19Drew Carey

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It’s not that this is a recommendation that Drew Carey should never be involved in wrestling again. In fact, it’s encouraged that he would be a host of some kind in WWE – maybe similar to what the WWE did with Bob Barker back in 2009. But the comedian was

used in a WWE match and not when he lost all of the weight that he’s dropped to be in better physical shape.

Instead, the WWE invited Drew Carey to be one of the 30 participants in the 2001 Royal Rumble. He was often standing to the other side of the ring when guys like the Hardy Boyz were actually fighting on top of a turnbuckle. No one thought Carey was going to have a chance and him being in the ring with Kane felt more like a space-filler before the comedian decided to eliminate himself from the match. Just don’t put him in a match and we’ll be fine with Carey appearing on WWE programming again.

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