Top 25 Hottest WAGS In WWE History

It’s good to be a WWE wrestler. You have a lot of fans to entertain on an almost daily basis and you are a recognized performer all over the globe. There’s also other perks in the wrestlers making a bunch of money, but the best thing about being a successful WWE wrestler is getting a hot wife at your side! We’ve seen so many WWE wrestlers strike gold in their personal lives these days and despite not all of them being particularly good-looking, they have managed to flirt up sexy women in their lives.

The WWE wrestlers have over the years enjoyed much success in their personal lives, as their success in the company has got them some sexy ladies to be their wives or girlfriends. Now we’ve seen some of these wrestlers with hot wives who are their childhood love, but others tend to marry some of the sexiest women after attaining fame. These wrestlers tend to eventually settle down for life with these ladies and you can’t really blame them after seeing just how hot these women are.

There have been numerous stunning WAGs in the WWE over the years, but these ladies stand above all others. They are some of the hottest women to be associated with wrestling, as we take a look at the Top 25 Hottest WAGs In WWE History.

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26 Beth Phoenix

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“The Glamazon” Beth Phoenix might not have displayed herself like the stunning woman she actually is in the WWE, but the beautiful diva did leave her mark in the company. She dominated the Divas Division during her time in the WWE, winning the WWE Women’s Championship thrice. She had to leave the company to tend to boyfriend Edge, who was in a dismal state after being forced into retirement due to injuries. She is married to the “Rated R-Superstar” right now and the two share a special bond, with the sexy diva looking really hot even to this day. Phoenix became the youngest inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame earlier this year and even though she will be remembered for her brawn, she had immense beauty and looked especially sexy when she wanted to look as such.

25 Renee Young

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Renee Young has slowly but steadily become the friendly, recognized voice of the WWE as she’s in a really good position in the company right now. Young has transitioned from being a backstage interviewer to now being a special voice of the WWE, as her voice isn’t the only thing which makes her so popular. Renee is actually quite hot and looks really stunning when she needs to for the WWE, as her husband Dean Ambrose is a very lucky man to have her. The two were dating for a long time and secretly got married just after WrestleMania this year, announcing their marriage later on social media. Renee is not just a smart woman but is also really gorgeous and has to be one of the hottest non-wrestling females in the company’s history.

24 Sharmell 

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Sharmell Huffman aka “Queen Sharmell” is the wife of Booker T and became really popular during his time as “King Booker” in the WWE. The sexy lady was definitely one of the hottest things in the WWE, looking absolutely stunning as Queen Sharmell in the company, which showed just how much of a sexy wife Booker has in real life. Sharmell won the Miss Black America pageant in 1991 and has been married to Booker for over a year now. Her sensational looks are definitely the most striking features of this gorgeous woman, who is definitely one of the best couples by Booker T! Sharmell might have left the wrestling ring some years ago, but she dazzled everyone with her sexiness back in the day and looked like a real “queen” back in the day.

23 Stacy Carter

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Stacy “The Kat” Carter was a real sensation in the WWE at a point of time during the Attitude Era, as she was pushed by the WWE because of being a sizzling eye-candy for the fans. Carter had the perfect figure to woo the fans and made the most use of it, often taking part in erotic acts and teasing the fans to get herself over. The sexy diva would also win the WWE Women’s Championship during that time, as she had a lot of backstage pull because of her then husband Jerry “The King” Lawler. But some problems with management made for the end of her WWE career in 2001 when she was fired and left the company with Lawler. Ironically, they would be divorced the same year but “The Kat” will always be remembered by fans of the Attitude era for her erotic behavior and smoking hot figure.

22 AJ Lee

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AJ Lee was mostly portrayed by the WWE as this crazy woman who cannot be trusted at all, but she slowly developed herself into an amazing diva in her final years with the company. After enduring many mindless romantic angles and feuds, AJ got a Divas Championship run which lasted for 295 days and asserted her as a top diva of the company. Despite being made to display her “crazy” side, AJ was actually a really sexy woman in reality and managed to look really stunning through it all. She had the perfect figure despite being quite short and looks absolutely gorgeous when she wanted too. AJ is, of course, the wife of CM Punk, who left the company in 2014 when the two were dating. Despite having left WWE, AJ still has a lot of fans because of her work and also because of her exquisite figure.

21 Karina Steen

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Kevin Owens has been a really good heel in the WWE ever since he came to the company, as his motto has been that he "does it for the well-being of his family" and wants to secure a good life for them. While that's probably all in kayfabe, you can't really blame him for thinking this way especially knowing how much of a hot wife he actually has. Kevin Owens is married to Karina, who was his love before he became a sensation in the wrestling industry and two have been a happy couple for a decade now. Karina is definitely one of the most beautiful WAGs right now and looks absolutely stunning in the pictures posted on social media and you can't really blame Owens for being protective towards her, as he's a really lucky man to be with someone as sexy as Karina.

20 Nikki Bella

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Nikki Bella came to the WWE as part of the mischievous twin sister duo in "The Bellas" where she and her sister Brie would help each other get dirty wins. But she has developed into one of WWE's top divas over the years, as she also changed up her looks and has become extremely hot in the past few years. The former Divas Champion is also now married to John Cena, as the two were dating for a long time before John proposed to Nikki at the grandest stage of them all in WrestleMania 33. Nikki has to be one of the hottest women of all time in the WWE and is now a stunning WAG as well, as John Cena seems to have wooed quite the amazing woman who will always be remembered by the fans for just how incredibly sexy she looks.

19 Collette Christie

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Mick Foley will always be remembered for his hardcore entertainment in the ring rather than how he looked physically, which definitely wasn’t all that good at all. Foley was a very ordinary looking man who got far in the wrestling industry because of her sheer hard work, but it seems his hard-work also got him a beautiful lady as his wife. Mick has been married to Collette Christie Foley for more than two decades now, as he’s extremely lucky to have this sexy woman to be his wife. Collette was a really stunning woman back in the day and despite her age manages to look extremely good. Mick is blessed to have such a gorgeous and supportive wife at his side.

18 Lauren Hashian

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The Rock has had quite the rise in fame over all these years, as the top star of WWE during the Attitude Era is now one of the most popular actors in the world. The Rock opted for a career in Hollywood after attaining the mainstream popularity and hasn’t looked back ever since leaving the WWE all those years back. He has had an amazing woman at his side over all these years, as the stunning Lauren Hashian has been his girlfriend for the past decade. The sexy Hashian has guided him towards much success over the years, as well as dazzling everyone else with her beauty as she accompanies him to many events. Lauren is not only extremely beautiful but is also a sexy lady to look at and is the perfect match for the Brahma Bull.

17 Jackie Gayda

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Jackie Gayda was another hot diva to come out of the original “WWE Tough Enough” in 2002 and even though she didn’t really have the best wrestling skills, she made up for it with her sensational looks. Jackie would be booked as an eye-candy for the WWE fans during her time in the company, as she was the hot evil woman on the roster. Jackie was also part of a romantic angle with Charlie Haas, whom she was actually dating at the time. The two would leave the company together in 2005 after which they tied the knot, but Jackie would be missed by some WWE fans who missed watching the sexy bombshell on TV. Gayda was definitely the woman of many WWE fans’ dreams back in the day, as Charlie Haas is a really lucky man to have someone as sexy like her as his wife.

16 Jennifer McDaniel

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Hulk Hogan was the man who brought mainstream attention to wrestling back in the 80s as the biggest star in WWE. Hulk has since kept himself relevant in the wrestling scene over the decades, has continued in a wrestling or non-wrestling role in the recent years. But his personal life took a real dent in 2007 when he divorced his long-time wife Linda. But Hulk managed to woo up an even hotter woman in Jennifer McDaniel, whom he has been married to since 2010. McDaniel is a complete knockout and has some really glaring assets as well, as the Hulkster seems to have impressed a really sexy woman after getting divorced from Linda. McDaniel is definitely able enough to keep Hogan happy for a long time, as he’s a lucky man to have such a stunning woman at his side at this age.

15 Rebecca Curci

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"The Heart Break Kid" Shawn Michaels was definitely one of the most entertaining wrestlers of the 90s, but he was also quite a wild, abusive man back in the day. He did a lot of drugs at the time and was going nowhere before he met his wife Rebecca, who definitely changed up his lifestyle. Rebecca Curci might be remembered as one of the "Nitro Girls" who was definitely hot as hell back in the 90s, as Shawn got married to her in 1999. He struck gold in Curci who had an amazing figure and looked like an absolute knockout back in the days, but also got a wife who supported him through the difficult times. Curci still manages to look really good as Shawn retired early to spend some quality time with her and enjoy the rest of his life alongside this beautiful woman.

14 Maryse

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Maryse has definitely been one of the most convincing female heels in the WWE for a long time now, but you can’t really hate her considering just how amazing she looks every single week! Maryse reached her peak a few years back when she was one of the leading ladies of WWE’s diva's division and won the Diva’s Championship numerous time in that stint, before leaving the company to look into her personal life. The French beauty was in a relationship with The Miz and the two tied the knot in 2014. The two compliment each other really well in the WWE because of their arrogant nature, but The Miz is a really lucky man to have such a sexy lady in Maryse as his wife. Maryse has the looks of a top model, as the A-lister must be thanking his stars for getting him a knockout like Maryse as his wife.

13 Jennifer Hudson

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David Otunga looked like a promising talent when he debuted as part of The Nexus in the WWE but really wore down as he was forced to go towards a singles career and his ripped figure couldn't help him get over. Otunga had to retire from in-ring competition because of his failures but had struck gold in his personal life. David Otunga is actually the fiancée of star singer Jennifer Hudson, with the two also having a baby together. They have been dating for a long time now, as Otunga is a really lucky man to have someone as stunning as Hudson to call as his partner. Jennifer Hudson is definitely one of the hottest pop singers around for some time now, as she's also really elegant and beautiful and Otunga has a blessed fortune to have someone just as stunning Hudson as his fiancée.

12 Jessica Lockhart

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Chris Jericho has been an extremely entertaining personal in the WWE ever since he appeared in 1999, as the Ayatollah of Rock n Rolla has kept up his amazing work in all these years. Jericho is also blessed to be in a stable relationship for the past 17 years, as the wife of Jericho in Jessica Lockhart was his love before he was a big superstar. The two have been in a very happy marriage for all these years, as Jericho is a lucky man to not only have married his childhood love but also a stunning woman in Jessica. Lockhart is an extremely beautiful woman who also compliments Jericho really well, as this stunning lady has kept Y2J happy and fulfilled in all these years and Jericho should consider himself blessed to be in such a happy marriage with his childhood love.


11 Lana

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When Rusev made his debut in the WWE, many fans were not only impressed at how good he was in the ring, but how hot his manager was outside it as well. Lana has been a stunning woman in the WWE for a couple of years now, with the "Ravishing Russian" continuing to look absolutely amazing in those sexy outfits she wears while managing Rusev. Lana has been extremely over with the fans because of her attractive looks and is now going to be pushed as a singles competitor. She fell in love and married Rusev a few years back, for which both of them have been punished(as it broke kayfabe) but Rusev is a really lucky man to have an exquisite woman like Lana as his wife and the two have looked really happy with each other in all these years.



10 Stephanie McMahon

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Stephanie McMahon has been labeled around as Vince's spoilt daughter for a long time now in the WWE having continuously gotten a lot of heat because of her heel role in the company. But if one thing is for sure, then it's that Stephanie has aged amazingly well and has only gotten more attractive with every passing year. The wife of WWE superstar Triple H has seemingly only become hotter as he has aged and looks absolutely stunning right now despite being over 40 years old. Triple H has taken a lot of criticism for allegedly marrying Stephanie for the "keys to the kingdom", but the two have enjoyed a really happy marriage and look set to take over from Vince whenever needed, as HHH really hit the jackpot when he managed to woo a knockout like Stephanie.

8 Miss Elizabeth

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Miss Elizabeth was definitely one of the most beautiful women to step foot in the WWE, as her pair with husband Randy "Macho Man" Savage reaped in a lot of fans into the WWE product in the 80s. Elizabeth was extremely charming and good-looking and was made to look even better by the WWE who dressed her up in stunning outfits to make her look like a princess. Elizabeth was definitely hot as well, as many envied Savage for having such an amazing wife at his side at all times. She was also the cause of Savage's real life heat with Hulk Hogan at the time, but the two kept together in real life when they were in the WWE. Elizabeth might have tragically passed away more than a decade back, but she will always be remembered for her beauty which is absolutely unmatched in the WWE.

7 Debra

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Debra was definitely not hired by the WWE for her "in-ring talent" as she was so successful in the company only because of her absolutely knockout looks and amazing "puppies" which was cherished by the company. Debra started off as a manager for Jeff Jarrett where she would often distract his opponents by unbuttoning her shirt and "displaying" her "puppies", but later she was transitioned into a wrestler. She even won the WWE Women's Championship from Sable in an Evening Gown match. Debra then started to date Stone Cold Steve Austin, with the two getting married in 2000. Austin was a lucky man to have this stunning woman as his wife but blew his chance as the two's marriage got sour towards the end and they took a divorce in 2003. Despite that, Debra will always be remembered for her exquisite shape and assets which will be in the memory of Attitude Era fans.

6 Kimberly Kessler

Randy Orton has been flying high in the WWE in the past few years, as he has had a memorable year so far and is ruling Smackdown Live as the WWE Champion. Orton has been an amazing athlete for the WWE for over a decade now, but his personal life wasn't really so stable. He got divorced from his first wife in 2013 but found someone, even more, sexier in Kimberly Kessler after that. The two had been dating for a while before tying the knot in 2015, as Orton got himself a really hot wife in Kimberly. They even welcomed their daughter last year and Orton seems to be really happy with his stunning wife. He has to count his stars for getting such an exquisite woman in his life after his divorce, as Kimberly definitely has to be one of the hottest WAG's of all time.

5 Eden Stiles

Eden Stiles was the voice of the WWE before she left a year or so ago, as she had developed really well as an announcer in the company. She started off by announcing for NXT, later getting into the main shows where she would really impress as a backstage interviewer and match announcer. She also got married to Cody Rhodes in 2013, with the two developing a bond while dating in the WWE. Eden left the WWE along with Cody last year, as she's definitely one of the hottest ring announcers of all time as it can be seen in this picture. Eden looks absolutely stunning when she wants to look hot, as Cody Rhodes is a lucky man to have such a devoted wife who is also this sexy, as Eden now looks to dazzle the Independent field with her sexy looks.

4 Denise Hartmann

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Christian might've had an unlucky career in the WWE, as he was extremely under-rated by the company and only got over mainly as a mid-carder, but he definitely struck gold in his personal life. Christian met an amazing stunning woman in Denise Hartmann in 2001 when he was on tour with the WWE, as he went on to marry this German Model who has an extremely sexy figure. Hartmann was a model so it's obvious that she's going to be hot as hell and despite all his sorrows in the WWE over the years, at least Christian has an absolute smacker of a wife to go home too. He also has a daughter with Denise and the two are really happy in Christian's post-retirement life now, as the former WWE superstar is an extremely lucky man to have married an absolute knockout like Denise.

3 Catalina White

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Jack Swagger arrived in the WWE with much promise, as he was given a pretty solid push in his first few years with the company, even winning the World Heavyweight Championship in 2010. But it all went downhill for him after that, as he would be degraded into becoming a jobber and the "All-American" face gimmick didn't work at all for him and he was let go after much humiliation earlier this year. Despite all his sorrow sin the ring, Swagger is an extremely happy man in his personal life because of his absolutely smacking wife in Catalina. Catalina White was a former model before eloping with Swagger, as she's an absolute knockout with an incredible figure. He might not be in the best of places right now, but Swagger is a lucky man to have such a sexy wife to stay at home with.

2 Sunny

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Sunny came to the WWE with Skip (Chris Candido) in 1995, but she would attain the kind of fame that Candido never did! Sunny was the girlfriend of Candido when she came as the manager of the Bodydonnas, but she became famous for something else in particular. Sunny had an amazing figure and was one of the hottest WAG's at the time, but she decided to reject Candido once she started getting attention from other wrestlers. She had a length affair with WWE superstar Shawn Michaels at the time, as almost everyone wanted to be with this sexy woman. Sunny was "THE" first Diva of the WWE and paved the way for much more to enter the fray, as she's also responsible for sparking HBK and Bret Hart's real life rivalry. Despite all her controversies, Sunny will still remain one of the hottest women to grace the WWE.

1 Sable

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Sable has to be remembered as probably THE hottest diva of the Attitude Era, as she had a lot of popularity amongst the fans because of her erotic acts in the ring. She started to get famous as the manager of then husband Marc Mero, but later went on as a wrestler who was good in the ring but her amazing looks stood out from anything else. The former WWE Women's Champion was the dream girl for many back in the days, as her stunning figure and gorgeous looks mixed with her teasing acts made her a real hit during the Attitude era. Sable decided to leave wrestling and got married to Brock Lesnar in 2006, as the two have been living a quiet personal life ever since. Lesnar is a fortunate man to have someone like Sable as his wife, as this incredibly sexy woman will always be remembered by Attitude Era fans because of how much of an amazing diva she was.

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