Top 25 Entrance Theme Songs In Wrestling History

The concept of a theme song is part of a wrestler's overall package that is sometimes overlooked. A good theme song can often complete the popularity and profile of a professional wrestler, with the very best stars in the history of the business having some unbelievable entrance music. That could be for a whole host of different reasons; but the important thing is that a good theme song often reflects the wrestler in general.

Whether it's a cocky, arrogant theme tune to reflect someone of that type, or a highly intimidating piece of music to add to the demeanor and swagger of a wrestler, finding the right theme can lift a professional wrestler from a half-decent level right into mega stardom. There are plenty of examples of it working in the opposite way, too; with some pretty hideous and forgettable themes being applied to.. well, some pretty forgettable wrestlers.

So, we know what it takes to make a good theme song. We also know how important it can be to have a good theme, because it can instantly get you more popularity amongst wrestling fans. The next question is; which are the best wrestling theme songs of all time? It's tough, because over the years there have been hundreds of theme songs which have been downright awesome.

Whether it's from the 1980s, 90s, 00s or even the present day, there are some great theme tunes which you might play over and over again in private. But hey, don't worry about that, because these tunes are awesome for a reason, and you love them because millions of others do, too. Embrace them and love them; these are the 25 greatest theme songs in the history of professional wrestling.

25 25. Shane McMahon - "Here Comes The Money"

24 24. Booker T - "Rap Sheet"

23 23. Evolution - "Line In The Sand"

22 22. Rob Van Dam - "One of a Kind"

21 21. Daniel Bryan - "Flight Of The Valkyries"

20 20. John Cena - "My Time Is Now"

19 19. Brock Lesnar - "Next Big Thing"

18 18. The Ultimate Warrior - "Unstable"

17 17. Hollywood Hogan - "Voodoo Child"

16 16. Goldberg - "Invasion"

15 15. The New Age Outlaws - "Oh, You Didn't Know?"

14 14. Eddie Guerrero - "I Lie, I Cheat, I Steal"

13 13. CM Punk - "Cult Of Personality"

12 12. Edge - "Metalingus"

11 11. Ric Flair – “Also Sprach Zarathustra”

10 10. Vince McMahon - "No Chance In Hell"

9 9. Randy Savage - "Pomp And Circumstance"

8 8. Shawn Michaels - "Sexy Boy"

7 7. New World Order - "Rockhouse"

6 6. The Undertaker - "Rest In Peace"

5 5. The Rock - "If Ya' Smell"

4 4. Hulk Hogan - "Real American"

3 3. D-Generation X - "Break It Down"

2 2. Triple H - "The Game"

1 1. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin - "I Won't Do What You Tell Me"

Of all the theme songs wrestling fans mark out to, Steve Austin's iconic theme song has to sit at the very pinnacle of this illustrious list. It all begins with the glass shattering; and then you know what's coming next. It's a theme song that features no lyrics whatsoever, but it doesn't really need them. The guitar work alone is brilliant, and it is a perfect accompaniment for Austin and his classic ring entrance.

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Top 25 Entrance Theme Songs In Wrestling History