Top 20 Worst Moments in RAW History

You never know what to expect from the creative minds of the WWE, or Vince McMahon. Everyone knows that the world of WWE is based off a storyline. There have been good storylines and then storylines t

You never know what to expect from the creative minds of the WWE, or Vince McMahon. Everyone knows that the world of WWE is based off a storyline. There have been good storylines and then storylines that left you scratching your head.

There is no secret, when two superstars meet in the ring, their goal is for the match to tell the story. If the match makes you understand the storyline, then the superstars nailed it. If you’re halfway through the match and can’t tell the story it is trying to tell, well then that’s a bad job by the writers and the performers.

We could go on for days. Matches that lived up to the hype of the storyline. For example, the WrestleMania XXV match between Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker. Two icons leaving it all in the ring. Showing the audience and the up and coming superstars how much the business means to them.

There are the storylines that just make you shake. The bad storylines are the ones you always remember, compared to the good ones. We have gone back and look up RAW moments, finding what are believed to be some of the worst the WWE have produced.

These moments can be from any era, but a majority will be deal with the post Millennium era of WWE.

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20 RAW Anonymous General Manager


After WWE revoked Brett Hart from his duties as RAW General Manager, messages would be delivered via flashing lights and an instant messenger sound. The Anonymous General Manager lasted for over a year until Triple H took over as COO. However, the anonymous General Manager would appear again in 2012. With everyone trying to figure out who it was, one superstar solved the case. Santino Marella, the detective, he concluded that the GM was under the ring and not backstage. After being dragged under the ring by an unknown person, Marella came out with Hornswoggle, outing him as Anonymous GM. It’s still unknown if the Anonymous GM was a single individual, or a duo. All we know is during the year of 2012 Hornswoggle was in control.

19 Mae Young Gives Birth to a Hand


In what had to be one of the weirdest storylines ever, the late great Mae Young, then 77 and, Mark Henry then 28, were expecting a baby. On the February 28, 2000 episode of RAW Mae Young had gone into labor. During the scene we saw Young and Henry backstage while doctors got ready to deliver the baby. The scene concluded with Gerry Brisco throwing up in the back and Mae and Mark having a baby hand. Doctors and the audience were both left confused. Mark Henry had said, “It was one of the funniest things in WWE history.”

18 Lita Pregnant with Kane’s Baby


Before Lita and Edge went behind Matt Hardy’s back and had their affair, Lita, Matt and Kane where involved in a storyline where Kane stalked Matt Hardy. The only way he would stop would be if Lita gave into his demands. Kane threatened to destroy Matt unless Lita had sex with him. A few weeks later Lita told Matt she was pregnant and broke the news that the baby wasn’t his; in fact it was Kane’s.

Later down the line, Lita was in Kane’s corner for a match against Gene Snitsky. During the match Kane landed on top of Lita causing her to lose the baby. To top it all off, Snitsky interrupted an episode of the Highlight Reel with a baby doll which he ended up punting into the audience.

It's hard to pick out which moment was worst, so we'll put it all together here.

17 WCW/WWE Merger


The Monday night wars went throughout the late 90s. During the wars we saw WCW control the ratings early. That was until Vince made the WWE edgier. Sooner than later, Vince would buy the rights of WCW from Ted Turner. However, in a twist, Shane McMahon showed up at WCW’s last episode of Nitro saying he purchased WCW and ECW before his father could. The moment itself was fine, but what makes it bad is what it led to.

This led to the Invasion angle, which was disappointing because a majority of the big WCW superstars stayed home and collected on the last few years of their contract. The storyline ended when team WWE beat team WCW/ECW at Survivor Series.

16 Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella try to evade Kane


Kane and Daniel Bryan were one of the strangest tag teams ever. Team Hell No. As requested by GM at the time AJ Lee, Kane and Bryan went through series of Anger Managements classes. When the team folded, Kane targeted Bryan and his wife Brie Bella. Bryan and Brie tried to escape Kane. Like a scene out of a corny scary movie, Bryan and Brie are in the parking lot when their car wouldn't start. Bryan got out and checked what happened. When he finished, who was in the back seat, but Kane. Followed by Brie screaming, Daniel and Kane exchanged blows and Daniel got in the car which started and drove off.

15 John Cena vs. Michael Cole


One of the most love hate superstars in WWE history was in a match with then heel commentator Michael Cole. Cena and Cole faced off in a no-disqualification match. First Cena had to beat Tensai. During the match Cole tried to escape, Cena pulled him back in and stripped him to his underwear. Cena then slapped Cole and put him in a headlock demanding that Cole apologized to Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler. Then Cole found himself covered in JR’s famous BBQ sauce. The crowd loved every moment, however, the superstars involved didn’t gain anything.

14 Rosie vs. Donald


One of the worst matches in WWE history, Rosie O’Donnell vs. The Donald. The main reason for the match, the media feud between the two. Vince came out on RAW saying to two would battle it out in the WWE ring. Emerging from the back, two impostors. The worst idea WWE ever had. A majority of the match the crowd was booing and chanting 'boring'. The WWE just wasted everyone's time with this match.

13 Vince’s Illegitimate Son


Back in 2007, WWE was transitioning towards a new era. One storyline had Vince looking for his illegitimate child. For weeks Vince was trying to find out which individual it could be. Mr. Kennedy was the one everyone thought it would be because the name Kennedy is in both of their names. After every clue was given by an investigator, it turned out to be Hornswoggle, the man who would be the future RAW Anonymous GM. Triple H humiliated his father-in-law while JBL eventually stepped in proving Hornswoggle was Finlay’s son.

12 Vince’s Limo Blows up


June 11, 2007 RAW ended with a distraught Vince McMahon walking to his limo, however, what happened next no one expected. Vince then got in the limo, and proceeded to shut the door. However, once the door was shut, the limo blew up. The original plan was to tie it in with the illegitimate son story line, saying Linda set up the explosion. Vince would have a video will that left the company to his illegitimate son, who would be Mr. Kennedy. The storyline ended early due to the then undisclosed death of Chris Benoit.

11 John Laurinaitis becomes RAW GM


John Laurinaitis was known as the Executive Vice President of Talent Relations for the WWE. However, he took over the spot of RAW interim General Manager when the COO Triple H failed at the spot. Early into his position he didn’t have the support of the fans because of his lack of mic skills and charisma. He turned those weaknesses around and uses them to his advantage in becoming a heel GM. However, he proved to just be a boring GM, eventually drawing heat for the wrong reasons.

10 Fake Diesel /Fake Razor Ramon


Back during the Monday Night war Diesel and Razor Ramon left the WWE and headed to rival WCW. The Universe thought saw of them. Yet Vince had a better idea, he had Glen Jacobs (Kane) play Diesel, and Rick Bognar play Razor Ramon. It was the worst attempt as a parody the WWE has ever tried. Until the Rosie vs the Donald match. The duo disappeared in early 1997, even with McMahon trying to push them as a serious act. It was one of those storylines that left you scratching your head at the end of it.

9 Tensai Wearing Lingerie


The WWE tried to put one over on its fans when Tensai made his RAW appearance. As if the crowd wouldn’t remember Matt Bloom’s character of Albert and the cheer of 'shave your back' they created for him. However, to make matters worse on RAW Roulette, Tensai came out to have a dance-off with Brodus Clay. When he revealed his lingerie it was a WTF moment. The crowd seemed to enjoy it, however, it is a sight many wish they could be unseen. Matt Bloom tweeted following the dance-off saying, “It's entertainment folks. Love it or hate it you couldn't look away. Btw, under wires suck!!”

8 Chris Benoit Tribute


The death of Benoit shocked the WWE. As a matter of fact it was eerie seeing Vince McMahon standing in the middle of the ring in an empty arena talking about Chris Benoit. I think everyone expected the show to go on like it did when Eddie Guerrero passed months prior, having RAW as scheduled and dedicating it to the memory of Benoit and his family. Yet, the WWE took a different route and cancelled the show, having a tribute playing old Benoit matches. The next day, the truth came about the murder-suicide  and WWE was quick to pull Benoit's name from everything.

7 Kane Burns JR


After having to unmask due to a lost to Triple H and Evolution, Kane went on a road of destruction. Starting with attacking his former tag team partner RVD. A few weeks after the unmasking Jim Ross had a sit down interview with Kane trying to find out what he was thinking. However, Kane’s responded with everyone is making fun of him and he would attack everyone who continued. The longer the interview went on the more Kane thought JR was laughing at him. RAW went off the air that night with JR on the floor cover in flames screaming while crews tried to put out the fire.

6 Mike Adamle - RAW GM


Mike Adamle started off as an interviewer for WWE, known for making mistakes onscreen during interviews, forgetting the name of the superstar he was interviewing. However, on a July 28th episode of Raw, Adamle found his way in to GM seat of the brand. He introduced his high-profile matches he called “Adamle Originals.” His most memorable moment was the storyline where he slapped superstar Randy Orton in the face. The next week on RAW, during an in-ring segment with Shane McMahon and Orton, Adamle resigned from his position as GM.

5 Roman Reigns Tater-tots


Leading up to his match against Sheamus at 2015's TLC pay-per-view, Reigns was trying to bait Sheamus into an altercation. However, Sheamus wasn’t falling for it. Yet, Roman kept trying to get him going. He pushed the right buttons when he referring to Sheamus’s “potatoes” as Tater-Tots. It was a lame line that instantly trended on Twitter due to how bad it was weak. Roman, not known for his skills on the mic, showed it during this segment. Watching the segment unfold, it sounded like Reigns was reading off a cue-card.

4 Daniel Bryan Leaves Again


There is no secret the WWE Universe is in love with Daniel Bryan. Infatuated with him and his YES chants he is one of the modern day superstars that gets a pop from the crowd like no other. Coming off his first injury, Bryan went on and won the Intercontinental title in a ladders match at WrestleMania 31. Injured again, right after winning the title, Bryan came out on the May 11, 2015 episode of RAW to hand in the belt and leave for a second time. It was a real downer. The WWE is still missing Bryan. Coming close to a year since he left, there is still no word on if or when he will return.

3 Daniel Bryan has an Affair with Therapist


After winning the World Title at WrestleMania he suffered a severe neck injury keeping him out of action. Bryan’s engagement with WWE Diva Brie Bella was public knowledge. However, instead of having Bryan hand over the title they kept him involved with the storyline leading up to Brie Bella vs. Stephanie McMahon at Summer Slam. To build it up Stephanie brought out Megan Miller, Bryan's therapist for his neck injury. Stephanie had Miller reveal she was having an affair with Bryan during their sessions. Bryan came out calling the storyline stupid, saying it added nothing to the story.

2 Trish Barks like a Dog


As the owner, Vince McMahon has always had himself involved in the storylines during the year. His most famous storylines always had him in a relationship with the hottest diva on the roster. Vince was in a storyline where Trish Stratus was his mistress. On a 2001 episode of RAW, McMahon had Stratus strip down to her underwear and had her down on all fours barking like a dog. Ten years later the same clip showed up on ABC while Vince’s wife Linda was running for Senate. It even cost McMahon $100 million to have the video removed from the internet.

1 Katie Vick – Triple H and Kane


Everyone knew Kane for being a sick and twist individual, and no one expected it from Triple H. However, Triple H made Kane look even more twisted with the Katie Vick angle. HHH said Kane was a murderer who killed his girlfriend Katie after driving drunk and getting in an accident. HHH revealed a video of him dressed as Kane sneaking into a funeral home and screwing a dummy. No moment in RAW history makes you cringe as much as this one.

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