Top 20 Pro Athletes Who Would Make the Craziest Pro Wrestlers

There are people in this world that Triple H is afraid of, believe it or not. The same goes for Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns and the rest of the WWE. What they fear is the unknown. The idea that if a guest professional athlete steps into their ring, there is no telling how he or she will act in a given situation. Some guests are used to keeping to the scripts with their experiences from making commercials by their multi-million dollar sponsorship contracts. There are ear-biting soccer players, neck-snapping football players, punch-throwing basketball players, racket-throwing tennis pros. When Roman Reigns, Brock Lesnar, or Triple H takes on your favorite professional athlete, who actually has the advantage?

You would be surprised by the intensity - the fervent rage that takes over the mind, body, and soul of a football player on the wrong side of a cheap-shot. There is nothing that will stop him or her from attempting to obliterate an opponent they see behind their blood-hungry eyes. You might think, "Well, they won't have that chance because they'll sign a contract and be asked to keep to a script." Remember, these professional athletes are not professional entertainers. They compete to win. Their egos are very fragile. Their livelihoods don't depend on a paycheck from WWE and you can rest assured their only agendas will be personal.

That being said, some pro-athletes are absolutely willing and able to keep to a vague script and give the fans a show worthy of their ticket payment. We will not consider boxers, MMA fighters, or other martial art and combat athletes. So, with that in mind we are considering which professional athletes from nearly all walks of sport would make for a must-watch WWE matchup.  Athleticism, "superstardom", and a bit of "non compos mentis" makes for the perfect crazy pro-wrestler, so here goes an unbeatable top 20.

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20 Richard Sherman - Cornerback / Intellectual Loudmouth

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Known for his lock-down defense and entertaining 'Swag', Richard Sherman's voice is the most recognizable and like the most hated in the NFL. He had a memorable spat with ESPN's Skip Bayless on the 'First Take' where Sherman simply told Skip, "I'm better than you." With an attitude like that and athleticism to make anyone's eyes pop, Sherman and his narcissistic persona are sure to make any WWE crowd and opponent cringe.

19 Milan Lucic - NHL Troublemaker

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Milan Lucic is as pure and rugged of an NHL jerk as they come. Even the people in his hometown of Vancouver, BC hate him. He must have done something to make them despise him enough to spray-paint his family's church and harass his grand-parents and family. After moving to the Los Angeles Kings, he is both loved and hated by Boston Bruins fans, and definitely hated by every other fan team and their fan bases. He even got into a brawl in downtown Vancouver. Lucic promised he "would never be seen in downtown Vancouver ever again." At 6'3, Lucic and his ever-hated persona would make for a riveting WWE affair.

18 Tim Tebow - Quarterback/ Lover of God / The Kristian Killer

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Tim Tebow was the most talked about NFL player between 2010 and 2013 with his absolutely dreadful statistics, yet innate ability to win games. In college with the Florida Gators, Tebow either won the BCS National Championship or the SEC Title in each of his four years. His celebration, known as "Tebowing" became a celebratory fad in nearly every sport and even a couple of High Schoolers got suspended from school for doing so in class. His good-natured, boy-next-door persona mixed with a victorious "genotype" has Tim and his 6'3 250-pound body a sure-thing for WWE success. We look forward to His Highness' appearance.

17 Ichiro Suzuki - Super Outfielder

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Likely the fastest and most dexterous baseball player ever, Ichiro is also a skinny-yet-enigmatic champion. He hardly speaks English, so his Japanese ninja screams could instill unknown fear into the heads of fellow ringers. The culture of Japan is still very unfamiliar to the rest of the world, and who knows whether a WWE form of kamikaze could take place? He might take out himself, his teammates, or even his enemies in one fell swoop.

16 Steve Smith, Sr. - Wide Receiver

via en.wikipedia.org

Known throughout his career for his ferocious and hard-knocks mentality, Steve Smith is one of the most beloved and feared players at his position. An obsession with competition and a need for victory make Steve Smith an imposing opponent for any WWE stud. He's only 5'9, but after playing more than a decade against giant men in one of the world's most violent team sports, it seems his stature is but a strength. Look into Steve Smith's eyes and you will see a fearless man capable of virtually anything.

15 Rob Gronkowski - Tight End

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Gronk, Rob Gronkowski - tight end for the New England Patriots. If you don't know this man yet, then something is surely wrong. Rob Gronkowski is easily the most entertaining and relatable "bro" in sports. He would be a fan-favorite immediately in the WWE, with the exception of Patriot haters. In that case, he would be the most "hateable". At 6'6 and 270 lbs, The Gronk would very easily blend in to the pro-wrestling world and almost certainly a chess piece that nearly every top man would be willing to fight over for Gronk's alliance.

14 Dennis Rodman - Infamous NBA Legend / Impostor Sting

via youtube.com

Five-time NBA champion, referee head-butter, friend of North Korea, cross-dresser, basketball bad-boy, heart-throb, metal-head, the list goes on. Dennis Rodman has had more images and styles than Lady Gaga and is probably the best-known athlete to seriously participate in World Championship Wrestling. Rodman's crazy on-court antics, such as head-butting a referee and kicking a cameraman in the groin, have earned him suspensions and fines. What they also earned him were roster spots. He made the most of every playing opportunity, playing key roles on five NBA Championship teams - notably three championships with Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls.

13 Lance Stephenson - Shooting Guard

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Lance Stephenson has crazy written all over him. Known for blowing in the ear of LeBron James during the playoffs and for his absurd embellishments on the basketball court, there is no doubt that Lance is just waiting to come out of his shell. In 2010, he was charged with pushing his girlfriend down a flight of stairs. The charges were unfortunately dropped since he is a professional athlete. His adrenaline and possibly unstable psyche could mean changing sides at any moment. WWE beware, Lance Stephenson has some flare.

12 Serena Williams - Tennis Champ

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

If you have ever heard Serena Williams on the tennis court, her shrieks and screams sound like a mother cheetah defending her young (she even got penalized for it one time due to the fact that it was getting out of control). Having won 21 Grand Slams tells us that Serena is relentless, with a burning fire to beat any opponent into a fine dust. Her multiple hairstyles, advertising experience, and uncompromising attitude tell us she would make for a great pro-wrestler. She is probably the strongest and sexiest celebrity-athlete we've ever known.

11 Lionel Messi - Soccer God

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

As swift as a summer storm, and as agile as a cat, Lionel Messi and his golden legs would pose a real quick-strike threat to any giant foe. Ask all 6'3 of Roman Reigns to keep up with an evasive Lionel Messi, and there's no way Roman would feel confident in doing so. Messi holds onto the ball because he has quicker feet than a tap-dancer and ridiculous foot-eye coordination. Any strike in the form of a kick by Messi is bound to land on it's intended target, rest assured.

10 Hope Solo - Goalkeeper

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Known for a face that looks like a puma, Hope Solo is also known for constant new stories about her somewhat abusive family relationships. Her husband - NFL'er Jerramy Stevens - was arrested when Solo incurred injuries after an altercation between the two. Soon after, he was released from jail, and the next day the two were wed. Crazy, isn't it? Then in 2014 she was involved in a physical altercation with her nephew and sister. It's clear she isn't new to physical altercations, and can take as many dives (after soccer balls) as it takes to save her skin. We know she would make a wonderful addition to the WWE.

9 Metta World Peace / Ron Artest - Small Forward

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The "Malice at the Palace" in 2004 was a real turning point for Ron Artest. If you have yet to read about the altercation, I highly recommend doing so. World Peace entered the stands and grabbed a fan whom he mistakenly believed had thrown a cup of diet coke onto him. While in the stands being attacked and held back by other spectators, World Peace's dire situation led teammate Stephen Jackson to also enter the fray. Who knows what would happen in a WWE event with Metta, but you can bet that it wouldn't be peaceful. His violent and tumultuous past precedes him, and the uncertainty awaits.

8 Ndamukong Suh

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Easily the most hated player in the NFL, Ndamukong Suh and his head stomping antics make for a perfect background story. Suh has been voted both the "least-liked player" and the "the dirtiest player" in separate NFL player polls. There is no doubt that he can be a villainous member of the WWE, with crowds jeering from all sides and only the business's bad boys willing to give him the time of day. At 6'4, 320 lbs Suh and his frame could stand up against just about any foe inside and outside of the ring.

7 JJ Watt - Defensive End

via foxsports.com

If 6'5, 290 pounds wasn't enough for you, Justin James Watt is easily the most feared defensive player in all of the NFL. He hunts down ball-carriers and quarterbacks as if they've stolen his life-savings. Notably, Watt has appeared in countless commercials and made several television cameos that would make any WWE executive beg for his entertainment experience. What's more, almost everyone knows who JJ Watt is - they either love him or hate him, making for a polarizing figure.

6 John Daly - Golfer

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

One of the most recognizable golfers of the last thirty years, Jon Daly and his club-throwing, alcoholic, gambling addict self is the most entertaining golfer you will ever see on the course. For those of you unaware, Daly came out of absolutely nowhere to win the 1991 PGA Championship and later won the 1995 British Open. Daly, whose wild swing comes from learning to play as a child with his father's long irons, let the meteoric rise to fame get to him. Nicotine, alcohol, and failure took over. Daly soon became a lost man known for ripping 350-yard drives, throwing clubs, cussing out opponents and little else.  He even had a reality show, "Being John Daly", which we can't wait to watch. He made a very controversial statement in 1994 that there ought to be drug testing on the PGA Tour, saying he would be the cleanest guy on tour. We would love to see him in the ring.

5 Bill Romanowski - Insane Linebacker 

via sportingnews.com

Those of you born in the late 90's may not know anything about Crazy Bill Romanowski known for his years with the Denver Broncos and San Francisco 49ers. He is certifiably insane, making incomprehensible decisions on and off the field. In a 1995 game, Romanowski kicked Larry Centers of the Arizona Cardinals in the head. He broke Kerry Collins' jaw two years later in a pre-season game, and spat in the face of J.J. Stokes. Two years later Crazy Bill punched legendary tight end Tony Gonzalez, and threw a football at New York Jets' Bryan Cox - hitting him in the "cojones". In 2003, Bill tore the helmet off of teammate Marcus Williams and threw a punch that crushed Williams' eye-socket, ending his career. Suffice it to say the Crazy Bill Romanowski is full of roid-rage and is as mercurial as they get.

4 Ray Lewis - Crazy Linebacker

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Once charged with murder in 2000, Ray Lewis is possibly the most polarizing NFL player of the last twenty years. Ray Lewis started out his career with a Super Bowl and Super Bowl MVP honors, and fourteen years later he ended with another Super Bowl to go out on top. A preacher, a leader, a man known for pre-game speeches to fire up teammates, Lewis and his enormous body-builder frame would cause anyone to tremble in fear. To think that he was acquitted of murder - settling with the victims' families in a civil suit out of court - is unforgettable. This guy is capable of absolutely anything in the ring.

3 Cristiano Ronaldo - Striker

Possibly the most recognizable athlete in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo is known for many things. Apparently bisexual, he has dated as many supermodels as Leonardo DiCaprio, making him an absolute heart-throb among both ladies and men alike. He has some of the best and worst acting skills in soccer making him known worldwide for his embellishment, which would be a great asset in the WWE. Even Ronaldo's hairstyle, which has caught on with about 90% of soccer players worldwide, would be a great distraction inside the ring. Opponents would be so concerned with changing their hairstyle in an attempt to look as good as Cristiano that they would weaker than the Great Khali.

2 Johnny Manziel - Abusive Quarterback

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Disgusting Johnny Football and his public image have taken a turn for the worse since he entered the league two years ago. He loves to party, which the media can't stand. He loves to stand by who he is as a person, unwilling to change his ways for the NFL. More importantly, he loves to hit his girlfriend. Manziel has had three disgraceful reports of violence towards his now ex-girlfriend Colleen Crowley, now being investigated. His entitled, typical-for-a-millennial behavior along with an apparent need to cause others harm, and a relentless spot in the limelight makes for a prototypical crazy wrestler.

1 Luis Suárez - Striker - Whack Job  

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

The Mike Tyson of soccer, Luis Suarez and his bite have the most unpredictable demeanor in sports. He is fearless, with several victims to have fallen to his jaws. He is undoubtedly a solid actor as he managed to make referees fall victim to his antics of innocence. Any time he is accused by opponents of wrong-doing, Suarez manages to act himself out of a red card. Suarez kicks opponents on the regular, showing no care for their sensitive areas. His taste for human blood is akin to Dracula, as he has no fear of being his blood-thirsty self on the world's biggest stages.

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