Top 20 Wrestlers Who Absolutely Hate The WWE

The stories of drama in the wrestling business are simply fascinating. Despite the WWE not being considered "real" like the NFL, NBA or MLB, you often see WWE stories become more popular online. There are hundreds dirt sheets, podcasts and shoot interviews talking about the hilarious and insane stories that go on in pro wrestling because there’s a large market for it. While the major professional team sports are more popular, there are no NFL podcasts about old tales of personal drama or shoot DVDs with NBA stars chronicling the memories of their careers. For whatever reason, there’s just more shenanigans in pro wrestling.

WWE has become the juggernaut in pro wrestling and control the entire landscape of the market. There are other promotions trying their best but let’s be honest – there will likely never be another threat to WWE in the wrestling industry. A wise fictional man once said “with great power comes great responsibility” but WWE may change that to “with great power comes great drama.” The company has too many stories of bitter fallouts with their top stars due to petty drama. If you think back, just about every top star in the company has had a personal problem with WWE.

Hulk Hogan has been in the WWE doghouse too many times to count. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin walked out once. At least the relationships usually repair themselves as time goes on. WWE recently repaired incidents of wrestlers despising them in the last few years with Bruno Sammartino and Ultimate Warrior being inducted in the Hall of Fame. While the story usually has a happy ending, there are many stories of wrestlers currently having a strong dislike for WWE due to various reasons. Some have personal issues and others just dislike the product. We’re going to look at every aspect as we break down the top twenty wrestlers that hate the WWE.

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20 Colt Cabana 

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Colt Cabana is known for being one of the most successful independent professional wrestlers in the world and for being the best friend of CM Punk. Despite his entertaining personality and comedic style in the ring, Cabana had a poor WWE career. He frequently rants about his stint and the overall system in place in WWE during his “Art of Wrestling” podcast. WWE does not have any love for him either, as Cabana was recently sued by WWE doctor Chris Amann for disparaging comments made during his interview with CM Punk. Cabana does not go overboard in his rants about WWE, but the strong dislike is clear.

19 Disco Inferno 

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The WWE's recent slump and the rise of ex-wrestlers giving their opinions on the internet have led to more critics of the television product. Disco Inferno is a frequent contributor to Vince Russo’s podcast and a guest of Konnan’s podcast. The former WCW comedy act does not hold back when taking shots at what WWE is doing today. Russo claimed WWE refused to rehire him in 2002 because he wanted to bring Disco on as a writing assistant. So, there’s a chance Disco is a little bitter, but that doesn't change the fact that he definitely hates what the company has become.

18 Davey Richards 

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Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards are one of the best tag teams in the wrestling business and are currently working in TNA as The Wolves. The duo had a match on NXT against The Ascension before signing with TNA, but many hoped they would have joined WWE instead. Richards has spoken out about their decision to sign with TNA and stated he disliked the entire WWE system. He said WWE “gave him the creeps” because everyone was “walking on eggshells.” Anyone who has followed the career of Davey Richards knows he is not one to hold back his opinions, but he does sometimes change his mind. Those hoping The Wolves make their way to the WWE are banking on that.

17 Sunny 

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Many proclaim that Sunny was the original Diva and the greatest valet in WWE history but her current situation is far less impressive. Sunny is currently performing on Skype to paying customers and has been in the news for marking various controversial comments over the last year. Her disdain for WWE is on display when she's criticized for her Skype shows, when she says that they don't pay her bills, so they can't be unhappy with her. There have also been instances of her making it clear she doesn’t watch the product anymore, though she criticizes female performers such as Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch for their looks... interesting.

16 Jamie Dundee 

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Known most for his work in PG-13, Jamie Dundee had a very forgettable career in pro wrestling. His only claim to fame in WWE was being one of guys to rap while The Nation of Domination walked to the ring. Regardless of his lack of wrestling success, Dundee has been speaking out against the WWE in recent interviews. He blames Vince McMahon for a lot of the negatives contributing to the decline of pro wrestling. Dundee referenced the creation of Tough Enough and firing Zahra Schreiber for her offensive Instagram posts as reasons why he hates the WWE today. His opinion isn’t the most credible or one many will take seriously, but Dundee is very adamant that he dislikes the WWE.

15 Josh Mathews 

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Josh Mathews was a finalist on the original season of Tough Enough and held a job in WWE for many years as a broadcaster. The firing of Mathews was a surprise to most but he apparently wasn’t a very happy employee based off the reactions he gave following his departure. Mathews has taken a few potshots at WWE on Twitter and made sure the world knows he’s happier in TNA. The biggest example of Mathews’ hatred of WWE occurred when Samoa Joe debuted in NXT and the announcers didn’t reference the fact that Joe wrestled in TNA. Mathews took offense to them saying he was from the independent wrestling scene and unleashed a rant about the WWE being hypocrites.

14 Ken Doane 

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As the most popular member of The Spirit Squad, Ken Doane was viewed as a future main eventer due to his potential. At the same time, Doane was romantically involved with top female wrestler Mickie James and he claims that turned out to be his downfall. He made the allegation that John Cena was having an affair with James, which was around the time Doane was starting to get written off television and he claims it was due to the politics of Cena and the WWE structure. Doane has said he has no interest in going back to the WWE.

13 Raven 

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Despite having multiple runs with the company, Raven was never able to achieve much success in WWE. His performances in ECW and WCW showed off one of the best characters in wrestling during the 90s but WWE couldn’t figure out how to use him. In 2008, Raven decided to lead a couple of other wrestlers in a lawsuit against WWE, claiming the company falsely classifies employees as independent contractors. With a move like that, Raven was going to war with WWE and knew they would be enemies for the rest of his career. Not only is Raven now blackballed, but he also lost the lawsuit. On recent episode of the Talk Is Jericho podcast, Raven was overly critical of the WWE product.

12 Paul London 

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Paul London was a great wrestler, but he before his time in the WWE. London was one of the first ROH stars to get signed by WWE, but it was during a time when smaller wrestlers weren’t treated as credible talents and work rate was not as appreciated. If he debuted in his prime today, he’d likely be a bigger star but instead his WWE career was perfectly average. Following his release, London fired shots at WWE, with the claims that it was a miserable place to work. His main targets were Triple H and Vince McMahon. London said Triple H was a coward and McMahon was a fascist. WWE will likely never call London again and he clearly doesn’t want to go back.

11 Jeff Jarrett 

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As the figurehead of the newly launched Global Force Wrestling promotion, Jeff Jarrett puts on a happy face and acts professional when discussing WWE, but he definitely isn't a fan of the company. Jarrett left the company twice for WCW in the 90s with the latter situation coming in more controversy. Many rumors claim Jarrett held up WWE for more money on his last night to drop the Intercontinental Championship to Chyna. When WWE purchased WCW, Vince McMahon’s first act was burying Jarrett during the final Nitro by saying he’d never work in WWE again. These two egos have always had one of the more understated disdains for each other.

10 Teddy Hart 

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As a member of the legendary Hart family, Teddy Hart had a world of potential to become one of the best high-flying wrestlers in the business. He failed in WWE developmental and just about everywhere he worked because of his poor attitude. Hart doesn’t work well with others and it showed in his WWE stints. While most agree his failures were his own fault, he passes the blame to WWE and claims they were trying to bury him. Hart feels he was too good for the company and that they tried to stop him from getting over.

9 Gail Kim 

via impactwrestling.com

Just before the Divas Revolution took place, Gail Kim was arguably the most talented female wrestler in North America. Despite her incredible talent, WWE dropped the ball with her twice and she made the decision to leave for TNA after both stints. On an episode of The Ross Report podcast, Jim Ross revealed that Vince McMahon did not originally want to sign Kim because she was Asian. Kim has admitted in various interviews that she has zero interest in a WWE return and holds a grudge because she felt mistreated on a professional and personal level by McMahon. Of all the wrestlers on this list, Kim has the most valid reason to dislike WWE.

8 Batista 

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Unlike many other on the list, Batista’s hatred for WWE isn’t personal, but rather towards the current product. Batista has stated many times that he feels the product has taken a huge downturn because of the PG-era and would much prefer to see WWE become TV-14 once again. Before his 2014 return, Batista criticized the WWE for making smaller guys like Daniel Bryan and The Miz world champions. His return didn’t change his feelings too much, as he’s taken multiple shots at creative for the way he was used.

7 Vince Russo 

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Over the last year, Vince Russo has tried to become an online personality with a subscription service that features his thoughts on the wrestling industry. Russo is without a viable writing job in wrestling due to his controversial exits from WWE and TNA but clearly does want to return to WWE. More recently, Russo has been petitioning for the company to bring him back because he despises the current product and wants to save it. Russo went as far as to call out Vince McMahon and has been extremely harsh in bashing just about everything the company does today. It’s quite possible he is just trying to make headlines but the hatred in Russo’s voice seems very real.

6 Shane Douglas 

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Shane Douglas was signed by WWE in the early 90s and given the gimmick of Dean Douglas. The character was a terrible idea from the start and it completely sunk any chance of Douglas achieving success in WWE. Well, Douglas has been talking about the incident ever since. He used his hatred for WWE (and WCW) in his ECW promos to become one of the best heels in the business. The hatred was real and the believability made fans appreciate Douglas’ passion. Despite being unofficially retired, Douglas still talks about his hatred for WWE, Vince McMahon and Shawn Michaels every chance he gets.

5 Chyna 

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One wrestler that was on top of the world and had it all fall apart in quick fashion was Chyna. She was arguably the most popular female performer in WWE history at her peak and was the Intercontinental Champion at one point. Chyna’s downfall was her relationship with Triple H. The relationship between Triple H and Stephanie McMahon started when Triple H cheated on Chyna with her. Chyna was quickly let go by WWE once it all unfolded. Her life fell apart and she’s had many personal issues with poor choices and addiction. Chyna has spoken out against WWE, Triple H and The McMahons for their role in her fall from the top.

4 Goldberg 

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The story of Bill Goldberg and WWE can be defined as hatred before, after and during their times together. Many wrestlers in WWE didn’t respect Goldberg for his flaws as a wrestler and when he entered the company, he struggled to fit in. Due to backstage drama with Chris Jericho, being booked poorly in comedic segments with Goldust and losing to Triple H, Goldberg will let you know how terrible time in the company was. Goldberg believes Triple H and Vince McMahon don't like him because he’s his own man and wasn’t a WWE creation. Well, in his interviews, it seems Goldberg feels similarly.

3 Jim Cornette 

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Jim Cornette has made a career out of trashing things he dislikes and WWE has been the main target over the last decade. After he was fired for striking Santino Marella, Cornette has been unleashing on WWE for various things. He believes WWE has failed to put out a good product for years and has a personal hatred for many people in the company, including Triple H. The hatred for WWE has grown in the last couple of years, as Triple H has made Cornette's enemies, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn, big parts of the company. Cornette and Owens had a very personal and real disdain for each other when working together in Ring of Honor, so Jim likely won’t be attending a WWE show anytime soon.

2 Scott Steiner

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There has never been a wrestler as unpredictable and volatile as Scott Steiner. “Big Poppa Pump” gained a reputation for being quite dangerous and he’s not someone you want to make an enemy out of. Steiner hated his stint in WWE during the early 2000s because he felt Triple H used his political power to hold him down and make him look bad during their feud. Over the years, Steiner has absolutely destroyed Triple H, Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair when asked about the company. WWE actually banned Steiner from attending their 2015 Hall of Fame event because he was accused of threatening Hulk Hogan and his wife. The accusations have never been proven, but you have to figure they had no issue with banning Steiner from any of their events.

1 CM Punk 

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The breakup between CM Punk and WWE is one of the most fascinating stories ever witnessed in pro wrestling. After getting to the top of the company, Punk felt frustrated and unappreciated. Most of all, Punk felt disrespected by Triple H and Vince McMahon. During the infamous Art of Wrestling podcast episode he was featured on, Punk trashed the company's strategy and was most harsh towards Triple H, citing him as someone who's terrible for business. WWE allegedly sent Punk’s official termination papers on his wedding day and that absolutely set him off. CM Punk has made it clear that his goal is to never step foot in a WWE ring again and his hatred is undeniable.

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