Top 20 WWE Wrestlers You Didn't Realize Had Big Families

WWE superstars portray characters on TV and sometimes it’s hard to distinguish between the character and the real life person, as some are better actors than others and some you have to question as to whether or not they are really acting.

Every WWE superstar has a private life and many of them have families which include their children waiting for them at home as they travel the world for most of the year.

Many of the WWE Universe forgets that beneath the gimmicks that these superstars create, there is a real life human being and many of them are stand up members of society with degrees and doctorates.

It is hard to imagine many of the superstars behind those characters living normal lives, but it's right here in black and white. It is surprising to see the likes of Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt having normal lives and normal families outside of their crazy WWE character gimmicks. But it seems that every WWE superstar has a normal life and many of them have begun to have families.

The following is a list of superstars you may never have known had children and some of them have more of them than you would think.

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20 Jimmy Uso 

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Jimmy Uso is better known as one half of the two time Slammy award winning tag team, The Usos, but he also has a regular spot on Total Divas.

The former Champion married fellow WWE Superstar Naomi last year and in turn the Diva became the step mother to Jimmy’s two children who are referred to as Jaidenn and Jayla on the popular E! Network show.

Jimmy is from a big Samoan family that includes a long line of wrestling like The Rock, Tamina Snuka, Yokozuna, Umaga and Nia Jax, so it’s no surprise that he is already prepared for a big family of his own.

19 Erick Rowan 

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Rowan burst onto the WWE scene as a member of the strange yet interesting Wyatt family back in 2013, but, shockingly, very little is known about the bearded superstar. However, there are hints that he also has a family and a normal private life outside of the WWE and his now famous Wyatt Family.

There is a picture that is currently circulating around social media which shows Erick Rowan and his wife as well as their two children, which proves that it doesn’t matter how crazy you act at work, you can always head home to a normal life with a normal family.

18 Batista

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The 2014 Royal Rumble winner hasn’t been seen in WWE since he walked out on Evolution the same year and walked into a starring role in James Bond’s latest adventure, Spectre.

The Animal married his first wife Glenda in the early 1990s and had two daughters, Keilani born in 1990 and Athena born in 1992, before the marriage ended in divorce. Batista then remarried in 1998 before that also ended in divorce in 2006. Batista is also now a grandfather to two boys Jacob and Aiden, who are the sons of his first daughter Keilani.

17 Tamina Snuka 

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The first Diva on the list and another member of the famous Anoa'i family, Tamina is very private about her two children and even though they can be occasionally seen on Total Divas in the family segments, they are rarely referenced which means there isn’t a lot known about them.

The current WWE Diva, who's from a family of wrestlers which include The Usos and Roman Reigns, had her first marriage end in divorce back in 2003, years before she even made her WWE debut but she makes this list because she has two daughters from this relationship, Milaneta and Maleata.

16 Shawn Michaels 

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The Heartbreak Kid and his former WCW Nitro girl wife married back in 1990 in a small ceremony that was only attended by an Elvis Impersonator inside the Graceland wedding chapel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The couple have since had a son named Cameron Kade and a daughter named Cheyenne.

Michaels retired from WWE back in 2010 when he had his final match against The Undertaker at WrestleMania XXVI. Since then there has been speculation surrounding Mr WrestleMania and whether or not he is open to a return at this year’s showcase in his hometown of Texas.

15 Kane

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The Big Red Monster is not a person you could look at and think “family man” but the former World Champion has a normal family outside of his crazy gimmick.

Kane married Crystal Maurisa Goins back in August 1995 and the two have two children from Crystal’s previous relationship. Kane is a very private man and before he was unmasked in WWE, he was rarely seen in any photos with fans or out with his family.

14 Bray Wyatt 

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Bray Wyatt has one of the most original and enticing gimmicks in WWE at the moment, following his debut with the company back in 2013. It would be hard to look at Bray and not see him as the leader of The Wyatt Family, but Bray also has a private life and a family outside of his role.

The brother of current Social Outcast member Bo Dallas is married tp Samantha Rotunda and the couple have two children, Cadyn and Kendyl. The Rotunda family are also very private and not a lot more is known about Windham and his immediate family.

13 Titus O’Neil 

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Titus O’Neil is a former WWE Tag Team Champion in WWE, but he was also the winner ofthe MEGA Celebrity dad of the year award last year.

O Neil has two sons, Thaddeus Jr. “TJ” and Titus, and both can be seen as part of his promotional video when he was nominated for the award. On top of that. O’Neil is a very charitable superstar and it was reported that he gave out over 800 gifts to underprivileged children over Christmas in 2011.

12 Mark Henry 

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The World’s Strongest Man and the former World Champion also has a strong family behind him. Henry and his wife Jana have two children, Jacob and Joanna.

The couple currently reside in Henry’s home town of Austin, Texas with their two-foot ferret named Pipe... and that's not a joke.

Henry stated that this year’s Royal Rumble would be his last appearance in the match that he almost won back in 2006, and he made a brief appearance before being eliminated by The Wyatt Family.

11 Rey Mysterio 

via galleryhip.com

The King of Mystery lit up WWE for more than a decade before his departure from the company back in 2014. The winner of the 2006 Royal Rumble and former World Champion certainly made a name for himself inside the ring, but outside of the ring he is also a loving father to two children, Dominic who was born in 1997 and Aaliyah who was born in 2001.

Dominic was used on WWE TV during the Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio storyline in 2005 when it was disputed about who the father was and it also dragged in Rey’s real life wife Angie and Eddie’s wife, and former Raw General Manager, Vickie.

10 Sting

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The former WCW Legend and current WWE Star is one of the faces of the wrestling community and it has also been announced that he will be the first ever wrestler to be inducted into both the TNA and WWE Hall of Fames this April, as part of WWE’s WrestleMania weekend.

Outside of WWE, Sting is also a family man and even though he was divorced from his wife Sue back in 2010, the superstar has fathered three children, two sons named Garrett Lee and Steve Jr, as well as a daughter named Gracie who was the latest addition in 2000.

9 Jerry Lawler 

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The King of the commentary team, Jerry Lawler, has been a part of many of WWE’s biggest storylines and has called some of the biggest matches over the years, but Lawler also has a life away from the commentary desk.

Lawler has been married on three separate occasions and has two sons from his first marriage to Kay. His son Brian previously wrestled for WWE as Grand Master Sexay and has since moved on to wrestle for other independent promotions.

8 William Regal

Via img.bleacherreport.net

One of Britain’s greatest exports to the WWE, William Regal, is now the General Manager of NXT, but he still manages to split his time between work and spending it with his family.

Regal has been married to Christina Beddoes since 1986 and the two have had three sons, Daniel, Bailey and Dane. Regal is another private wrestler who likes to keep his family away from the spotlight, which means very little is known about his children and whether or not they are following in their father’s footsteps.

7 Candice Michelle 

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The first ever former Diva Search contestant to win the WWE Women’s Championship and former Playboy Cover Girl, had a controversial WWE career to say the least, but is seems since her departure from the company, she has settled into family life well.

Candice married Ken Gee Ehrlich in May 2005 when she was still a part of WWE and, since her departure, the two have welcomed three children in the world: AkiAnne Rose, Ryumi Grace, and Aloha Von Ehrlich.

6 Chris Jericho 

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Y2J has been a fixture in WWE for almost two decades, but the first ever Undisputed WWE Champion also has a place at home with his family.

Jericho married his wife Jessica back in 2000 and the couple have a son named Ash Edward Irvine,  as well as twin daughters Sierra Loretta “SiSi” and Cheyenne Lee “Chey.”

Jericho is also a singer for rock and metal group Fozzy which means he has to split his time between WWE, touring with his band and spending time with his family.

5 Alberto Del Rio 

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The former United States Champion and member of The League of Nations, Alberto Del Rio is also a former World Champion and winner of the 2011 Royal Rumble.

Del Rio also has a family outside of WWE, the company that he only recently re-joined following a backstage fallout. Del Rio returned at Hell in a Cell and won the United States Championship from John Cena in the same night.

He is married to Angela Rodriguez and the couple have a son named Joseph and two daughters, Estephanie and Sophie.

4 Stephanie McMahon and Triple H

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The power couple of the WWE, known on-air as members of The Authority, Stephanie and Triple H have a family of their own away from the WWE live cameras.

WWE did announce that Stephanie was pregnant with her first child back in 2006 before she gave birth to Aurora Rose Levesque on July 24th 2006, and it was even integrated into the WWE storylines so that Triple H could be there for the birth of his child.

The couple also have two other daughters, Murphy Claire Levesque and Vaughn Evelyn Levesque.

3 The Undertaker

Via voicesofwrestling.com

The Deadman has been a part of WWE for almost three decades and he is currently the most recognizable superstar in WWE. Up until WrestleMania XXX, he held the longest undefeated streak in WWE when he was 21-0 at the biggest event of the year.

Outside of WWE, Mark Callaway is just as much of a family man as he is a Deadman, having fathered four children from three different marriages.

Gunner Vincent was born in 1993, Chasey was born in 2002 and Gracie in 2005, all before he met and married former WWE Divas Champion Michelle McCool and the couple welcomed Kaia Faith into the world in 2012.

2 Mick Foley 

via lifeofdad.com

The hardcore legend makes this list as the joint superstar with the most children. Mick and his wife Collette have three sons and a daughter who have managed to integrate themselves into the WWE business.

His only daughter Noelle has a big social media presence and is already a well known TV personality, but is currently training to become an on-air personality, while his oldest son Dewey currently works as a creative assistant in WWE. He also has two much younger sons, Francis Jr who was born in 2001 and Hughie Francis who was born in 2003.

1 Brock Lesnar

Via wallpapercave.com

The Beast Incarnate is the joint leader of this list having fathered four children with his two separate spouses. Having returned to WWE almost two years ago, Brock has already left his mark on the company.

The former WWE World Heavyweight Champion and the conqueror of the streak was married to Nicole McClain up until 2003 and the two had a son and a daughter, Luke and Mya

Brock then married former WWE Women’s Champion Sable and the couple have welcomed two sons, Turk and Duke into their family.

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