Top 20 Things You Didn't Know About The Wyatt Family

The leaders of this world come in a variety of forms: the scumbag politician whose public agenda requires fabricated promises to middle and lower class families while his private agenda serves to further provide the rich with unnecessary and undeserved gains.

The social activist whose ideals seem righteous and true. However, this leader is often a delusion and one who cannot provide much in the way social change. Rallies, concerts, and hashtags can only take a movement so far within this modern Apathetic Attention Deficit Society.

The unstable religious leader who believes that he alone can provide the answers to universal questions.; preying on the vulnerable, the gullible, and lost lunatic souls who wander aimlessly through everyday life in search of something.

Each leader will develop their own unique following. Those who walk blindly behind while silently humming happy little tunes of hope. And therein lies the problem: hope can be a horrible and heartbreaking thing; a true disembowelment of the human being.

Now, let's apply this concept to the WWE Universe; specifically a man known as Bray Wyatt. The charismatic and disheveled leader of The Wyatt Family. The closest thing WWE has ever had to a resident Manson Family.

Along with his three “brothers” Luke Harper, Erick Rowan, and Braun Strowman, the masterful Bray Wyatt reeks havoc upon the roster while serving as the most under-appreciated and undervalued heel of the past decade.

The following piece will focus on the monstrous Wyatt Family as we delve deep into its soul in search of humanity. Four men who frolic in fear while casting a large shadow over each and every Superstar on the roster. The men who loathe while loving their Sister Abigail.

Shrouded in mystery, we know take a look at this bizarre bunch.

These are the top 20 things you didn't know about The Wyatt Family:

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20 Braun Entered the Industry at Twenty-Nine

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In the wrestling industry, youth is a necessary part of the building process. While the age of twenty-nine is not considered old in everyday life, a twenty-nine-year-old rookie does not always produce results.

Braun Strowman would find his way into developmental on the verge of thirty-years-old; meaning the learning process would need to occur in a quick and orderly fashion. Has Strowman picked up the craft entirely? No ... but he is big and WWE love their men big.

19 Erick is of Norwegian Decent

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WWE is packed full of international flavor. From Ireland to Mexico, England to Bulgaria, the company has always displayed its share of worldly Superstars. It's all part of the Worldwide Phenomenon.

Erick Rowan was raised in Minnesota but his family emigrated from Norway; making Rowan a rare breed in WWE as a Superstar of Norwegian decent is certainly far from the common international touch.

18 Luke Has a Family of His Own

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As a member of The Wyatt Family, Luke Harper serves as the group's oldest monster. The experienced Harper has seen his share of wrestling rings prior to WWE and brings these years of bumps along to help the Wyatt's.

Away from the Circus, Luke Harper is a real-life family man; with a wife and son of his own. Jon Huber (real name) and his closed-door family are certainly nothing like the on-screen Wyatt Family.

17 Bray Has a Real Life Family

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The Wyatt Family have become one of the most intriguing and mysterious factions in recent memory. This is all thanks to the charismatic group leader, Bray Wyatt whose sharp-tongue serves as a knife slicing through the WWE Universe.

In the real world - away from the smoke and mirrors - Bray Wyatt lives a much more humble life with a wife and two daughters. The patriarch on television also heads his own clan at home.

16 Braun Was a Member of the "Exotic Express"

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Thankfully, the "Adam Rose Exotic Express" has disappeared and faded into WWE obscurity. The annoying, rave-like crop of party-animals (figuratively and literately) would accompany Rose to the ring as his colorful entourage.

The "Exotic Express" would often feature a number of enhancement talents; one of which would include the newcomer Braun Strowman, providing the big man with his first real taste of WWE.

15 Erick Participated in Reality Television

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Reality television is here to stay; like it or not, this false sense of "real life" has infiltrated and infected mainstream culture. And it's not just here at home, it's everywhere. Norway included.

Alt for Norge is a Norwegian reality television series in which participants compete in a number of adventures and challenges. In 2010, Erick Rowan, competing under his real name of Joseph Ruud, would take part in the series.

14 Luke Almost Quit Wrestling

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Choosing to become a professional wrestler is not an ordinary career choice. The grind is real and often leads to little reward. Following a decade on the road and trying to attain a spot in WWE, Luke Harper almost called it quits.

Already North of thirty, Luke Harper had informed his wife that perhaps it was time for him to move on from wrestling. Then of course, came the call. Harper was brought over to the WWE system and finally earned that spot.

13 Bray is a Fan of the Oakland Raiders

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The Steve Austin Show now known on the WWE Network as the Stone Cold Podcast, was always a little more uncensored considering how the broadcast was not conducted under the watchful eye of WWE.

While a guest on the show, Bray Wyatt spoke of many things, but laid an interesting statement about the Oakland Raiders and his choice to support the team. Wyatt spoke of enjoying Outlaws, which helped lead him to this certain fandom.

12 Braun is a Strongman Champion

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Learning that Braun Strowman is a former Strongman competitor would not cause much shock among wrestling fans. Strowman looks like a Strongman and his name is obviously a play on his past career.

However, it may interest fans to learn that Braun Strowman was quite successful at the craft; placing first in a number of competitions including the Arnold Amateur Strongman World Championships.

11 Erick Was Trained by Eddie Sharkey

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Professional wrestling trainers can be found in all the dark corners of the world; preparing the next generation of Lunatics for the unforgiving craft and treacherous road that lies in wait.

Eddie Sharkey is affectionately known as " The Trainer of Champions" and has prepared some of the all-time greats for the business (The Road Warriors, Rick Rude, Bob Backlund). Erick Rowan was fortunate enough to receive training from Sharkey.

10 Luke Worked as a Librarian

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The idea of the school librarian usually brings to mind that little, old, hunchbacked lady. Glasses hanging from a chord around her neck, grey wool sweater, and the constant linger of leftover lunch.

This is not the kind of librarian a certain crop of grade school kids were subjected to when Luke Harper took on the position to help with his struggling finances prior to signing his WWE contract.

9 Bray Earned a Football Scholarship

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It is not uncommon for a professional wrestler to have a football playing past. Many of the Squared Circle Sickos have once chased Gridiron Glory and Bray Wyatt is not exception to this circumstance.

In fact, Bray Wyatt would receive a football scholarship to Troy University, where the future "Eater of Worlds" would spend two seasons suited to slay in a helmet and pads. However, Wyatt would leave college and football to pursue a wrestling career.

8 Braun Received Praise from Dave Meltzer

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Dave Meltzer is a professional wrestling journalist who serves as publisher/editor of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter; a respected publication among the wrestling community. Meltzer is often a source of "inside information" for rabid fans.

During the 2016 Royal Rumble match, Braun Strowman would accumulate the most eliminations with five. This would catch the eye of Dave Meltzer who wrote that Strowman was " put over as a monster." Solid praise from a solid source.

7 Erick Played Football at UMM 

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Much like the man he religiously follows on WWE programming, Erick Rowan would also spend some time on the football field earlier on in his life; which is not too far of a stretch considering the size of Rowan.

For Erick Rowan it would be the University of Minnesota Morris which allowed the massive man to dawn a football jersey and rip through competition. Of course, Rowan - like many other - would choose wrestling over football.

6 Luke Loves Mallrats

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Choosing a ring name is often an intricate process; or it can simply come from one's favorite movie. Out on the independent circuit, Luke Harper was known the world over as Brodie Lee. So, how did this name come about?

Luke Harper is a fan of the View Askewniverse; a fictional universe created by Kevin Smith. Harper would form his independent ring name by using the real name of actor Jason Lee and his character name of Brodie Bruce in the film Mallrats.

5 Bray Was a State Wrestling Champion

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While attending High School in Florida, a young Bray Wyatt would experience the sweaty mats of wrestling sans ropes for the first time as an amateur competitor. Wyatt would excel at the sport.

At the 125kg weight limit, Bray Wyatt would capture the State Wrestling Championship. Of course, those days are gone and now fans eagerly await the day when Wyatt, the Weird earns gold in WWE.

4 Braun Was in a Movie

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Wrestlers in movies: it happens all the time and most of the time said movies prove to be cinematic disasters; failed experiments of In-Ring Wrecking Machines turned Silver Screen Darlings.

In 2014, Braun Strowman played a role in a movie titled Three Count. While not much information exists on the film, it is said to be a movie about brothers dealing with the death of their father while moonlighting the independent wrestling scene.

3 Erick Was Ranked 57 of 500 by PWI

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Pro Wrestling Illustrated is a professional wrestling magazine which was founded back in 1979. The PWI 500 has been presented its annual list of best wrestlers since 1991 when Hulk Hogan took the inaugural honor.

Since Hulk Hogan, fellow wrestlers such as Shawn Michaels, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, and Triple H have taken the top spot. In 2014, the PWI 500 ranked Erick Rowan at #57; a decent spot considering Rowan's in-ring style.

2 Luke Was Connected to Seth Rollins 

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These days, Luke Harper and Seth Rollins live comfortable lives thanks to a WWE pay check (especially Rollins.) However, there was once a time when Brodie Lee and Tyler Black (Rollins) were running on the independent scene.

The Age of the Fall were a heel stable formed in the independent wrestling promotion in Ring of Honour, where both Luke Harper and Seth Rollins served as members; long ways from The Wyatt Family and The Shield.

1 Bray is True to Windham

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The best wrestling characters are those who remain true to the person behind the gimmick. Such is the case with Bray Wyatt who holds true to his beliefs as Windham Rotunda (real name).

Bray Wyatt has stated in interviews that his character is very-much a reflection of his real-world view; which is why Wyatt comes across as such a convincing figure - a little Max Cady from Cape Fear mixed with the Outlaw Wyatt Earp.

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