Top 20 Real Life Wrestling Relationships That Ended Terribly

When wrestlers ask for advice from veterans, one of the most popular suggestions is not to date within the business and avoid relationships with the people you work with. Whether it is the nature of the wrestling industry, the fact that it’s still the world of entertainment or if there’s just potential locker room heat involved, the concept of dating a fellow wrestler is often frowned upon. However, when you’re a wrestler, you spend most of your days traveling the world with other wrestlers. It has to be difficult to meet people and form bonds unless you spend a lot of time with them, so wrestlers coupling makes for a natural possibility.

Over the course of history, many wrestling couples have failed and it’s caused interesting ramifications. Careers have been changed for the worse following breakups, dating specific wrestlers have caused heat with other wrestlers resenting one because of it and there are instances where it’s just caused petty drama. As you’ll see in this article, some careers actually ended because of how bad a relationship ended or who the person they dated would leave them for if that person was higher on the totem pole or held power in the company.

It’s important to note that the twenty relationships that ended terribly are all of different categories. Some are humorous and petty while others are sad and heartbreaking. Whether or not these relationships soured because of the atmosphere of the wrestling business is impossible to tell and quite frankly, it could very well just be on a person by person case. Perhaps it’s because the wrestling world is juicier but it does seem like the ratio of wrestling couples causing drama is higher than with actors, musicians or any other athletes. These are the twenty stories of wrestling relationships ending terribly.

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20 Sunny and Everyone

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The tragic tale of Sunny has been told through the stages of her love life. Most known for being with late wrestler Chris Candido, Sunny cheated on him with Shawn Michaels but would reunite with Candido until he unfortunately passed away. Sunny’s love affair with Michaels ended with HBK implying on air that Bret Hart was cheating on his wife with Sunny out of jealousy in the assumption it happened. Sunny has also had relationships with wrestlers Damien Darling, Davey Richards and David Starr end on negative notes. Wrestlers looking for Sunny days, beware.

19 Melina and John Morrison

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Together in WWE as MNM and then as a duo, the story of Melina and John Morrison is very interesting. Their relationship is the personification of the “on again-off again” kind that has been very public. According to his book, Batista claims he was fooling around with Melina and Morrison knew about it, but that they were on a break. Other rumors indicate Melina was also with Mike Knox while dating Morrison. Both of their promising careers in WWE suffered for the drama that followed them. Morrison once snubbed and offended Trish Stratus in a WrestleMania match believing she took Melina’s spot and his career could never rebound. Many are speculating that the two are back together, but regardless their WWE careers ended due to all these problems.

18 Brooke Adams and Robbie E

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The TNA wrestlers started a relationship in controversial fashion as Robbie E left his wife to partner with Brooke Adams. Eventually their relationship would falter but they were selected to be a part of the CBS hit reality show The Amazing Race. With the opportunity at hand, the two would keep their relationship going for the show but once they lost in the finale, they officially split. Robbie went back with his ex-wife and they started taking potshots at each other on social media. They would repair the bad blood as they still work together in TNA but the company decided to put the two against each other in a feud that made for terrible television.

17 Ashley Massaro and Matt Hardy

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Following the debacle with Edge and Lita which we will discuss later, Matt Hardy entered a relationship with new WWE Diva Search winner and future Playboy playmate Ashley Massaro. The relationship would ultimately end as the two would split and, while there was no direct signs of disdain between Hardy and Massaro, it would carry over in the Playboy cover girl’s next relationship. When Paul London began dating Massaro, London claims Hardy would be rude to him and borderline unprofessional. It created an online feud between the two that has lasted even beyond Massaro dating either of them, as London and Hardy are still on bad terms. London has refused to work an angle with Hardy when both were in ROH.

16 Sara and The Undertaker

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Does anyone remember The Undertaker having a glaring tattoo on his neck with the name Sara? ‘Taker’s body ink was dedicated to his then-wife that he would even bring into the WWE as his manager during the Invasion angle. Sara’s time in WWE was short lived and mostly remembered for Diamond Dallas Page stalking her in his debut. The Undertaker and Sara would get a divorce and despite not knowing what exactly caused it, you know things got ugly if ‘Taker agreed to split with the reality that he would have to pay to get his tattoo removed. Undertaker is now married to former WWE diva Michelle McCool in one of the oddest wrestling couples.

15 Nancy and Kevin Sullivan

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Most known for her time as Woman in WCW and ECW, the then Nancy Sullivan was married to veteran wrestler and WCW booker Kevin Sullivan. After a decade of marriage, Nancy cheated on Kevin with WCW wrestler Chris Benoit. For some reason, WCW decided to put the real life scenario on television by having the two wrestle hardcore matches and for some even more bizarre reason, the matches were excellent and the two had great chemistry. Kevin Sullivan stated the hits in the matches were harder than usual as the personal situation added to intensity. Nancy would divorce Sullivan and marry Benoit in 1997.

14 Beth Phoenix and CM Punk

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Before marrying AJ Lee, CM Punk dated many female wrestlers including Lita, Maria Kanellis, Daffney and others. One of the others was the very talented Beth Phoenix. The two were an item for a couple of years and right around the time the relationship ended, Punk referred to her in an interview as a “complete douchebag” and implied she was a flake that just wanted anyone to be her boyfriend regardless of who. Phoenix has never commented on her relationship with Punk and is happily married to Adam “Edge” Copeland as the two have a child named Lyric. Of course, Punkster is still with his wife AJ Lee in the current wrestler romantic carousel.

13 Velvet Sky and Chris Sabin

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One of the more likable couples in TNA wrestling for a few years was Chris Sabin and Velvet Sky before the two split about a year ago. While the details of the breakup have never been specified, the two had a very small but harsh interaction on Twitter that confirmed the relationship ended. Sabin was tweeting about ways to get “verified” by Twitter support and Sky “sub-tweeted” him by saying anyone who begs for verification is pathetic. Sabin took the direct approach by tweeting at her:

Rumors state that Sky cheated on Sabin with Bully Ray but regardless of how it ended, Sky and Sabin are definitely not on good terms.

12 Mickie James and Ken Doane

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Ken Doane, aka Kenny from the Spirit Squad, was once viewed as a can’t miss prospect by WWE as they tried to pair him with stars Edge and Randy Orton in a feud with legends Triple H, Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair. Shortly after, his push and stock in the company plummeted, leaving many to wonder why. Doane used to date Mickie James and, according to him, she cheated on and ultimately left him for John Cena. Doane seems to believe that Cena’s position in the company had something to do with his WWE push falling apart. The former Spirit Squad member has taken many shots at the both of them in a couple of interviews, as he’s still bitter about it.

11 The Kat and Jerry Lawler

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In a note any long time wrestling fan is aware of, Jerry Lawler likes to date women significantly younger than him. During the early 00s, Lawler entered a relationship with the 20 years younger Stacy Carter, aka The Kat. Despite having a few memorable moments in her short run including literally flashing the crowd at one point, WWE decided to release The Kat in 2001 due to a perceived negative backstage attitude and Lawler walked out in protest. It would be a poor decision as she left Lawler just a few months later before officially divorcing him. Lawler would luckily get his job back in WWE after the split.

10 Miss Elizabeth and Randy Savage

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If you were a wrestling fan during the glory years of the 80s, Miss Elizabeth and Randy Savage were the dream couple with the love we all aspired to obtain at some points in our lives. Unfortunately the real life couple wasn’t as perfect as what we saw on television due to Savage being very paranoid and possessive over Elizabeth. Anyone who has been in that kind of relationship knows it’s doomed once those traits start surfacing. Savage and Elizabeth’s drama would draw Hulk Hogan in as Savage felt Hogan and his wife Linda were causing Liz to turn on him. The two would divorce and unfortunately today, they are no longer with us.

9 Sable and Marc Mero

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In the mid-90s, Marc Mero was signed by WWE with the hopes of getting a future main eventer as they stole him away from WCW. Mero’s wife Sable would get a role in WWE as a valet for her husband and became a mega-star for the company. Up to that point, Sable was arguably the most popular female in WWE history and it pushed Mero’s opportunity to the side. The two would divorce years later and are actually on good terms as both have nothing but positive things to say about the other, but from a professional perspective, it sank Mero’s wrestling career.

8 Terri Runnels and Goldust

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One of the most controversial characters in the 90s was Goldust, aka Dustin Rhodes, and his real life wife Terri Runnels was brought on board to portray his character’s significant other. While the two were together, Goldust’s father Dusty Rhodes did not approve of the relationship and viewed Terri as an untrustworthy gold digger, which already added drama to the couple. After working together in one of the most popular entertainment companies in the world, problems would naturally grow between the two and they would divorce in 1999. Terri would stay with the company while Goldust was released and eventually went back to WCW. Today, the two are on good terms as their mutual love for their daughter cured the bad blood.

7 Chyna and X-Pac

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Following her messy breakup with Triple H, Chyna began to date another D-X member in Sean Waltman, aka X-Pac. Many remember the two for infamously having a private sex tape leaked to the public and distributed on DVD under the name of One Night in Chyna. While Chyna was on the reality TV show “The Surreal Life” on VH1, a scene saw Waltman and her argue with the former portrayed as villainous and an abusive boyfriend. Chyna has made many claims about Waltman sexually assaulting her but Waltman has denied all claims saying they were both on drugs but knew what they were doing. Either way, this was one of the messiest stories of a wrestling couple ending.

6 Miss Elizabeth and Lex Luger

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Miss Elizabeth started a relationship with star wrestler Lex Luger while working together in WCW. Unfortunately this story takes a tragic turn, as the two had a domestic dispute a few years after WCW ended. Luger was charged with a misdemeanor count of battery after allegedly striking Elizabeth which left her with bruised eyes and a bloody lip. Elizabeth sadly passed away just a few weeks later with acute toxicity brought on by a mix of painkillers and vodka. Many question Luger’s role in her death, both by stress in their relationship and by his lifestyle of using and potentially abusing drugs.

5 Karen Angle and Kurt Angle

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When Kurt Angle moved to TNA following his departure from WWE, it was the biggest signing in TNA’s history and gave Angle more perks and power. One move Kurt made was bringing in his wife Karen Angle as an on-screen character. Sadly, the couple would fall apart as Karen cheated on Kurt with one of the people in power at TNA, Jeff Jarrett. Karen would divorce Kurt and eventually marry Jeff. In response, Jarrett was demoted by Dixie Carter and it created a huge controversy in the company. Things are fine between the three now as everyone has moved on, but at the time, it was among the most scandalous stories in wrestling.

4 Debra and Steve Austin

When Debra defected away from WCW to WWE with Jeff Jarrett, where she became a popular act on screen and backstage, she entered a relationship with Steve Austin. Considering Austin was the most popular wrestler at the time and possibly ever, the two dating was a big deal and it gave her job security as she became Austin’s on screen significant other as well. The two would get married until a domestic dispute a couple years after the wedding. Police found Debra bruised and Austin was charged with domestic abuse. The couple divorced in 2002.

3 Lita and Matt Hardy

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The very popular couple of the Attitude Era saw two thirds of Team Xtreme fall in love both on screen and backstage. Matt Hardy and Lita were in a long relationship until Hardy found out Lita was cheating on him with fellow wrestler Edge. This caused the most drama of any breakup in terms of the locker room aftermath. Hardy was very unhappy and outspoken causing huge tension between the two male wrestlers. WWE released Hardy deciding Edge was more valuable to their future. Fans would find out and react with “We Want Matt” chants at live shows which forced WWE to bring him back and turn the real drama into a storyline giving us matches between the two that Edge also ultimately won. Go figure.

2 Chyna and Triple H

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From their original heel run together to their popularity in D-Generation-X, Triple H and Chyna were one of the most popular couples in wrestling. During a storyline that saw Triple H marry Stephanie McMahon, those two started to develop feelings for each other. Chyna would find a love letter from Stephanie to Triple H and things got ugly. The relationship between Chyna and Triple H officially ended, the relationship between Stephanie McMahon and Triple officially began and Chyna was released by WWE. Chyna’s life would take a dark turn with drugs and alcohol issues. Today, she places blame on Triple H for both her personal and professional life falling apart while he is the second most powerful man in wrestling. The two apparently had an awkward run-in at Roddy Piper’s funeral recently.

1 Nancy and Chris Benoit

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Many stories on this list are interesting, some are funny, a few are sad but this is the most heartbreaking. The worst case of a wrestling relationship ending terribly was also the most tragic moment in wrestling history. Chris and Nancy Benoit had a rocky marriage that ended with Chris' terrible actions that we don't need to rehash. There are many theories out there about his mental state and the use of steroids, but we’ll never know the true answer for why this happened. Even as time passes on, it still is as saddening and difficult to process.

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