Top 20 Worst Moments in WWE History

You thought only WCW was capably of having bad moments? Just because WWE is pretty decent at hiding their weaknesses, it doesn’t mean that the occasional bad idea doesn’t slip through the cracks. More often than not, WWE’s bad ideas are attempts at finding out how far the line could be pushed or no one telling Vince McMahon just how stupid one of his brilliant brainstorms are.

You’ll realize quickly that even a terrible WWE idea is nowhere near as bad as some of what WCW churned out. Simply put, even at their lowest, the WWE seldom looked bush league or desperate. Sometimes when you look back on history and really think about the logic behind a moment, you’ll realize how bad it was or how it was in poor taste, as there’s plenty of degradation and deprivation on this list. Unlike WCW though, seldom was a match poorly planned out and that’s why WWE won the Monday Night War. No matter how much ridiculousness was going on out of the ring, what went on inside the WWE ring was vastly superior to the endless amounts of “on a pole” matches WCW were doing.

Since no celebrity ever won the WWE title, nor was it ever decided via a finger flick, picking number one wasn’t exactly “a gimme,” so read on, because just like the WWE, anything can happen on this list.

20 Hopefully, the Real Courtship Didn't Happen this Way

19 Ladies Shouldn’t Bark

18 The Anonymous Raw General Manager

17 Vince McMahon Is Blown to Bits

16 Choppy Choppy Pee Pee

15 A DQ Means a Title Loss

14 The DX Anthem

13 The Invasion

When Vince McMahon bought WCW, all of the dream matches fans had been concocting for years could be realized. Why did the entire angle fail? A lot of WCW’s biggest guns decided to sit out the rest of their contracts with AOL/Time Warner and get paid for doing nothing, so the Invasion was just a bunch of mid–card guys and Booker T.

12 Blindfold Match

11 Fake Diesel / Razor

10 Brawl for All

9 Pepper Anyone?

8 Mae Births a Hand

7 Double–Chinned Diva vs. the Donald

6 Are You There God? It’s Me, Vince

5 Negating the Hitman


4 18 Seconds

3 What’s in the Egg?

2 Stone Cold Turns Heel

1 Katie Vick

When a storyline involves something as disturbing as necrophilia, it’s a lock to make a list like this. During a program with Kane, Triple H revealed to the world that Kane had unrequited love for a woman named Katie Vick, who Kane had tragically killed in a car accident. However, Triple H showed us a weird video that proved a little thing like death wouldn’t stop the Big Red Machine, who decided to be with her regardless. Storylines like this show that Vince McMahon clearly doesn’t have a clue where the line is.

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Top 20 Worst Moments in WWE History