Top 20 Worst Mic Botches In Wrestling History

Talking is supposed to a simple thing. At least in theory but in practice, it can be tricky. We all make mistakes, misspeak words, babble, stumble on sentences, it’s only human. But when you have a mic in front of you, they can take on a whole new dimension. Many a politician has been ruined by a bad botching of a line. Many a newscaster has become a viral sensation by blowing a story, cursing on air or another mistake that costs them dearly. While it’s natural to have this happen, having it recorded on TV turns a minor error into something that lasts a long time.

In wrestling, fans can be rather judgmental about minor mistakes, as seen by the “you f----d up” chants when a guy botches a move in the ring. It’s not really fair as you can’t expect wrestlers to be perfect but fans have high expectations. That also includes railing into them for a bad bumbling of a promo or announcing. Again, these performers are human, pressures of a show so mistakes can be common and you can ignore it. However, some botches are bigger than others. Both wrestlers and announcers alike have made some mistakes that rise above minor errors and instead are absolutely idiotic. Many suspect it’s the reason WWE has been scripting promos, to reduces the chances of them messing up. From modern times to “olden days,” there have been botches you just can’t believe occurred and laughed about them majorly. Here are 20 of the biggest mic botches made by wrestlers and announcers over the years in wrestling and marvel how easily the brain and mouth can disconnect.

20 Bad Botching


19 Eli Cottonwood - Who has a mustache?

You have to include this one among great terrible moments on the mic. In the days when NXT was basically just “Tough Enough,” challenges were made to the workers to show their stuff. One was them given a subject and having to cut a promo about it. The subject for Cottonwood was “mustache” and he proceeded to do a promo that played like something out of the first season of “True Detective.”

18 What Title is it Anyway?


17 5,000 viewers


16 Uh... you know what, brother.

15 Who Dat Guy?


The early 1990s were not a fun time for WWE as Vince insisted on doing many PPVs himself despite his bad announcing skills. At the 1994 King of the Ring, they brought on legendary football player Art Donovan to do commentary with Gorilla Monsoon and Randy Savage. To call what happened a comedy of errors is to give it a break as Art played up the stereotype of a grandfather watching a modern TV hit. “Who dat guy?” was a constant refrain along with asking what moves were called, calling IRS a “businessman,” asking how much guys weighed even after it was announced and more.

14 Sid I


13 SummerFest

The “guest host of RAW” stuff could be hit and miss as for every person that worked (William Shatner or the Muppets), we had slews that didn’t. Jeremy Piven quite obviously didn’t as rather than try to be Ari Gold, he attempted to get by as himself…which wasn’t a good thing. His rants were annoying as was Ken Cheong as his sidekick. The topper was when he told Miz and John Cena that if they lost a match “you will be banned from the Summerfest.”

12 The Silverdome

11 We comin' for you!!

10 Hogan's tirade on McMahon

9 Long Island Iced Z... Jack Swagger!

8 Steiner goes Medieval


You can fill this list with nothing but Scott Steiner moments given his insane rants and incredible intensity. It was wild in WCW but got even crazier in WWE to the point a Network special even talked about his crazy stuff. He and Chris Jericho were to have a verbal showdown with the idea being Jericho mocking Steiner’s headgear as “King Arthur” and Steiner replying “I’ll go medieval on your ass!” Instead, Scott declared “King Arthur, come in here and I’ll kick your medieval ass!”

7 Mean Gene's F Bomb

6 Scripted

5 Big Al’s Beard


The latter days of WCW were filled with laughable moments and this has to rank among the wilder. Pushed as a legitimate badass, Tank Abbott never clicked that way in WCW and soon stuck in the lower cards. He and Big Al went at it in a brawl on PPV that was mostly just yelling at each other before getting a leather jacket on a pole (it makes no sense). With Big Al laid out, Yank pulled out a knife and put it to Al’s throat while yelling the C-word out.

4 What's Up, Green Bay?!

3 Lex Luger

2 Sid II

1 Jeff Harvey

On a WWE Network special on “biggest blunders,” Adamle gets right in the middle with various workers and even Vince and Stephanie, noting how they felt sorry for the guy. From the day he announced “Jeff Harvey,” Adamle became a human highlight reel for ridiculous lines (“Jamaican me crazy!”) to botching names (“CW Punk”) and not even knowing basic wrestling moves, the guy just never had a chance.

Vince has said he thought the heat on him would make him a good move for RAW GM which just led to more ridiculous moments and Vince has actually apologized for putting Adamle in that position. His reign was short but oh so memorable for a man who seemed unable to even say “good morning” without making it a mess and the obvious choice to top this list.

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Top 20 Worst Mic Botches In Wrestling History