Top 20 Unfaithful Wrestlers in History

Skepticism, mistrust, and general paranoia … quite often these are the assumptions of those who are in what they believe to be “love.” The unwavering feeling of not knowing what is true and what is si

Skepticism, mistrust, and general paranoia … quite often these are the assumptions of those who are in what they believe to be “love.” The unwavering feeling of not knowing what is true and what is simply a facade; a false life with fake emotion; no rest for the weary while your significant other roams the town without you; wondering throughout the night as the dark shadows creep in just what kind of strange affairs your other half has become involved with … terrible times.

If happiness were defined by monogamy, sorrow would eat at the human heart like a ravished cannibal in search of his next grotesque meal. The common nature of the human spirit is a wandering mess, unrestrained by the repetitive, the conventional, the comfortable, which is the cause of much relationship trauma. People get bored and get turned on by new and exciting experiences, one of which is the thrill of the stray.

This is no way an admirable quality but in the harsh realities of our environment, such is the way of life. This infidelity-monster is ever-present in the lives of those who make their living on the road: musicians, traveling salesmen, professional athletes… lust and loneliness can make a beast of anybody and when instant companionship based on celebrity status or cash-on-the-spot finance is readily available from city-to-city, the dark underbelly of this beast becomes bloated with dishonest desire.

The world of professional wrestling is no different. Superstars travel, often up to three-hundred-days a year, away from their homes and families and away from all that is comfortable in their lives. Thus, even the most morally-sound individuals can find themselves transfixed with unfaithful vision and lost within a moment of monumental weakness. Of course, sometimes a man/woman of the industry is simply a sexual supernova; poised to explode.

These are the top 20 unfaithful wrestlers in history:

20 Taichi Ishikari


The list that lies ahead with be filled with its fair share of sleaze. Therefore, let's begin with a bit of a twist and discuss a Japanese wrestler by the name of Taichi Ishikari. While this name may not be completely recognizable by North American wrestling fans, Ishikari's tale of infidelity is rather interesting given the circumstances.

Ishikari, who was employed by New Japan Pro Wrestling during his unfaithful mishaps, was actually suspended from the company for his behavior and inappropriate comments made in regards to his wife via social media. Ishikari was not only suspended by made to take a 30% pay cut for embarrassing the promotion, according to

Punishment for infidelity is not a common trend in our Western World. Perhaps NJPW is on to something? Then again, that would never catch on over on our side of the world.

19 Triple H


Any die-hard wrestling fan would love to be in the position of Triple H: married to the beautiful boss' daughter and in line to assume the reigns of WWE; the very company which was once a distant dream and destination as a young up-and-coming talent.

Of course, prior to his relationship with Stephanie McMahon; Triple H was romantically involved with his former DX cohort, Chyna. However, it was during their relationship when the spark with Stephanie was first ignited, according to TheRichest.

Triple H and Stephanie were soon a full-blown item and despite disapproval from Vince McMahon, their relationship would prevail as the couple remain to this very day.

18 Seth Rollins


Professionally, Seth Rollins is currently on-top-of-the-world. Personally, there is no telling just where his head is at following the leaked photo scandal that not only exposed Rollins to the world but cost him a future wife.

When nude pictures of NXT Developmental Diva, Zahara Screiber were posted on Seth Rollins' social media accounts; his then-fiance, Leighla Schultz would retaliated by posting some very private and personal pics of Seth Rollins.

Rollins would issue a public apology but what's done is done and the photos are now out there in circulation.

17 The Kat


Stacy Carter is a former professional wrestling valet who is best known for her time in WWE working as The Kat and for her marriage to wrestling legend, Jerry “The King” Lawler. In 2001, when Carter was released from the company, Lawler went as far as quitting his job in protest but would return following their divorce.

In his autobiography, Jerry Lawler speaks candidly about Stacy Carter and her infidelity which among other things led to the demise of their relationship. Lawler has long been a voice and fixture on WWE television, a man with great admiration for the women within the company, who was hurt by one such woman.

16 Mickie James


Mickie James made her WWE debut as a Trish Startus super-fan of sorts, a weird obsessive girl who would eventually feud with her hero. James was climbing the ladder of success and would eventually find her way into the arms of the biggest WWE success of the New Millennium: John Cena.

The problem with this relationship was that John Cena was married and Micky James was engaged to a fellow wrestler named Kenn Doane, better known as Kenny Dykstra – former member of The Spirit Squad, according to BleacherReport.

Both relationships would come to an end and Doane and James would soon be gone from WWE. Meanwhile, John Cena would continue to be the biggest name in the industry.

15 Bret Hart


There are many great Canadian wrestling heroes that have come along over the years. In the modern era of wrestling, the standout name has to be Bret “Hitman” Hart. The pink-and-black wrestling-maniac who was once the face of WWE.

Hart has seen his share of hardships in professional wrestling but he also knows exactly how the business works, especially coming from one of the greatest wrestling families in the history of the industry.

Bret Hart, in his own words, would admit and discuss his unfaithful behaviors towards his ex-wife Julie while on the road in a tell-all book.

14 Terri Runnels


When it comes to the wrestling career of Terri Runnels, she will be remembered best as Marlene: a seductive and suave manager who worked along side her real life husband, Dustin Runnels, known best as Goldust in WWE.

Terri would eventually stray from Dustin, leaving him a broken shell of a man who had already battled some personal demons. The other man in Terri's life was said to be a former WWE superstar known as Shawn Stasiak.

These days, Dustin Runnels is seemingly stable... or at least as stable as a man can be in the weird world of professional wrestling.

13 Rocky Johnson


Rocky Johnson was a popular wrestler back in the '70s and '80s. Along with his partner, Tony Atlas, the team would become the first-ever black World Tag Team Champions in WWE. Rocky Johnson was a man's man with that dreaded male appetite who, like many wrestlers, was away from his family most of the time.

Rocky Johnson, father of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, had a long stint of infidelity as he was involved in a supposed twenty-five-year long relationship with a woman who was not the mother of The Great One, according to Radar. The absence of his father would leave a profound scar on the heart of The Rock.

12 Kurt Angle


The story of Kurt Angle, his ex-wife Karen, and Jeff Jarrett (who is now married to Karen) is an odd tale of a failed relationship making way for a promising new love, all while under the microscope of the professional wrestling industry.

However, this section is about Kurt Angle and his admitted two-and-a-half year affair with a woman who he claims threatened to kill Karen at the time of their fallout, which you can hear about here. Kurt and Karen have now gone their separate ways and have apparently come to terms with each others.

11 Nancy Benoit


The life story of Nancy Benoit came to an abrupt and tragic end in 2007 when her deranged husband (Chris Benoit) lost all sense of reality, thanks to hard years as a professional wrestler, and killed himself and his family over the course of a terrible weekend.

Nancy, who was best known as Woman, worked many years as a professional wrestling valet and was married to a man named Kevin Sullivan. However, during a storyline that was meant to see Woman cheating on Sullivan with Chris Benoit; Nancy would actually fall for the man with whom she was working, proving unfaithful to Sullivan in the process.

10 Ted DiBiase


During his tenure with WWE, the “Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase would prove to be an effective heel, as his villainous persona of a high-class money-hungry WWE superstar would work and get over on many levels.

During the peak of his popularity, DiBiase would find himself involved in the usual happenings of a wrestler's life on the road and commit the act of adultery, which he admitted to.

DiBiase is now a preacher and is trying to atone for his past errors.

9 Chris Jericho


Chris Jericho is the Best in the World… at what he does. The all-time great has compiled a long list of professional accomplishments which are not not just wrestling-related. Jericho is a Jack-of-all-Trades type character.

Chris Jericho has been married to Jessica Lockhart since the year 2000. However, rumors, tweets, and photos have suggested that Jericho has been unfaithful to the blonde beauty – having botched what were presumably meant to be private tweets that are seemingly invitations of infidelity.

Chris Jericho has also been linked to former WWE Diva Kelly Kelly, as a number of pictures have surfaced on the internet of the two getting close at a party; one of which displays the pair sharing a kiss, which you can see here.

8 Lita


Amy Dumas, known best as Lita, an innovative and eccentric Diva who helped shape the Women's Division during the Attitude Era, was once romantically involved with Matt Hardy; one half of the ever-popular Hardy Boyz tag team.

However, in 2005, Lita would become involved with Adam Copeland, who is best known by WWE fans as Edge while still in a relationship with Matt Hardy. This would not only drive a wedge into the friendship of Hardy and Copeland, but would be used to sell tickets.

Edge vs. Matt Hardy, peppered with the real life drama of the affair, would make for one of the most intense storyline of the time.

7 Jake Roberts


Jake “The Snake” Roberts has been a man of many vices, living the fast life on the road and paying the toll for his hard partying and careless lifestyle. Roberts who has been addicted to drugs and alcohol has found support in Diamond Dallas Page whose clean living program has benefited Roberts greatly in recent years.

In the 1999 documentary, Beyond the Mat, Roberts is featured prominently as a broken-down man who is estranged from his daughter and hooked on drugs. In the film, Roberts also discusses his illicit sexual adventures while on the road away from his family.

6 Sunny


Tammy Sytch can be credited for being what is considered the first official “Diva” in WWE history; known as Sunny and leaving a memorable impression on the WWE audience as well as a reputation backstage.

Sytch who was in a relationship with a wrestler named Chris Candido (now deceased) had a long-standing affair with Shawn Michaels in the '90s. During his storied rivalry with Bret Hart, Michaels would also accuse The Hitman of having an affair with Sytch... on live WWE television – which would cause a sincere problem between Hart and his wife of the time.

Meanwhile, the Tammy Sytch stories seems endless.

5 Batista


The Dave Batista/Melina Perez story has made its rounds over the years, as it was a subject of interest discussed in the autobiography of The Animal. Batista, who was married at the time, found himself linked to the former Diva.

Batista was somewhat of a late-bloomer in the wrestling business but his quick rise to the top would lead to more popularity, more appearance, and more time on the road. Rumor has it that Batista got with Melina while still married, which caused the end of his marriage

4 Hulk Hogan


When it comes to Hulk Hogan, those involved in the wrestling industry can fill an entire day of stories involving The Hulkster… some are good but many are bad as Hogan has seemed to gain a lot of enemies throughout his career. Such a thing is bound to happen when you become the biggest name in the business.

Hulk Hogan was married to his wife Linda for nearly a quarter century but their marriage would fall apart and end in a very public and nasty divorce – a lot of things were said regarding very private matters but it wouldn't be a Hulk Hogan story otherwise.

Linda would speak openly about the infidelities of Hogan, as the major contributing factor to the decline of their marriage.

3 Ric Flair


The “gimmick” behind Ric Flair and his professional wrestling career was really no gimmick at all. The Nature Boy lived the lavish lifestyle that he had promoted for all those years. Of course, along the way, Flair would encounter many marital problems.

Ric Flair has been married four times and has dealt with much adversity outside the ring. The untimely death of his son, financial turmoil, problems with the law, problems with alcohol, and of course problems with his wives… which have all hardened the greatest professional wrestler of all time. His most recent wife, Jacqueline, accused of him cheating when filing for divorce, according to The Daily Mail.

2 John Cena


The biggest name in modern WWE has also been considered one of the biggest womanizers in WWE, as the fifteen-time WWE Champion, John Cena, is another example of life on the road and the outcome of a nasty divorce.

John Cena and his wayward ways have not stopped the WWE Machine from continually pushing their monkey-making-man as Cena remains the top dog in the perverse junkyard that is backstage WWE politics.

We already discussed his affair with Mickie James earlier in this list and his former wife seems certain that he was unfaithful to her, according to TMZ.

1 Vince McMahon


Vince McMahon is not an active wrestler and when he does get into the ring, it is quite a horrible display of wrestling ability, but he is the man who rules the Wrestling Universe and therefore takes the top spot on a not-so-flattering list.

The horror stories about Vince McMahon are everywhere, being told by former employees; many of whom are disgruntled and bitter. However, McMahon himself would be the first to admit his infidelity, which you can hear about here.

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