Top 20 WTF!? Moments in WWE History

Is life a series of random events or is there divine meaning at work here? The number of people who believe in the former continues to grow as we quickly realize that randomness is a logical solution.

Is life a series of random events or is there divine meaning at work here? The number of people who believe in the former continues to grow as we quickly realize that randomness is a logical solution. Things are just happening because they happened to happen. There is no great mystery behind any of this. In the words of George Carlin discussing the Big Electron: "it just is, and so are we, for a little while."

However, despite our knowledge of this random wasteland, there are those moments that come along that make us wonder: WTF!? Certain situations are simply left unexplained and racking our minds to find an answer is enough drive one mad. The sooner we accept the random state in which we live, the sooner we achieve some sense of existential peace; not necessarily happiness but a new sense of calm.

If you're a fan of WWE, old or new, then you have witnessed a great deal of strange from the product. For all the great moments that have been produced, the weird and wild can certainly rival in number. These are the moments that can only be described with three letters: WTF!? They come and go in a flash and many have been swept under the rug. However, we are here to revisited these forgotten ... gems?

In the following article we will place wrestling randomness at the forefront as we take a stroll through WWE's concussed memory lane. You may love some of these moments. You may hate some. You may find some disturbing. It doesn't really matter as the ultimate consensus here will remain: WTF!? While WWE would like us to forget about some of these moment, let's take the time to remember.

Now then, without awaiting more Universal randomness to occur, let's jump into this thing.

These are the top 20 WTF!? moments in WWE history:

20 Debut of The Spirit Squad 


Male cheerleaders in WWE? It just doesn't work. In the wrestling world, the fans provide all the cheering necessary throughout an event. This gimmick would have flopped even if The Spirit Squad were a group of female cheerleaders.

So, what was the point? Nothing. Just another of WWE Creative thinking they're funny when they have no idea how to unleash true humour upon its audience. However, this is a lesson they never learn.

From their debut to their demise, every time The Spirit Squad entered the frame, fans would wonder: WTF!?

19 Big Dick Johnson 


Fans are always going to love Shawn Michaels and Triple H as well as their legendary faction, D-Generation X. However, the idea of introducing DX to a new generation with its founding members well aged was entirely dated.

The modern version of DX would attempt in vain to recapture their groundbreaking humour of the late '90s only to fail as such. In one of their worst segments, DX would introduce the world to Big Dick Johnson; an overweight, underdressed, oiled, dancer.

Was this funny? No. This was a WTF!? are you guys doing kind of moment.

18 JBL and Godzilla 


During a backstage segment on an episode of SmackDown (which was taking place in Japan), WWE Champion, John "Bradshaw" Layfield was "shot" with a tranquilizer dart, casing him to hallucinate.

JBL would believe that a blow-up dinosaur was Godzilla thus leading the plastic creature to the ring for a segment which was lost on the non-English speaking crowd. Of course, the entire segment was a ruse to set-up Big Show.

Nonetheless, the lead to this beat down was strange enough to leave English speaking fans scratching their heads. For the Japanese audience all they could say was: WTF!?

17 Al Snow Eats Pepper 


It is not common practice to eat dog in most cultures, nor should it be. Which is why the idea of watching a man munching on some mutt is disturbing and unsettling to the stomach.

In WWE - where everything can happen - a new, demented version of Big Boss Man would feed Al Snow a meal which consisted of his beloved dog, Pepper. Obviously, Snow did not actually eat any dog meat but the perception was there.

Two wrestlers in a room ... one serving the other a meal ... made up of his pet ... WTF!?

16 Kiss My Ass Club 


One must believe that Vince McMahon simply enjoyed displaying his thong to a national audience. McMahon is just twisted enough to get an incredible kick out the world watching him drop his pants.

Which is why the invention of the "Kiss My Ass Club" was so awkward to watch; why was Vince McMahon so happy about feeling another man's lips on his bare cheek? The inaugural remember of this club was the distinguished William Regal.

However, there were others over the years as each incident would garner the same reaction: WTF!? is wrong with Vince McMahon?

15 Bray Wyatt and the Children's Choir 


In modern WWE, there is no character who can quite match up on the creepy scale with Bray Wyatt. This is a good thing as many WWE characters lack personality and simply do not stand out from the crowd.

During his feud with John Cena, Bray Wyatt - along with a choir of children dawning sheep masks - would serenade the hero of the youth with a rendition of "Whole World in His Hands."

This was a WTF!? moment that caused those watching to experience shivers of the spine.

14 Earthquake Kills Damien 


The animal rights activists must have loved this segment which involved a massive load of man and an innocent little snake trapped in a sack (there was no snake in the bag). The story of Earthquake and Damien.

The big and burly Earthquake was having problems with Jake Roberts and what better way to get one up on Roberts than coming down on his pet snake, Damien? Which is exactly what happened when Earthquake squashed the faux reptile.

Actually watching Earthquake stomp around and "kill" the snake was definitely a WTF!? situation.

13 Miss WrestleMania 


The 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania would feature a twenty-five Diva Battle Royal which included Divas past and present. The match wasn't very long and certainly didn't steal the show but still should have been won by a woman.

The victor of this nonsensical contest? Santina Marella (Santino in drag). This match did nothing but contribute to the bad shape of women's wrestling in WWE. It wasn't funny and completely discredited the division.

The only thing left to say when this match was over: WTF!? was that all about?

12 Jake Roberts is Blind 


Jake "The Snake" Roberts and Rick "The Model" Martel would take part in wasted match at WrestleMania VII which included both men participating while blindfolded. How does that make for good wrestling?

This all happened because Rick Martel sprayed Jake Roberts in the face with his cologne causing temporary "blindness." The whole angle was dull but the idea of Roberts being blind and making his eyes appear disfigured was a trip.

Once Jake Roberts revealed his face to the audience following the spray attack, the immediate reaction was: WTF!?

11 "Choppy Choppy" 


"I choppy choppy your pee pee." Perhaps the weirdest conclusion to a promo in WWE history. The slicing of a salami log would only intensify the strange segment as Val Venus was placed on notice by Kai En Tai.

Val Venis had been messing around with someone's wife and the idea here was that the Japanese faction would castrate Venus as retribution. This all led to a backstage spot and uncertainty: did they really slice off Venis' penis?

Obviously, Val Venis escaped with all his body parts but this WTF!? angle certainly pushed the limits.

10 Coffin Theft 


Death has been used a few times over the years in WWE to help progress a storyline. However, it doesn't always play out as planned which was evident during the Big Show and Big Boss Man feud.

In the storyline, Big Show had lost his father and while attending the funeral, Big Boss Man would arrive and steal the coffin by attaching it to the back of his vehicle. The final scene would see Big Show leaping onto and riding the coffin a few yards.

Many found the angle uncomfortable with the overwhelming reaction of : WTF!?

9 The Ultimate Warrior is Cursed 


The Ultimate Warrior was as weird as anybody during his WWE career. Pair Warrior with a character like Papa Shango and there is absolutely no way of piecing together and normal angle.

In fact, Papa Shango would place a curse on The Ultimate Warrior in a wildly weird manner which involved some strange gyration/dance. This would result in Warrior feeling the curse and vomiting out its wickedness.

Two face-painted characters placed side-by-side and tangled up in voodoo ... WTF!?

8 Diesel in a Casket 


Psychological warfare has always been part of The Undertaker's repertoire. It helps add to the mystique that is The Undertaker. And of course, it's part of the reason people love "The Phenom" so dearly.

One of the more twisted moments involving The Undertaker came while feuding with Diesel and involved a casket which appeared to have a body inside; an exact duplicate of Diesel.

The second that casket was opened and the doppelganger mannequin was revealed everybody watching spouted out: WTF!?

7 Vince is Dead 


The infamous limo explosion was meant to spark an longstanding storyline but was quickly scrapped as it coincided with the Benoit tragedy. The idea being that Vince McMahon had faked his own death.

Would this angle have worked? Probably not, as nobody watching WWE would have been gullible enough to believe that Vince McMahon was actually dead. Sometimes, WWE really doesn't give their fans any credit.

Once Vince McMahon entered that limo and it exploded, the only thought left was: WTF!? are they doing?

6 Dr. Hiney 


Vince McMahon has made himself look foolish on television multiple times over the years, sometimes seemingly going out of his way to seem ridiculous. However, this time around, it was simply a matter of bad taste.

Vince McMahon posed as Dr. Hiney in a skit making light of Jim Ross' recent health problems (Ross had suffered issues with his colon). This would prompt McMahon to removed inanimate objects from a fake Ross.

Terrible taste here from Vince McMahon with only one thing to say: WTF!? is your problem?

5 "Crash the Plane" 

Whenever The Ultimate Warrior spoke, incoherency was at its best. Warrior cut promos from another realm where only he belonged. They may have been difficult to comprehend but they were entertaining all the same.

The most famous of these Ultimate Warrior promos has to be the "crash the plane" speech given by Warrior in regards to his upcoming match with Hulk Hogan at WrestleMania VI.

The Ultimate Warrior discussed taking control of Hulk Hogan's plane and sending it into a nosedive. Every line spoken qualified as a WTF!? sentence.

4 "Pillman's Got a Gun" 


The biggest threat ever faced by WWE was the realization that WCW had taken over the industry as the hottest wrestling game in town. In the midst of their desperation to regain their spot, WWE held nothing back.

This would include the infamous "Pillman's Got a Gun" angle where "Stone Cold" Steve Austin broke into the home of Brian Pillman, where the Superstar was waiting with a loaded handgun.

With a shot seemingly fired and the camera feed intentionally lost, all fans could do was wonder: WTF!? just happened?

3 Michael Cole and Heidenreich 


Sexual assault was definitely on the brink during this bizarre backstage segment between Michael Cole and Heidenreich as the Superstar kidnapped the announcer to both intimidate Cole and read him some poetry.

The implications were odd as Heidenreich pinned Michael Cole up against a door in a most unusual manner. The scene was uncomfortable as once again WWE managed to humiliate one of its announcers.

The entire time fans were wondering: WTF!? is Heidenreich going to do to Michael Cole?

2 Giving Birth to a Hand 


The concept of a senior citizen giving birth on national television was simply part of the deranged portion of the Attitude Era. Nothing was off limits during this period and that included the act of child birth.

There she was laid out on the table: Mae Young in labour on Raw is War while the world watched in disgusted anticipation. So, was it a boy or a girl? It was neither. Young gave birth to a hand.

When the nausea finally settled, the only way to describe the segment was with a strong: WTF!?

1 Katie Vick 


While the Attitude Era provided fans with the most provocative content in WWE history, one subject that remained untouched during this time was the act of necrophilia. However, WWE would soon turn that stone.

The Katie Vick in a coffin incident: an angle which Triple H will never live down as "The Game" took it upon himself to stimulate the act of intercourse with a mannequin while wearing a Kane mask.

This has to go down as the biggest WTF!? moment in WWE history.

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Top 20 WTF!? Moments in WWE History