Top 20 Women With The Hottest "Assets" In WWE History

Not only could these ladies kick some butt, they have a nice one of their own!

Aside from Wendi Richter in the "Rock N Wrestling" days of the mid-80s, WWE largely ignored women's wrestling until Sunny and Sable showed they could pop a rating in the mid to late 90s.

In the early 90s, WWE did try to get Alundra Blayze over as the best women's wrestler in the world. Fans had trouble getting behind her however. Sadly, WWE's faith in women's wrestling was so low when Alundra left for WCW, they didn't bother to crown another champion for three years. That would be three years after their last Women's Champion showed up on Nitro and threw the belt in the trash.

A true Women's Division in WWE didn't really begin until the late 90s, when workers like Ivory and Jaqueline were brought in to help make Sable look good. When Trish and Lita moved to the division in the early 2000s, the division really went through its first revolution. All of a sudden, not only were the women aesthetically pleasing, but they could also get the job done in the ring.

Of course, part of being athletic means having strong core muscles. The glute muscles, that is the muscles of one's posterior, are important to having a strong core. As such, many of the top women wrestlers of all-time have had particularly impressive glutes. Let's check out 20 of them!

20 Sasha Banks


You knew Sasha Banks would make this list, as she shows off her WrestleMania 32 yoga pants from all angles above.

This new era of women's wrestling doesn't involve as much T&A as previous generations did, but that doesn't mean this new crop of female grapplers aren't packing the same level of physical attributes. Take Sasha Banks in the photo above as an example. While she might not be a model, she sure can rock a pair of yoga pants.

Amazingly, Banks is only 25 and still has her best years ahead (we hope). Banks has already main evented a PPV, and been a multiple time Women's Champion. As the Women's Division grows, it'll grow with Sasha Banks as one of its top performers.

19 AJ Lee


While AJ didn't often flaunt her sexuality, she did make a point of sticking out her gluteal muscles and nobody really complained about that. When AJ wasn't showing off her, ahem, physical gifts, she was showing off her wrestling ability. A fan from a young age, AJ made her wrestling debut just a couple of weeks after her 20th birthday, and was signed to WWE two years later.

She would make her main roster debut in May of 2011, but sadly would retire just under four years later. AJ married former wrestler, CM Punk in 2014, and was caught up in the drama that surrounded his departure from the company the same year. After WrestleMania in 2015, AJ announced her retirement from pro wrestling.

18 Emma 


WWE attempted to change Emma's character earlier this year. For months, fans were treated to vignettes of "Emmalina" at photo shoots, showing off her various aesthetically pleasing features.

When it came time for her to perform the character however, things didn't go as WWE planned. It's believed that Emma just wasn't able to nail down the character, and she wanted to go back to her "evil" Emma persona.

17 Maria Kanellis


Speculation is that Maria could be headed back to WWE shortly. The former Playboy model is rumored to be on her way back to the company along with her husband, Mike Bennett. The couple had been in TNA Wrestling up until the recent ownership change, and they were in ROH and NJPW before that.

The 35 year-old used her assets to get noticed in the 2004 Diva Search. After the contest, she was sent to Ohio Valley Wrestling, which was being booked by Paul Heyman at the time. It is said that she ended up getting Paul's ear and even pitched booking ideas while in developmental.

16 Paige


Saraya-Jade Bevis, better known to wrestling fans as Paige, has not had a good start to 2017. She has been involved in a rather tumultuous affair with Alberto El Patron, aka Alberto Del Rio, which led to both of them leaving WWE (Paige is pretty much gone but not officially yet).

During the draft, Paige and Alberto were sent to different brands. They did not like this evidently and it added to the heat. Whether WWE will bring her back or not after she heals from her current injury is not known, but it seems very unlikely.

15 Christy Hemme


Christy Hemme won the 2004 Diva Search, which was no easy task, as there were some incredible women in that contest. As mentioned, Maria got her start in that year's competition, as did Candice Michelle and Amy Weber. Michelle McCool was also in the 2004 Diva Search, where she was discovered by WWE, and most likely The Undertaker as well.

Hemme was hands down the fans first choice - it wasn't even close, they loved her. She was attractive and had incredible screen presence. Unfortunately, Hemme may have rubbed some people the wrong way once fully employed by WWE.

After winning the Diva Search, Hemme was gone from the company a year later. She did a little better in TNA however, where she spent ten years until leaving in 2016.

14 Charlotte Flair


Charlotte Flair has her father's star quality and screen presence. Luckily, she doesn't share his genetics when it comes to her posterior area. Her father seemed to always be exposing his backside during his matches, frequently using the rather unfortunate spot where his opponent grabs his trunks exposing a Ric Flair "full moon".

Charlotte doing the same spot would most likely cause a distinctively different reaction from fans. She's an athlete and that is evident in her gluteal muscles as well. She played volleyball before training to become a wrestler in 2012.

13 Torrie Wilson


If you can believe it, that is a recent photo of Torrie Wilson. She's a woman in her 40s and still looks that good in fitness attire. Well done Torrie Wilson! Well done!

Torrie is a fitness fanatic, so her graceful aging shouldn't come as much of a surprise. In fact, she currently sells her fitness and workout videos to people looking to get into better shape, or people who just want to watch her workout....

12 Layla


Layla was a dancer before she made her way to the WWE. She went to a college for the performing arts, which led to her become a cheerleader for the Miami Heat. She also was a dancer for Kanye West, which must have made working for WWE seem surprisingly normal by comparison.

She won the 2006 Diva Search, and made her first official appearance as a full-time member of the roster at that year's SummerSlam. By early 2007 however, she was moved to the ECW brand, which was struggling due to their ill-received December to Dismember PPV to close out 2006.

11 Eva Marie

Well hello Tuesday ✨ - "ALL IN" matching set @nemfashion #NEMFashion #LetsWerk

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As of this writing, Eva Marie is not expected back in WWE. She failed a Wellness Policy Exam and hasn't been back since.

Despite being drop dead gorgeous, and seemingly having Corey Graves wrapped around her finger, Eva Marie wasn't able to make it work in WWE. She was working as a fitness model when WWE came calling in 2013. Almost immediately after signing with the company, she was cast to the promotion's reality show Total Divas.

10 Becky Lynch


30 year-old Rebecca Quin, better known as Becky Lynch, doesn't quite get the respect she deserves nowadays in WWE. Lynch is a fantastic wrestler who would stand-out more if it weren't for the fact that today's Women's Division is deeper than it ever has been.

She also doesn't get the kind of attention she should for having a defined, toned and aesthetically pleasing glute muscles. Generally, Lynch is kept somewhat covered up while wrestling, but the above photo-shoot shows off a more tantalizing side of the Irish Lass Kicker.

9 Summer Rae


33 year old Danielle Louise Moinet, better known as Summer Rae, seems lost in the shuffle at the moment in WWE. After recovering from an injury recently, she has been available to return, but creative doesn't seem to have anything for her. That's not a good sign.

Before joining WWE, Summer Rae was a standout football star. Although her brand of football is somewhat different from the version popularized by the NFL. From 2008 to 2011, Summer played on the Chicago Bliss of the Legends Football League better known by its previous name, the Lingerie Football League.

8 Bayley


When you think of women in the WWE with great sets of glutes, Bayley might not be the first person who comes to mind. She has clearly been eating her Booty O cereal however, as the above picture attests to.

Bayley is one of the most interesting women's wrestlers of all-time. The 27-year old is popular with fans old and young alike. Kids love her because she seems to like all the same things they do, and adult wrestling fans like her because they can tell she loves pro wrestling dearly.

7 Kelly Kelly

Kelly Kelly, the Diva' so nice they named her twice, left the WWE five years ago, and is still only 30 years old. She was rumored to be returning to the company around WrestleMania 33, however that doesn't seem to have come to pass.

As a 19 year old, her modelling was discovered by John Laurinaitis in 2006, who signed her and sent her to WWE developmental. She wouldn't be there long however, as she would make her main roster debut for the ECW brand later that same year.

She began a storyline where she was the girlfriend to a jealous and over-protective Mike Knox, leading to Knox being involved in several storylines with ECW stars who disapproved of how he treated her.

6 Lana


The Ravishing Russian Lana has endured an interesting WWE career thus far. She debuted with her real-life boyfriend (now husband) Rusev in NXT, and both would be called up to the main roster in early 2014.

Rusev debuted at the 2014 Royal Rumble, and Lana would debut on the following SmackDown. As the fans would boo Rusev, but they would usually cheer for Lana. This led WWE to break up the couple and putting her with Dolph Ziggler. Fans had trouble buying into the storyline however, and not long after Lana and Rusev announced their real-life engagement on social media, Lana once again turned heel and joined Rusev.

5 The Bella Twins


It feels unfair to give Brie and Nikki separate entries when their glute muscles come from exactly the same DNA. Though as their careers have evolved over the years, so has their physiques.

The Bellas have each married top WWE stars, in Daniel Bryan and John Cena. By marrying Cena, Nikki Bella has found the closest thing to marrying a McMahon that was available to her at the time. Brie marrying Daniel Bryan may have felt like a similar scenario, but there are rumors that Bryan plans on leaving WWE when his contract is up in 2018.

4 Alexa Bliss


Alexa Bliss has made an impact in the short time she has been on the main roster. The 25-year old is still in her rookie year in WWE's big leagues, and is already a two-time SmackDown Women's Champion, and the current Raw Women's Champion.

Bliss was called up from NXT to SmackDown during the brand-extension draft in July of 2016. At the time, she had been serving mainly as a manger for Blake and Murphy in NXT, and was just transitioning as a solo act. When given the opportunity on SmackDown however, Bliss ran with it.

3 Naomi


A post shared by WWE Superstar NAOMI (@trinity_fatu) on

There are a lot of women on this list who have well-defined glute muscles, but only one woman utilizes her strengths as part of her finishing move. Naomi's signature move is called the "Rear View", and basically involves her jumping and ramming her backside into her opponent's face.

Naomi will also use an inverted head-scissors move which she refers to as "Bootylicious". Literally having a larger posterior is the focal point of Naomi's character. Well, that and she sometimes "Feels The Glow!".

2 Stacy Keibler


What always amazes us about Stacy Keibler is that she was romantically linked to David Flair at one point, and then later linked to George Clooney in the same way. We live in a world where David Flair and George Clooney have dated the same woman. That's mind blowing, which is also how many people describe Keibler's back-side.

After WCW folded, WWE picked up her contract and she became part of the Invasion angle. She ended up becoming "The Duchess of Dudleyville" and started dressing like the Dudleyz.

1 Trish Stratus


Trish Stratus had a lot of competition in this article, but in the end there was only one woman who could occupy the top spot. To have your glute muscles chosen over the likes of Stacy Keibler and Naomi truly is an accomplishment. Young Alexa Bliss coming in at number four is no slouch either.

Trish Stratus turned heads when she made her WWE debut in 2000. At the time Lita was managing the Hardy Boyz, so Trish was partnered with her new team T&A, or Test and Albert. After crowds voiced their approval of Trish however, she was quickly moved into a main event storyline with Vince McMahon, and turned face at her very first WrestleMania, rarely going back to being a heel.

At a time where women's wrestling needed athletes that could also give the Attitude Era fans the kind of tantalizing entertainment they had grown accustomed to, Trish was the perfect performer at the perfect time.

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