Top 25 Hottest Wrestler WAGs

It’s a pretty commonly known thing that most professional athletes end up snagging super hot wives and girlfriends. I mean, why wouldn’t they? They’re generally good looking, in phenomenal shape, and they definitely can take a lady out to nicer restaurants when it comes time for date night. However, it’s not just the football, basketball and hockey players who snag hotties. Though they spend their days getting all sweaty with other men, most wrestlers end up crawling into bed at night next to a stone cold fox.

While most professional athletes in other sports generally date women outside their world, wrestlers very frequently pair up with former or current female wrestlers. Why? Well, one of the main reasons is likely that in wrestling, men and women aren’t quite as separated as in other professional sports. Sure, they’re not exactly taking one another on in the ring, but they’re all hanging around in the same area, valeting, acting out their roles in various storylines, etc. It makes sense that sparks eventually fly between wrestlers. However, there are many wrestlers who end up with women outside the sports world entirely. Either way, they always end up with someone absolutely gorgeous – even if they’re not exactly an Adonis themselves.

These women are willing to put up with their boo being on the road for weeks at a time, they’re willing to worry ring-side about whether that body slam was all for show or whether it actually hurt their partner. Hell, if a WAG is a wrestler herself, she might even be worrying about having to mix work with pleasure for a storyline. These WAGs agree to handle all the drama that comes along with dating a wrestler because they’re crazy about their partner and are willing to do whatever it takes. Let’s face it, though – it’s the guys who are the lucky ones in these cases.

Here are 25 of the hottest wrestler WAGs.

25 Sable (married to Brock Lesnar)

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Sable was one of the first WWE Divas, and she’s basically a legend with her blonde hair and kick-ass moves. When it came to finding a husband, she didn’t wander too far from the ring, and ended up marrying fellow wrestler Brock Lesnar in 2006. Lesnar is ten years younger than Sable, but let’s be honest – this Diva, who has posed for Playboy during her wrestling career, definitely has it going on. Now that she’s retired, though most people likely know her better by her wrestling name, Sable, she’s just plain Rena Lesnar. Though she’s pushing 50 now, Sable is still pretty damn sexy – Lesnar is probably pretty pumped to have her on his arm.

24 Michelle McCool (married to The Undertaker)

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The Undertaker is one of the most mysterious guys to ever grace the world of wrestling – he doesn’t like to reveal much about himself, and that’s part of the reason he’s become so iconic. However, there’s one thing that he’s been bragging about within the last few years – his blonde bombshell wife, former Diva Michelle McCool. The Undertaker has been happy to post shots of himself with his wife on holidays, at sporting events, and more. I mean, look at her – wouldn’t you? The duo got married in 2010 and Michelle retired from wrestling in 2011. They have one daughter together.

23 Brandi Runnels (married to Cody Rhodes)

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Before getting together with husband Cody Rhodes, Brandi Runnels was making a name for herself in the ring as Eden. This exotic beauty got her entertainment start as a local news reporter and anchor, and eventually moved to Miami before getting a spot at WWE as an announcer. She quickly climbed the ranks, from announcing minor bouts to Main Event, SmackDown, and countless backstage interviews. It was in this line of duty that she met husband Cody Rhodes, and the two have been inseparable ever since. Those two are probably an unstoppable team.

22 Kim Marie Kessler (dating Randy Orton)

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Randy Orton is one of the best known names in wrestling, with countless championships under his belt. His girlfriend? A little less famous than he is and that’s putting it mildly. Orton began dating Kessler, a mother of three, in 2014 and the couple have been together since. He soon went public, going to the 2014 WE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony with his hot girlfriend on his arm. She hasn’t always been the classiest on social media, often getting into fights with people who comment on Orton’s accounts. One thing’s for sure, though – she’s definitely easy on the eyes.

21 Beth Phoenix (dating Edge)

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Beth Phoenix is every wrestling fan’s favorite Glamazon – she carved a very memorable legacy for herself during her years as a Diva and will always be remembered as one of the hottest Divas to enter the ring. Nowadays, she has another big role – mom. Phoenix and fellow wrestler Edge had a baby in 2014 and have been a happy little family unit ever since. Even though she’s now retired, Beth Phoenix remains one of the biggest names in female wrestling. The fact that she had such a huge following despite being a bit more muscular than Divas tend to be speaks volumes about her charm, skill, and drop-dead gorgeous good looks.

20 Maryse (married to The Miz)

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The Miz is one lucky guy – in 2014, he tied the knot with former Diva and model Maryse. This French Canadian cutie even agreed to take on her husband’s name and is now known as Mrs. Maryse Mizanin. These two obviously like to have fun, but are equally devoted to one another. Just check out how this tough guy talks about his wifey in his social media posts – he absolutely adores her and is thrilled by basically anything she does. She’s retired now, so she can sit ringside and cheer on her husband – and, with some wrestling experience under her belt, she might even be able to yell a few great tips from her spot in WAG seating.

19 Denise Hartmann (married to Christian)

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When they travel, most people bring back souvenirs or a story of a passionate fling that happened on a whirlwind holiday. Then there’s those people who turn a chance international meeting into a nearly 15 year relationship, like Denise and Christian. Canadian wrestler Christian was touring England when he spotted a gorgeous blonde German model by the name of Denise. They met, they sparked, and eventually in 2001, they got married. The two have been going strong ever since and even have a baby daughter together. Christian is probably pretty grateful that he was in the right country at the right time in order to manage meeting his future wife.

18 Rebecca Curci (married to Shawn Michaels)

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Rebecca Curci Michaels isn’t a complete stranger to the wrestling ring, as she spent a short amount of time as a Nitro Girl. However, her time in the wrestling world quickly came to a close – but not before she managed to find her future husband. During her Nitro Girl days, wrestler Shawn Michaels spotted her and immediately fell in love (okay, probably just lust, but it eventually turned into something more). They got married in 1999 at a quick Las Vegas ceremony (no big fancy wedding for this girl) and have been together ever since. They have two children together.

17 Sarah Backman (married to Bo Dallas)

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Usually, if a woman is married to a professional wrestler, she knows that regardless of how hard she works out her husband is probably going to have bigger biceps than her. With Swedish Sarah Backman, this isn’t necessarily a given – she has an impressive physique, topped with a mane of gorgeous blonde hair. Her arm strength will make more sense when you figure out she was a former eight time World Arm Wrestling Champion. She almost made it into the wrestling world alongside her husband, having been recruited for NXT, but she didn’t quite have what it took. Regardless, she’ll be working out alongside her husband to maintain her physique and showing up ringside to root him on.

16 Naomi (married to Jimmy Uso)

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Naomi shot into the spotlight after snagging a spot as one of the Divas on popular E! reality series Total Divas. Unfortunately, when she tied the knot with fellow wrestler Jimmy Uso, she jeopardized her career prospects a bit. Apparently, it was becoming boring Mrs. Uso that led her to be kicked off the cast of Total Divas. However, thanks to her husband’s recent injury, she might get her chance to shine one more – with Jimmy on the sidelines recovering, this feisty Diva has the chance to take center stage once more and compete for a championship title.

15 Natalya (married to Tyson Kidd)

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Together, apart, fighting, making up, kissing, crying… Natalya and Tyson Kidd are a couple constantly drowning in drama. It’s no surprise that Total Divas is desperate to make sure Nattie stays on the show – she brings the relationship issues like no other. However, regardless of their relationship status, one thing is for sure – Natalya is a definite hottie. This duo has been together since 2001 and their wedding was even captured on the show. When you’ve been together as long as these two have, you just know things will work out somehow. Besides, he’d be a fool to let his fierce, fabulous wife go.

14 Stephanie McMahon (married to Triple H)

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Everyone knows who Stephanie McMahon is – as the daughter of WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon, she’s basically wrestling royalty. She’s tried her hand at different aspects of the wrestling world, from valet to wrestler to chief brand officer. When it comes to her love life, she definitely looks to the ring – that’s how she found her husband, wrestler Triple H. While things started between this duo as a bit of a scripted on-screen love affair, it soon blossomed into much more. Now, they’ve been attached at the hip for over a decade and have three children together.

13 Jessica Lockhart (married to Chris Jericho)

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This couple have been married for 15 years, quite a feat in the world of professional sports. Sure, they’ve had their share of drama – any man who works in a profession where gorgeous women are constantly prancing around him in skimpy outfits is bound to get a few photographs taken that seem like something is going on. There were a few rumors floating around about Jericho and Diva Kelly Kelly, but gossip seekers eventually moved on when it became obvious that Jessica and Chris were a rock solid couple. They first met in high school and have three children together. Jericho is so devoted to his wife that he even got her name tattooed on his ring finger, an even more permanent sign of commitment than a ring. It takes a lot of effort to make a marriage work when one partner has such a crazy schedule, but these two have done it.

12 Lauren Hashian (dating The Rock)

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Let’s be honest – The Rock is kind of a stud. He’s one of the most popular wrestlers of all time, and managed to take his fame as a professional athlete and work his way into the world of Hollywood, becoming an actor and landing roles in several blockbuster films. So, was it a fellow wrestler or fellow actress who caught his eye? Neither, actually – his current girlfriend Lauren Hashian is a singer songwriter. One can understand that he’s cautious in love after the failure of his first marriage, which hit him pretty hard, but things seem to be going well between him and Hashian. He’s happy to show her off at his film premieres and even has her by his side during events and film promotions.

11 Jennifer McDaniel (married to Hulk Hogan)

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With his bandana and crazy moustache, Hulk Hogan is definitely a strong personality – and his wife of many years, Linda, eventually got sick of it. The two split in 2007 and Hogan quickly moved on, trading in his former wife for a younger, hotter model. McDaniel is over 20 years younger than Hogan, but the two had a great rapport and after three years of dating tied the knot. Anyone who thought McDaniel was just a rebound fling for Hogan can bite their tongue – the duo have been together for about five years now, and show no signs of growing tired of one another.

10 Jackie Gayda-Haas (married to Charlie Haas)

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Wrestler Jackie Gayda married fellow wrestler Charlie Haas in 2005 and the couple have since created quite the family unit – they have four children together. When the duo aren’t wrestling (both are semi-retired, no longer regulars in the ring but still making occasional appearances) they’re running a nutrition store together in Texas, called Custom Muscle Nutrition and Smoothie Shop. They definitely both have a physique that would encourage any customer to buy whatever supplement they recommended – especially Jackie, who still looks great after having four children. In the world of often dramatic wrestling relationships, these two have been stable and happy for an impressive ten years.

9 Lauryn Laine McBride (dating Jerry Lawler)

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Despite not exactly being the most handsome guy in the world, WWE color commentator Jerry Lawler has had his fair share of wives. How? Well, we can only guess that he’s got some pretty strong charm in order to hook so many ladies. The latest in his line of women is Lauryn McBride, a woman much younger than Lawler. Whether the relationship sticks is irrelevant – McBride is still an absolutely stunning brunette who likely has her pick of any man she wants. Besides, she’s constantly brushing elbows with handsome wrestlers – if things don’t work out with Lawler, we bet she’ll just be someone else’s hot WAG.

8 Karen Jarrett (married to Jeff Jarrett)

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Before Karen Jarrett stepped into the wrestling ring, she worked as an exotic dancer, so she definitely knew how to work her body. She first debuted as Kurt Angle’s wife, and the two frequently did couples appearances in the ring. They split and Karen eventually stepped back into the ring – this time, as Karen Jarrett. She’s still happily married to Jeff and stays busy by keeping her physique in shape and acting as a mother of two. Despite being over 40, she shows no signs of slowing down – and why would she? She’s in incredible shape.

7 Sharmell Sullivan-Huffman (married to Booker T)

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Wrestler Booker T and his wife Sharmell were once the king and queen of the wrestling world – at least according to their nicknames. Booker Huffman was known as both Booker T and King Booker, and his wife wrestled as Queen Sharmell. The duo were married in 2005 and shuffled around between organizations before both semi-retiring a few years later. Apparently, it was to focus on a family – after making a splash as the royal couple of wrestling for nearly five years, they settled down a bit and welcomed twins in 2010.

6 Jennifer Hudson (engaged to David Otunga)

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Everyone knows who Jennifer Hudson is – this diva with a huge set of pipes who got her start on the reality television show American Idol. She didn’t make it to the end, but after landing her first film role as Effie in Dreamgirls, she was quickly catapulted to superstardom. Somewhere along the road she met wrestler David Otunga. While many celebrities and pro athletes seem to rush into commitment at a breakneck speed, these two have been taking it slow – they have a child together and are engaged, but there haven’t been any wedding bells yet. With their busy schedules, it’s totally understandable – but hopefully Otunga realizes that his future wife is quite the catch.

5 Galina Becker (married to Roman Reigns)

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Back when wrestler Roman Reigns was a young football player at Georgia Tech, he met a hottie by the name of Galina – the rest, as they say, is history. The two got engaged in 2012 and married two years later, while Reigns was on a bit of a hiatus due to an injury. The duo even have a four year old daughter together and Reigns is obviously a devoted father – he even took the time to participate in WWE’s “Take time to be a dad today” campaign. Many professional athletes trade out their college sweethearts for a sexier model once they hit the big leagues, but not Reigns – although, really, could he do any better? She’s absolutely stunning.

4 Nikki Bella (dating John Cena)

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Thanks to her starring role on E! reality show Total Divas, everyone knows who Nikki Bella is. However, as the longtime girlfriend of John Cena, one of the most well-known wrestlers on the circuit today, people would probably know her regardless. Plus, with her smoking good looks, she definitely stands out from the crowd. Both Bella and Cena have had relationship drama in the past, so they’re obviously taking things slow and avoiding walking down the aisle until they’re both absolutely ready. Nikki has made a huge impact on the Divas world, and holds the distinction of being the second longest reigning Divas Champion. There have been rumors about her retiring to pursue some other passions and Cena better lock down his bombshell girlfriend soon.

3 Catalina Hager (married to Jack Swagger)

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There’s really only one way to describe Jack Swagger’s wife Catalina Hager – crazy, crazy hot. Hager has appeared, unsurprisingly, in the pages of FHM and Maxim, showing off her enviable bikini body to the world. The couple, who married in 2010, have two children together. If you take a look at Swagger and his wife, one thing’s for sure – that guy definitely outkicked his coverage, substantially. Unfortunately, if you’re hoping to check out Mrs. Swagger’s social media for a few bikini shots, as most WAGs have, you’re out of luck – her Instagram account is set to private. Well played, Catalina. Always keep them wanting more.

2 AJ Lee (married to CM Punk)

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It’s fairly common for Divas and wrestlers to find love with one another, and AJ Lee and CM Punk are a perfect example of that. Pint sized powerhouse AJ Lee has had an illustrious Divas career and still holds the record of the longest reigning Divas Championship (although Nikki Bella is determined to overtake her). Lee married CM Punk in a private ceremony in 2014, and retired shortly after in 2015. They live in Chicago, and Punk is ridiculously proud of his wife and all her accomplishments – and who wouldn’t be?

1 Brie Bella (married to Daniel Bryan)

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One half of the infamous Bella Twins tied the knot with fellow wrestler Daniel Bryan in 2014. The couples nuptials were picture perfect, taking place at the L’Auberge de Sedona resort and spa, and their guests included many WWE stars, including Bella’s Total Divas cast mates. The two have had their fair share of drama on-screen, but considering they fight about things that don’t even make much sense (such as a somewhat expensive dinner when they are both raking in the dough) makes many think the drama is just for the reality show. There’s been a lot of buzz lately about the Bella-Bryan family potentially having a baby. Brie, ever the entertainer and bad girl, has made suggestions that they incorporate the pregnancy into a twisted cheating storyline for the ring, but let’s be honest – the fact that they’re even discussing it means that they’re pretty devoted to their little family and serious about their happily ever after.

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