Top 20 Sexiest Divas Moments

What is a WWE Diva? Well we know It isn’t the same as a an old school female wrestler, and the WWE has gone to great lengths to make sure you know that they are not the same. Traditionally female wres

What is a WWE Diva? Well we know It isn’t the same as a an old school female wrestler, and the WWE has gone to great lengths to make sure you know that they are not the same. Traditionally female wrestlers were not really viewed as sex symbols, but more of a side show attraction. But as the times have changed, so have the standards of what kind of women enter the business of professional wrestling.

Jim Ross has been quoted as saying that he was tasked with hiring “10s” for the WWE roster, when searching for Divas. As head of Talent Relations, Ross turned down several talented female wrestlers like TNA’s Awesome Kong and ODB because they weren’t “Divas” material.

Over the past decade and a half, most of the Divas that WWE has hired have been former beauty queens, Playboy bunnies, and fitness models from all over the world. These ladies are indeed beautiful, but usually lack the in-ring ability that it takes to be an elite wrestler. Some learn the ropes better than others, but they all use their sexuality to their advantage to get over with fans.Even when the women are talented workers, like Beth Phoenix or Natalya in the WWE, they are forced to participate in matches and situations that accentuate their sexuality.

Explicit sexuality on screen has died down in recent years, with the introduction of the PG era, but luckily we have plenty of moments from the past to reminisce about. With that being said, this list includes very few recent entries, as current Divas barely get any screen time. Since I nearly went crazy trying to find and rank all of these moments, there is a good chance that I may have missed some, so be sure to let us know what we missed in the comments below.

20 MNF Parody

Now to say I am a little biased would be an understatement when it comes to talking about Trish Stratus. To be honest, the Canadian born bombshell could have a sexiest moments list all to herself, but in the interest of fairness can’t have all 20 of the moments on this list. She does however have the number 20 spot, as well as a few others.

In 2004, WWE parodied a skit that played before a Monday Night Football game, that featured Terrell Owens and Nicollette Sheridan. WWE replaced Owens with Shelton Benjamin, and Sheridan with Trish Stratus.

Besides seeing Stratus in a towel for the entire segment, the skit featured her teasing and tempting Benjamin in a playfully sexy way. If you can make it through some bad acting, you can see Stratus disrobe, and get some great shots of her exposed back and beautiful legs. Heck, she even makes a broken nose mask look good in this skit.

19 Kelly Kelly Spanked


Kelly Kelly is the girl so nice, they named her twice. When she made her WWE Debut on the ECW brand, she was featured as an exhibitionist who just wanted to show off. Kelly loved to strip for the crowd (featured later on this list) and was interrupted by on screen boyfriend Mike Knox on a weekly basis.

After being teased by Kelly for weeks, the ECW crowd finally got some pay off in the form of Kelly receiving a spanking from Tommy Dreamer. Besides the obvious fetishism that this may invoke, Dreamer kept the Diva over his knee long enough for everyone to get a good view of her black thong.

18 Maryse Vignettes

Although she didn’t officially debut in WWE until 2008, Maryse gave fans a treat in 2006 by being featured in the opening segment of Smackdown, welcoming viewers to the show. The vignettes featured Maryse taking bubble baths, and showers while casually speaking to the viewing audience. The shower scene in particular showed a very exposed Maryse dropping her towel and entering a glass door, with the camera just above her back dimples.

17 Lita Teases Matt Hardy

Lita has always had a sexy style, which was more subtle in her early days in the WWE. As her real life relationship with Matt Hardy ended due to an affair with Edge, she drastically changed her on screen persona.

Lita ditched long pants and a tank top in favor of a far more revealing wardrobe; seen especially during a backstage segment with ex-boyfriend Hardy. Just to tease the ailing Superstar, Lita unzipped her hoodie to expose most of her breasts, while telling him he would never experience them again.

16 Trish’s Table Vignette

During the year 2000, Bubba Ray Dudley had a bad habit of putting women through tables; almost always following it up with an almost euphoric look. Trish Stratus noticed his infatuation, and cut a 30 second promo on Bubba that was filled with sexual innuendos based on tables.

Besides being bent towards the camera for most of the promo, Trish rubbed on the “wood”, while mentioning how it looked better “the more it was rubbed”. This happened before Trish established herself as a serious singles wrestler, and relied solely on sex appeal, and I for one am not complaining.

15 Wardrobe Malfunctions


I struggled on whether or not to include wardrobe malfunctions on this list, because at the end of the day a malfunction isn’t intentional. After thinking about it more I decided that since the internet explodes after a Diva explodes out of her top, that this entry is warranted.

It seems that no Diva is safe from the dreaded wardrobe malfunction, with victims including both Bella Twins, Kaitlyn, AJ Lee, Jacqueline, Lita, Chyna, Melina, Mickie James, Layla, and even Stephanie McMahon. As wrong as it may be fans are always hoping for a malfunction in the Divas division, and if history repeats itself, they won’t have to wait for long.

14 Lingerie Battle Royal

At the 2005 Taboo Tuesday, six divas competed in a lingerie Battle Royal match. The match was decided on by fans, with a 43% vote in favor of it. While some of the competition provided some great views of the Divas' outfits, the real highlight was watching their entrances. A few of the divas came out to tease the crowd, appearing in a robe before letting it all hang out.

13 Nidia and Torrie Play Dress Up

Before their Bikini Contest in 2003 with a few other Divas, recent Tough Enough winner Nidia and Playboy cover girl Torrie Wilson decided to help each other pick out their outfits. There is some jiggling, and wiggling, and even a little dress up, which is fun to watch. The skit culminates in Torrie being lathered down by Nidia all over her “backside”, and Torrie with a huge smile on her face.

12 Mud Match

Well in truth the match between Trish Stratus and Stacy Keibler wasn’t just a Mud Match, but rather a Bra and Panties Mud Match. It started with Trish being thrown off the stage into a pool of mud, becoming just a tan silhouette of curves, and Stacy following suit soon after. In the midst of the match, Trish found the strength to give Stacy a few spanks before rolling her up for the pin.

Side note: Jerry Lawler makes a point of saying that “Lilian Garcia must love this”, alluding to the lesbian rumors between Trish and Garcia that were floating around at the time.

11 Melina’s Entrance

Quite possibly the best entrance ever (even better than Gangrel), Melina’s split into the ring is perfect. Her jump from the mat to the apron is perfect, her pause before sliding into the ring is perfect, and her way of scooting under the bottom rope is perfect.

The jumping split gives a great look at Melina’s undies from behind, as well as her cleavage from the front. If that isn’t enough for you, there are even some pictures floating around from a house show, where she does the entrance while going commando.

10 School Girl Battle Royal

Trish. Stratus. School. Girl. Outfit.

Okay I know I have to say more than that, but I want everyone to let that sink in. Along with other sexy divas like Victoria, Gail Kim, Stacy Keibler, and Nidia, Trish competed in a School Girl Battle Royal at 2004’s Taboo Tuesday.

This entry would be higher on the list if there wasn’t a weird combination of sexy school girl outfits juxtaposed against ridiculously conservative outfits. Compare Trish’s skirt was more of a shirt that went to her belly button, exposing her undies throughout the entire match to Molly Holly’s almost fully covered outfit. Another fun note is that since this was a Battle Royal, as each entrant was eliminated, their skirts would flip up as they flipped over the ropes.

9 Stacy Keibler's Lapdance

During a 2003 run as Scott Steiner and Test’s manager, Stacy Keibler treated the WWE (and Steiner) to a short lap dance/strip show. The dance begins with Keibler rubbing her leg on Steiner’s neck, and showing the world just why her theme song was “Legs” during her tenure in WWE.

She proceeded to swing around to Steiner’s front and bend over towards the camera, before stripping off her mini skirt. I might suggest hitting mute on Jerry Lawler and the Coach during this one.

8 Sable's Hand Bikini


One of the most infamous moments in the history of the Attitude Era was Sable’s use of the hand bikini. The hand bikini is just what it sounds like; both of Sable's breasts were only covered by black latex hand prints. The outfit single handedly (maybe double handedly) gave her the victory in the bikini contest featured at 1998’s Fully Loaded pay per view.

7 Mickie James Lusts After Trish Stratus

Mickie James debuted in WWE as a superfan of Trish Stratus, and her fandom quickly became an obsession. James mimicked Stratus’ moves and gestures, and snuck a kiss from the Women’s Champion under a Christmas mistletoe.

Eventually James would profess her love for Stratus, and start acting out lesbian fantasies which culminated in a match at WrestleMania 22. The match was surrounded in controversy, as James put her tongue between two of her fingers in a “v” shape, and intentionally grabbed Stratus’ crotch. The entire feud was sexy, but the match at WrestleMania was so suggestive that it has actually been edited since for the WWE Network.

6 Kelly Kelly's Striptease

As mentioned earlier, Kelly Kelly was known initially for doing stripteases for the ECW crowd, until she was interrupted or covered up. Usually is the key word here, because during her very first strip show the Diva was completely uninterrupted. Meaning that Kelly took off all of her clothes, bra included, and covered up her boobs with her hands. While this routine eventually got a bit more raunchy with chairs and partners, the first is by far her best.

5 Lita’s Live Sex Show


Before the onset of the PG era, the WWE was a more ruthless and unfiltered place. A perfect example of this mentality would be having a celebratory sex session in the middle of the ring after winning the WWE Championship. Edge, who was the hottest heel in the company at the time, gave fans a real show when he had "hot, unbridled sex” with Lita on an episode of Raw in 2006.

While Lita started out in a full outfit, she quickly stripped down to lingerie for all of the world to see. Lita was then bent over the bed, and had her hair pulled before eventually having her bra and panties ripped off by Edge. She may have committed too much to the segment, as she accidentally flashed the camera while under the blanket.

4 Kat Flashes Her Puppies


Stacy Carter didn’t have much talent in the ring when she was signed to the WWE in 1999, but what she did have was a husband who had some pull. Being married to Jerry Lawler provided Carter, who wrestled under the name “Miss Kitty” and “The Kat”, enough clout to actually be featured on a few pay per views.

One in particular marked the first instance of intentional nudity on WWE American television, at 1999’s Armageddon pay per view. To be fair after being in a pool, and wearing a white bra, not much was left to the imagination; with that being said, it was still a great way to end a match.

3 Sable and Torrie Wilson's Bikini Contest

Maybe their 2004 Playboy cover was already in the works when Torrie Wilson and Sable had their bikini contest at Judgement Day in 2003. Torrie was hot off the heels of being a Playboy Bunny, and Sable reemerged to challenge her for sexy supremacy.

Sable started things out wearing a Native American inspired thong, which was great, and she may have won if not for Ms. Wilson. Torrie disrobed to reveal an all black bikini minus a few pink bunnies; shortly after she would rip that off and reveal one of the skimpiest bikinis ever seen on WWE programming. The get-up is so small, that if you watch the clip on a phone or computer without high definition, it looks like she is walking around naked. Oh and it finishes with a kiss between the two Divas.

2 The Playboy covers

In what became a nine year tradition, WWE featured at least one Diva on the cover of Playboy starting in 1999. The ladies featured included Sable, Chyna, Torrie Wilson, Christe Hemme, Candice Michelle, Ashley, and Maria. These issues sold amazingly well, and usually gave a good push to the Diva who graced the cover, often leading to the Women’s Championship. Sometimes the cover girls would even feud, featuring plenty of great matches, which themselves provided plenty of sexy moments.

1 Dawn Marie Seduces Torrie Wilson

Full disclosure here, I always thought Dawn Marie was overrated in the looks department, but even I can’t deny that her feud with Torrie Wilson provided its share of great moments. One specifically where Dawn Marie blackmailed Wilson to join her in a hotel room is particularly enticing. Basically to protect her father from Dawn, Torrie needed to participate in some of Dawn’s lesbian fantasies.

What started as a conversation, quickly evolved into what seemed like a softcore porno on network television. Dawn stripped down Torrie, then herself, and finally started making out with the beautiful blonde. Just in case WWE thought viewers might not be able to pick up on what was happening, the phrase “only a woman knows how to make another woman feel good” was used during the encounter.

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