20Shawn Stasiak

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The one upside to being considered the worst WWE World Champion of all time is that at least you got to be WWE World Champion. Unfortunately, being the son of the worst WWE World Champion of all time is apparently a completely thankless role, or at least that could be

one way to describe why the career of Shawn Stasiak was a complete dud. His father Stan "The Man" Stasiak, while indeed considered one of the least notable contenders to hold WWE’s top prize, in all fairness was a regular fixture in the main event scene as a much hated heel wherever he went. Shawn, on the other hand, is best remembered for a series of extremely goofy gimmicks, with an ultimate punch line that saw him literally run into a wall. Not that this was any worse than the gimmick he debuted under, that being Terri Runnel’s sex slave. Stan Stasiak’s success was a pretty huge surprise even to him, but his son’s failure was a sure thing from day one.

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