Top 20 Urban Legends In Pro Wrestling

As has been said ad nauseum, the business of professional wrestling and urban legends go together like peanut butter and jelly. After all, the entire business of professional wrestling was founded on the idea of fooling the audience into believing what they're seeing is actually real. Whenever you try to fool a huge group of people and tell stories, myths and odd tales are bound to spring up. Not only that, but due to the ridiculous nature of wrestling, these myths take on an especially ridiculous turn in about 99% of the entries involving nudity, sex and violence.

In a perfect world, all of these urban legends would be harmless water cooler talk that would end with a laugh. Unfortunately this isn't the case. While there are a lot of stories that are hilarious and are essentially inconsequential even if proven true, there's also a number of horrifying possible urban legends that are anything but fun. These involve sexual assault, murders and more sexual assault.

Now for the most part, it is impossible to prove whether or not these stories are true either because some of the suspects involved are dead or because the stories are just so insane that if true, nobody in their right mind would ever admit to them. Unless stated in the article explicitly stated in the list, you can assume that these stories are either false or unproven. Just to avoid anybody telling me that I'm spreading any BS, if I state LIKELY UNTRUE it is only my opinion and by no means should be taken as fact. Okay? Think of it as a Ripley's Believe It or Not list. Okay, now let's get started.

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20 Bret Hart Was In On The Screwjob

via fightgameblog.com

The single most notorious moment in professional wrestling history. The Montreal Screwjob is a subject which even after 15 years and a truce between those involved has been made, still spawns debate and theories. Perhaps the most ridiculous of theories surrounding this case is that Bret Hart, the man who got screwed out of his championship in his home country, was in on the deal.

The theory is relatively insane for a number of reasons, including the fact that Bret would never leave his family behind in WWE just for a storyline. This one is only at 20 because I literally can't believe that this was actually an urban legend.

Verdict: False.

19 Raven Gets Too Comfortable Around a Rattlesnake

via bleacherreport.net

While I've never been backstage at a wrestling show, I would assume it to be a rule of thumb to not flaunt around naked when ladies are in the room. The ECW legend Raven didn't respect this rule back in 2001 around the Invasion storyline when he strolled around nude (or in a towel, that detail varies from story to story) around the locker room with Stone Cold and his then wife Debra in the room as well. Austin felt that Raven was showing off to Debra and Raven maintained that he didn't know Debra was there and after a verbal spat the tension was smoothed over.

Verdict: Unconfirmed.

18 The Dark Side of The Madness

via wwe.com

While Randy Savage is universally adored by wrestling fans for being one of the most charismatic and engaging wrestlers of all time, the man Randy Poffo was kind of goddamn crazy, in particular when it came to his ex-wife Miss Elizabeth. It's common knowledge that Savage was super-jealous and protective of his gorgeous girl but there is a rumor that Savage was so overbearing that he would lock Elizabeth in her own dressing room so nobody could look at her. If indeed true, this would be a black mark on the legacy of the Macho Man.

Verdict: Unconfirmed.

17 Kevin Sullivan Is One With Nature

via wrestling123.com

I would imagine that most wrestling fans wouldn't mind if any of the female wrestlers were to be nudists in their down time but only a tiny fraction would want crusty 40+ year old Kevin Sullivan to bare it all. Well according to legend, Kevin Sullivan is actually part of a nudist colony. While I will say that it must feel very liberating to wear nothing at all (just ask Ned Flanders), I don't think Mr.Sullivan should be prancing around in his birthday suit. Maybe being part of the horrendous Dungeon of Doom sent him over the edge worse than we thought.

Verdict: False.

16 Tommy Lee Fights The Heart Break Kid

via popsugar.com

Let this be known; I'm a huge fan of Motley Crue. Having said that, the four band members (okay maybe not Mick Mars) of the Crue are/were screwed up people. Violence, drugs and sex was what they lived for and in this story the first one is on display.

At WrestleMania XI, Pamela Anderson and Jenny McCarthy escorted WWE Champion Diesel and number one contender Shawn Michaels respectively. According to the story, Tommy Lee (then husband of Anderson) tried to fight Michaels backstage. Knowing HBK's character at the time, I'm sure there was a good chance that HBK probably deserved a little bit of an asskicking. On another note, Tommy Lee versus Shawn Michaels would have been a better main event than Diesel versus Shawn Michaels, just saying.

Verdict: Unconfirmed, but likely true.

15 Squirrel Gets Vicious With Sid Vicious

via wikimedia.org

In another list of mine, I mentioned that Sid Vicious is not exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer, but this story might just be the dumbest thing Sid has allegedly ever done. According to the legend, Sid used to carry around a pet squirrel with him everywhere he went and on a dare from another wrestler (would anybody be surprised if the crafty Owen Hart had set this up?) he shoved the squirrel down his pants. The goal was to keep the animal in his pants for a minute but about 30 seconds in, the squirrel potatoed Sid in his balls via biting. Sid needed stitches and a rabies shot but honestly if you put a squirrel down your pants you need more than a rabies shot to fix what's wrong with you.

Verdict: Unconfirmed.

14 Fabulous Moolah and Mae Young... More Than Friends?

via Rich Freeda/WWE

While both were some of the first female wrestlers to ever gain any form of recognition, most fans know Fabulous Moolah and Mae Young from their outrageous comedy segments from the late 90s and early 2000s. The two were seemingly inseparable and if this rumor is true we would know why more than ever. Not only were the two best friends, but apparently they were also lovers. True or not, you gotta give it up for just how badass those two old birds were.

Verdict: Unconfirmed, likely untrue.

13 JBL Hazes Too Far

via wrestlingnewsworld.com

As stupid and pathetic it is, hazing seems to be a part of pretty much any sports-related locker room. Sometimes it takes the form of dumb pranks and bad jokes but sometimes it goes way too far.

It's well known that JBL was a bully backstage but the most disturbing of his notorious rumors was that he would hop in the showers with some of the younger talent and help them, ahem, clean up. Try listening to JBL's voice on Raw now.

Verdict: Unconfirmed, but likely true.

12 Randy Savage Batters The Hulkster's Eye

via usmagazine.com

Despite the fact that Hulk Hogan inducted Randy Savage into the WWE Hall of Fame this year, the two did not have the rosy relationship that WWE wants you to think. While they were friends for spurts of time, there were also several times that Savage absolutely loathed Hogan.

So much so that according to legend, Savage punched Hogan in the face prior to WrestleMania IX and gave him the black eye Hogan sported at the event. This legend has been debunked for a while though as Hogan and several other sources say that Hogan actually got it from a water-skiing accident.

Verdict: False.

11 Shawn Michaels stars in The Marine(s)?

Back in the mid-90s Shawn Michaels wasn't a good person to be around from all accounts. He was a drug addict, a prima donna and had a mouth that wouldn't stop. On screen that mouth served him well but outside of it it got him in trouble.

Jim Cornette tells his version of the story from 0:15 to 0:39

In this particular incident, HBK apparently hit on a marine's girlfriend near a club in Syracuse, New York. So far this is all true. The part where the story becomes legend is the number of marines that beat up Michaels afterwards as some accounts say it was a single marine and others say it was multiple marines. Either way, safe to say that Michaels will not be picking up any DVD copies of The Marine (mind you neither will we).

Verdict: True, one way or another.

10 Bret Hart Enjoys Sunny Days

via photobucket.com

With summer coming around at the moment, everybody can't wait to get outside and enjoy the beautiful sunshine. This urban legend though told of a story that Bret Hart enjoyed a different kind of sunshine.

In 1997 during Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart's historic feud, Michaels uttered a line in a promo that Hart had been having some "sunny days", implying that the married Hart was sleeping with WWE Diva Sunny. The line led to a backstage brawl between HBK and Hart which ended with Hart ripping a hunk of HBK's hair out. While the story is untrue, you can bet that Vivid would tap into this story should they close the deal in signing Sunny.

Verdict: False.

9 Lita "Pays" For Her Training

via diva-dirt.com

Anybody who watched Lita's 2014 Hall of Fame speech knows the story of how she got into the wrestling business. After watching a clip of Rey Mysterio, she dropped everything she was doing and moved to Mexico to learn the art of pro wrestling or lucha libre as it were. From there though the story gets murky as to what happened in Mexico and apparently there's a reason for this. The story goes that because Lita had no money to pay for her training, she would do sexual favors in order to pay for training. There isn't a shred of evidence to this.

Verdict: Unconfirmed.

8 Bruce Hart and a Teen

via bookprowrestlers.com

The number of stories surrounding the Hart family are almost too numerous to count. While some are weird and some are hilarious, this one is seriously heavy. Bruce, the second oldest of the 12 Hart children, was not only a professional wrestler but also a school teacher in Calgary. When he was substitute teaching at a school, Hart allegedly impregnated a teenage girl and later married her. Judging by the timeline of events, the girl would have to be his ex-wife Andrea Hart. If true, this would be another screwed story to add to the pile of Hart family tales.

Verdict: Unconfirmed.

7 It's Not Good To Be The King

via tattooexpo.com

The Kliq of the mid 90s WWE wasn't known for their warm demeanour and welcoming attitude. No, the Kliq (comprised of Shawn Michaels, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and others throughout the years) was well known for being general a**holes to anybody who wasn't in their circle. Even royalty wasn't excluded from their torment.

As mentioned in his book It's Good to be the King... Sometimes Jerry Lawler didn't fit in nicely with the WWE locker when he first came in 1993. While he never elaborated on it, the rumor is that the Kliq defecated Lawler's signature crown. The timeline is a little off kilter due to not all of the Kliq being around in 93, but it's still possible that Hall or Michaels would do it knowing their characters in the 90s.

All I can keep picturing is the King's signature scream on commentary upon seeing what happened to his crown.

Verdict: Unconfirmed, likely true.

6 The Von Erich Family is Weird

via dallasnews.com

Speaking of wrestling families, the Von Erich family is another wrestling clan who is known for some odd tales and this is a taste of the madness. According to this tale, Kevin Von Erich, (who would have been 23 at the time) paid for a hooker to do the business with his 12-year-old brother Chris Von Erich. Chris was not happy about it and apparently cried during the ordeal. Tip to Kevin, do that about six years later and your brother would love you forever.

Verdict: Unconfirmed.

5 Sid Vicious Fails To Control His Bowels

via pwmania.com

Ah good old Sid Vicious once again. He may have been a mediocre wrestler but dammit, he makes my job so easy. In this next episode of The Sid Vicious show, we go to March of 1997. Sid is the WWE Champion (yes really) and is defending the championship against the one and only Undertaker at WrestleMania 13. As he is lifted up for the tombstone, the story goes that Sid well, shat himself. There's another variation to the story which says it was at a house show prior to WM13 but either way, I bet Taker wished he just went for the chokeslam instead.

Verdict: Unconfirmed.

4 Kevin Sullivan Murdered Chris Benoit

via hack-man.com

The Chris Benoit tragedy is by far the greatest tragedy/black mark to befall the entire wrestling world. A seemingly stand-up guy and former world champion murdered his own wife and son before committing suicide himself. Or did he?

According to the (conspiracy) theory, Kevin Sullivan (ex-husband of Benoit's wife Nancy Benoit) was actually the murderer of the three. This is due to several reasons including that Sullivan is allegedly a Satanist (he denied this) and the fact that he told Benoit years ago when he "stole" Nancy away from Sullivan that he would get revenge on Benoit one day. For a deeper explanation and debunking of the theory check out this video here.

Verdict: False.

3 Ultimate Warrior(s)?

via cagesideseats.com

The Ultimate Warrior seems to have an innate power of attracting insanity and this story is further proof of this. Back in 1991, the WWE released the former WWE champion because he held up Vince McMahon for a bigger payday at SummerSlam. The WWE was without its Warrior for a few months before the Warrior came storming back to save Hulk Hogan from Papa Shango and Sid Vicious at WrestleMania VIII. Or was it really him?

Yes as ridiculous as it sounds, there was thought that this wasn't the same Ultimate Warrior. Fans thought that this was a new man playing the role due to his slightly different physique. After a while it was realized that it was the same man because seriously, the world couldn't handle two Ultimate Warriors.

Verdict: False.

2 Randy Savage Deflowers The Princess

via wrestlingnews.co

Prior to his induction in the WWE Hall of Fame last year, it was the biggest mystery in wrestling: why was Randy Savage absent from the WWE Hall of Fame?

This urban legend was the most popular online theory as to why that was so. Allegedly Savage had an ongoing affair with a teenage Stephanie McMahon around 1994 and once her father Vince McMahon found out about it years later, Savage was essentially blacklisted by the WWE. Even on the recently released Randy Savage DVD documentary by the WWE we aren't given a clear answer on what exactly happened and it is almost a guarantee that we will never know.

Verdict: Unconfirmed.

1 Jimmy Snuka Murdered His Girlfriend

via wfmz.com

To most people Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka is known as a simple humble man from Fiji who was of the first wrestlers in the WWE to be considered a high flier. If this story is true however than the WWE Universe might look at Snuka much differently.

Back in 1983, Snuka's mistress Nancy Argentino was found nearly dead and oozing yellow fluid from her mouth. A more detailed report of the story can be found here but the skinny is that Superfly killed Argentino, rather than the one of the numerous stories which Snuka has told over the years. After 30 years of nothing, a grand jury just reopened the case last year but nothing has been heard since. If true, it would certainly be one of the darkest tales in the history of professional wrestling.

Verdict: Unconfirmed.

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