Top 20 Hot Photos of Sasha Banks You NEED To See

At the Royal Rumble, Charlotte successfully defended her Divas Championship against Becky Lynch in one of the best main roster female feuds in recent memory. After the match during her celebrations, S

At the Royal Rumble, Charlotte successfully defended her Divas Championship against Becky Lynch in one of the best main roster female feuds in recent memory. After the match during her celebrations, Sasha Banks entered the ring, and made her intentions clear that she wanted a shot at the title.

Not only is Sasha Banks among my personal favorites on the roster (If I had to rank, I’d say she’s third under Kevin Owens and AJ Styles), she’s also extremely accomplished already in the WWE. Her feud with Bayley last year was so good it even got recognition on Raw, but Sasha’s work in NXT stretched far beyond her feud with Bayley. She was involved in an utterly fantastic Fatal Fourway at NXT Takeover Rival where she won the NXT title, as well as a great match with Becky Lynch at Takeover: Unstoppable. In fact, every time Sasha is given time in the ring, she shows she is one of the best workers in the company.

The majority of fans know this. The chants of “WE WANT SASHA” have rung ever since she debuted on the main roster only to be mishandled with the sloppy Team BAD storylines. But what’s so incredible about Sasha is how she can turn a crowd that love her completely against her. It speaks wonders to her heel performance when the whole crowd booed her at NXT Takeover: Respect for stealing a young Bayley fans bow and making fun of her for crying about it.

Honestly, I cannot put over Sasha Banks enough. For someone so young to be showing such natural talent already only bodes well to the future, and as much as the “divas revolution” seemed to be more of a hashtag than an actual revolution at points, it’ll be Sasha that really drives women’s matches to the respectable position they should be.

Anyway, here are 20 incredibly hot photos of her.

20 Walking out of the Pool 


This photo uploaded shows The Boss ready to exit the water and show her stylish and bikini. Sasha's pool attire creates an image that is hard to look away from. Her incredible conditioning and hard work to become one of the best female wrestlers in the business has the added side effect of giving her a killer body, and this photo shows that off nicely. Sasha makes it look so effortless on her part to be sexy in this image.

19 Sasha Baynks 

This year costume! Ironman @marvel #YKWT #legitboss #WeeeeOoo

A photo posted by Sasha Banks (@sashabankswwe) on

Sasha always has awesome costume ideas around Halloween time, and 2015 was no different when she suited up as her main rival in NXT for the year, Bayley. Posting pictures of her sporting the Marvel-themed attire Bayley wore at NXT Takeover Respect for their history-making main event match, Sasha imitates Bayley’s entrance in this double picture she uploaded to Instagram.

There’s something undeniably strange about seeing Banks wearing Bayley’s costume with such joy in her face, and it certainly makes for an interesting picture that has the added benefit of highlighting her excellently toned stomach.

18 Mercedes with Attitude 


Before joining WWE, Sasha wrestled under her real name, Mercedes. In this photo, a young Sasha Banks still manages to exhume the same attitude 'The Boss' character shows off today.

If anything, it shows how well The Boss character fits her. Years before she even spitballed character ideas around the NXT offices, she was still showing shades of the arrogant attitude that helped get her so over.

The tight black leather shorts with the fishnet certainly doesn’t hurt either, with the sexy pose showing her form of nicely.

17 Frosty Banks 


Never one to take herself too seriously, Sasha uploads a picture of herself dressed in a snowman onesie during Christmas time, showing that you don’t need to be revealing to be sexy. The cozy costume looks just right for snuggling up by the couch with a hot mug of cocoa to watch Monday Night Raw with.

Christmas proved to be a fun time for Sasha, as she spent the day reposting pictures of people opening up Legit Boss t-shirts and rings, and she showed a real connection with her fanbase.

16 Rugby


Sasha Banks even looks like The Boss. Around the time of the Rugby World Cup, the WWE did a photo shoot of their divas playing and posing with rugby balls. It's amazing how graceful Sasha looks in this photo while diving for one. Sasha always looks sexy, no matter what, and there’s definitely something great about seeing her in a different element and in a different athletic endeavor. Sasha Banks is really the complete package.

15 Legit Boss 

Sometimes I’m terrified of my heart; of it’s constant hunger for whatever it is it wants. The way it stops and starts.

A photo posted by Sasha Banks (@sashabankswwe) on

Sasha recently dyed her hair a lighter shade of pink than the previous dark red, updating her ring gear to go alongside it. Sasha always sizzled, but now she is full on burning hot when she comes out to the ring. This official picture shows off exactly why Sasha is one of the most anticipated Divas in WWE right now, being one of the sexiest and stylish girls on the roster.

On top of that, she even does the one thing that Kanye West has tried so hard to do but failed: Made those dumb shutter shades look good.

14 Beanie Selfie 


Maybe this is just me, but I find some girls just look absolutely stunning in a beanie hat. I couldn’t accurately say why, but something about beanie hats just really help complete a girl’s look to me, and that’s definitely the case with Sasha here. I’ve already said she’s the Queen of the Selfie, which she absolutely proves here, looking modestly sexy in this Instagram upload.

13 Chaotic Wrestling Champion 


Before she was The Boss of the NXT Women’s Division, she was ruling the roost at Chaotic Wrestling, a regional promotion in New England. Wrestling under the name Mercedes MV, she wowed audiences with her still-developing style and her sexy looks. It is strange going back and seeing Sasha Banks give promos recorded on a phone in someone’s garden, and it’s definitely strange seeing someone with a gimmick so dedicated to style and class post for an indie promotion – but it also shows that no matter where she is, Sasha is hot as hell.

12 Why So Serious? 


I wrote earlier that Sasha had a knack for excellent Halloween costumes, and her 2014 attempt is one of the sexist costumes I’ve ever seen. She is always happy to show off her nerd cred, and what better way is there to do so than dressing up as a sexy version of The Joker? Becky Lynch also dressed up this year as Robin, leading a few fun images of the two surfacing, but this gorgeous body shot of her in costume is definitely the nicest to look at. Hell, it’s enough to make me go insane.

11 In the Pool 


You know in old cartoons when a character see’s a woman his eyes bulge outside his sockets and he starts saying the word “Humina” over and over again? I never really understood that until I saw this picture from a photoshoot and started involuntarily saying the word as my jaw lowered towards the floor.

I’ve always found Sasha Banks to be the most attractive diva, and to see her in such an alluring bikini with that small and sweet smile on her face is almost too much for my heart to take.

10 Sailor Banks 


I mentioned earlier that Sasha had no problem showing how much of a nerd she is online, and that’s only proved by this pic of her dressed as a Sailor Scout from the popular anime series Sailor Moon. She’s spoken at length before on various shows, most notably Xavier Woods' UpUpDownDown series, of her love of anime and Asian culture, and gets very noticeably excited when she gets to talk about it.

Athletic, hot, funny, talented and a complete geek who would actually be eager to talk about anime and comic books with you – is there a more perfect woman on Earth?

9 If I May Direct Your Attention… 


If I was thinking rationally and level-headed, I would definitely see this image as her pointing at her logo that’s on her wrestling shorts. However, I can rarely remain level-headed when Sasha Banks is involved, and all I see is her directing my attention to her absolutely magnificent booty.

Sasha is a complete natural when it comes to striking a perfectly sexy pose and the way she bends her body to make her butt the highlight of this photo is entirely appreciated.

8 Cocky Champ 


At a house show in early 2015, a fan decided to take a few snaps of Sasha in the ring with her NXT Women’s Championship. What he probably didn’t expect was for the champ to start smiling and posing for him. The guy uploaded a few of the pics onto Twitter, with a cheeky message to The Boss to go along with it. She responded with a simple “I’m cute.”

Yes Sasha, you are, even with that smug look of recognition on your face.

7 Hot in the Shade 


It’s hard to resist a good bikini picture, especially when the subject is the unimaginably beautiful Sasha Banks. The crystal blue waters fed by the cascading waterfall in the background serve as a wonderful environment for this picture of Sasha taking a break from making divas tap out on Raw.

Her stylish ensemble does little to hide her wonderful figure, which she proudly shows off with a peace sign thrown up. The only worrisome thing is that she’s holding her phone, which seems dangerous that close to the water.

6 Knock-Out 


Part of a photo series that she would post on her Tumblr, Sasha looks equal part stunning and dangerous in this clip made to look like a post-training session. Her glistening skin makes her shine, though the boxing gloves on her hands warns you to stay away.

Interestingly, during some candid interviews in her NXT days, Sasha claimed she struggled to cope under the WWE system, and she was having trouble adjusting. Looking at this picture here, it’s hard to imagine the tough-as-balls and ultra-confident Boss ever having confidence issues.

5 Oohhhh Yeeaahhh

Ohhhhhhhhhh yeaaaaahhhhh! The Boss is back home in BOSSTON! #TLC #DigIt #legitboss

A photo posted by Sasha Banks (@sashabankswwe) on

One of the most lovable things about Sasha Banks is her clear love of the industry. She clearly has been a fan of pro wrestling for a long time and didn't just pick up this passion overnight. Prior to a RAW in Boston, Sasha decided to pay homage to the late great Macho Man Randy Savage by throwing some tassels on her arms. While the Macho Man made the look iconic, you have to admit The Boss pulls it off pretty nicely too.

4 Dee Oh Double Gee 


The best fact about Sasha Banks is that hip-hop legend Snoop Dogg is her cousin. Snoop is known to be a wrestling fan, but it’s still somewhat weird seeing him pose with his younger cousin wearing a Legit Boss t-shirt. The fact he sends his support to her through social media around big match-ups is sweet as well.

Sometimes it doesn’t matter how sexy a girl is, if their family isn’t chill, you’re gonna have a bad time. This picture lets you know that Sasha has the chillest family in the world.

3 Super Sexyan 


There’s plenty of proof throughout this list that Sasha Banks has nerd cred for days, but this picture she tweeted when the new Dragonball Z movie was released pretty much sums up the real Sasha Banks perfectly. An incredibly gorgeous woman with a smile that could kill proudly holding up her new anime purchase, with a backdrop of various framed anime posters.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – Is there anything sexier than a genuine nerdy girl? Christ, she even tweeted the animation studio. She’s exactly the type of person I wish I was confident enough to be.

2 Round 2 


Another picture from the boxing themed shoot, this one takes us into the ring where Sasha pulls off a trademark sexy post, highlighting one of her best assets. She’s got a natural talent for both wrestling and contorting her body into the perfect position to make her butt look good, and this photo shows that off amazingly well with the tight shorts she’s wearing leaving very little to the imagination.

She doesn’t even need to throw a punch for me to see stars, this picture alone is enough to make me feint.

1 The Boss, Sasha Banks 


Sasha Banks is my favorite female wrestler in the world right now, and is in my top 3 favorite wrestlers in WWE. But I’d also place her in a top 3 celebrity crushes, because aside from her hilarious sense of humor and love of pop culture, she is…well, look at that picture. She is easily one of the sexiest women in the world. A fantastic body topped with a beautiful face, this picture is completed by the revealing bikini she’s wearing, leaving very little the imagination. The only thing that would make this picture better is some gold around that waist.

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Top 20 Hot Photos of Sasha Banks You NEED To See