19. Goldust


Now considered a veteran by those within WWE, Goldust has been with the company for almost three decades and in that time he has suffered quite a few injuries.

The strange superstar joined WWE’s list of casualties early last year when he, along with many others to follow later in the year, suffered a shoulder injury.

18 18. Ryback 


The wrestler referred to as “The Big Guy” didn’t have a great 2015, as he failed to be a part of the main event picture once again and was instead seen bouncing around the mid-card, until he won the Intercontinental Championship.

17 17. Sami Zayn 


Sami Zayn’s injury was a complete accident, as it happened out of nowhere and managed to keep Zayn on the treatment table for more than six months.

16 16. Becky Lynch 

One of the “Four Horsewomen” of NXT, Becky Lynch has helped to redefine the term Diva in her time on WWE’s main roster, but she herself fell victim to WWE’s injury epidemic in mid 2015.

The Irish star revealed that she had suffered a hip flexor strain during what was one of the greatest women’s matches in NXT history when she faced Sasha Banks for the NXT Women’s Championship at NXT:Takeover Unstoppable.

15 15. Jey Uso


One half of the Slammy Award winning tag team of the year, Jey Uso was another of WWE’s superstars to suffer a shoulder injury in 2015.

The high flying superstar was injured at WWE’s WrestleMania 31 kick off show, even though it was reported that he could have been suffering an injury before this. It seemed he re-tweaked an earlier problem and this forced him to require surgery.

14 14. Randy Orton


Orton’s injury was funnier than it was life threatening, but it was the way he managed to sustain the injury that gave the WWE Universe a much needed laugh. Orton wasn’t injured on WWE TV so the WWE Universe had to learn of his injury via

13 13. Rusev


WWE were handed a huge blow last year when Rusev’s name was added to the list of superstars who were on the treatment table.

The Bulgarian Brute had been built up as a wrecking ball during his short time on WWE’s main roster and an unprecedented ankle injury, along with getting crushed by John Cena, threatened to destroy all of WWE’s hard work.

12 12. John Cena


John Cena’s injury came as a shock to many wrestling fans because the former fifteen time World Champion had only just returned to WWE TV after filming a new documentary style series for FOX.

11 11. Hideo Itami


Hideo Itami, or Kenta as he was known in his earlier career, was one of the most hyped up WWE signings in history after he made the switch to NXT last year, but he was another superstar to fall victim to a shoulder injury.

10 10. Lana


The Ravishing Russian has become one of the WWE Universe’s favourite stars in the past year she has been on WWE’s main roster, accompanying her real life fiancé Rusev to the ring, but Lana was also out injured for a significant amount of time last year.

It was announced that Lana had suffered a fractured wrist back in September and would be forced to undergo surgery to fix it.

9 9. The Undertaker 


The Deadman has proved many times that he is very much alive and just as capable as sustaining injuries as the living and last year following his match with Brock Lesnar, The Undertaker once again proved this.

8 8. Nikki Bella 

The longest reigning Divas Champion of all time was handed a huge blow last year when it surfaced that she was suffering from a severe neck injury.

7 7. Cesaro


Cesaro has been called one of WWE’s best pure athletes and he is one of the strongest superstars on the current roster, but he proved that he isn’t too strong to be injured last year when he, along with many other WWE Superstars, also suffered a shoulder injury.

6 6. Tyson Kidd 


Tyson Kidd suffered one of the worst injuries of 2015 to the extent where his wife Natalya was in tears from watching the video footage of his match.

5 5. Erick Rowan


Erick Rowan is one of the four members of WWE’s famous Wyatt Family, but back in 2015 he too was taken out of action with a badly torn bicep.

4 4. Sting


The WCW Legend hasn’t had a great time of it since making the switch over to WWE, as not only has he lost the only two singles matches he has had in WWE, but the last match he had could keep him out of the ring for good.

3 3. Bayley 

The current NXT Women’s Champion was handed a huge blow in mid 2015 when she was sidelined with a broken hand.

This injury kept Bayley out of action for a number of months and the star herself tweeted pictures of her with her hand in a cast to prove that the injury was not a part of a storyline.

2 2. Daniel Bryan


Where do you start with Daniel Bryan? He shocked the world when he realized his dream and lifted the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania XXX before injury forced him to vacate that championship. WWE gambled on him again this year with the Intercontinental Championship but once again injury forced him to vacate the belt.

1 1. Seth Rollins


The former WWE World Heavyweight Champion is easily the number one on this list, as Rollins was on the best run of his career by having become the first ever dual United States and World Champion.

Rollins was riding high until he went up against Kane. The former Champion performed a sunset flip off the top rope as he had done many times, but this time he landed it wrong on his knee and his leg buckled. He managed to finish the match but it was announced the next day that he was out of action for 6-9 months and he vacated the World Championship.

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Top 19 Most Devastating Injuries In WWE Last Year