Top 20 Steamy Photos Paige's Parents May Not Like

Paige (real name Saraya-Jade Bevis) has basically been wrestling her entire life. She began training at the age of 10 and entered the ring for the first time at the age of 13. This would be surprising if it weren't for her upbringing. Both of her parents are professional wrestlers, as well. Her father, Ian Bevis, wrestled under the name "Rowdy" Ricky Knight; her mother, Julia Hamer-Bevis, goes by Sweet Saraya Knight in the ring. Together, they own two wrestling promotions, the World Association of Wrestling and Bellatrix Female Warriors, which are both based out of England. To put the cherry on top, Paige's two brothers are also wrestlers.

So it's no surprise that Paige has taken after the rest of her family and made a name for herself in her short career. She's seen a lot of success, such as being the first NXT Women's Champion as well as winning the WWE Divas Championship in her debut match. For a while, it seemed like Paige had nowhere to go but up. That is, until 2016, when Paige was suspended twice for breaking the WWE's wellness policy. 2017's only been more tumultuous for the wrestler, as you'll see from the following list of naughty and revealing pics featuring Paige:

20 On a Boat

Pale chick on a boat.

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Even before making her debut in the WWE, Paige enjoyed showing off her very hot body on social media. Here we see her taking a joyride on a boat. This picture was posted around the time that she was first gaining a loyal fanbase as an up and comer on NXT (formerly known as Florida Championship Wrestling). Just a month after this picture was posted, Paige would go on to become the inaugural NXT Women's Champion by winning a tournament to decide a champion.

You could say that these were the best of times for Paige. She was making her way up the ladder and just a year later would win the WWE Divas Championship in her debut match. She was the youngest Divas Champion ever.

19 At a Water Park with Alberto Del Rio

It seems that many of Paige's problems began when she started dating fellow wrestler Alberto Del Rio, who has been a problematic presence in the business for the past few years. Rumors of drug abuse and domestic violence have followed the couple ever since they went public in May 2016. In August of the same year, she was suspended from the WWE for 30 days for violating the WWE's wellness policy.

Just a few months later, she was suspended again for breaking the wellness policy again. This time it was for 60 days. She claimed that it was due to a prescription she'd received from her doctor for a neck injury but the WWE said it had to do with an illegal substance in an official statement.

18 FCW Bikini Contest

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While Paige's focus has been on actual wrestling, she is also one of the most attractive divas on the WWE roster. Even back in her FCW days, Paige was already being recognized for her formidable shape. She participated in bikini contests during her time in the WWE's developmental territory and seems to look back on those days very fondly. And with good reason.

Paige looks absolutely great in her black bikini, which pairs very well with her usual goth look in the ring. She really is a triple threat: she's tough, talented, and beautiful. It's no wonder she's made it so far in the wrestling world. The picture above was posted when she was still very new to the American wrestling scene. She would become the NXT Women's Champion only a year later.

17 Showing Off Her New Outfit

So what ya think of my new threadzzzzz? #BackToBlack

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Paige has had a bit of a signature look during her time at the WWE. She usually sports short shorts and a pretty skimpy top. A studded belt and wristlets to top things off. And you can't forget the very cool Doc Martens. It's interesting that Paige caters to the more diva-ish look when she is in fact a very fierce competitor in the ring. Her outfit says naughty but don't underestimate her.

This picture was taken only a few months after her WWE debut. She refers to "new threads" in the post, which is probably in reference to the slight alteration to her top, which was originally more of a bustier than this newer look. Regardless, she still looks great.

16 Bikini Contest Shenanigans

Some b***h running away from me. Ha. bikini contest shenanigans.

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Paige has participated in quite a few bikini contests throughout her wrestling career. In the picture above, she is seen apparently chasing another contestant out of the ring. Even in a bikini, it looks like Paige is a force to be reckoned with. It gels well with her in-ring personality, which has a lot more to do with toughness than being naughty. It looks like her fellow competitor is a bit intimidated.

One has to wonder how Paige's parents must have felt when she started baring it all in the ring to what was undoubtedly a very excited crowd. After all, she was trained by her parents to be a great wrestler, not to impress the audience with her sex appeal. That said, you have to applaud Paige's ability to cater to both sides of the perfect diva: she's a great wrestler and is also very sexy.

15 Flexing On the Beach

Muscle central.

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You'll find proof throughout this list that Paige really likes posting bikini pictures of herself and her friends. In the picture above, she's at the beach with a friend, and it looks like she's having a grand old time flexing her well-toned muscles. Paige was definitely in the best shape of her life at this point.

2012 was a big year for Paige. Just a few months before, she had made her first appearance on television in a tag team match for FCW. She teamed with Sofia Cortez as the "Anti-Diva Army" against Audrey Marie and Kaitlyn. They lost that match, but she would see success soon enough. Paige's star really began to grow a few months later when she made her NXT television debut. She quickly gained the attention of the crowd.

14 Naughty Mirror Pic


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At the peak of her success, Paige posted this mirror pic that leaves little to the imagination. In fact, it looks like she's only wearing a shirt in the photo. You can decide. It's probably no accident that Paige's posts on social media started to get a bit more PG during her first year at WWE. Already a champion and celebrated for her skills and good looks, she probably felt very confident in her social media persona.

Notice Paige's tattoo on her finger. She has an anchor on one hand, which might symbolize strength. On her other hand, she has a cross, which may represent her faith and/or religious beliefs. She also has two halves of a mandala on each of her thumbs, as well as "NFB" and "Papi" on the sides of her middle fingers.

13 A Bit of Modeling

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It's really no surprise that Paige has done a bit of modeling on top of her wrestling career. This is one photoshoot she's flaunted a lot over social media. In this picture, which was taken by a photographer named Carlos Velez, Paige is wearing a black leotard and a hat. You can see another one of her tattoos in this photo, as well.

The tattoo says, "If you could read my mind, love. " She got it in memory of her late brother, who passed away twelve years ago. The line is from a song by country singer Johnny Cash called "If You Could Read My Mind." The song played at her brother's funeral and she decided to get it inked on her skin.

12 In the Bedroom

Home sweet home

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Paige took a picture in her bedroom just two months before she went public with her relationship with Alberto Del Rio. It's ironic that she would post sexy mirror pics from a bedroom in 2016, since just a year later Paige would find herself the subject of a big scandal that might have in fact ruined her career with the WWE. (That, of course, on top of the suspensions and her neck injury.)

In March 2017, several videos and photos were leaked from Paige's phone. The footage included several sexual acts with del Rio as well as other men, including fellow wrestler Xavier Woods. Paige and Woods were rumored to have had a romance at one point and the leak would seam to confirm as much.

11 Blue Hair

Wanna get back already.. Missing the road 😩😩😩 @tigercuts

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Paige pictured once again in a bedroom, although not the same one as the previous picture. It's unclear what her post is in reference to, but it might have something to do with her storyline at the time. On April 13th's Raw, Paige won a battle royal to make her the number one contender for the WWE Divas Championship. That same night, she was attacked backstage by Naomi, who injured her in the storyline.

This might in fact have been Paige taking a little time off, but it looks like she missed being on the road and wrestling at events. It wouldn't be long before Paige returned to the ring, though. She made her comeback just a month later. I'm sure she was sorely missed.

10 Behind the Scenes

This is a behind the scenes picture of the photoshoot just a few entries up. We get a better look at her outfit in this one. Paige is sporting the black leotard, a sort of shawl-like thing (apologies for the lack of fashion knowledge), boots, and a hat. She looks absolutely stunning. It's a bit surprising that Paige hasn't done a bit more modeling since becoming such a big deal. Surely there are lots of photographers who would love such a beautiful subject.

Actually, should Paige start exploring a potential modeling career now that her career at the WWE is in question? Perhaps, although it's been rumored that Paige might enter MMA or join TNA. This all remains to be seen, of course.

9 At the Pool

Pulling out my best diva poses at the pool! ;) haha

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Paige is being silly in this picture, but it's impossible to not be in complete awe of her body, which is in incredible shape at this point. The two piece bathing suit complements her shape very well, indeed. Still, it's nice to see that Paige has a bit of a sense of humor when she's not in the ring slaying her fellow divas.

There are quite a few more bathing suit pictures to go on this list, and they only get hotter. Kind of makes you wonder why she hasn't done a proper Playboy spread. Many other divas have been showcased in the magazine, whether completely nude or with as little clothes as possible, but Paige has yet to get the Playboy treatment. Has that ship sailed now?

8 A Trip to Universal Studios

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In June 2013, Paige took a trip to Universal Studios. She was still wrestling in NXT at this point, which is based in Florida, so there were plenty of opportunities for Paige to hang out poolside and visit the Harry Potter store. She is clearly very excited to have some time to relax. You have to imagine that event a young star like Paige can find quite a bit of enjoyment from a theme park.

This was the same month that Paige became NXT's first Women's Champion. Was she perhaps celebrating her victory with a trip to Universal Studios? Did she buy herself that wizard's cloak, perhaps? One thing is for sure: she looks fantastic in that two piece, which gets a bit of play on this list.

7 Showing Off


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Paige is very much aware of her incredible shape. There's probably no other reason for this post than to show off her figure. This was also around the time when Paige took some time off due to an injury she sustained during a storyline with Charlotte, whom she challenged three times for the Divas Championship but lost on every occasion. It sounds like it was a good time for a break.

In fact, Paige hasn't been able to win a title since 2014, the year she held the Divas Championship twice and lost it both times to AJ Lee, one of Paige's fiercest competitors at the WWE. It doesn't seem like we'll see Paige with another title for some time. At least not until all the fuss with the leak and her issues with Alberto del Rio are resolved...

6 Quick Selfie

Paige spent a little time in Italy in 2015 during the WWE World Tour. During this event, she participated in a triple threat match against Divas Champion Charlotte and Alicia Fox. Charlotte retained the title that night, as is customary in non-televised events. Titles never change hands in non-televised appearances. So Paige was doomed to lose yet another title match against Charlotte. The former champion was never able to regain the belt from again.

As you can see from the picture above, this is Paige before the event in Bologna. She's already in her gear and everything. It's unclear what she was referencing in the post, though. She says it's a line from the Jim Carrey movie Liar Liar, but it might actually be a reference to Big Fat Liar with Paul Giamatti.  I guess her skin looks kinda blue?

5 Flaunting Her Bod

Certainly the most attractive spokesman the Crystal Geyser bottled water company has ever had. In this picture, we see Paige showing off the night's outfit. A black leather bustier, her signature short shorts, fishnet stockings, and knee high boots. This picture was taken during a taping of Raw in San Diego. Paige competed in a trio tag team match. She teamed up with Charlotte and Becky Lynch versus Team Bella (Alicia Fox, Brie, and Nikki Bella). Unfortunately, Paige lost that night.

Interestingly enough, soon-to-be boyfriend Alberto Del Rio was also participating in a very big match that night. He faced off against Roman Reigns, Dolph Ziggler, and Kevin Owens in a Fatal 4-Way match to decide who would be the number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship. Reigns won the match.

4 From the Back


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It's unclear where this picture was taken (Paige wrestled in Cleveland, Ohio just two days later), but it doesn't really matter when a beautiful diva is showing off her assets on social media. Clearly, Paige was interested in striking a very specific pose for this picture, and she totally nailed it.

In June 2015, Paige challenged Nikki Bella twice in singles matches for the Divas Championship and lost both times. She also faced off against Bella and Tamina in a triple threat match during The Beast in the East event in Tokyo, Japan in July of that year. Bella retained her belt on that occasion as well. Paige just simply couldn't catch a break in 2015. Perhaps if she ever returns to the WWE, in full health and scandal free, she'll have a bit more luck with her storylines and title shots.

3 Friends in Tulum

Tulum ❤️

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This picture wasn't actually taken on June 11 because Paige was in Lafayette, Louisiana for Smackdown that day. She defeated Alicia Fox in a singles match by submission. At some point before that event, Paige spent some time basking in the sun of Tulum, a resort town on the Caribbean coast of Mexico. Best of all, it looks like she's wearing her greatest bikini yet.

One might wonder if Paige was in a relationship with Alberto Del Rio at this point. He's Mexican and is known to take his fiancee to his homeland pretty often. Of course, del Rio wouldn't be featured in this picture specifically because they hadn't yet gone public with their relationship. You can speculate away. But all that really matters is how great she looks in this picture.

2 Goodnight to Fort Wayne

A WWE Live event took place in Fort Wayne, Indiana on June 21, 2015. Paige faced off against Naomi. She won the match and seemed to like the energy coming from the crowd, according to her Instagram post after the event. She bid Fort Wayne a very hot good night by taking a picture in her bra and panties before going to bed for an early flight the next morning.

It seems that Paige took a few days off after her show in Fort Wayne. Her next appearance was in another WWE Live event on June 27 in Boston. Paige wrestled in a triple threat match against Nikki Bella and Naomi. Paige lost the match to Nikki Bella once again at the event.

1 No Caption Necessary

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We reach the end of the list with a question: despite the fact that she's accomplished so much in her short time in the WWE and that she's one of the hottest women currently in the promotion's stable, will we ever see Paige working for the company again? She's not yet been released from her contract, although some expect that this might in fact happen sooner rather than later.

Rumors of drug abuse, the recent leak, and her tumultuous relationship with Alberto Del Rio, which has come under a lot of scrutiny in the past few days due to an incident in Orlando International Airport, where witnesses say Del Rio was verbally abusive to Paige., could keep her out of the WWE for good. It would be a shame to not see Paige in the ring again. Time will tell.

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