19Scott Putski

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Whatever it is “Polish Power” exactly consists of, it must not run in families, because Scott Putski inherited none of what turned his father Ivan into one of the top babyface stars of the 1980s. Ivan wrestled for WWE most of the decade, winning the WWE World Tag Team Championships with

Tito Santana in 1979 and feuding on and off with names like WWE World Champion “Superstar” Billy Graham and Jesse “The Body” Ventura. His son Scott wasn’t quite as lucky, debuting for WWE amongst great fanfare as the son of a legend in 1997, only to virtually disappear only a few months after a brief father-son feud with Jerry Lawler and Brian Christopher. Scott jumped to WCW and challenged for the TV Championship, but this is a far cry from the WWE Hall of Fame, where his father was inducted in 1995.

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