Top 25 Weirdest Rumored Relationships In Wrestling History

Given the amounts of pain the wrestlers go through in order to entertain the gathering, their dependence on sex as a form of escapism is comprehensible. However, such stories are becoming rare and rar

Given the amounts of pain the wrestlers go through in order to entertain the gathering, their dependence on sex as a form of escapism is comprehensible. However, such stories are becoming rare and rare in the recent years, with World Wrestling Entertainment taking utmost care of not only its current employees but also its alumni. As much as the fans love lambasting the WWE, Vince McMahon and co. have been trying to make the lives of the sports entertainers multiple times better and to assist them in leading respectable lives with the help of their effective counseling and rehabilitation programs. Even Diamond Dallas Page has been helping his peers defeat the demons that come with a career in the wrestling industry. Without further ado, let us get into the theme of the article.

Professional wrestling largely goes hand in hand with drugs and sex besides premature deaths and suicides. With the wrestlers spending more time on the road than they do with their kith and kin, they tend to resort to sex, recreational drugs and other substances to keep the wheel rolling. Though they tend to embrace such raucous lifestyle early into their careers – with the exception of a very few such as Sting and Bret Hart – they seek God – Shawn Michaels, for an instance – or go to rehabilitation centers – Jeff Hardy, for example – when things go out of reach.

Every mark is aware of the rumor linking an under-age Stephanie McMahon with Randy Savage. Anyone with an ounce of knowledge of professional wrestling should know about the bizarre relationship HBK had had with Sunny. Lita cheating on Matt Hardy with Edge is also well documented. Even Triple H's alleged affair with Christy Hemme, which has been swept under the rug for years, was mentioned in a recent article.

Accordingly, the following list takes you through professional wrestling's sex-related urban legends you might not have heard of.

To be clear, none of these stories are being told as fact. They are simply rumors/speculation that have crept up either through former wrestlers, or those with a supposed inside scoop on the industry. In addition to that, some are allegations, which shed a very negative light on certain individuals. Either way, take all these stories with a grain of salt. Now grab your popcorn – and try not to throw up.

25 Victor Quinones' hardcore attempts


Is there a better way to kick this article off than with a violent sexual counter? Victor Quinones, a late legendary manager, had strong connections outside of his native country Puerto Rico. He even managed big names such as Mike Awesome, Terry Funk, and Mick Foley despite hardly working outside his country. However, he, an alleged homosexual, allegedly tried raping Tarzan Boy at gunpoint. Rumor has it that many Japanese talents had been fed to his lust.

24 WWE's most popular item


If this article had one protagonist – or some would say, antagonist, it would be Pat Patterson. He had been long linked with Steve Lombardi, and a particular incident from the late 80s all but confirms it. Apparently, Bret Hart, Jim Neidhart, and Jim Duggan bribed Patterson's roommate into keeping the drapes open in his hotel room hoping to witness what would happen later that night, and the eventual oral intercourse involving Patterson and Lombardi was so nasty that Hacksaw even puked.

23 American Dream's accusations


Dusty Rhodes had been accusing Terri Runnels of infidelity while she was still married to his son Goldust, but the American Dream had proof after all. There have been widespread rumors in the industry that Terry Funk's wife had caught him with his pants around his ankles with Terri. After their divorce, however, Goldust and Runnels made peace, having the future of their daughter in mind. Going by their daughter's social media activity, both are striving to give the best to the girl.

22 Pentagoncito's strange claims


Pentagoncito, a former Asistencia Asesoria y Administracion midget wrestler, was convicted of raping an underage girl, but what earns that incident a spot in this article is his ridiculous defense. He still refutes the charges, stating that a child wearing a mask similar to that of his might have committed the crime. The Mexican judges apparently did not buy his stories, and he is currently behind the bars. It is safe to assume his wrestling career is over, but in the wrestling industry, you never know.

21 Typical Vince madness


Here is a bizarre sexual encounter – never have intended and never will intend a pun. When the WWE first introduced Goldust, real name Dustin Rhodes, to the WWE Universe, he was portrayed as a homosexual wrestler, who even tried seducing The Undertaker of all people at one point. Rumor has it that Vince McMahon pitched the idea of getting breast implants to Goldust in an attempt to further his character, with the wrestler even deliberating over the suggestion. It would have been the single worst thing in the WWE history had the son of Dusty Rhodes actually went under the knife.

20 The Von Erichs' traditions


The Von Erichs are partially responsible for putting Texas on the wrestling map. However, what many casual fans would not know about is the older brothers' eagerness to let the younger ones get accustomed to the norms of professional wrestling even before teenage years. Kevin Von Erich once hired a hooker to entertain 11-year-old Chris Von Erich, and Chris even shed tears due to the horror of it. Kevin himself had been in a similar situation when then-NWA World Champion Gene Kiniski paid a hooker in Las Vegas for a 12-year-old Kevin.

19 Double J's demands


With Triple H's relationship with Stephanie abruptly ending Chyna's association with the McMahons, she could have wrestled for their rivals in Total Nonstop Action to enact some form of revenge; however, she had only a brief stint in the six-sided ring. Many smarts believe that Chyna's reluctance to use a strap-on on Jeff Jarrett always hindered her chances of being a mainstay in the TNA locker room. Apparently, Double J had requested her more than once, with the Eighth Wonder turning down his advances on all occasions.

18 The Buff Bagwell tale


Buff Bagwell boasted the looks and muscles Vince McMahon looks for in his new recruits, but it appears as if there was also a catalyst. Many fans believe that Bagwell had his breakthrough only at the back of performing oral sex on Bert Prentice – who also masterminded the German adult movie featuring unsuspecting TNA wrestlers – and Ronnie Gossett. Bagwell currently works as a gigolo after announcing his retirement from wrestling.

17 The Lita list


Lita is one wrestler every up-and-coming female wrestler looks up to; however, the rumors about her outside the ring are quite disparaging. She has allegedly been urinated on by Steve Corino and Danny Doring and has hooked up with a multitude of talents such as the Hardys, Joey Matthews, Christian York, Shane Helms, Mike Maverick, *breathes* Cham Pain, Shannon Moore, Venom, Otto Schwanz, *breathes* Sweet Dreams, Caprice Coleman, Steve Corino, Black Skull, *breathes* and CM Punk . I believe that is quite a list.

16 Extreme Taz stories


Taz embodied hardcore during his stint with Extreme Championship Wrestling, but it appears as though he should have stayed that way only inside the ring. While at a tanning place, he allegedly flashed for a teenage girl and had often done the same to many an ECW female talent. Our thoughts are with the then-teenage girl and numerous other ill-fated women. It is amusing how ECW did not go bankrupt earlier having sheltered so many perverts and drug addicts under its umbrella.

15 Virgil's WWE job


Kharma mopping the floor in Japan in return for wrestling training is an inspirational story; Virgil getting a job at WWE is not. Legend has it that Virgil – Ted DiBiase's manservant – performed favors for good ole' Patterson in order to become a WWE wrestler. It has been murmured in the wrestling circuit that even Patterson's desk was involved in the act. It's not the only urban legend of someone doing favors for Patterson.

14 Too much too young


Men in the industry often used to get female talents to do favors in exchange for a breakthrough. Missy Hyatt's breakthrough also came in the wake of one such incident. According to the grapevine, a 16-year-old Missy Hyatt performed oral sex on Tommy Rich and Larry Land in order to set foot in the business. Through the years, she has slept with Jake Roberts, Road Warrior Hawk, Brutus Beefcake, John Tatum, Tom Pritchard, Eddie Gilbert, Raven, Erik Watts, Brian Pillman, Scott Putski, Tom Zenk, Sandman, Val Venis, Bill Alfonso, Rob Feinstein, and Kid Kash. It seems wrestling is one horrible career choice.

13 Limousine and Vince


With the ongoing Divas Revolution, the WWE should be mentioning its first-ever female referee in Rita Chatterton as often as they mention Hulk Hogan after he forced Gawker to job to him, but her history with the company would fetch her only the Chris Benoit treatment. Rita accused Vince McMahon of violating her in the backseat of his limousine and even pressed charges against him. Given McMahon's readiness to be involved with female talents – Trish Stratus, Torrie Wilson, and Sable – in storylines, it should not come as a surprise.

12 DDP's WCW status


Diamond Dallas Page sunk into mediocrity upon his WWE arrival, but it looks there were no reasons behind his WCW status. Many wondered why DDP all of a sudden became a star at such an advanced age. It has been rumored that Bischoff and DDP used to swap wives, and such horrendous acts earned him his push at WCW. Perhaps, DDP should have tried something similar during his tenure with WWE instead of stalking the Undertaker's spouse.

11 Al Wilson's predecessors


Widely known for her passionate segment with Torrie Wilson and killing a 70-year-old Al Wilson by having sex without breaks, Dawn Marie has seemingly pulled off a similar feat backstage as well. It appears that half the Mid-Atlantic and East Coast independent wrestlers have slept with her, and many state that she would offer a fellatio to anyone in the locker room if she was promised coke. She has now become a mother, and we hope she has kicked her addictions.

10 Jackie Gayda's plight


In the long list of divas, who have been forced to take their clothes off to earn a WWE contract, Jackie Gayda sits first. They say that she has slept with almost everyone in the locker room, ranging from Vince McMahon to jobbers to remain contracted to the elite wrestling promotion. Let us hope female talents need not go through such treatment anymore. The Divas Revolution should become a success at least for reasons like this; future female wrestlers should forever be indebted to the courage of AJ Lee, Paige, and the Four Horsewomen.

9 The King's fetish


Sharing wives were very common back in the day, seemingly. Rumor has it that Jerry Lawler loved sharing his better half Stacy Carter with co-workers and also loved watching. Given the King's frequent references to sex in the commentary booth, it is possible he had indulged in such bizarre nights. It is also believed that he had a foot fetish. He was even allegedly caught in action by Miss Patricia with her shoes that she had been looking for. Wrestlers are strange.

8 Best Chronicle in the World


CM Punk's womanizing antics have been well documented. Apparently, CM Punk had slept with B.J. Whitmer's wife even while she was still married. In addition, the current UFC fighter was having romantic relationships with two women simultaneously during his stint with Ring of Honor. With Tracy Brooks working with ROH and Daffney plying her trade at Ohio Valley Wrestling, the circumstances were perfect for him to pull off this one. Daffney would know of his philandering upon her release from OVW and would go on to quit the business in light of the breakup. Great wrestlers seem to be jerks in real life.

7 Jacqueline record


Here is an entry that may ruin the Hall of Fame ceremony for you this year. Many insiders believe that the reason for her longevity in the WWE was her backstage relationship with Vince McMahon. In addition, she had been the go-to person for sex for Kurt Angle, Jim Cornette, and Jerry Lawler on the road. Almost every Memphis-based independent wrestler has apparently had sex with her. She also helped Kevin Sullivan battle the psychological strain after Chris Benoit had hijacked his wife Nancy from him.

6 Sunny being Sunny


Chris Candido and Sunny were embroiled in the most tumultuous relationship the WWE has ever seen. With the couple running out of money to fund their coke addiction, Candido would pimp her to Ahmed Johnson in exchange for the drug. However, Sunny would go on to sniff the drug with Shawn Michaels, leaving Candido stranded for the whole night. Candido had even let Sunny sleep with Jake Roberts for the same purpose and had reportedly watched Taka Michinoku have sex with his girlfriend for drugs.

5 He loves it, maggle!


John Bradshaw Layfield has grown into a respectable figure at the WWE recently, but he is responsible for making the lives of newbies awful whilst he was still clotheslining people in the ring. According to a former WWE referee, JBL tied up Brian Christopher in the shower and threatened to rape him after rubbing baby oil all over him until he was reduced to tears with the whole roster watching.

It is believed that he has also bullied Shannon Moore and Paul London whilst many people claim that the real reason behind Spanky's premature exit was Bradshaw's homoerotic hazing.

4 HBK's crop chops


This list would never be complete without mentioning Shawn Michaels. In the 90s, HBK apparently hired three prostitutes. In his hotel room, after forcing them to get on their knees, proceeded to urinate in their mouths. There have also been claims of HBK urinating in the food and possessions of those who refused to sleep with him. Many insiders believe that HBK went unpunished for his antics thanks to his special relationship with the bisexual Vince McMahon.

3 Sable's Story


Sable apparently met Marc Mero in a strip club she worked. Impressed with her offerings, Mero took her with him, albeit with no intentions of entering a serious relationship with her. He even pimped her to his peers but married her once she was pregnant; however, she continued to sleep with other men without his knowledge post pregnancy. It has been murmured in the wrestling circuit she had a thing for jobbing to male talents in 4-on-1 handicap matches on the bed. She also had a strong aversion to condoms and lambskin, according to the wrestlers.

2 The Kliq's pastime


I would have Rock Bottomed myself onto a table had I not mentioned the Kliq in an article of this sort. The Kliq have been involved in spiteful incidents with Sunny, but she was not the only woman HBK and the lads had a strong liking for. The Kliq won a 5-on-1 no-holds-barred match against Lex Luger's girlfriend, with Justin Credible distracting Luger. We recently did an article on the insane real life stories from the unofficial WWE stable the Kliq – here is the link to it.

1 The Billion Dollar Princess


Here are some Stephanie McMahon stories for you. Scott Steiner and the likes have time and again affirmed the authenticity of these urban legends.

While in college, Stephanie used to take a limousine with her friends for picking up random guys from pubs in New York and kick them out of the limousine when the rituals are over.

While Randy Savage stories have been doing the rounds, her short-lived casual relationship with Bruce Pritchard at a young age has largely gone under the radar.

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Top 25 Weirdest Rumored Relationships In Wrestling History