Top 20 PG Era Jobbers Who Deserved Better

A jobber is someone who eats the pin in practically all their matches and help to get the other wrestler over with the crowd. He is someone who may be labeled as a ‘loser’ or someone who never wins by the casuals, and if he manages to make the most of his gimmick and entertain us in spite of eating pins week in week out, he can himself get over with the fans. A jobber is someone who entertains the fans in the middle parts of the show, putting the “E’’ in WWE perfectly and also makes sure the faces are seen as strong, heroic characters in the eyes of the fans.

Often seen as appearing with a charismatic vibe and strong words before losing to the heroic faces or dominant heels, they come to our eyes as someone who is bound to lose and hence it comes to the surprise of many when one of these guys get a win over anybody (which are mostly the result of outside interference). Top Superstars were also at one point ‘jobbers’, as stars like Triple H with his early gimmick in Terra Ryzing ate pins to put others over (which the Cerebral Assassin would never do) and Daniel Bryan was a jobber in his development phase as well as other stars like Shawn Michaels, X-Pac and Edge who in their earlier career had to work their way to the top and achieved glory after putting in a lot of hard work.

As seen in example to these legends, a jobber could in time become a world champion or a star of the company and needs to work his way to the top, but even years after taking pins and handing opportunities to others to get over with the fans, some jobbers are seemingly never given their rightful pushes and always seem to be in the bottom of the pile in spite of getting over with fans. With the PG Era ushering in numerous restrictions and an inflow of a variety of superstars, some jobbers never truly got their ‘star moments’.

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20 Santino Marella

via wrestlingrumors.com

Santino Marella debuted in the oddest of circumstances, winning the IC title off Umaga (with Bobby Lashley’s assist) in his first night in WWE. He went on to win other championships in his WWE reign, but could never be regarded as a proper wrestler. Santino’s gimmick was such a joke that it couldn’t be taken seriously, and making him dress like a woman and having the most hilarious of finishers didn’t help and if WWE had given him his indie persona of Boris Alexiev, a Russian shoot fighter, then maybe he would’ve caught the attention and appreciation of the fans, who can’t regard him any more than an entertaining jobber.

19 Alex Riley

via pwmania.com

A-Ry caught everyone’s attention being the Miz’s apprentice and played his heel role well to help Miz win the Money in the Bank briefcase and in turn the WWE title, and would get his ‘WrestleMania Moment’ of sorts in the main event of WrestleMania 27. Many rumors circulated that John Cena had a skirmish with Riley and didn’t like him, as Riley got buried to irrelevant matches on the main roster which he lost and then went to NXT where injuries only made it worse for him.

Voted as 106th of PWI’s top 500 wrestlers of 2011, Riley’s talent was undervalued by WWE who failed to build him into a relevant, strong superstar.

18 Kaval

via wwe.com

A legend of the independent circuit, Kaval (mostly known as Low Ki) would bring his array of experience in WWE in 2010 in NXT, being the apprentice of Team LayCool. He would then slowly move onto the SmackDown roster where he would lose his debut match and other following matches to come, soon becoming someone who would lose matches to every other jobber as well.

He would become a mentor on NXT for a period of time, but the damage had already been done as he soon saw a bitter release from WWE before Christmas as he blames Vince McMahon for his horrible run.

17 The Ascension

via wwe.com

The Ascension has quite an interesting history, as they debuted in the FCW brand of WWE as a proper heel stable having the likes of Ricardo Rodriguez, Epico and even Bram from TNA. They worked there as a heel stable, but soon Bram was released and Ricardo and Epico went into different directions as Konnor and Viktor became the faces of The Ascension. They rose by strides in NXT becoming their longest reigning tag champs, but the move to the main roster spelled disaster as a gimmick resembling the Road Warriors and constant burial from JBL on commentary turned them from a dark, dominant tag team into an irrelevant one.

16 JTG

via sportskeeda.com

JTG came to everyone’s attention as the slapstick dude from Cryme Tyme, a team of black guys who stole stuff, destroyed stuff and with Shad he made for some entertaining moments but never did he get any real gold on his hands. After some skirmishes, he would separate from Shad and go on a singles career which was disastrous as he rarely competed, and lost when he did. He didn’t get a proper gimmick to excel, and would be left hanging by WWE who finally put him out of his misery by releasing him in 2014 after a year of not competing on television at all.

15 The Great Khali

via sportskeeda.com

When The Great Khali debuted in the Ruthless Aggression era, he was introduced as this monster heel who even took out the mighty Undertaker in his first rivalry. He kept on being booked as this monster heel with an extremely limited moveset, but was defeating superstars and dominating them, with soon challenging for WWE titles and also winning the World Heavyweight Championship.

But the PG era spelled disaster for him, as he was degraded onto a Punjabi Playboy gimmick and did stupid stuff which completely destroyed his reputation as a monster heel, as he went from a ‘Punjabi Nightmare’ to a ‘Punjabi Joker’ very quickly.

14 Yoshi Tatsu

via wrestlingmedia.org

A trainee of the New Japan Pro Wrestling Dojo, Yoshi Tatsu is an extremely agile technical athlete who could put up good matches with anyone he was up against. After spending five years in NJPW, Tatsu got the call from WWE as he started out in the FCW and ECW brands, even challenging for the ECW title but failing to win. After the ‘official’ promotion to RAW, he got in some tag team actions and lower mid card matches, and never got any opportunity to shine and excel with his technical prowess. Tatsu got into some very weird and irrelevant angles and matches which did his character no good, and soon departed from WWE as another wasted opportunity.

13 Los Matadores

via sportskeeda.com

Both extremely able technical wrestlers, Primo and Epico saw their doomsday when the Los Matadores gimmick was introduced. Accompanied by a ‘bull’ El Torito, these two Matadores would find no love from the WWE universe and no place in the tag team division as they would job to every other team and have embarrassing gimmick matches with El Torito in their corner. They barely won any match in their reign, as this disastrous gimmick has now been dismissed by WWE with Primo and Epico being the pitiful sufferers of this travesty.

12 Chavo Guerrero

via wwe.com

Chavo was once part of one of the most entertaining tag teams in WWE in Los Guerreros and saw great establishment with Eddie, after whose death he got some limelight by the WWE and got into heated rivalries with Rey Mysterio which churned some good matches. But with the advent of the PG era, Chavo would be thrown to the bottom of the pile having to feud with Hornswoggle (which won worst feud of the year in 2009) and later having to eat pins to put other lower mid-carders over. Who was once an established heel mid-carder soon got reduced to a jobber as even Eddie’s death couldn’t do him any good in the long run.

11 Tyler Breeze

via wawnation.com

The ‘King of Cuteville’ probably has more nicknames than main roster victories, as after a strong few years in NXT where he gathered attention from fans, he finally got the main roster call and that didn’t go well at all. After a rivalry with Dolph Ziggler where he actually won some matches, he got pushed to the deepest of holes as he hasn’t won a match in months. He has racked 49 straight losses since January, and doesn’t looked like to be pushed in a good way and this potential solid mid-carder is having a terrible run in his main roster career.

10 Derrick Bateman

via dailywrestlingnews.com

This is one of those cases were WWE would rue the moment they decide to part with a wrestler as Derrick Bateman( now known as Ethan Carter III) was quite the hotshot in NXT, staying in the competition and impressing as well. But Bateman was made to job and make Ryback look strong as well as other wrestlers, so he left and TNA had their own face of the company with his addictive theme song being as kickass as his own charismatic self, with WWE badly mishandling his situation and losing out on a potential gem.


via givemesport.com

MVP was quite the thing after his debut, coming off as this rich ‘baller’ who would wiggle his way into winning championships and title opportunities. He won the U.S. and Tag championships in the same year and thing’s were looking up for him, until a storyline call took away all his cash and he became a jobber wrestling wise too. MVP apparently took 108 losses in 2008, as things would look down from there and he would eventually be hushed to the lower leagues and soon released, marking an end for a promising gimmick and career.

8 Fandango

via mirror.co.uk

Fandango danced his way into WWE fame, defeating Chris Jericho at WrestleMania which showed promise of a push for this dazzling superstar and he also managed to get himself massively over with the fans singing his entrance theme, the night after WrestleMania. Fandango suffered a concussion when he was about to challenge (and win) the IC title and this was a massive setback for him, as creative found no other booking for him and booked him in ridiculous love triangles and romantic angles. He was never given a title opportunity since and rarely makes any appearances nowadays, with no push likely to arrive at his dance floor.

7 Jack Swagger

via wwe.com

The All American-American got quite the push early in his career, winning the Money in the Bank Briefcase and also the World Title after WrestleMania. But his character got stale very soon, and a lack of mic-skills didn’t help his cause either as experimentation with his gimmick and piling him onto a tag team with Cesaro got the Swiss Superman over, but Swagger somehow fell down the pecking order quickly. Soon he was rarely seen in WWE TV and is used at times to make America look good in the eyes of the public, as this technically sublime superstar could’ve been the Kurt Angle of his generation if booked properly and given a good mouthpiece.

6 Curtis Axel

via sportskeeda.com

The Son of Mr Perfect is not quite so perfect himself and even his father’s name and fame couldn’t prevent him from being pit onto the lower cards. WWE tried to push him by making him IC champion, but the WWE universe didn’t like anything about his gimmick as the Ax-Man was soon given ridiculous gimmicks like AxelMania which had the smarks delighted but what could’ve been a strong midcarder like his father or even more is now one of the ultimate jobbers in WWE as Mr Perfect must be turning in his grave seeing his son’s embarrassing state.

5 Adam Rose

via wwe.com

Ever since arriving in the WWE from fighting in the streets of South Africa, Adam Rose has been given a variety of contrasting gimmicks from a dark Leo Kruger to a Party Dude to a Party Pooper to a Radical Mongoose as he has seemed to blend in impeccably with every one of them. Rose has gone through all these ordeals smoothly and having to fend for an ailing daughter and wife, he goes with all these horrible stuff he has to do and deserves a chance at going over because of his devotion for the game.

4 R-Truth

via wrestlingrevealed.com

Ron ‘The Truth’ Killings was quite a strong mid-carder in TNA before moving to the WWE where he didn’t seem to be at home as this black rapper gimmick didn’t bode well enough for him. After years in the lower mid-card, R-Truth got somewhat of a push in 2011 with the ‘Little Jimmy’ gimmick and having a shot at John Cena’s WWE title( which he lost) but then his heel-ish persona faded and returned this dancing, confused black superstar who came to make us laugh and eat pins from random people. Things aren’t really looking up for Truth, who isn’t getting any younger and deserves some gold in the WWE.

3 Zack Ryder

via wrestlingrumors.com

Zack Ryder has been in WWE for a long time now, having seen many a change in his character over the years but never has he been built as a main-event superstar inspite of winning the fans’ hearts over the years. Ryder’s ‘cool dude’ persona only got him to a mid-card level at most, as he is built as this kind of wrestler who does spots over a match but eventually loses in the end. Although given championship opportunities over the years, being put through weird romantic angles with nonsensical outcomes didn’t help and soon ate pins from other mid-carders while keeping a happy face. Ryder finally got a WrestleMania moment this year, but having the lose the title exactly 24 hours after winning it only sums up his time in the WWE.

2 Stardust

via wwe.com

Descending from an unknown realm, the Prince of Dark Matter has been quite the captivating heel with his terrific promo skills and ability to put on very good matches. Ever since tagging with brother Goldust, Stardust was given uninteresting storylines as a singles competitor and is rarely seen in the title scene (being a spot monkey in the ladder matches in WM) as his talent is being wasted by the WWE who can’t seem to find an appropriate place for him in the card and hence putting him through weird gimmick angles which is destroying his character and the Rhodes’ family’s legacy.

1 Damien Sandow

via wrestlingnews.com

Speaking of making idiotic gimmicks look good, enter Damian Sandow who is a master of becoming absolutely anyone you’d want him to be and so much more, as ridiculous stuff like impersonating various celebrities and wrestlers was experimented until Damien Mizdow was born as the side-kick of Miz who literally emulated everything The Miz did. This got him highly over with the fans, but he was kept as a jobber after his separation with The Miz and his recent elimination in the Andre the Giant Battle Royal is probably evidence of how he seems to be no contention of a push, as he’s rarely seen in WWE TV nowadays as this incredible entertainer has also the in-ring skills to back it up and make him into a definite heel or face or tweener or anything you’d want him to be!

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