Top 20 Moves WWE Banned for Being Way Too Dangerous

Wrestling is fake. It's scripted. It's not MMA or professional boxing. It's a male soap opera. These are all insults hurled by ignorant observers at the art of professional wrestling because it doesn't live up to our society's predefined definition of violence. If it's not spontaneous brutality and bloodshed, then why are we watching it?

Then you do a little more research and realize professional wrestling can actually be more dangerous than MMA. According to CM Punk, who interviewed with Rolling Stone, professional wrestling is more difficult because you have to finish the show if you're injured, whereas in MMA you can stop your match without hurting the overall quality of the product.

"If I step in the Octagon and I get knocked out, I don't gotta keep fighting. If that was pro wrestling, and I slipped and I fell and something happened to me and I got knocked out and I woke up three seconds later, guess what: I gotta finish this match."

It's an interesting take from a wrestler who has been brutally honest about his experience in the WWE since he walked away from the business. Some critics would disagree with Punk by arguing that in pro wrestling, the wrestlers can choreograph their moves, learn how to fall correctly, and avoid serious injury. The WWE also bans certain moves that fans are likely to see in other wrestling venues to try to avoid concussions and neck and spinal injuries.

Both sports come with their bumps and bruises, and it's fair to say any competitor who walks into the squared circle or the Octagon faces serious injury or death straight in the eyes. One wrong slip, one wrong drop or one wrong kick to the head and that athlete might be looking up to the lights of a hospital room rather than an arena.

We take a look at the top moves that are both too dangerous for, and banned from, the WWE. The one common thread among all of the moves is they involve exploiting the victim's head and neck area. Oh, and they also have a strict tag line that reads, "Don't try this at home."

20 Wings of Love


19 Orton's Punt


18 Avalanche Bloody Sunday

17 Chair Shots to the Head


16 Double Underhook Powerbomb/Tiger Driver

15 The Canadian Destroyer

14 450 Splash

13 Original Piledriver

12 Kawada Driver (Ganso Bomb)

11 Burning Hammer

10 The Brainbuster

9 Victory Star Drop

8 Back Drop Driver

7 Double Underhook Back-to-Back Piledriver

6 Poisoned Frankensteiner

5 Shooting Star Press

4 Dragon Screw Neck Whip

3 The Apron Brainbuster

2 The Kinniku Buster

1 The Original Pedigree

It's not surprising the most dangerous move ever performed was created in the confines of a growing WWE. After all, the WWE brand of professional wrestling mainstreamed the sport to millions of people worldwide. And you don't have that kind of audience without daredevil innovation.

The original Pedigree was a funeral waiting to happen. Triple H's victim's were helpless as they landed awkwardly on the top of their head. Worse, he held his victims' hands behind their back throughout the duration of the move, which forced them to take the full impact of his finisher to their head rather than their hands, chest or face like today. We haven't seen this type of Pedigree since Triple entered WWE's squared circle in the early 1990s, and we're confident the company wouldn't allow its variation to make a comeback any time soon.

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Top 20 Moves WWE Banned for Being Way Too Dangerous