Top 25 Hot Photos of Lana You NEED To See

Lana (real name Cathrine Perry) is a jack of all trades who has been featured as a dancer, singer, model, actress and currently a WWE Diva. The blonde bombshell started out as a run of the mill hot college girl at Florida State University, and actually is one of the famed “Florida State Cowgirls”. She used the little bit of fame that she gained at FSU to move into modeling jobs, which helped launch a career for her. Perry would eventually appear in multiple music videos including Nelly’s Move that Body, and movies like the Pitch Perfect series.

We all know you aren’t here for Lana’s resume, you are here for the pictures that you didn’t want to have to look up for yourself; and we’re okay with that. Despite all of her social media drama, and her apparent heat in the WWE, Perry is without a doubt the best looking Diva in the company right now. With the PG nature of the show, we can’t figure out how Vince McMahon hired someone who has so many NSFW photos online.

Yes you heard that right, Lana is on the internet as we speak...naked. Now before you run off and Google that remember the title of this article. Still with us? Good.

It’s hard to say when many of these pictures were taken, but we can assume that the more risque photos are post-college, and pre-WWE. What’s not hard to say, is that Lana looks better and better in each one. The best part of this list, is that for most of these pictures, there is a full pictorial available that is showing more than we are.

Today we will reap the benefits from Lana’s modeling career and look at 25 pictures of Lana that you have to see. If you disagree (seriously, how could you disagree) with anything on this list, let us know in the comments below.

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26 Selfie maid

Nothing makes me happier than wearing #bikinis @beachbunnyswimwear

A photo posted by CJ Perry (@thelanawwe) on

This wouldn’t be 2015 if we didn’t include at least one selfie of the Ravishing Russian in this list. In this photo Lana is wearing lingerie that is reminiscent of a maid's outfit, with a gray strap wrapping around the back. The picture was taken with what looks to be an iPhone 6, so the picture has to be more recent than the others on this list. Perhaps she is wearing an engagement present for Rusev?

25 Old School

via Maxim

You are probably wondering why there is just a plain old bikini picture on this list. Well the answer is nostalgia, not nostalgia for Lana, but rather for the way that the WWE used to do photo shoots. This looks like a early 2000s Trish Stratus photo, whose pictures always used sand, water, and great angles to show off the Divas assets. Releasing photos like this is what the WWE needs to get back to doing, instead of filming scripted reality television.

24 College Party

via thecoli.com

This is a good old party picture, and one that Lana probably isn’t too proud of. Judging from the other pictures that can be found from this night online, the former FSU student was at a costume or themed party. While it’s hard to say who she may be dressed as in this picture, it could be reasoned that she is making fun of the women who were on the Jersey Shore television show.

23 Yoga

via thecoli.com

We live in a world where most of the people who wear yoga pants don’t do yoga. This is a picture that shows what yoga pants were intended for; Lana’s body. Okay so maybe not only her, but she is showing off a flexibility that most people would love to have. I guess when you are built the way Lana is, it’s good to be able to peek at all the people who are checking you out whenever you bend over.

22 College

via thecoli.com

C.J. Perry loved going to Florida State University. The school was a big part of her life, and while she was there she won multiple bikini contests, and was named “Hot College Girl” in 2008 and 2009 based on being in the most downloaded picture on Sprint and AT&T networks. That is why photos of her posing in a bikini bottom, wearing an FSU shirt and looking about as seductive as it gets makes it on this list.

21 Money Bed

via Eternal Beauties by Moses Marquez

What’s better than a fresh bed with silk sheets and $100 bills laying on it? How about a naked Lana laying on the bed, with those same bills draped all over her body. In what can only be called the most ideal situation possible, Lana shows off just enough for viewers to want more of everything involved in this photo shoot. It wouldn’t be surprising if this was the photo that got Lana hired, as it features two of Vince McMahon’s favorite things - money and a beautiful woman.

20 Diamond Bikini

via imagevenue.com

This photo features Lana wearing nothing but pearls, and what looks to be a diamond bikini. The top is very reminiscent of Molly Sims’ Sports Illustrated cover in 2006, where she wore the $30 million bikini. Now, given the fact that Perry was fresh out of school when this photo was taken, we can assume that her top may not have been the same one featured in SI - like it really matters.

19 Brunette


18 Untied

via MishalHyder.com

It must be hard being a girl wearing a bikini bottom that ties to stay on, unless you want to untie it on purpose like Lana in this photo. After hopping out of the pool, it seems that the Diva decided to take a little slide down the railing, all while giving us a shot of her abs and legs. It’s probably safe to say that there are a lot of people who wish they were that pole right now.

17 Yellow Room

via imagevenue.com

This photo is great and all, you know with Lana being completely unclothed in a bright yellow room, but the suggestive nature of the pose is the best part. Lana is climbing up onto the table, and the only thing that is left on the floor is a toe. The entire time she is looking back to the camera with a face that kinda makes you want to join her. Of course we are talking about joining her at the table for a nice dinner.

16 Russian Ad

via forumcommunity.com

Apparently there is Russian text on this picture somewhere, but it’s kind of hard to see that when we have a brunette Lana staring at us, with just fishnet stockings on. Although Lana was born in the United States, she did actually grow up in the Soviet Union, which may explain why she is featured in an eastern European ad. Now, if you can read Russian, be sure to leave a comment, and let us know what this ad is selling.

15 Glamour

via Glamour Visions

There is speculation that the company that took this photo has a ton of pictures that feature the Ravishing Russian. Some even think that there are ones out there that we couldn’t post on this website due to them being too vulgar. This one however is pretty classy, featuring Lana staring at the camera, without having tied up the sash that belongs with her robe. The all white background and bright red robe really makes her stand out in this photo.

14 Flexibility

via twimg.com

In the intro it was mentioned how Lana was a jack of all trades, what wasn’t specifically mentioned was that she is classically trained in ballet. Her graduation from the Latvian National Ballet Academy is what has given her the flexibility to pose for photos like this one. Only wearing a black bikini bottom and a flaming Superman shirt, Lana holds her ankle to the side of her head like a champ.

13 Wet Shirt

via forumcommunity.com

Not every wet t-shirt contest has to use white shirts. Lana is posing in this photo, drenched enough that her gray shirt, which admittedly may have been see through to begin with, is now translucent. She is also showing off her abs, and you can see a hint of definition in them, but mostly the soft nature of her curves.

12 Poker

via bebiviral.com

Never have so many men wanted to enter the world of professional poker, as they do in this moment. You will notice that this photo favors another one on this list, but honestly who cares, just look at Lana in this picture. She obviously doesn’t care that we are staring, the only thing she is worried about is counting her money. It’s pretty safe to say that no matter where you are sitting in this game, you have a pretty good view.

11 Split

via thecoli.com

Imagine being the guy in this picture who walks into a bedroom, and sees Lana doing a split on the bed while wearing lingerie. It’s hard to say what movie or TV show this is from, as many of Perry’s roles have not been credited. It doesn’t really matter though, you can just put yourself into the shoes of the shadowy figure on the left. Side note: Maybe this is where former WWE Diva Melina got the idea for her iconic ring entrance.

10 Warrior

via thecoli.com

This is probably a direction that WWE should go in Lana’s next storyline. It’s sort of a mix of Xena Warrior princess, and Princess Leia from the Star Wars franchise. Wielding a sword in one hand, and a tri-blade knife in the other, Lana looks like she could do some damage to any one who comes near her. Oh and she also is only being covered up by about 20 strings over her body.

9 Fur Coat

via thecoli.com

Growing up in Russia on those cold days and nights must have made Lana appreciate a good fur coat over the years. Maybe this is why she decided to take this photo where she has it draped over her head and shoulders. However It’s pretty much a guarantee that when she wore it in Russia, she at least had to layer up underneath - not that we are complaining or anything.

8 Black and White

via notey.com

This picture shows off just how tight Lana’s midsection is, and also how different she looked during her FSU days compared to now. This is a photo that hit the scene shortly after Perry gained national fame as one of the FSU Cowgirls. If nothing else you can see just how perky she is in this photo, and what it was that won her all those bikini contest back in school.

7 Mirror

via desireforwomen.com

Would you rather be the stool, the mirror behind her or the one in front? I’ll give you a second to decide before you move on. In any case you would have a great time watching Lana go bottomless. In case you were wondering this was a photo shoot, and there are other pictures from different angles that were taken that day.

6 Time

via bootymotion.tv

Remember earlier when we talked about how there are whole pictorials for some of these pictures? HINT...HINT...HINT. So that was your subtle hint that there are about nine other photos from this scene, where Lana is exposing a lot more than photo is. Here she is staring off to the side, as she sits naked in front of a clock. It’s important to note that somehow, this is the view that Rusev looks at every night.

5 Water

via desireforwomen.com

In this photo we get Lana laying nude, all while seemingly floating on water. This is an awesome photo to look at for obvious reasons, but also because of the artistry of the photo. While it is true that Lana is dripping wet and that plays into the artistry, the layout and color selection of the lights all lend themselves to this photo. If nothing else, this picture makes us wish that some of the Attitude Era matches where women got soaked were still around today.

4 Banshee

via postimg.org

If you have ever seen a show called Banshee on Cinemax, then you may have noticed that C.J. Perry guest stars in season one. If you have never heard of the show, this photo is all you will ever need to know about it. Lana, who guest starred on the show as Crystal, was taken to a bathroom by one of the main characters. When they got to the stall the man rips of Crystal’s shirt, pours cocaine on her breasts, and then snorts it off. PG Era...right.

3 Too Revealing?

via tumblr.com

It was a real toss up on whether this picture was going to be number one or not. Though she isn’t showing anything upstairs, there is no doubt that some of her unmentionables are clearly visible in parts of this picture. In truth, this is the only picture that was so revealing, that I questioned even including it on this list. In the end it was included, because we care about the people, and the people need to see Lana going spread eagle on a beach.

2 Holy Grail

via imagevenue.com


This is it, this is the Holy Grail of Lana pictures. Part of the reason that most guys watch two women wrestle, is to see the ladies get up close and personal, and now you have that here. Though the girl on the left has her face away from the camera, Lana is in full view not only in the buff, but grabbing a handful of fun. If you have an active imagination, you put any other Diva’s face over top of the girl on the left, say like Trish Stratus?

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