Top 25 Most Touching Moments in Wrestling

Screw Dana White. For a “fake” sport, a whole ton of emotion comes through a 20 by 20 ring and into our television sets. Remember, for the most part, we all know this is a show; which means the Superstars and Divas have to create charismatic characters, matches, and move sets to draw us all in, put an ass every eighteen inches and keep the home fans from switching the channel.

A wrestler’s job isn’t necessarily to be able to be a great wrestler, although that certainly helps more than if you’re a cruddy worker. No, a wrestler’s job first and foremost is get every single fan watching them to believe in what they do and what they say, and if you can do that, you’ve created a fan for life. Someone who still to this day, even though they know it’s all a work, will have #itsrealtome ring true.

It’s why even though he might never make it to the main roster, Tough Enough’s ZZ is winning the WWE Universe over every single week, as he makes the fans relate to him and feel something. Evoking emotions and creating moments is what makes a wrestler great. Sure, watching an incredible worker is what makes many fans dreams come true, but for us, we’re already hooked and we’re not going anywhere. For fans that are generally on the cusp of switching the channel or when trying to win new fans over, it is essential to create moments like the ones below.

24 Sami Zayn Answers the Call

23 Bret and Davey Boy Embrace at Wembley

22 WCCW Pays Tribute to David Von Erich

21 The Horsemen Reunite

20 Randy Savage Proposes

19 Ric Flair's Retirement Ceremony

18 Rey Wins For Eddie

17 "The Tribe of Extreme Has Risen Again!"

16 Triple H Returns at MSG

15 Eddie and Dean's Farewell ECW Match

14 Good Ol' JR Gets a Good Ol' Standing O

13 Piper's Passionate Speech on Jericho

12 "I'm Sorry, I Love You"

11 Mankind Wins the World Title

10 Bret and Shawn Bury the Hatchet

9 The Ultimate Warrior's Final Promo

8 Double A Retires

7 Eddie Guerrero Wins the Big One

6 T6. The Rhodes Boys Stand Tall

5 Sting vs. Flair for the Final Nitro / Final Time

4 The Yes Movement at WrestleMania XXX

3 The Resurrection of Jake the Snake Roberts

2 HBK Says Goodbye

1 The Reunion of Randy and Liz

This is the quintessential moment of character building in wrestling. For years, we watched Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth. First, he was the vicious beast to her beauty, then they became the premier power couple of the WWE, before a crazed Macho King banished Liz from his court forever. However, after losing a retirement match to The Ultimate Warrior at WrestleMania VII, Elizabeth would save The Macho Man from getting berated by Queen Sherri. Savage stood confused for a few moments before embracing his love and hoisting her upon his shoulders. This was one of the greatest moments in wrestling history and remains an enduring image of the Hall of Famer and his bride.

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Top 25 Most Touching Moments in Wrestling