Top 20 Tag Teams We Wish Were Still Wrestling

Right through the Attitude Era to the Ruthless Aggression Era, WWE had numerous tag teams in the company who could legitimately hold the Tag Team Championship belts and would undoubtedly do justice to

Right through the Attitude Era to the Ruthless Aggression Era, WWE had numerous tag teams in the company who could legitimately hold the Tag Team Championship belts and would undoubtedly do justice to those prestigious belts. There was a time in the mid 2000s, when the WWE had two separate belts for the two brands, RAW and Smackdown, and the WWE still managed to produce a very competitive tag team division with good, if not great, tag teams.

But the current state of the tag team division in WWE is not the best and has been suffering considerably over the last few years as compared to the previous two decades. Be it the lack of quality in the tag team division or just the lack of teams itself, but the tag team division in WWE has surely lost its sheen for the years.

From make-shift temporary tag teams to big name factions to possibly the most bizarre combinations imaginable, the tag team division has seen a wide variety of teams competing in the tag division over the last two decades. With the Dudley Boyz recently returning back to the WWE and reminding us as to what we have been missing for quite a few years now, we thought of digging up few famous and interesting tag teams from the past who the WWE Universe would have loved to see still wrestle together.

The choices for the tag teams in the list below might be debatable and certainly there are quite a few famous and successful teams who have been left out but the ones that made it have enough caliber to stake claim and feature in the list.

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21 Kane & Rob Van Dam


Arguably, the most bizarre combination in terms of personalities, Kane and RVD’s tag team started off as an experiment by the WWE where two individual specialists were paired together. It is not always the most successful recipe but the sheer talent and charisma of Rob Van Dam and Kane managed to make it work as they won the Tag Team Championship soon after their union. They were entertaining both in-ring and backstage and though their collaboration ended with the unmasking of Kane and his subsequent heel turn, RVD and Kane will always be one of the most entertaining tag teams WWE had.

20 The Miz & John Morrison


Speaking of charisma, the combined charisma of John Morrison and The Miz would probably be second to none in the WWE. Not only did these two provide high quality entertainment in the ring but taking into account their appeal, the duo was given a show on called ‘The Dirt Sheet’.

In their rivalry against D-Generation X, they mocked DX with “Are you 50?” instead of the usual “Are you ready?” that the veterans usually use which was pretty brave considering the consequences. But it was such antics that helped then make a rather dull tag team division seem relevant, something that can surely be used even today.

19 Hurri-Kane


Kane has been around the WWE for almost two decades now and in all fairness to the Big Red Monster, he has not always been booked to his potential. It seemed like pairing him up with a superhero named Hurricane was not the best idea either and in all fairness it probably wasn’t but just think about this, a monster and a superhero, two masked men, both using the ‘Chokeslam’ as their finishers, this choice to put them in this list could be very debatable and controversial as compared to some of the other obvious picks but somehow this combination could provide that touch of bizarreness that the tag team division could really do with even today.

18 The British Bulldogs


The British Bulldogs were part of a golden generation of tag team wrestling. Rather than just being amazing on promos though, they let their work in the ring speak for themselves. Their rivalry with The Hart Foundation was extraordinary as the teams had history dating back to their Canadian Stampede days. Unfortunately, a career ending injury to Dynamite Kid would spell the end for this team. Kid's life would deteriorate, while Davey Boy Smith enjoyed a good singles run, but unfortunately passed away at 40 years old.

17 Edge & Rey Mysterio


Edge and Mysterio’s pairing was probably one of the few tag team pairings that became instant fan favorites. Not much gimmick in their alliance but who needs gimmicks when you have the amount of talent that these two possessed. Their two-out-of-three falls match against the team of Chris Benoit and Kurt Angle was a great all-round showing which won them their first Tag Team Title. Though the two would drop the titles soon but they surely made a great pair.

16 The Rockers


First and foremost, we wish Shawn Michaels was still wrestling. However it's too bad Marty Jannetty was never able to keep his head on straight later on in his career. WWE actually did bring Jannetty back in the mid 2000s. The two reunited for a match against La Resistance, which they won. Jannetty also had a phenomenal match with Kurt Angle on Smackdown. Jannetty was soon released without explanation. It would have been cool to see The Rockers have a little more of a run together. Heck, we'd still take it today if we could.


14 Los Guerreros


Eddie and Chavo with the whole, “We Lie, We Steal, We Cheat” motto along with their entrance in those magnificent cars were hugely over with the crowd. Their acts of getting outside objects in the ring and then faking being hit with it as the referee caught the opponent with the object, was probably one of the coolest and the most innovative antics in tag team division. Their gimmick was pure entertainment and one the WWE universe certainly misses.

13 The Steiner Brothers


While it's very unlikely Scott Steiner will ever be welcomed back to WWE, it would be amazing to see a Steiner brothers reunion. While Scott became a bigger singles star than Rick following their split in 1998, Scott's best days as a wrestler came with Rick, as the two were amazing athletes and they looked the part. Watching Scott Steiner in 1990 and watching him against Triple H in 2003 is like night and day. It would be great to see the brothers reunited as a team, if not in WWE, somewhere else.

12 Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas


When Kurt Angle is your team captain and you are a part of Team Angle, you know you are good and Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas were damn good! They had the self-proclaimed tag of being the “World’s Greatest Tag Team” and in all fairness, given their talent, their claim was not that debatable either. Their performances elevated their stature in the WWE and together they produced some high quality matches over the years.

11 MNM


Right from walking on a red carpet, to members of the "paparazzi" taking their photos, to the fur coats Mercury and Nitro wore, to Melina doing a split on the ring apron, MNM, arguably, had the best entrance a tag team could possibly imagine. The gimmick of the ‘Hollywood celebs’ was pulled off quite well accompanied by some great in-ring performances too. Melina’s hotness was just the cherry on top, rounding off possibly one of the most entertaining tag teams in the last decade.

10 The APA


The Acolytes Protection Agency or famously known as the APA, are one of the most famous and well renowned tag teams of the attitude era. Their gimmicks involving protection services that they offered backstage were a huge hit. The two giants combined to form a great tag team, winning the tag team titles three times and had a vicious hardcore essence about them forming an iconic partnership.

9 The Hart Foundation


Bret Hart came up with the idea of forming a tag team with his brother-in-law and Jimmy Hart because he was stuck in limbo as a singles competitor and afraid of being released. He got his wish, as he turned heel to join up with his fellow Harts to form The Hart Foundation. The group ended up catching on, becoming one of the greatest tag teams ever. Hart used that momentum to build himself an amazing singles career. It's too bad the Hitman is incapable of wrestling an actual match these days, as a one-off from this tag team would be an amazing treat.

8 Brothers of Destruction


Kane and The Undertaker, arguably, the two most dominate forces in WWE history, pairing up together gave goosebumps to many. They never really had a long lasting run as a tag team but probably that exactly made it even more special every time they paired up.

With the recent attack on Kane by Brock Lesnar, many expected the masked Kane to return and attack Lesnar, helping his brother. The reunion could have been a great storyline but regardless of whether or not we will see these pair up ever again, their time as the ‘Brothers of Destruction’ received some major pops.

7 Demolition


Demolition was initially seen as a knockoff of the Road Warriros, but they soon would grow on the WWE audience. The group of Ax and Smash (and eventually Crush too) would enjoy a couple of tag team title reigns and had a classic with the Hart Foundation in a SumemrSlam match. Not many teams have been able to pull off the face paint look while still being intimidating, but Demolition did just that.

6 New Age Outlaws


“Ladies and Gentleman, Boys and Girls, Children of all ages. D-Generation, X proudly brings to you, the WWE, Tag Team Champions of the World! The Road Dogg Jesse James, the Badd Ass Billy Gunn…The New Age Outlaws!”, this iconic monologue remains one of the best in WWE history.

Being a part of one of the greatest stables in WWE ever, D-Generation X, Road Dogg and Billy Gunn were red hot during the attitude era. Their merchandise sales were off the charts and reports suggest that only Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock had greater numbers than them. One of the most entertaining and charismatic tag teams in the history of WWE, the New Age Outlaws are certainly one of the coolest Tag Teams the WWE has ever seen.

5 The Rock ‘n' Sock Connection


Two of the most famous individual wrestlers during the attitude era, The Rock and Mankind, joined forces forming one of the most entertaining tag teams ever with the name, ‘The Rock ‘n’ Sock Connection’. Right from Mankind stealing Rock’s catch phrases like “If you smell what The Sock is cooking?” to the double ‘People’s elbow’ finisher they had, the duo was pure unadulterated entertainment. It was during this union that Mankind pulled off the infamous ‘This is your life’ segment as a celebration for The Rock which became one of the highest rated segments in Raw history.

4 Rated RKO


Two enigmatic superstars, two remarkable heels and two of the best wrestlers in the game joined forces to take on D-Generation X as they thought their career growth was being hindered by DX. Randy Orton and Edge were entertaining, devastating and not to mention immensely talented both in-ring and with their promos. In fact, it was a shame that Triple H tore his quad during a match against them at New Year’s Revolution which probably shortened their duration as a tag team but from what we saw, any wrestling fan would tell you the freshness they brought was absolutely marvelous.

3 Hardy Boyz


The high flying Hardy Boyz were exactly what the tag team division in the Attitude Era needed. Their risk taking and insane gravity defying moves won over the fans with ease. They defeated Edge & Christian in an epic tag team ladder match in 1999 which was the first of its kind back then. It was also awarded as the match of the year, revolutionizing the entire tag team division with it. From amazing ladder matches to TLC matches (Tables, Ladders and Chairs), the tag team had brilliant feuds with the Dudley Boyz and Edge and Christian in particular.

2 Edge & Christian


Edge and Christian were brilliant in-ring performers producing many tag team classics over the years and were equally entertaining with their mic work pulling off some hilarious gimmicks during the attitude era. Their signature move the ‘con-chair-to’ was a personal favorite for many which saw them simultaneously hit an opponent in the head with a chair. The numerous ladder matches and the subsequent TLC matches made Edge and Christian produce some very death defying and highlight reel moments in wrestling history. Having won the Tag Titles seven times, Edge and Christian are most definitely the most successful team on this list and possibly the ones the fans miss the most.

1 The Road Warriors


Could it really be anybody else? It seemed we were going to get this reunion back in 2003, as the Road Warriors made an appearance on WWE programming to challenge Kane and RVD for their tag titles. Unfortunately Hawk's health problems put a halt to it and he passed away later that year. It looks like the tag division is in the midst of a new beginning and having legends like the Legion of Doom to pass the torch would be amazing. What we do know, is we don't want Animal getting a replacement like Heidenreich.

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Top 20 Tag Teams We Wish Were Still Wrestling