Top 20 Worst Moments in TNA Wrestling History

The second half of the month of May 2015 has brought dark days to the Total Nonstop Action Wrestling community. Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez of Figure Four Online/Wrestling Observer, two of the most respected professional wrestling journalists in the industry today, reported on May 21 that Destination America, television home to TNA Wrestling, might not be renewing the TNA TV deal that is set to expire in September. An additional blow was delivered to TNA on May 27 when it was announced that Destination America had agreed to begin airing Ring of Honor programming starting in June.

This is not, to the company's credit, the first time that TNA has seemingly been on its deathbed. Many in the industry gave TNA little chance of surviving when it first appeared on the scene, and yet the organization has, via television deals and international exposure, managed to remain on the wrestling landscape for over a decade. TNA has, depending on how one would examine the company, been either a cockroach or a “Little Engine That Could” of the wrestling industry, and thus anybody throwing dirt on the organization without knowing for sure that it is dead is jumping the gun.

With that said, things do not at all look good for TNA heading into the summer of 2015. There is no one thing that has the company in its current state, as TNA has a long history of making questionable decisions and regrettable mistakes that have prevented it from being capable of hanging with WWE in television ratings and in pay-per-view purchases. There have been far more bad times than good in the history of TNA, which, in a way, makes choosing only 20 of the company's worst overall moments a difficult task.

20 All of “Joker” Sting

19 Abyss Wins the Title by DQ

18 Jay Lethal and Ric Flair

17 Tony Schiavone “Heel Turn”

16 Kurt Angle Beats Samoa Joe

15 Dixie Carter Addresses TNA Roster

14 Events Immediately After Lockdown 2008

13 King of the Mountain

12 Reverse Battle Royal

11 Dixie Grabs Hogan

10 Electrified Steel Cage Match

9 Claire Lynch

8 Jenna vs. Sharmell

Those of you who are fans of well-worked professional wrestling contests would do well to pretend that this encounter never happened. It is not, to be honest, all that fair to blame either Jenna Morasca or Sharmell for putting together what was one of the worst matches you will ever see happen in any wrestling ring ever. That somebody within TNA thought up this disaster and that it was then allowed to occur, at a pay-per-view event even, speaks to how poorly the company has been run throughout its existence. This match can't hurt you anymore, wrestling fans.

7 James Storm vs. Chris Harris: Blindfold match

6 HardCORE Justice

5 Aces and Eights

4 10.10.10.

3 Eric Bischoff and the Bird

2 Barbed Wire Christmas Tree

1 Victory Road 2011

Jeff Hardy and Sting were scheduled to battle in the main event over the TNA World Heavyweight Championship at the 2011 edition of Victory Road, but it was clear from the beginning of the match that something was not right with Hardy. The call was made to end the match quickly, with Sting retaining his title after roughly two minutes of actual in-ring action. TNA later issued an apology and a “refund” that offered free access to the company's video library, but the one obvious question went unanswered: how is it possible that nobody working for TNA made the call to prevent Hardy from going to the ring in the first place?

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Top 20 Worst Moments in TNA Wrestling History