20Bo Dallas

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In terms of having a unique character, there is a lot to like about Bo Dallas. One of the sons of Mike Rotunda (known better as Irwin R. Schyster), and part of a family line that includes Blackjack Mulligan, Dallas’ character in WWE was that of a motivational, I mean

“BO-tivational,” speaker looking to inspire the WWE Universe that all you have to do is “Bo-lieve.” It was a silly gimmick that was good for a few laughs.

Unfortunately, he hasn’t really been able to flourish in the ring since coming up to the WWE main roster in 2014. Maybe he needs to revisit the WWE Performance Center and spend some time in NXT, so he’ll be low on this list. Unless we can improve his move set, no one needs to see Dallas do anything more than being a jobber with entrance music. The splitting up of the Social Outcasts faction doesn’t help his current stock in the company either.

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