Top 20 Strangest Weapons in WWE History

For as long as there have been heels, there have been foreign objects. There have been brass knuckles, steel chairs, ring bells, sledgehammers, and the list can go on and on and on until you get to the bottom of the barrel, which was probably used at some point as well. Down towards that bottom, however, you'll find some seriously strange objects that have been found in a wrestling ring. There have been items that have no earthly purpose being anywhere near a wrestling ring and you have items that look incredibly fake, even by wrestling standards. The purpose of using an outside weapon depends on whether you want to be cheered or not. You can use one to either even the odds against a heel who has been torturing opponents with the object or you can steal a win from a beloved face by bending the rules in your favor. After each use of a foreign object, the motive should be clear, but as we'll see today there are a few cases that just leave you scratching your head.

Here there are items that would hurt the person giving the blow worse than the guy receiving it, there are weapons that looked like they would hurt as much as getting sucker punched by a baby, and there are objects that are just plain disturbing. From living creatures to various food items to prosthetic limbs, let's take a look at the most bizarre weapons to ever be used inside a WWE ring.

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20 Tennis Racket

via jimcornette.com

These days, Jim Cornette is widely known as the loud mouthed shoot artist who destroys the WWE on a regular basis online, but that wasn’t always the case.

Back in the day, Cornette was a manager in the then WWE, being in the corner for a wide array of heels from The New Midnight Express to Vader. While his clients were never quite able to reach the heights that perhaps they should have (looking at Vader specifically), they were never jobbers either. That was mainly thanks to Cornette’s trusty side kick, his tennis racket. As if the weapon wasn’t odd enough on its own, Jim had a protective cover on it that looked as if it was padded! Sure that give it a more satisfying sound, but surely a wrestler would rather get hit with that than a steel chair.

19 Cast

via forum.markedout.com

In the real world, a cast is a sign of an injury for someone who needs extra protection to cover a hurt body part. In the wacky world of wrestling, the opposite is true.

After legitimately breaking his arm back in 1985, Cowboy Bob Orton started wearing a cast to protect himself, but it soon turned into something much more sinister. Long after the cast was necessary, Orton continued to wear it to the ring in an attempt to gain an advantage over his opponents, striking them with it whenever the opportunity arose. While the strikes were no doubt effective, it seems rather odd to handicap yourself with the mobility restrictions that come with wearing such a cast, and considering Orton's relative lack of success, it seems to not be a sacrifice worth making.

Granted Orton did find himself involved in the main event of the very first WrestleMania, but he was stuck in the corner of Roddy Piper and Paul Orndorff.

18 Plastic Mask

via bleacherreport.com

This one is in the same vein as the cast we mentioned earlier, but an even flimsier version. A plastic face mask is generally used by athletes like Kobe Bryant to protect themselves after suffering a particularly nasty shot to the face. While it makes sense for basketball players who only have to defend themselves against accidental elbows and wayward balls, a flimsy plastic mask doesn't seem like the best defense when someone is going out of their way to hit you in the face. Now imagine how ludicrous it is to try and use it as an offensive weapon.

After Cody Rhodes had facial reconstruction surgery, he began to don the mask in an effort to protect his gorgeous face but soon, began to realize the full potential of the guard. Rhodes began either taking the mask off to deck someone with it or, stupidly, headbutting his opponents in order to take them out for the count. In a world where guys are constantly being bombarded with fists, feet, and steel chairs, how are we supposed to believe that a thin piece of protective material is enough to knock them out for good?

17 Camera Flash

via youtube.com

Back in the late 80s and early 90s, it didn't seem like there was a force on earth that was strong enough to stop Hulkamania, until Harvey Whippleman of all people got a little too close. Hogan was no doubt winding down in 1993, but still refused to do the job to anyone just like in his prime, so clearly a overbooked finish was the only way to end his WWE Championship defense against Yokozuna at King of the Ring.

The match was a typical Hogan affair: he'd face a much bigger heel and proceed to get beaten down throughout the majority of the contest, only to "Hulk up" and overcome the beating he'd receive, hit a big boot and a leg drop then go home.

This time, Hogan was stopped in his tracks when Whippleman, who was dressed as a ringside photographer, jumped up onto the ring apron leading to a confused Hulkster approaching him to see what was going on. When Hogan got within striking distance, Harvey snapped a photo, sending a fireball from the flash into Hulk's face, setting up Yokozuna to score the one, two, three.

16 Motorcycle Helmet

via aminoapps.com

The Nasty Boys never shied away from living up to their name, willing to use any under handed and cheap trick possible to come out as winners which was made evident during their WrestleMania VII contest for the Tag Titles against The Hart Foundation.

Red flags were raised nearly immediately as Jimmy Hart joined the team, wearing something that was never seen before, a motorcycle helmet. It turns out The Mouth of the South wasn't just making a fashion statement as the head gear became an integral part of the finish of the match, as Bret Hart got a hold of the helmet and used it, leading to a disqualification.

15 Urn

via bleacherreport.com

What can get lost in the legendary status of The Undertaker’s infamous urn is just how ridiculous of an idea it really is. What started as an innocent enough prop to help get The Deadman gimmick over took a turn for the strange when it was revealed that the urn held the power of The Undertaker and whomever controlled the urn could control The Phenom.

Even when the weapon was brought back down to reality and was treated as just a regular urn, that’s still a very strange thing to attack someone with. How far down your list of potential weapons would you have to get before you settle on the item that’s holding the ashes of a loved one?

14 Straight Jacket

via ambreignsfans.tumblr.com

While this is a good idea in theory, in practice it all just falls apart. A weapon that can constrict your opponents movements, leaving them wide open to any assault you can imagine would be terrific, if it wasn’t impossible to get it on them.

As we saw recently in the feud between Chris Jericho and Dean Ambrose, even when one guy isn’t resisting, it took painfully long and looked very clumsy when Y2J tried to tie up The Lunatic Fringe. Not to mention that if your opponent is out long enough for you to even put the jacket on in the first place, your job is done.

13 Flat Screen TV

via uproxx.com

The only type of TV/monitor that makes sense at all being used as a weapon are those rectangular death devices they have the announcers use at their desks, and that only makes sense because they have a reason to be there.

During a match between Dean Ambrose and Bray Wyatt, however, they decided to use something a little different as Ambrose retrieved a flat screen TV from under the ring. It’d be one thing if it was just laying down there as a back up for something, but no, it was plugged in and playing the Pay Per View. Who is that for? Why is that there? None of it makes any sense.

12 Snake

via wwe.com

We all have a fear of something in life. Whether it’s heights, public speaking, death, spiders, or snakes, there’s something that sends shivers down our spine. Leave it to someone like Jake Roberts to take one of those common fears and try to use it against his opponents and win the match before it even begins.

The snake was far more than just a mind game as people like Andre The Giant and Macho Man Randy Savage found out the hard way, with Andre eliminating himself from a Royal Rumble after Jake let Damien loose in the middle of the ring and Randy having Jake’s snake dig his fangs into Savage’s arm in quite the gruesome sight.

11 Fragrance

via wwe.com

One of the more underappreciated gimmicks and talents in WWE history, Rick "The Model" Martel had a certain arrogance about him that made fans truly despise him. In fact, Martel carried arrogance to the ring with him every night!

For those unfamiliar with the man, The Model was so full of himself that he created his own fragrance, dubbed "Arrogance" and took every opportunity he could to spray it on anything in sight, even trying to spray Jake Roberts' snake at one point. The fragrance proved to be more than a mild annoyance to his opponents, however, as during his attempt to spray Damien, Martel caught Jake in the face with the spray, burning his eye so badly that it turned pure white, removing any semblance of a pupil which was certainly a horrifying sight. Who knew that a cologne could do so much damage? Rick "The Model" that's who!

10 Metal Plate

via crazymax.org

Upon his debut with the WWE, Lex Luger was given the gimmick of "The Narcissist" who was so full of himself that he had to be surrounded by mirrors at all times.

Luger proved himself to be worthy of his inflated self worth, as he would knock opponent after opponent out in the middle of the ring thanks to a metal plate that was surgically implanted in his forearm following a motorcycle accident. What makes this weapon so strange is that it wasn't like your standard foreign object, where a wrestler would retrieve it from outside of the ring or their trunks, or any other hiding spot a sneaky heel could come up with, but it was in his body 100% of the time. There have been a lot of loaded objects in WWE history, from gloves to purses to fake arms, but I've never heard of a loaded forearm before.

9 Coconut

via youtube.com

In a segment that would get the WWE kicked off TV if they aired it today, Roddy Piper hosted his infamous Piper's Pit segment with guest Jimmy Snuka, bringing out various exotic fruits to make the islander feel more at home. The whole segment had a bit of a racist vibe to it, especially with Piper making monkey based insults towards the fan favorite Snuka, but, back in the day, it was a great heat magnet for Hot Rod.

Piper began hurling both insults and bananas at his rival before Snuka started taking offense to Roddy's actions and feeling insulted by what Piper was doing. Before Superfly had a chance to speak his mind about the obnoxious heel, Piper grabbed a coconut from his bag of goodies and cracked it open over Snuka's head, turning a fruit into a weapon.

8 Potted Plant

via wwe.com

The absurdity of Dean Ambrose related weapons continues with his third entry on the list, a house plant. Ambrose was doing his on again, off again gig of hosting an interview segment titled 'Ambrose Asylum' which was sparsely decorated outside of a sign and a potted plant.

Having an interview segment on WWE TV is a guaranteed way to cause some tension, but that's usually between the guest and the host. However, in this case it was between dueling hosts, since Ambrose's segment took over Chris Jericho's Highlight Reel. Being the sore loser that he is, Y2J took exception to someone new coming in and trying to take over his job, so he took his frustration out on the current WWE Champion by hitting him in the back of the head with his most prized possession, Mitch the Plant. Rest In Peace, Mitch.

7 Oxygen Tank

via obsessedwithwrestling.com

There have been very few cases of wasted potential as large as Shelton Benjamin's, who was one of the most gifted athletes to ever step foot in the squared circle. After struggling in the mid card for an eternity, the powers that be tried to liven up his gimmick by bringing his momma on screen to bring a little personality to The Gold Standard.

Unfortunately, big momma didn't come without her health problems, having to be pushed around in a wheelchair with an oxygen tank at all times. Fortunately for Benjamin though, he found a way to use that to his advantage during an Intercontinental Title match against Ric Flair. After momma feigned a heart attack, the medical kind not the finisher of The Hart Foundation, the ref found himself distracted with what seemed to be a medical emergency occurring at ringside. Shelton took the opportunity, grabbed his mothers oxygen tank,and struck Ric Flair with it, securing himself another reign with a mid card title (just what he needed).

6 Worms

via whatistheexcel.com

The WWE never tried to hide the fact that The Boogeyman was a strange dude, but even so, his choice of foreign object was one of the strangest and grossest in company history. Everywhere that The Boogeyman went, his worms were sure to follow and he had no qualms about using the slimy creatures to psych out his opponents before the match, or even use them during a match to gain the advantage.

The sight of the massive Boogeyman was generally terrifying enough with his face paint and huge build, but when you add to that the visual of wriggling worms appearing to be pouring out of his mouth, you get one of the scariest looking Superstars in history. Then there was the tradition of putting a great big handful of said worms into his opponent's mouth, which is on an entirely different level of strange.

5 Mannequin Head

via web.vipwiki.org

Al Snow was never destined for greatness in the wrestling world, but he did manage to achieve heights far greater than many would've expected when he asked audiences one simple question, what do you want?

After struggling through various gimmicks, Snow finally found a foothold as a schizophrenic who would carry a mannequin head around with him at all times as someone to talk to and as something he could use on unsuspecting opponents. The biggest problem with his particular choice of weapon is that whenever someone was struck with the object, it looked far too light and dinky to be able to do any actual damage. Add on top of that the incredibly strange personality of Snow and you get one of the strangest weapons to ever grace our television screens.

4 Cup of Soda

via youtube.com

Believe it or not, it actually wasn't that long ago that Golden Truth member, R Truth, was a main event talent going one on one against John Cena for the WWE Championship. It was a strange time indeed and, while no one truly believed that Truth was going to be able to win the title from Cena, that's no excuse for the utter lunacy at the conclusion of their match up.

Much like Hulk Hogan, John Cena has a certain formula to the majority of his matches that we're all more than familiar withm involving getting beaten up for most of the contest then bouncing back like nothing ever happened and scoring the win. Things seemed to be heading down this very well traveled road until R Truth decided to take a breather on the outside to regroup and talk some trash to a young Cena fan sitting at ringside. He gathered some serious heat by throwing the drink in the fans face. Not to worry though, Cena would get his revenge later on. Shocking.

3 Fake Arm and a Body Double

via wrestlingforum.com

Doink The Clown was never one to shy away from using outside the box strategies to try and defeat his opponents, but he really took things to another level at WrestleMania IX. Facing off against a much bigger and stronger opponent in Crush, Doink knew he had to stoop a little lower than usual to pull out the victory and showed his hand in the weeks leading up to the event, revealing that the "injured" arm he had in a sling was actually a fake one loaded up with batteries.

Despite the fact that the arm looked like it weighed about six ounces, whenever it was swung the impact was enough to knock Crush out cold, but that's not a trick that you'd be able to use in an actual match, considering Doink wouldn't be wrestling the whole match with a sling or anything. No it would be far more ridiculous than that, as with the ref down and out, a second Doink emerged from under the ring decking Crush with the same paperweight looking arm that was used previously, scoring the mischievous clown the victory.

2 Bag of Popcorn

via wwe.com

Throughout their storied rivalry in the late nineties, The Rock and Mankind battered each other with every foreign object you could possibly imagine. There were chairs, ladders, and tables, but when it came time for the two to do battle in an empty arena, things really got interesting.

With no fans in attendance, the two were free to do battle in every square inch of the arena, which led to the pair fighting in the catering/kitchen area, where the match took a turn to the ridiculous. After The Rock threw Mankind into a bunch of cotton candy, he then proceeded to nail him with a loaf of bread. Then, it was Foley's turn to dish out some serious punishment. Looking around for anything he could use that would give him the advantage, Mankind settled on... a giant bag of popcorn. It's a shame that there wasn't a balloon or some sort of pillow laying around for Mick to use instead, as that surely would've put The Rock away for good.

1 Prosthetic Leg

Can there really be anything stranger than taking someone's leg off and proceeding to use it as a weapon, because I highly doubt it. In a match-up between Diesel and Shawn Michaels at a WWE In Your House show, Mad Dog Vachon had the honor of sitting in the front row for the night's marquee contest. That blessing turned out to be a bit of a curse, as Big Daddy Cool made his way outside in search of the legend.

What Diesel wanted, however, wasn't just to harm Vachon, it was to humiliate him and The Heartbreak Kid. Diesel threw the old man down to the ground before grabbing him by the foot and yanking off Mad Dog's prosthetic leg. Things didn't go according to plan for the big man after that, as his attempt to use the leg against Michaels backfired with Shawn managing to give Diesel two Sweet Chin Music's this night, first with the plastic foot then with one of his own, while Vachon was left to helplessly roll around on the outside of the ring.

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