Top 25 Longest Divas Championship Reigns

The Divas Championship was first introduced to the WWE audience back in 2008 as an “alternative” to the Women's Championship. However, there was something sinister about adding a second female championship to the company. There was a dirty word lurking about. That word being “women.”

Certain words seem to bother Vince McMahon. The word “wrestler” bothers McMahon, as even though his company was built on the shoulders of professional wrestlers, it remains a dirty word. McMahon's boys are “Superstars” not wrestlers. WWE is not about wrestling, it's about “sports entertainment.”

Vince McMahon doesn't hire women, he hires “Divas.” The Women's Championship was allowed to exist within WWE for long enough and it was finally time to die. The belt – which was made of gold and looked like a real championship – was replaced with a pretty sliver butterfly title.

Needless to say, the Divas Championship has never been taken too seriously. Since its inception, nobody has really cared who held the butterfly belt because Divas matches were used for bathroom breaks or catching a few plays on Monday Night Football.

However, recent events have altered the perception of the Divas division. The women of NXT are captivating crowds and those who have been sent to the main roster are helping transform the division with the “Divas Revolution.”

In this article we will go through the history of the Divas Championship; the good, the bad, and eventing that came in-between. We will look at ever single woman who has held the title over the past seven years and list all twenty-five title reigns along the way.

The Divas division may be on the rise but there will always be something weighing it down as long the belt is presented in the image of an insect. It's time to to kill that butterfly, refer to these athletes as women, and give that strap to Charlotte.

Until then, let's take a look at the twenty-five Divas Championship reigns from shortest to longest:

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25 Jillian Hall (Approximately 5 Minutes)

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Jillian Hall's most prominent role in WWE came as "image consultant" to John "Bradshaw" Layfield. Hall would later take on a terrible singer gimmick that never really got over.

Despite this, Jillian Hall holds a spot in WWE history as the shortest reigning Divas Champion of all time. In 2009, on an episode of Raw, Hall would defeat Mickie James for the title; only to lose the strap immediately afterwards in a match against Melina.

24 Nikki Bella (6 Days)

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Nikki Bella may have made history this time around as Divas Champion but her first run with the title was short-lived and virtually forgotten. Nikki would capture her first championship on an episode of Raw, an episode prior to a Pay-Per-View.

The event in question: Extreme Rules. The newly crowned Divas Champion walked into the event with the title but would not walk out as such. Although, technically, Nikki was never pinned as her opponent (Layla) would instead pin Brie in avoiding "Twin Magic."

23 T22. Melina (35 Days)

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Melina was once a talented member of the Divas division. Unfortunately, backstage stories and supposed attitude issues would ultimately lead to the downfall of the once promising WWE Diva.

In 2010, Melina would win the Divas Championship for the second time in her career - looking for the same success she found with her first run. However, her second championship reign would last for only a month and change.

22 T22. Paige (35 Days)

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Paige has been proving herself as something special when it comes to the modern day Diva. The first ever NXT Women's Champion would also become the youngest woman to ever hold the Divas Championship.

This title reign - which lasted a little over a month - may not be the longest in history but came during a time when the first rumblings of a Divas division shift were taking place within WWE.

21 AJ Lee (48 Days)

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It's a real shame that AJ Lee is no longer around to participate in the "Divas Revolution." The retired AJ is former 3-time Divas Champion; having held the title a combined total of 406 days (more than any other Diva).

This particular title reign which fell a few days short the 50 mark was ended by AJ Lee's ultimate "frenemie," Paige, in what turned out to be an interesting Divas rivalry and the calm before the storm.

20 Maryse (49 Days)

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Throughout her WWE career, Maryse would become a 2-time Divas Champion with her second title win coming in tournament fashion when the strap was vacated a new women was needed as champion.

Maryse's second reign was not as memorable as her first as she would lose belt while on the brink of reaching 50 days with the strap. This would be her last time as Divas Champion.

19 Alicia Fox (56 Days)

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What is often forgotten about Alicia Fox is that she is considered a veteran in WWE; having debuted with the company back in 2008. These days, Fox is simply a cheerleader for Team Bella.

However, there was a time when Alicia Fox was given a run as Divas Champion. In 2010, Fox would spend almost two months in possession of the title. Chances are she will not be spending time with the belt again.

18 T17. Michelle McCool (63 Days)

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Michelle McCool went from Divas Search contestant to full-blown WWE Diva to Mrs. Undertaker. Somewhere along the way, McCool would even capture the Divas Championship.

For a little over two months, Michelle McCool sat atop the Divas Division as its champion along with her sidekick Layla who was unofficially deemed as "co-champion." Although, Layla's involvement in not officially recognized.

17 T17. AJ Lee (63 Days)

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AJ Lee's abrupt retirement left a lot fans puzzled about her decision. Nevertheless, AJ is gone and obviously missed. Last year during the fall month, AJ would embark on her third and final run as Divas Champion.

This last ride for AJ with the title would last until Survivor Series where she was knocked off by Nikki Bella. The little punk rock girl had lost her championship to the glamorous beauty queen.

16 Eve Torres (69 Days)

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Eve Torres - alongside AJ Lee - holds the record for most Divas Championship reigns (3). Torres was a solid WWE Diva who may sometimes find herself overlooked when discussing the division.

This reign was special for Eve Torres as it was her first time with the Divas Championship; a title she would hold for just under 70 days back in 2010. Of course, Torres and the title would meet again in the future.

15 T14. Natalya (70 Days)

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Natalya truly is the forgotten Diva. The one who is left behind while all the others are pushed forward. Natalya is an actual wrestler which may or may not be a good thing for the Hart family member.

However, once upon a time in 2010, WWE actually decided to go with Natalya as Divas Champion which lasted for a grand total of 70 days. This reign definitely could have been used to help a division which was faltering at the time.

14 T14. Brie Bella (70 Days)

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With all this commotion surrounding Nikki Bella and her historic reign as Divas Champion, Brie Bella and her Divas Championship reign is often overshadowed by her sister's glory.

Of the twins, Brie Bella would be the first to capture the Divas Championship back in 2011 and piece together a 70 day reign with the belt. How come WWE has never hinted at the idea of Brie wanting to challenge her sister for the championship?

13 Eve Torres (71 Days)

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Eve Torres would pick up her second Divas Championship at the 2011 Royal Rumble. Torres' second reign would last longer than her first; only two days longer but longer nonetheless.

Eve Torres would hold onto the championship for 71 days before she was defeated for the title on an episode of Raw by the women we discussed in the previous entry, Brie Bella. This of course, would not be Torres' last time as Divas Champion.

12 Mickie James (78 Days)

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Mickie James is easily regarded as one of the greatest Women's Champions in WWE history. James would capture the defunct title on five separate occasions, the third most all time behind Trish Stratus and The Fabulous Moolah.

In the later part of her WWE career, Mickie James was subjected to much ridicule despite all her accomplishments. However, the company did provide her with a run with their new version of the female championship.

11 T10. Melina (84 Days)

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During her first reign as Divas Champion, Melina was never defeated for the title. In the early days of 2010, Melina was forced to relinquish the Divas Championship due to a sidelining injury.

There is no telling how far Melina would have gone on this run had she not been stopped by unfortunate circumstance. All told, Melina would end her first Divas Championship reign at 84 days.

10 T10. Paige (84 Days)

via cattieswomenswrestling.wordpress.com

The night after WrestleMania XXX in New Orleans was a hostile environment. Daniel Bryan was the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion and The Undertaker had finally lost at WrestleMania.

That night, a young upstart from NXT named Paige would make her Raw debut and challenge AJ Lee for the Divas Championship. In shocking fashion, Paige would score the victory and leave New Orleans with the title.

9 Kelly Kelly (104 Days)

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Kelly Kelly was first introduced to WWE fans by way of the relaunched ECW brand. Kelly was presented as an exhibitionist who seemed as though she was never going to actually compete in the ring.

Of course, Kelly Kelly would eventually suit up for competition and in 2011 won the Divas Championship. While working as more of an underdog champion, Kelly's reign would exceed 100 days.

8 Eve Torres (120 Days)

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Back to Eve Torres and her final and longest Divas Championship reign. Torres would take her final run with the title through the fall and into the new year back in 2012-13 before losing the belt on an episode of Raw.

Shortly after this loss, Eve Torres would part ways with WWE to focus on other endeavors. However, she would leave her mark on the history of the Divas Championship as a three-time champion.

7 Layla (140 Days)

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Away from her alliance with Michelle McCool, Layla would get her hands on the Divas Championship in 2012 and would hold onto the strap for a total of 140 days during her one and only run with the title.

While the number is solid for a Divas Championship reign, there was never really anything that fascinating about Layla after breaking away from Michelle McCool. Therefore, her time with the title is often overlooked.

6 Kaitlyn (153 Days)

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Kaitlyn would capture the Divas Championship on a very special edition of Raw; the 20th anniversary show. This would be the one and only time in her career where Kaitlyn would wear the belt.

However, he one run as Divas Champion was a lot better than other runs of the past. Kaitlyn was not the greatest female wrestler but she had enough in-ring ability to put on a good show while serving as champion.

5 Michelle McCool (155 Days)

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This title reign was the first official Divas Championship reign. Michelle McCool would become the inaugural champion and help usher in a new era (for better or worse) of Divas competition.

Michelle McCool would hold onto the title for 155 days before finally passing the championship on to somebody else. McCool served her part as the first step towards eliminating the Women's Championship had begun.

4 Beth Phoenix (204 Days)

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During her time in WWE, Beth Phoenix was presented as a dominant female athlete (for the most part). Of course, along the way, storylines change and suddenly she found herself romantically involved with Santino Marella.

While she only managed to win the Divas Championship once while with the company, Beth Phoenix managed to hold onto the title for over 200 days in what was a really good championship reign.

3 Maryse (216 Days)

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Maryse would become the chosen Diva to dethrone Michelle McCool and be named the second ever Divas Champion in WWE history. The more surprising factor here is the length of this reign.

For 216 days, Maryse would be called Divas Champion in what would ultimately turn out to be an unexpected success. Maryse was never meant to be the next Trish Stratus and so take this run for what its worth.

2 AJ Lee (295 Days)

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AJ Lee's first Divas Championship victory meant so much to her that she had tally marks (6/16/13) tattooed on the back of her neck to commemorate her achievement. AJ would go on to hold the title for an impressive 295 days.

While only the second longest reigning Divas Champion of all time, AJ Lee is probably the best female performer to have held the silver butterfly. Perhaps one of the NXT call-up Divas will change that fact in the near future.

1 Nikki Bella

via eonline.com

Nikki Bella has officially become the longest reigning Divas Champion of all time. The Bella Twin has taken over top spot in the WWE record book at least for the time being.

Is Nikki Bella a great performer? No. Not terrible but not great. However, certain affiliations can take someone a long way in the wrestling industry; despite shooting down such rumors.

Nikki Bella reigns supreme over the Divas division ... for now.


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