Top 20 Photos Of Triple H That He Doesn't Want You To See

And unfortunately for him, we're digging them up to show the world. Here's 20 pictures of Triple H he'd rather you not see.

I'm just going to say it right away: this entire article is going to be one huge exercise in resisting the all-too-easy burying joke. But here we go.

Triple H has now been part of the wrestling business for 25 years. You can say anything you want about The Game, but you cannot say that he doesn't have staying power. Then again, nobody really denies this, they just hate where his staying powers seems to come from. Many tales of backstage politicking made him a top star in the company, and an uncomfortable helping of nepotism means he isn't going away anytime soon.

In fairness, Triple H has done many great things for the business. At the height of the Attitude Era he made an amazing top heel for the likes of Stone Cold and The Rock. Nowadays he has done amazing things backstage, especially in making NXT one of the best things about WWE today. And really, one of the most admirable things about him is that he doesn't let the IWC's comments about him convince him that what he's doing is wrong.

But even then, everyone has a few skulls buried in their closet, and Triple H is no exception. He steadfastly stands by many things the fans have disliked, but even he has to admit that some things about his career are shameful. And there's even other things in his past he'd rather stay hidden for more personal and/or ego-driven reasons.

And unfortunately for him, we're digging them up to show the world. Here's 20 pictures of Triple H he'd rather you not see.

20 Katie Vick


We're just gonna get this one out of the way right now. Everyone and their mother knew it would be here, so no point in saving it for later just to make you scroll through to make sure we didn't forget about this nugget.

In late 2002, Triple H embarked on a feud with Kane that turned into one of the most controversial angles in wrestling history. The story was that Kane had a love interest named Katie Vick who died in a car crash with Kane at the wheel.  Great start with the demon Kane being involved in a love angle. But those raised eyebrows soon turned into outright disgust when Triple H claimed Kane had sex with her dead body.

19 Kayfabe Marrying a Drugged Stephanie McMahon


Oh, don't think the tasteless angles stop there. Necrophilia is bad enough, but we can add kidnapping and forceful marriage to the list of Triple H's sins.

In 1999, Triple H feuded briefly with Vince McMahon, and one of the subplots in the feud, was Triple H getting together with his daughter, Stephanie. Forcefully. Triple H drugged her, put her in the passenger seat of his car, and married her in a drive-through (oh, Las Vegas) while she was still unconscious.

18 Accidentally Exposing Stephanie McMahon


Oh, the early stages of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon's relationship were just a hot mess, weren't they? We'll just casually add that time he caused her a wardrobe malfunction to the list of things he wants forgotten.  Let alone the fact that it involved him physically attacking her.

Triple H's feud with Chris Jericho in early 2002 heavily involved Stephanie McMahon. She kayfabe divorced Triple H leading to so much hostility between the two that it often overshadowed Jericho. You know, the WWE Undisputed Champion. One incident in this feud saw The Game attempt to Pedigree Stephanie only for Jericho to save her at the last second. But not before she had a little nip slip on live television.

17 His Relationship With Chyna


And rounding out the trifecta of shameful moments in Triple H's relationship with Stephanie McMahon, here's his ex-fiancee, Chyna. Now it's perfectly normal to have ex-lovers so at face value this isn't anything to be ashamed of. But what makes it a blemish on his resume is how it ended.

16 Terra Ryzing


We've covered many times here at TheSportster that many wrestlers go through a variety of other gimmicks before they settle on one that they find success with. Triple H is no different, and while having to try multiple gimmicks is nothing to be ashamed of, his first gimmicks are almost laughable compared to his character now. Before he was The Game, he was Terra Ryzing.

15 The Original Hunter Hearst Helmsley


Triple H might also want you to forget that even when he did come to WWE, his character still desperately needed some work.  He ended his time in WCW as Jean-Paul Levesque, a French aristocrat, and when he left for WWE, he stuck with a similar gimmick at first.  He adopted the name Hunter Hearst Helmsley, but he started not as the ass-kicking monster Triple H, but as "The Connecticut Blueblood".

14 The Botched Pedigree


One of the worst things that can happen to a professional wrestler is getting a reputation as an unsafe worker. Goldberg still gets resentment by many fans for effectively ending Bret Hart's career, and it's hard for Seth Rollins to get past the fact that he put Finn Balor on the shelf and ended Sting's career with a neck injury. So I'm sure Triple H doesn't want people to see how bad it can be when his finisher, The Pedigree, goes wrong.

13 Getting Squashed by The Ultimate Warrior


Anyone who knows anything about the backstage scene at WWE knows that Triple H doesn't like to lose. He's infamously vetoed decisions by the creative team to let other wrestlers like Booker T or Randy Orton go over him properly. So he certainly doesn't want some guy like me behind a computer screen reminding everybody about that time he was handily beat in a matter of seconds at WrestleMania like a jobber.

Back in 1996, Triple H was still just Hunter Hearst Helmsley, the midcarder. His main gimmick at the time was simply coming to the ring with seemingly a different female valet every week. He was the one chosen to fight the returning Ultimate Warrior at WrestleMania XII. And when I say "fight" what I mean is "get completed trashed by". The bout barely lasted a minute and a half and saw Warrior completely no-sell a Pedigree before squashing the Blueblood.

12 Being Pinned by Eugene


Even after Triple H did rise to the main event and infamously refused to lose clean very often, if ever, there were still some embarrassing losses he had to take. My money for which one was the most embarrassing goes to being pinned by Eugene. You know, the special needs wrestler. Triple H was pinned by that guy.

Was it a clean pin? Of course not, unfortunately. The whole story with Randy Orton breaking off from Evolution overshadowed the moment and Eugene only won the No-DQ bout because of Orton. But still. He was pinned by a kayfabe mentally handicapped wrestler on the August 30th, 2004 episode of Monday Night Raw.

11 In the Hospital


Let's not forget either that Triple H has been on the receiving end of some debilitating injuries. In his career, he's had no less than two high profile injuries that kept him out of action for nearly a year each. One occurred in early 2001 during his tag team run with Steve Austin, where he tore his quad simply running across the ring to break up a pin. Yep, Kevin Nash isn't the only one. The second happened in early 2007, when he tore his quad again during the DX feud with Rated-RKO. Moral of the story: Triple H in a tag match is a disaster waiting to happen.

10 Getting Burned During His WrestleMania XXIX Entrance


The only thing more synonymous with Triple H than refusing to lose is over the top entrance sequences, especially at WrestleMania. For every grand entrance that truly hyped the coming bout like his entrance at WrestleMania XXX, there have been ridiculous ones like coming out dressed like The Terminator at WrestleMania 31. But the one he'd most like you to forget is his entrance from WrestleMania XXIX.

9 Blading


This one has less to do with anything truly embarrassing that Triple H did, and more to do with how the WWE has tried to change its image since Triple H's prime. Back before WWE went PG, they didn't have a care if wrestlers decided to let out some blood to intensify a match.  Hell, they probably encouraged it during the height of the Attitude Era and Ruthless Aggression Era.

But nowadays, the red stuff is a no-no. Wrestlers are only ever allowed to bleed if it's an accident, and even then, officials sometimes stop a match because of blood. By bleeding during some of his previous matches, Trips never really did anything wrong. But because of WWE re-branding itself to be family friendly, Triple H now has to hide away moments like this.

8 Mitch Joining 'The Club'


With Triple H famously a part of D-Generation X, one of the most non-PG stables ever, don't think blading is the only thing the Vice President of Talent has to keep hidden away.  Making people shove their faces in between someone's ass cheeks was really more Vince's trademark, but at Vengeance 2006, Triple H indulged in his father-in-law's hobby.

7 The Hog Pen Match


Of all the matches we've talked about so far that Triple H would rather you forget, we haven't even gotten to the worst one. That would have to be the infamous Hog Pen Match. Back when he was still the pompous rich man character, Helmsley had a short feud with Henry O. Godwinn, the pig farmer. Do you get it? The rich snob fighting the bluest of blue-collar workers? I would say it was as terrible as you'd expect it to be, but it turned out even worse somehow.

The two were given a match stipulation at In Your House 5 that creative thought was fitting of the theme of the feud. The first wrestler to toss the other into a pen full of slop at ringside would be the winner. Even though Helmsley won, it was obvious it was going to end with the rich man character being covered in excrement looking goop.

6 Out of Shape


Now, I like to think of myself as a body positive person. Unless someone is out of shape to the point of it being obviously unhealthy, I don't care what you look like. WWE however, especially Vince McMahon and Triple H, are all about body image. So Trips probably wants you to forget that he isn't always the best about keeping himself in shape.

5 Overly Muscular


For as much as Triple H might like having a cut, muscular body, there is such a thing as taking it too far, especially after his return from injury in 2002. Triple H took his body to the extreme. So extreme indeed, that many fans starting suspecting that something else was behind his physique. Namely, steroids.

4 Feuding With Scott Steiner


Remember what we said earlier about the Hog Pen Match being one of the worst Triple H has ever been a part of? Well that one was bad because the gimmick of the match itself was never going to get over. But it turns out Trips also took part in one of the worst pay-per-view matches in WWE history from a technical standpoint. That happened in early 2003 during his feud with Scott Steiner.

Even the buildup to the feud, featuring arm wrestling contests and pose-offs - no seriously- made sure nobody was invested in the match anyway. But then their match at the Royal Rumble failed to even reach that already low bar, proving to everyone that Steiner was a terrible worker and Triple H was in no way capable of carrying him to an even passable match, much less anything close to a classic.

3 Blade Trinity


Triple H, like many wrestlers before him, tried his hand at making the jump to film and TV acting. And...well...let's just say he's no Dwayne Johnson. The jump didn't go well for him. His best role to date was a very small part in Blade Trinity as Jarko Grimwood, a vampire. If you weren't sure if that sounded ridiculous or not, this picture of him in that film should clear it up for you.

2 Soiling Himself on RAW


There are many hilarious stories of wrestlers having accidents inside the ring. Hell, we did a whole article on it a while ago. Well turns out Triple H isn't safe either. On an early 2013 episode of Monday Night RAW, he engaged in a brawl with Brock Lesnar to get the feud to WrestleMania XXIX going and had a very conspicuous accident in the middle of the fight.

Fans were quick to point it out and and for a few months speculated whether he really did piss himself or if it was all just a hilarious coincidence. They got their answer when in an interview with The New Age Outlaws they joked about it too, and then Trips admitted it, joking back "Never go to the ring to fight a guy like that with a full bladder".

1 Hugging Chris Benoit


Many of Triple H's best matches of his career were with the late Chris Benoit. That turns out to be very unfortunate for him because with WWE whitewashing Benoit out of their history after murdering his family, Triple H can no longer be openly proud of these matches. But the moment Triple H most wants you to forget in his interactions with Benoit is embracing the future killer after a match. That can't possibly come off well in light of what happened.

Now, the thing is that I saw this picture and thought "Oh, of course that makes the list." But then when I looked for more details about it, I realized that it happened on the SmackDown after Eddie Guerrero died and that the whole moment was a tribute to Eddie. For once, I have nothing snarky to say about one of these pictures. It truly is unfortunate that this moment of respect for Guerrero can't be properly celebrated in WWE today.

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