Top 25 Hottest WWE Divas of All Time

It doesn't take a genius to realize that WWE hasn't exactly offered equal opportunities for male and female wrestlers over its lifespan, one thing that's for sure is that the company has played host t

It doesn't take a genius to realize that WWE hasn't exactly offered equal opportunities for male and female wrestlers over its lifespan, one thing that's for sure is that the company has played host to some of the most gorgeous women ever seen on television.

While WWE's focus is currently shifting from women being seen as little more than eye candy to fully-fledged in-ring competitors, there's no denying that the division is still stacked with beautiful women.

Looking further back through WWE's history, ever since Sable began rewriting the rules for what is appropriate wrestling programming and what isn't, WWE has made a conscious effort to bring as many models to TV as possible, despite many of them not possessing more than an ounce of wrestling ability.

Although that trend has been completely thrown on its head due to the establishment of NXT, which offers an equal opportunity pathway to WWE's main roster through its developmental program, WWE has created a long list of hot women to have graced the squared circle.

We're not talking hot as in the cute girl you'd take home to meet your family - cough, Bayley, cough - but the kind of woman that alarms conservative mothers across the world when going through their son's recent Google searches.

While Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock and later John Cena became idols for young men all around the world from the late 90s through the 00s, the Divas are solely responsible for many awkward conversations between parents and their sons.

These are the top 25 hottest WWE Divas of all time.

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25 Melina 


After being knocked out in the first round of Tough Enough III, Melina continued her wrestling career and eventually signed a development contract with WWE in 2004. Quickly becoming the highlight of MNM as the valet for Johnny Nitro and Joey Mercury, Melina broke out as a singles star and is a three-time Women's Champion and two-time WWE Divas Champion, as well as the first woman in WWE history to hold both belts. Not only is she stunning, Bret Hart once referred to Melina as "one of the best wrestlers in the world."

24 Brie Bella 


Forever in the shadows of twin sister Nikki Bella, Brie Bella offers a more natural look in contrast to her cosmetic-friendly sister. While not as voluptuous as her sister, Brie is still as gorgeous as they come, acting as a beautiful and natural role model to the younger female fans of WWE. Away from the squared circle, her relationship and eventual marriage to fellow WWE competitor, Daniel Bryan, has been highlighted on Total Divas.

23 Cameron 


Despite being the first eliminated in the 2011 season of Tough Enough, Cameron found herself alongside Naomi as The Funkadactyls, a true visual highlight of WWE programming. Featured as one of the main cast members on Total Divas, Cameron established herself as an egotistical heel in 2014, however her obvious lack of training shone and she has found herself back down in WWE's development system. Regardless, there is no doubting Cameron's stunning good looks.

22 The Kat 


Transitioning from Miss Kitty after her WWE arrival in 1999, The Kat adopted a darker look and quickly became the company's main eye candy after Sable set the table for heightened sexuality on WWE programming. Having featured in illustrious matches such as various gown-related matches, a Chocolate Pudding match and a Lumberjill Snowbunny match, The Kat was clearly little more than a treat for the audience. Despite being a former Women's Champion, The Kat's legacy is claiming the first instance of intentional nudity in the company's history.

21 Aksana 


As a former bodybuilding champion, Aksana joined WWE's developmental system in 2009 and used the early format of NXT to break onto the main roster. Criminally underused in her time with the company, especially when aligned with Alicia Fox, Aksana never reached her full potential in the company. Nevertheless, it's impossible to deny how much fun it is looking at this Lithuanian beauty.

20 Dawn Marie 


As Lance Storm's manager in ECW during 1998, Dawn Marie quickly became an enjoyable change from the typical hardcore programming. Rapidly rising in popularity, she declined a WCW contract to remain with ECW and then fiancé, Simon Diamond. Joining WWE in 2002 as Vince McMahon's legal assistant - are you shocked? - Marie fought with Stacy Keibler for McMahon's love - again, are you shocked? - before being involved in a racy feud with Torrie Wilson. which featured a raunchy on-screen kiss. Used as little more than a dramatic valet, Marie was eventually released in 2005 during her pregnancy which led to her filing a complaint against the company for wrongful termination.

19 Maria 


There's something about a beautiful redhead that just makes guys lose it, natural or not. Before working in Ring of Honor as the valet of husband Michael Bennett, Maria joined WWE as part of the RAW Diva Search. Transitioning from backstage interviews to an on-screen relationship with Santino Marella, Maria's most memorable feud came when she defeated Beth Phoenix for the right to pose in Playboy, clearly to the delight of WWE's male fans.

18 Layla 


As an ex-dancer for the Miami Heat and backup dancer for Kanye West, Layla joined WWE as part of the 2006 Diva Search. Holding the mantle as the first British woman to win the Women's Championship as well as the last recognized woman to hold the title before its retirement, Layla enjoyed a five-month reign as the Divas Champion in 2012 upon return from injury. However, her most memorable period with the company came when partnered with Michelle McCool as LayCool, dominating the Divas division as McCool's loud-mouthed partner in crime.

17 Lita 


Not only is Lita one of the greatest overall female wrestlers in the business and a WWE Hall of Famer, she is undoubtedly one of the hottest. Breaking out as the manager of Matt and Jeff Hardy, Lita won over fans with her aerial abilities and obvious g-strings pulled way above her hips while still wearing tank tops and cargo pants. After siding with Edge, Lita's popularity soared along with her upped sexuality, particularly after Edge's on-screen live sex celebration.

16 Mickie James 


Mickie James is proof that the crazy ones often make for some of the hottest. Becoming known in WWE as Trish Stratus' biggest fan, James began a full obsession with Stratus before turning things up a notch, making sexual advances on and sexual gestures towards Stratus. Somehow, the feud resulted in James winning her first Women's Championship - at WrestleMania no less - going on to hold the title five times (and the Divas Championship once) before returning to TNA.

15 Naomi 


There's no dancing around it: Naomi is bootyful. Aside from being incredibly curvy, Naomi isn't just the eye candy that was presented along with Naomi as part of The Funkadactyls, earning a reputation as the most athletic female wrestlers on the roster and underutilized talents in the company. Despite being lost in the pack during the Divas Revolution, fans rejoice whenever Naomi graces WWE programming.

14 Kelly Kelly 


Overlooking the sickening amount of spray tan, which is overdone even for a WWE Diva, Kelly Kelly is that blonde girl you can't help but be attracted to. Naturally attractive on her own, it's no surprise she became a fan favorite as an exhibitionist and stripper as part of WWE's reprised ECW in 2006, eventually forming the dancing trio Extreme Exposé with Layla and Brooke Adams. After a four-month Divas Championship reign in 2011, Kelly Kelly was released in 2012.

13 Christy Hemme 


Entering WWE as part of the 2004 Diva Search after a successful modelling career, featuring in Maxim, Playboy and Rolling Stone, Hemme never made any real splash with the company aside from the predicable bra and panties matches and Playboy appearance. Despite not being anything to write home about in the ring, her looks provided enough to keep fans interested and she currently serves as a ring announcer and interviewer in TNA.

12 Candice Michelle 


It's not unusual for WWE to hire former models, especially during the 00s, but Candice Michelle holds the mantle of making the transition from softcore adult entertainment to WWE in 2004. Becoming the first Diva Search contestant to win the Women's Championship, Michelle was hampered by injuries and was eventually released by the company in 2009.

11 Michelle McCool 


A former two-time Divas Champion and two-time Women's Champion, Michelle McCool transitioned from working as a middle school teacher to the WWE in 2004, later adopting a sexy teacher gimmick in 2006. Her run with Layla as one half of LayCool is one of the more memorable female factions in WWE history, offering plenty of eye candy until her retirement in 2011. Before her retirement, she married The Undertaker in 2010 and delivered her first child, Taker's fourth, in 2012.

10 Eva Marie 


She might not be great in the ring, she might have difficulties on the microphone, but damn is she smoking hot. The bright red hair aside, Eva Marie is physically as pleasing as you could ask for, working as a fitness model before entering WWE in 2013 coupled with her debut on Total Divas. Currently working her way up in NXT, Marie is slowly rebuilding her reputation, but regardless or if she succeeds in the business, she will always be an enjoyable sight.

9 Paige 


With her dark hair and pale skin offering a nice change from the typical Barbie doll copycats WWE generally prefers, Paige is a delightful English alternative from the norm. Not only is she an excellent in-ring performer, having been brought up through the new NXT developmental system to win the Divas Championship from AJ Lee on her first night on RAW, she is incredibly attractive, heightened by her generally sexual mannerisms.

8 AJ Lee 


It's easy to see why fans were upset when AJ Lee retired from wrestling in 2015, likely in support of her husband CM Punk. Having held the Divas Championship for a then-record amount of time, AJ Lee is that naturally cute girl that has the right amount of crazy. Shooting to fame by finding herself in various love triangles, squares and all sorts of shapes, male fans will always remember the moment Lee's top hiked up over her chest while she mimicked the mannerisms of a cat.

7 Sable 


Recognized as one of the first WWE Divas, Sable gained considerable popularity, eclipsing the fan base of then-husband Marc Mero, due to her mix of sexuality and strength. Marking the beginning of heightened sexuality during the Attitude Era, Sable shot to fame by stripping off the potato sack she was forced to wear by Mero to reveal a pencil-thin bikini, and later winning a bikini contest by wearing only the impression of hands covering her breasts. Sable later quit the company in 1999 following allegations of sexual harassment and unsafe working conditions, as well as divorcing Mero in 2004 and becoming engaged and later married to Brock Lesnar later that year.

6 Maryse 


If one thing's for sure, it's that The Miz is a lucky, lucky man. As a former model, Maryse joined WWE in the 2006 Diva Search, going on to hold the Divas Championship for seven months upon her main roster introduction in 2008. Her second reign as Divas Champion made her the first woman to hold the title more than once and she has begun to pursue a budding acting career since leaving the company.

5 Lana 


If The Miz is a lucky, lucky man, Rusev is the luckiest man on the planet. Once maligned by WWE fans for her anti-American sentiments as Rusev's valet, her face turn and eventual on-screen relationship with Dolph Ziggler in 2015 made her an instant fan favorite, revealing a sexier side to the typically conservative manager - by WWE's standards anyway. After news of her engagement to Rusev leaked to media, Lana was pulled from WWE programming to the dismay of the WWE Universe, but has since reunited with Rusev and is back at the forefront of the company.

4 Nikki Bella 


There is no bigger female wrestler in WWE at the present time than Nikki Bella, eclipsing her twin sister Brie Bella when it comes to WWE opportunities, endorsements and male attention. Since receiving some cosmetic enhancements and dating John Cena, Nikki quickly became the main Diva in 2014, going on to hold the Divas Championship for a record 301 days before losing the title to Charlotte. Recognized as the main attraction of Total Divas, Nikki is truly a mainstream celebrity away from WWE.

3 Torrie Wilson 


Shortly after winning the Miss Galaxy competition in 1999, Torrie Wilson was signed to WCW as Samantha, used as a generic hot woman as part of the nWo. After joining WWE as part of the company's acquisition of WCW in 2001, her first storyline featured a fling with Vince McMahon - again, no great surprise. However, the Invasion storyline provided a platform for her popularity to skyrocket, eventually leading to a sexually-charged feud with Dawn Marie and a Playboy cover shoot in 2003. While Wilson remained in the company until 2008, she never managed to become the main Diva in the company despite her incredible looks.

2 Stacy Keibler 


Spotted by WCW officials while sitting in the crowd watching her then-boyfriend, Kris Cumberland, Stacy Keibler joined the company as part of the Nitro Girls dancing troupe, winning the spot from 300 other girls and earning $10,000 in the process. Her winning routine was watched by 4.4 million viewers, leading to Keibler being regularly used as eye candy until the company closed its doors. Wrestling fans were delighted to see her long legs strut into WWE, despite her featuring as yet another Vince McMahon love interest. Keibler used the WWE spotlight to launch her acting career, becoming a mainstream sensation after beginning a relationship with George Clooney in 2011.

1 Trish Stratus 


If you asked 10 guys who they think the hottest Diva of all time is, chances are all 10 of them are going to answer with the same name: Trish Stratus. As the big-breasted valet for Test and Albert, it would have been hard to foresee Stratus breaking out as arguably the best female competitor in the past 20 years. However, after distancing herself from valet roles, Stratus led the division from her first Women's Championship reign in 2001 until her departure in 2006, leaving the company having held the Women's Championship a record seven times and retiring as champion. Although she has made sporadic appearances with the company since her departure, Stratus has established an award-winning yoga studio and program, earning her award for Best New Business and Business Woman of the Year. Not only is she still incredibly stunning after delivering her first child, she continues to be involved in numerous charities and fundraising efforts.

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