20"The Natural" Dustin Rhodes - Goldust

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Speaking of Goldust, he, too, went through various career identity changes before settling with the one that made him famous.

While wrestling with over in Japan, during his first run with the WWE and in WCW up until 1994, the older Rhodes brother went by the name Dustin Rhodes. While he

had good size, he was never able to separate himself from the pack – that was, however, until he returned to the WWE in 1995.

Now going by the name Goldust, his character was mysterious, sexual and very odd – and at that time, he was definitely different than all of the other wrestlers on the roster at that time. He was so unique, that many point to the Goldust character as the first step towards the Attitude Era, as his edginess fit right in during the latter years of the 90s.

Although he strayed away from his very weird characteristics, the gold and black face paint and jumpsuit stayed the same, and Goldust was able to extend his career under that character up until this past year.

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