Top 25 Hottest Magazine Covers Featuring WWE's Women

Over 30 years ago in 1983, WWE decided to start releasing a bi-monthly magazine to the public. The goal of the publication was to help get the WWE's name out there just in time before the first ever WrestleMania, and would prove to be a gigantic success. The decision to do so was a smart one, as the magazine proved effective enough to warrant monthly issues being printed just a few years later. As the magazine continued to make more and more of that fabulous moolah, a second monthly magazine was created in 1996 - Raw Magazine, which also proved to be just as successful if not more successful than the former.

With ultra mega stars like Hulk Hogan, The Undertaker, Scott Hall, Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels securing the covers in the 80s and early 90s, WWE eventually started to use its women more as featured cover models in the issues, which only brought more eyes to the magazine, helping establish WWE's female stars into pop culture phenomenon. With Sunny being being AOL's most downloaded woman on the internet in 1996, it only made sense to start giving the WWE Divas monthly spreads in their magazines.

From Sunny and Sable, to Trish Stratus and Lita, the women of WWE were actually landing just as many magazine covers as their male counterparts, which eventually lead to the annual formation of the WWE Divas Magazine in 2001. The women of wrestling proved to be such hits, that other publications were knocking at WWE's doorstep to have WWE Divas in their magazines. Maxim, FHM, Stuff, and you guessed it, Playboy Magazine have featured many of WWE's beautiful women, and since you happened to click this article, we will happily be looking at 25 of the sexiest magazine covers to feature the women of WWE. How many of these magazines have you skimmed through?

Here are the hottest magazine covers to ever feature WWE's women.

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25 Maria - WWE Magazine - November 2006

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With the women of the Attitude Era fizzling out of the company one by one, Maria was taking advantage by slowly, but surely cementing herself as one of the top Divas in WWE in the late 2000s. She did this by landing her first magazine cover with the company in November of 2006. Although Maria would acquire the cover of Playboy Magazine in 2008, if we're going to compare covers instead of spreads... this one takes the cake!

24 Sunny - Raw Magazine - November/December 1996

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Like we mentioned earlier, seeing how Sunny was AOL's most downloaded woman on the internet in 1996, it was only fitting for WWE to feature Sunny in their last issue of Raw Magazine that year. This is the earliest issue to make the list, and probably one of the earliest issues of one of WWE's magazines to feature such a provocative cover, an early sign of what was to come in the world of sports entertainment.

23 Torrie Wilson - WWE Summer Special Magazine - 2006

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After the brand draft in 2002 that split up the roster of Superstars and Divas, so that half competed on Monday Night Raw and the other half competed on Thursday Night Smackdown, WWE Magazine decided to switch its title to SmackDown! Magazine in 2003 - both brands getting their own individual magazine. It only lasted a short while because in 2006, WWE put a stop to publishing two monthly magazines, and combined them both to bring back the original title of the publication - WWE Magazine.

Low and behold, it's no surprise Torrie Wilson made the cover of the inaugural issue! And after viewing this cover, we wish we were invited to the first ever backyard BBQ hosted by WWE.

22 Candice Michelle - Playboy Magazine - April 2006

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Nobody expected Godaddy Girl Candice Michelle to make much of an impact in the world of wrestling when she debuted in 2004, After failing to win the Diva Search, to our astonishment, Candice Michelle would become the breakout star in her stable with Torrie Wilson and Victoria in late 2005. Her breathtaking beauty helped Candice to score the cover of Playboy Magazine in 2006. This would help catapult her career and she would remain one of WWE's top Divas until her departure in 2009.

21 Trish Stratus - WWE Divas 2003 Magazine

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Out of eight WWE Divas Magazines that were published from 2001-2007, Trish Stratus would land three covers - more than any other Diva in the company (two of which will make this list including this one). The 2003 edition would be Trish's second cover and the Divas of WWE basked in the desert heat of the wild west in what has to be one of the hottest issues the company has ever produced. No pun intended.

20 Torrie Wilson - FHM Magazine - September 2006

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They didn't call Torrie Wilson the cover girl for no reason. We're only six entries in and Torrie Wilson has already been featured twice on the list! In 2006, FHM Magazine came a-calling on WWE's doorstep to feature the beautiful Torrie Wilson in their magazine and boy did they feature her. The issue promised that Torrie would show you the ropes, but as you can see, she was showing the WWE Universe a lot more than ropes.

19 Trish Stratus - WWE Magazine - September 2006

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The same month Torrie Wilson was gracing the cover of FHM, Vince McMahon had Trish Stratus gracing the cover of WWE Magazine - her final cover with the company before retiring from professional wrestling. The issue promised the sexiest poster ever printed inside... but in reality, it was just a rehash of the poster for the feature film Attack of the 50 Foot Woman from 1958 featuring Trish Stratus as a monster. The joke was on us. It wasn't a terrible poster, but definitely not the sexiest. But that cover though...

18 Ashley - Playboy Magazine - April 2007

The second Diva Search winner would become the second Diva Search winner to grace the cover of Playboy Magazine in April of 2007, resulting in her earning a Number One Contender's spot for the Women's Championship against Melina at WrestleMania 23, because Playboy models can apparently fight too! Due to her incredible good looks, Ashley Massaro was one of the top Divas in the company during her stay, and has one of the best spreads in Playboy history.

17 Lita - Raw Magazine - July 2004

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After her injury in 2002, which took her out of action for 17 whole months, Lita returned in late 2003 in better shape than ever before. It showed in her steaming hot pictorial in the July edition of Raw Magazine in 2004. As the cover suggests, perseverance definitely paid off for the extreme Diva and by looking at the cover, it's pretty apparent why she is still considered one of the best WWE Divas wrestling has ever had.

16 The Bella Twins - Maxim Magazine Spain - May 2012

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What's better than one Bella? Two Bellas! Which is why the world of wrestling delivered us the Bella Twins. Fresh off their brief departure from WWE, Brie and Nikki Bella would keep themselves relevant by landing the Spanish cover of Maxim Magazine in 2012. High socks and bikinis was a sure fire way to bring eyes to newsstands, and it's no surprise these two have since become world renown with their reality show, Total Divas... soon to be a spinoff, Total Bellas!

15 Trish Stratus - WWE Divas 2002 Magazine

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Although the 2003 cover with Trish Stratus was definitely a piercing hot one, you could argue this one is even hotter, as Trish Stratus and the rest of the Divas soaked up the beaches of the Caribbean in the second annual magazine for the women of wrestling. There's a very good reason why the WWE fans voted Trish Stratus Babe of the Year three times and this cover is a clear example as to why. Oh, those days...

14 Stacy Keibler - Stuff Magazine - March 2006

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Oh look! Another outsider magazine photographing a WWE Diva with ropes!

It was clear to everybody that Stacy Keibler was something special, even to people who didn't even watch wrestling. During the end of her WWE career, she was starting to appear in tabloid magazines and even managed to become America's Sweetheart on the second season of Dancing With the Stars in which she would finish third. Her appearance on the show helped score her this cover of Stuff Magazine, her second with the publication.

13 Chyna - Playboy Magazine - November 2000

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When the Ninth Wonder of the World debuted in sports entertainment, nobody ever imagined her as the sex symbol she would eventually become. As her muscles began to shrink, and a more feminine side started to shine through. Chyna eventually started to turn heads (including Eddie Guerrero's) and the former Intercontinental Champion would bare it all in the pages Playboy in a very memorable issue of the publication.

Rest in Peace.

12 Sable - Playboy Magazine - September 1999


Not many women can say to they were featured twice on the cover of Playboy - in one year! But Sable can of course. Her issue in April of 1999 proved to be such a big hit, that Hugh Hefner had the blonde bombshell back just five months later in the September issue. Even though fans had already seen the goods, they had no problem forking over their hard earned dollars to see it again. Sadly by the time this issue came out, Sable was out of the WWE.

11 Stacy Keibler - Maxim Magazine - November 2008

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Are you surprised to see Stacy Keibler make the list again? Of course you aren't! Stacy proved in her post-WWE career that she didn't need wrestling to be successful. Over two years absent from professional wrestling, major magazines still wanted a piece of the blonde beauty, as she and those 41-and-a-half-inch legs of hers scored the cover of Maxim Magazine in late 2008. And yes, the spread inside is even hotter.

10 Christy Hemme - WWE Divas 2005 Magazine

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Not even a year into her career in wrestling, Christy Hemme would bag the cover of the annual Divas Magazine in 2005, an impressive feat that no other Diva would accomplish in such a short period with the WWE. It is all the more surprising that later that year, Christy would be released from her contract, and it's even more surprising when you take a look at this cover as to why they would do that. Seriously, take a look at the cover...

Wait, you even still reading this?

9 Torrie Wilson - Raw Magazine July 2002

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Oh, well what do you know! Torrie Wilson appears on the list yet again (and she will one more time). In the Divas 2002 Magazine you saw earlier that spotlighted Trish Stratus on the cover, you could argue that Torrie Wilson stole the insides of the publication, over the three-time Babe of the Year. This is why only a few months later, WWE would spotlight Torrie on the cover of Raw Magazine by showcasing some photos that didn't quite make the cut in the Divas Magazine due to page constraints.

8 Terri Runnels - Raw Magazine - May 2000

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In May of 2000, Raw Magazine decided to release five collectible covers featuring five of WWE's hottest Divas that year photographed on the beaches of the Caribbean. I guess just having one of them grace the cover would be unfair, as all five were equally as beautiful as the rest. And of course, I'm sure it helped make the WWE even more money. Two out of five make this list, and Terri Runnels is the first. It's shocking she didn't land more covers during her stay with the company as she is one of WWE's original Divas, and looked great here.

7 Ivory - Raw Magazine - May 2000

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The second of five covers to make the list, features one of WWE's sexiest brunettes to ever hold the Women's Championship - Ivory. The difference between Ivory and the rest of the Divas during her stay with the company, is that she came in as a wrestler, more focused on putting on a good match than showing off that perfect body of hers. But when she had to, she literally blew all the other Divas out of the water! Look at her!

6 Trish Stratus - MuscleMag - May 2000

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Trish Stratus was adorning the covers of magazines way before her arrival in WWE and after being featured countless time in MuscleMag, she would be featured once again in May of 2000 - the same month she was featured in one of the five covers of Raw Magazine. Two covers in one month? That's pretty impressive, Trish! And the reason this one makes the list out of all her other MuscleMag covers? Um. Just look at the cover and I'm sure you could figure that out yourself.

5 Maryse - Summum Magazine 2010

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Quebec's Number one Men's Magazine decided to feature WWE's number one Diva Maryse in 2010. Seeing how Maryse is from Quebec, it was only fitting she'd make the cover of their magazine,which she would accomplish on more than one occasion. Maryse has to be one of the hottest blondes WWE has ever had, and that's saying a lot. Now that she's back in the WWE, I'm sure she'll dress the covers of many more magazines.

4 Lita - WWE Divas 2001 Magazine

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The inaugural issue of Divas Magazine featured none other than Lita on the cover, the most-over Diva the WWE had that year. Lita's athleticism was unmatched by any other women on the roster at the time, and if you match that with her extreme good looks, Lita deserved to be on that cover and in our opinion, she never looked better. With her trademark high rising thong, she led the way for future covers to come.

3 Sable - Raw Magazine - April 1999

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The same month Sable was selling over a million copies of Playboy Magazine, WWE decided to have one of their biggest draws in the company on the cover Raw Magazine as well. If you've noticed, that cover of Playboy didn't make the list, so if you don't know what it looks like, feel free to Google at the end of this article. Not that the cover of Playboy wasn't sexy, but if you compare that and this cover of Raw, the one that features the Women's Championship covering up the goods is much hotter and much cooler.

2 Sable AND Sunny - Raw Magazine - January 1998

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In one of the earliest times WWE decided to have two separate collectible covers for Raw Magazine, both Sable and Sunny were featured on their own separate cover because how could you pick one over the other? And after staring at both covers for way too long, the number two slot on this list is a tie. Can you really blame us? We took WWE's advice, and just chose them both. This may have been the only time in your life when double dipping was acceptable.

1 Torrie Wilson - Playboy Magazine - May 2003

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Torrie Wilson is our number one pick for the hottest magazine cover featuring the women of wrestling. Although Torrie Wilson would pair up with Sable in 2004 to nab the cover of Playboy for the second time, her very first issue the year prior in May of 2003 pales in comparison. Not only is the spread inside a feast for the eyes, the cover alone could top any Playboy list if you ask our opinion. Although Torrie Wilson never won a Women's Championship in her career with professional wrestling, it's safe to say no fan will ever forget her.

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