Top 20 Things You Didn't Know About D-Generation X

D-Generation X is considered by many as the most controversial faction in WWE history. This group started when Hunter Hearst Helmsley and Shawn Michaels (two backstage friends) joined forces. Add in C

D-Generation X is considered by many as the most controversial faction in WWE history. This group started when Hunter Hearst Helmsley and Shawn Michaels (two backstage friends) joined forces. Add in Chyna, who was the onscreen bodyguard of Triple H along with Rick Rude, and DX was born. After Shawn Michaels lost the WWE Championship to Stone Cold Steve Austin, the group changed into what was arguably their most popular line up. While Shawn left to nurse injuries, X-Pac returned to join with his friend HHH. Along with The New Age Outlaws and Chyna we would get the most famous form of the group. Then in the mid to late 2000s, Shawn would return to tag with Triple H to form the final incarnation of the group.

The Monday Night Wars sparked the most profitable time in wrestling history. In WCW, Nitro was gaining steam behind a mixture of realism and wrestling. WCW did everything they could to blur the lines and make you wonder if what you were watching was really a hostile take over or not. The first significant volley in the war was watching Scott Hall interrupt a match on Nitro, uttering the now famous words "you know me but you don't know why I am here." A couple weeks later Kevin Nash appeared, followed by a heel turn from Hulk Hogan and the nWo was born.

D-Generation X was the WWE's answer to the NWO. They dominated WWE programming during the Attitude Era and brought us some of the most memorable moments in wrestling history. From the assault on an episode of Nitro while riding an army jeep to the impersonation of The Nation of Domination during an episode of Raw, this group did things by their rules and were an absolute perfect fit for the that time period. While they have had many memorable moments, they also had their share of backstage drama and off camera issues that have since been forgotten. Lets Take a look at the 20 things you probably didn't know about D-Generation X.

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20 Rude Double Take 


In 1997, RAW was pre-recorded, while Nitro was always live. That lead to one of the most memorable moments of the Attitude Era. On one channel, Rick Rude was playing a Halliburton briefcase carrying bodyguard for D-Generation X and tried his best to get the heel group over while wearing a beard. An hour earlier, he had appeared on Nitro with a more Ravishing type of mustache. What you didn't know is that during his work with DX, Rude was also working for ECW and appeared on their show, Hardcore TV, during the weekend of November 14th-16th. He was also the first of three members to be a part of both the nWo and DX.

19 All in the Family 


Road Dogg Jesse James is actually part of a very distinguished wrestling family. Road Dogg's father is "Bullet" Bob Armstrong, who was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2011. He also had three brothers who wrestled as well, Scott was with WCW in the 1990s and up until recently has been used as a referee at WWE events. His brother Steve also worked for WCW in the late 90s. Brad, who is the the most famous brother to use the Armstrong name,  also coined the phrase "Armstrong Curse" to explain a series of losses to close out 1997. The "Armstrong Curse" lead Road Dogg to wear a shirt to the ring that said "Look Mom, No Curse" as a shout out to his brother.

18 McMahon Love Triangle 


When Chyna started in the WWE, it was as the onscreen body guard for Hunter Hearst Helmsley, but offscreen they were a real life couple. As DX started falling apart, the relationship between HHH and Chyna went to a new level as they got engaged. According to Chyna, she found out about an affair between Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. While the McMahon-Helmsley era was heating up on TV, there was also a relationship between Hunter and Steph heating up behind the scenes. While the relationship worked out well for the new power couple of wrestling, it didn't go so well for Chyna. Her contract expired shortly after a confrontation with Stephanie and was not renewed by the company.

17 Bischoff Wants A Do Over 


On April 27th, 1998, both WWE Raw and WCW Monday Nitro took place in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. Since the shows were only 19 miles apart, DX dressed in army gear and drove a jeep over to WCW's front porch. Towards the end of the segment, DX tried to drive their jeep into the arena but the doors were closed as they approached. Eric Bishoff later stated that he wishes he had opened the doors and let DX drive right in. Looking back, that would have made for amazing television and would have boosted WCW's ratings for Nitro, with the WWE's hottest act live performing at a WCW event.

16 Oh You Didn't Know..... 


The New Age Outlaws entrance has become iconic. The guitar riff followed by Road Dogg shouting over the microphone "Oh you didn't know?.... Your ass betta call somebody!" Jesse James has stated that the reason he started using that phrase was because he was trying to make his friend in the back laugh. Brian Lee was a WWE wrestler in the late 90s who performed under the name Chainz as part of DOA. Lee was known to say "oh, you didn't know" a lot in normal conversation, so Road Dogg thought it would would be a good inside joke. It ended up becoming a lot more than that!

15 Just a Degenerate 


Throughout the feuds that Bret Hart had with not only Stone Cold Steve Austin but also Shawn Michaels, he had occasionally referred to them as degenerates. It really came center stage on the October 6th, 1997 episode of Raw is War where Bret stated that Shawn was "nothing but a degenerate." The following week on Raw, Michaels used the term D-Generation X for the first time and officially named the group. He gave credit to Bret Hart for giving him the inspiration for the name. So a throw away insult uttered by Bret, which he used on multiple occasions, turned into one of the best factions in WWE history.

14 It's a Kliq Thing


Forming a union, five wrestlers banded together to help each other with their careers and finances. Shawn Michaels, Triple H, X-Pac, Scott Hall, and Kevin Nash behind the scenes were known as The Kliq. In front of the cameras, they were the founding fathers of D-Generation X and the nWo. While two of the Kliq members spent time with both groups, the only one to make a significant impact with both was X-Pac. While performing under the name Syxx, with the nWo, he was the WCW Cruiserweight Champion. Then as a member of DX, he won the WWE European Championship multiple times.

13 Unintentional Face Turn


Typically a face or heel turn is done by an action. The heel turn is usually accomplished by turning on your partner in a tag team match or by costing your "friend" a title or match. A face turn is typically done by turning on your evil friends. Unless you are Big Show, it is usually not commonplace to just walk out to the ring and expect people to cheer or boo you. Howeverm that is exactly what happened with D-Generation X. Their antics had become so enjoyable that the fans started cheering them more than booing them. It allowed them to feud with The Nation of Domination, giving us the single best parody promo ever.

12 Mocking the Nation 


July 6th, 1998 marks the date of the single funniest raw moment of all-time (at least according to this humble wrestling writer). D-Generation X gave an interview mockingly impersonating The Nation of Domination, though a lot of its aspects would no longer be allowed today. They would again repeat it later in the year when they did the same thing to The Corporation. The idea for this skit came from the nWo and a parody that they had done almost a year early about the legendary Four Horseman. The most amazing fact was that this was the answer to what WCW was doing on the same day, when Goldberg defeated Hollywood Hulk Hogan to win the WCW Heavyweight Championship.

11 Straight From the Heart 

Most of the promos in wrestling these days are scripted. This didn't happen in the 90s, but the wrestlers did have talking points and certain protocol to follow. When Shawn Waltman was fired from WCW, he was injured at the time and that is a unspoken no no. When he arrived in the WWE and was renamed X-Pac, Vince told him to go out and take as long as he needed to say what he needed to say. What we got was one of the best unscripted promos of all-time, as he spoke from the heart and aired all of his feelings on WCW and some of the main players who were still with his former employer.

10 Not All For One, But One For All


Usually a faction is put together to keep a specific wrestler at the top. While the parts have limited success and a limited identity, it is usually all about the leader. Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard were great horsemen but it was all about Ric Flair. The nWo was all about Hogan being the Champ. The Nation of Domination was all about keeping the gold on The Rock. D-Generation X was special in the fact that they all were allowed to go out and forge their own identities while still being a part of the main group. The New Age Outlaws became multiple time tag team champs. X-Pac became a European champion and Triple H was in his own feud with The Rock over the Intercontinental title. They all had their own entrance music and their own feuds, but when push came to shove they were all in it together against the common foe.

9 Clean and Sober 


As of this writing, The New Age Outlaws, both Road Dogg and Billy Gunn, are doing much better with their drug use and they credit the WWE wellness program for their sobriety, though Billy Gunn was recently fired by the WWE for using PEDs. They have also reflected on their careers and the lives that they led in the past, leading to some long overdue apologies to certain people they had wronged either in interviews or in person. Road Dogg is currently an agent with the WWE and both of them had a successful reunion as The New Age Outlaws in the ring. However, things weren't always sunshine and roses. There was a time when they had burned every bridge imaginable and actually hated each other on a personal level. Luckily they have made up and are the best of friends again.

8 Are You Ready? 


There were a couple of different variations of the DX theme song, however, they all had one thing in common. The band was known as the DX band and the lead singer was a guy by the name of Chris Warren. He was the lead vocalist on the main theme entitled "Break it Down." He was also the lead vocalist on X-Pac's theme "Make Some Noise" and Triple H's solo theme after he left DX and used"My Time." He also performed in the remixed rap version by Run DMC that was titled "The Kings." Jim Johnston, who is the head of WWE music, wrote the songs but it was the voice of Chris Warren that became etched in our minds.

7 Championship Gold 


Through all of the different incarnations of D-Generation X, titles seemed to gravitate towards them, as the stable had 26 title reigns in all its forms. Considering they have only been a group for just under three years, that is an enormous amount of titles. The Heavy Weight title was held five times (once by Shawn Michaels and 4 times by Triple H). Both Triple H and the Road Dogg held the Intercontinental title one time a piece. The Hardcore Championship was held one time a piece by Road Dogg and Billy Gunn. The European Championship was held once by Shawn Michaels while Triple H and X-Pac each held the belt twice, and the Tag Team Championships were held five times by The New Age Outlaws and twice by Triple H and Shawn Michaels. Finally Stephanie McMahon held the women's title when she was a member of the infamous group after her on screen marriage to Triple H.

6 I Quit...

Triple H has turned on his brethren multiple times to break up different versions of the group. In 1998, he ousted Shawn Michaels from the group for "dropping the ball." 1999 saw him cost X-Pac the European Championship while turning on the group and joining The Corporation. In early 2000, Billy Gunn was next on the hit list when Triple H and Road Dogg beat him down in the locker room. Then in 2002, after a one night reunion with Shawn Michaels, Triple H turned on his long time friend, essentially beginning one of the best feuds of the early part of the millennium.

5 Out Shining The Rest 


As a group, D-Generation X was incredibly popular and one of the major acts of the Attitude Era. Within that group, The New Age Outlaws were even more popular. The WWE has stated that Road Dogg and Billy Gun were considered the most popular duo of the era. The merchandise sales back that up, as they were the third best seller of merch, only trailing Stone Cold Steve Austin and the Rock. That's pretty impressive company.

4 Never Say Never 


There have been a lot of hard feelings between DX members due to personal issues between the members. There was a time, especially when The New Age Outlaws and X-Pac were working with Total Nonstop Action wrestling, when it seemed like the bridges had been burned too badly for repair. However, bad feelings were put aside, wounds were mended, and what had at one time seemed impossible became a reality. On the July 23rd, 2012 episode of Raw, Triple H, Billy Gunn, Road Dogg, and X-pac would join together with Shawn Michaels to reform DX for one night only. Unfortunately for Chyna, things had progressed much worse for her and she was not included. Don't count her out just yet, because in the wrestling world there is no such thing as never.

3 Before The Beginning 


The New Age Outlaws officially joined DX on the March 30th, 1998 episode of Raw is War. They officially became partners when Billy Gunn turned on his manager, The Honky Tonk Man, and joined the newly dubbed Road Dogg after an impassioned speech. However, their first official match together came a few weeks before that when Rockabilly and the "Real Double J" Jesse James teamed up to face the Los Boricuas. They won that inaugural match when Billy hit Jose Estrada over the head with a guitar allowing Jesse James to get the pin.

2 Shocking Betrayal 


In a shocking 2006 shoot interview with The New Age Outlaws, they opened up about their time in WWE. Most notably their feelings on Triple H and how they had issues with him. A lot of very unflattering things were said and it really felt like there was some strong hatred between the former DX stable mates. At the time, both Road Dogg and Billy Gunn were working for the rival company TNA and were heavily abusing drugs. However, it seems like they have since made up since both of the outlaws have worked for the WWE at various points.

1 Triple H Knew


During 1997 when the WWE was losing in the ratings and money was getting tight, Vince gave Bret permission to seek a contract with rival WCW so that he could be paid what he was worth and what WWE couldn't afford. Bret Hart was set to leave the WWE for the WCW after Survivor Series 1997. The problem was he really didn't want to lose the championship to his rival, Shawn Michaels, especially in his home country of Canada. They had booked an ending in which there would be a double DQ and Bret would lose the title at a later date to someone else. In a backstage meeting Shawn, Vince and various others determined that they could not let Bret leave with the title and it was Triple H who allegedly came up with the idea to ring the bell during the submission spot, essentially "screwing" Bret.

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Top 20 Things You Didn't Know About D-Generation X