Top 25 Entrance Theme Songs In Wrestling History

The concept of a theme song is part of a wrestler's overall package that is sometimes overlooked. A good theme song can often complete the popularity and profile of a professional wrestler, with the very best stars in the history of the business having some unbelievable entrance music. That could be for a whole host of different reasons; but the important thing is that a good theme song often reflects the wrestler in general.

Whether it's a cocky, arrogant theme tune to reflect someone of that type, or a highly intimidating piece of music to add to the demeanor and swagger of a wrestler, finding the right theme can lift a professional wrestler from a half-decent level right into mega stardom. There are plenty of examples of it working in the opposite way, too; with some pretty hideous and forgettable themes being applied to.. well, some pretty forgettable wrestlers.

So, we know what it takes to make a good theme song. We also know how important it can be to have a good theme, because it can instantly get you more popularity amongst wrestling fans. The next question is; which are the best wrestling theme songs of all time? It's tough, because over the years there have been hundreds of theme songs which have been downright awesome.

Whether it's from the 1980s, 90s, 00s or even the present day, there are some great theme tunes which you might play over and over again in private. But hey, don't worry about that, because these tunes are awesome for a reason, and you love them because millions of others do, too. Embrace them and love them; these are the 25 greatest theme songs in the history of professional wrestling.

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25 Shane McMahon - "Here Comes The Money"

We start this list with a McMahon, but perhaps not the McMahon you'd have expected to see on this list. Fear not, Vince appears later in this list, but for now, let's focus on his son, Shane. Shane O'Mac's theme tune is one that gets everyone excited, not least when McMahon comes out and performs his signature dancing as the music is rolling. It's a real Attitude Era classic, and it's a fantastic theme tune.

24 Booker T - "Rap Sheet"

Any theme song that features a signature catchphrase in it is always a popular one, and that's exactly why former WCW and WWE star Booker T makes it onto this list. Every time you hear the iconic "Can you dig it, sucka?", you always get excited. Booker always knew how to entertain, and when he came out to this classic piece of theme music, the crowd more often than not got very excited. There's also something to be said about the longevity of the theme. It goes back to Booker's days with Stevie Ray as the duo, Harlem Heat.

23 Evolution - "Line In The Sand"

Triple H and Motorhead have got quite an affiliation when it comes to his theme songs, and Evolution's tune is no different. Back when Triple H was dominating the WWE in 2003, he formed an alliance with the legendary Ric Flair, and new talent in Batista and Randy Orton. Evolution was born, and with it was this impressive theme tune. It made a return when the stable reformed in 2014, and it continued to sound just as good as it did ten years ago.

22 Rob Van Dam - "One of a Kind"

Still delivering in 2014, Rob Van Dam is one of the most underrated and best loved wrestlers of the past 20 years. And whilst most of that has been down to his high energy inside the ring, his equally energetic theme certainly helps stir the crowd before his matches. "One of a Kind" is a theme tune that has always been able to get WWE crowds excited for his matches. It's really a brilliant piece of entrance music. Let's hope he comes back to WWE again, if nothing else,  just so we can hear more of it.

21 Daniel Bryan - "Flight Of The Valkyries"

He's only been in the WWE for a few years, but Daniel Bryan's "Flight of the Valkyries" entrance music is already a huge hit among wrestling fans. Sure, it's helped by the fact WWE fans shout "YES!" every time Bryan emerges to make his way down to the ring, but it's a great twist on a piece of classical music - and that always seems to work well in terms of theme music. Bryan's had a couple of theme tunes elsewhere that haven't worked too well; but you can't see him changing this one any time soon.

20 John Cena - "My Time Is Now"

It might not sit too comfortably with people that John Cena's theme tune is so low down on this list, but there are a few reasons why. First of all, the bulk of the themes above Cena are a whole lot catchier. But credit needs to be given where it's due; Cena's theme does tend to get everyone excited when it begins to hit. Whether it's the slow start to the theme before it kicks in and Cena appears, or the rather questionable rap lyrics, Cena's theme certainly does stick in the mind when you think of iconic wrestling themes. Whether you're about to cheer him on or boo him out of the building, it garners a reaction.

19 Brock Lesnar - "Next Big Thing"

Brock Lesnar is an incredibly intimidating guy; that much is certain. Even in the scripted world of professional wrestling, Lesnar cuts a pretty mean figure every time he steps into the ring. And with theme music like this setting the scene, that only adds to his demeanor. Given how Lesnar makes so many impromptu returns after time away from the WWE, that only further adds to the hype when his music hits, too.

18 The Ultimate Warrior - "Unstable"

Given how energized he was every time he ran down to the ring, you couldn't help but be a little pumped up yourself every time the Ultimate Warrior's music hit. It was a theme tune that perfectly summed up Warrior as a wrestler; he was fast, energetic and certainly knew how to entertain a crowd. It's a theme tune that stands the test of time, and was perfect for a guy who had bundles of energy, and simply loved to perform in front of thousands of excited wrestling fans.

17 Hollywood Hogan - "Voodoo Child"

It's entirely possible that given the magnitude of Hulk Hogan's heel turn whilst in WCW, the run wouldn't have been anywhere near as successful had it not been for his theme tune. When he turned into Hollywood Hogan and helped form the New World Order, he instantly became a whole lot cooler to a lot of people. And part of the reason for that was this awesome theme tune, Jimi Hendrix's "Voodoo Child". Switching from the red and yellow to the jet black didn't sit easy with everyone, but Hollywood Hogan's theme tune was simply awesome.

16 Goldberg - "Invasion"

Obviously, all theme songs are incredibly different. But what all great themes do is pump the crowd up for the arrival of a wrestler, which is exactly what Goldberg's theme tune used to do. Sure, part of it was down to the suspense, given how we used to see Goldberg make his way through the back before finally emerging, but the suspense surrounding the music instantly got fans excited, chanting his name in tune with the beats of the drum. Although his spell in WWE didn't quite work out as well as his time in WCW, his music still had the exact same effect.

15 The New Age Outlaws - "Oh, You Didn't Know?"

If four words ever got a crowd going during the Attitude Era, it had to be "Oh, You Didn't Know?" from the New Age Outlaws. The beginning of their theme song immediately got the crowd involved, which probably helped them to become as popular as they were. In some ways, their theme tune was perhaps what made them so famous, as well as the patented pre-match promo Road Dogg and Billy Gunn cut prior to every match they competed in. And whilst their talent inside the ring should not be forgotten, nor should this awesome theme tune.

14 Eddie Guerrero - "I Lie, I Cheat, I Steal"

If any wrestler's theme tune summed up the person in question perfectly, it was definitely the late, great Eddie Guerrero's theme. Guerrero's character was built around lying, cheating and stealing, and that's exactly how his theme music goes. As he became more and more popular in WWE, his music became more and more of a hit, with that "Viva La Raza!" line at the start often drawing huge cheers from every crowd that heard it.

13 CM Punk - "Cult Of Personality"

When CM Punk returned to WWE following a scripted absence in mid-2011, he came back with a theme tune that sent his popularity into overdrive. That's not to say that his first theme tune wasn't great (it was), but using this Living Colour song gave him a whole new edge as a wrestler. It was one of those theme tunes that worked whether Punk was operating as a face or a heel, and it made him even more popular than he was prior to his infamous "pipebomb" promo.

12 Edge - "Metalingus"

Edge has always had a knack for good theme songs, it seems. His theme tune when he was part of arguably the greatest tag team in WWE history - with long-time friend Christian - was awesome, but his theme song as a solo star was even better. It's another example of wrestlers taking a song from a rock band, with Alter Bridge's "Metalingus" providing the entrance music here. It's hard-hitting and heavy, and it just seemed to suit Edge to perfection every time he made his way to the ring. Even since his retirement, the music hitting and Edge emerging still makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up.

11 Ric Flair – “Also Sprach Zarathustra”

Don't pretend you've never screamed "WOO!" along with Ric Flair's music every time it hits. Flair is one of the legends of the wrestling business, and his iconic theme has followed him everywhere he goes. The classical music accompanying his iconic chant makes for a match made in heaven as far as wrestling theme entrances go, that much is certain. Throw Flair strutting his way down to the ring like only he can into the mix, and you've got one of the best entrances of all time.

10 Vince McMahon - "No Chance In Hell"

How could the boss and his iconic theme have been left off this list? The best thing about Vince McMahon's theme tune is perhaps the lyrics, as they lay the foundations for Vince's character to perfection. When McMahon blossomed into a true on-screen figure of authority towards the beginning of the Attitude Era, the WWE needed to devise a theme which made McMahon instantly recognizable. It's safe to say that with "No Chance In Hell", they did that to perfection.

9 Randy Savage - "Pomp And Circumstance"

As iconic as Randy Savage was in the WWE, you get the feeling it could have been a little bit different had he not taken on such music. "Pomp and Circumstance" is well known across the world, having been played at some of the biggest sporting events in the world. And every time "Macho Man" emerged to this iconic tune, it was simply impossible not to smile. Savage was a true legend of the wrestling business, and his legendary theme tune played a big role in that.

8 Shawn Michaels - "Sexy Boy"

Where do you start with Shawn Michaels' iconic theme tune? Whether it's the screams at the start, or the brilliant guitar solo in the middle, "Sexy Boy" is one of those wrestling theme songs that will live forever. Every time Michaels emerged in a midst of rockin' guitar and plenty of fireworks, the crowd were immediately entranced with HBK. It's one of those songs you just can't help singing along to.

7 New World Order - "Rockhouse"

It doesn't matter what you think of the New World Order as a wrestling group, there's little doubting that their theme song is one of the greatest in wrestling history. It's instantly recognizable when you hear the guitar at the beginning, and it only gets better and better. When the original nWo made their WWE debut at No Way Out 2002, it was one of the most spine-tingling entrances of all-time.

6 The Undertaker - "Rest In Peace"

It's a theme song that is unlike any other in the WWE, that much is certain. Whilst most theme tunes have heavy guitar or clever lyrics, The Undertaker's is chilling and spine-tingling for a variety of different reasons. With the dark lighting and the slow chiming of the bells, The Undertaker's entrance music is one of the most memorable and iconic in wrestling history.

5 The Rock - "If Ya' Smell"

Beginning with one of The Rock's (many) patented catchphrases, his theme song from the Attitude Era days is one of the most iconic in WWE history. His theme tune had it all; it's another of those songs that perfectly sums up the wrestler in question. It's arrogant, but has a real touch of flair to it, and it makes for a spine-tingling prelude to The Rock making his entrance into the arena.

4 Hulk Hogan - "Real American"

Forget wrestling, it's safe to say that Hulk Hogan's iconic theme tune is one of the most memorable songs in the world. It's got plenty of lyrics that everyone can sing along to, and when Hogan emerges, the crowd often go wild. When Hogan returned to WWE ahead of WrestleMania XXX this year, it was great to hear the iconic theme tune reverberate around WWE arenas all over again. And judging by the crowd's reaction, it seems they felt exactly the same, too.

3 D-Generation X - "Break It Down"

It's in the top three on merit; simply put, D-Generation X's theme tune is one that will forever be remembered fondly amongst wrestling fans. With that iconic beginning: "Are you ready?", followed by clever guitar, it always set the tone perfectly for DX to make their high-octane entrance. Every time you hear it you want to smile, and it's a perfect reminder than when a theme song fits someone beautifully, it makes for wrestling perfection.

2 Triple H - "The Game"

Another of Triple H's many alliances with Motorhead, but this one is without doubt his most famous theme tune. Whilst he's currently using Motorhead's "The King" as part of The Authority, whenever he worked as a singles star, he used "The Game" to great effect. It's one of those songs that just works perfectly in professional wrestling; it has suspense and hype, as well as having a perfect riff that just seems to suit Triple H's classic ring entrance.

1 "Stone Cold" Steve Austin - "I Won't Do What You Tell Me"

Of all the theme songs wrestling fans mark out to, Steve Austin's iconic theme song has to sit at the very pinnacle of this illustrious list. It all begins with the glass shattering; and then you know what's coming next. It's a theme song that features no lyrics whatsoever, but it doesn't really need them. The guitar work alone is brilliant, and it is a perfect accompaniment for Austin and his classic ring entrance.

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