Top 25 Most Devastating Wrestling Injuries of All Time

The world of wrestling is a sport where the men and ladies in the squared circle have been known to suffer serious injuries. From fluke injuries like tearing muscles while walking to wrestlers getting hurt when they land wrong, careers have been shortened due to ring injuries. Sadly, there have been times when wrestlers have even paid the ultimate price in the sport of wrestling, as more than one has lost their live in the ring.

Wrestlers pride themselves on trying to make their cstarraft look ‘real’ without trying to hurt their fellow opponent, no matter how much it may seem like they don’t like the person staring at them.

There have been cases when accidents have happened that have kept wrestlers on the shelf for weeks or even years at a time, but it never ceases to amaze us how many times these warriors throw caution to the wind and get back in the ring.

Wrestling is like no other event out there, where pain and suffering gets cheered by the masses, yet when a grappler goes down, fans suddenly show compassion for that wrestler who was injured.

Maybe that’s why it’s such a great sport, it’s the illusion of pain and suffering without each person in the ring truly trying to injure the other.

Today we take a look back at some of those injuries, a piece on “The Top 25 Most Disturbing Wrestling Injuries of All-Time.”

See how many you recall or which ones you cringe at just thinking about.

*Some of those videos are graphic and not easy to watch. We'll warn you again for the most graphic ones. Other videos will be omitted entirely out of respect to the parties involved.

25 Kurt Angle Knocked Out After a Header On the Announcer Table – WWE SummerSlam 2000

Skip to 9:30 to see the injury.

24 John Cena Tears His Pec Muscle – WWE RAW 2007

23 Jesse Sorensen Breaks His Neck – TNA Against All Odds 2012

22 Taz Suffers a Broken Neck – ECW 1995

21 Barrett Dislocates His Elbow – WWE RAW 2012

20 ‘Big Sexy’ Goes Down with a Torn Quad – WWE RAW 2002

19 Mayweather Breaks Big Show’s Nose – WWE No Way Out 2008

18 Hardcore Holly Suffers Broken Neck – WWE SmackDown 2002

17 Triple H Tears His Quad During Tag Match – WWE RAW 2001

16 Hart Drops Austin On His Neck – WWE SummerSlam 1997

15 Sabu Suffers a Broken Neck by Chris Benoit – ECW November to Remember 1994

14 Mr.McMahon Tears His Quads During Run-In at the Rumble – WWE Royal Rumble 2005

13 Triple H Ruptures His Knee – WWE New Year’s Revolution 2007

12 HBK Tears Up His Back – WWE Royal Rumble 1998

11 Sid Vicious Snaps His Leg In WCW Title Match – WCW Sin 2001

Before you watch this video, we'd like to again warn you about its graphic nature. This video in particular is quite graphic.

10 Joey Mercury Takes a Ladder to the Face – WWE Armageddon 2006

Before you watch this video, we'd like to again warn you about its graphic nature. This video in particular is quite graphic.

9 Jim Cornette Tears Up Knee Falling From Scaffold – WCW Starrcade 1986

8 Mick Foley Leaves an Ear in Germany – WCW Tour 1994


7 Mule Kick Gone Wrong – WCW Starrcade 1999

6 Chairshot Mania to the Head of Mick Foley – WWE Royal Rumble 1999

5 Brock Shoots for the Stars and Misses – WWE WrestleMania XIX 

4 Power Bomb Gone Wrong Leaves Droz Paralyzed – WWE Smackdown 1999


3 Mankind Takes Flying Lessons – WWE King of the Ring 1998

2 Pedro Aguayo Jr. Dies in the Ring – Independent Lucha Libre Show 2015


1 Owen Hart Falls To His Death – WWE Over The Edge 1999


It was a stunt that was supposed to mock the entrances of the likes of Sting from WCW, and instead is still recalled as the most tragic in-ring death in wrestling history. Owen Hart, wrestling as the ‘Blue Blazer,’ fell to his death in what was a pre-match stunt before a bout with the Godfather during the WWE’s Over the Edge PPV in 1999. The harness that Owen was wearing was not on properly and once he pulled the string to release it, he basically fell from the rafters of the Kemper Arena in Missouri to his death in the ring. The WWE was highly criticized for not telling the live crowd that Hart had passed and also for going on with the show. The widow of Hart sued the WWE and it was settled out of court for an undisclosed amount.

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Top 25 Most Devastating Wrestling Injuries of All Time