Top 25 Wrestlers Who Have Links To 'The Other Industry'

Much like other forms of sports, wrestlers proceed to take up non-core jobs at the end of their shelf lives.

Some thrive; Dave Bautista or Batista and Dwayne Johnson or The Rock have managed to become more prominent entertainers. Some lead normal lives; Muhammad Hassan now works as a teacher while Jimmy Wang Yang owns a party bus. Some lead pitiable lives; Marty Jannetty struggles with a drug addiction as Virgil hardly makes ends meet. Some work to help those who lead pitiable lives; Diamond Dallas Page teaches DDP Yoga as Kurt Angle strives to help addicts through AngleStrong.

Thanks to their toned bodies – and laughable acting skills – wrestlers always have a fall-back career in their hands although most avoid that path. Only well-known wrestler to have made the successful transition to the Other Industry is Chyna, whose success will likely be surpassed (I'm looking at you, Sunny).

It is hardly a one-way path as wrestling has often come forward to hire people from the 'Other Industry' because of their glamour and popularity. Even though their longevity in wrestling is never guaranteed, they make the jump to increase their stocks.

In case you haven’t figured out the euphemism, the Other Industry refers to the porn industry. The following article will list the 25 most prominent wrestlers with links to it and detail the role they have played in it.

We're excluding Beulah McGillicutty, Hulk Hogan and Paige as leaks never equal 'entertainment'.

One never has enough time to access all the wrestling and adult content available on the internet, we ask you to mention in the comments’ section the wrestlers who were (or have been) more prominent than those who have been listed in the Other Industry.

25 Chyna

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Thanks to her substance abuse and erratic lifestyle, Chyna passed away at 46. In her limited time on planet Earth, though, she has held numerous positions. She has been a bodybuilder, actor, New York Times best-selling author, teacher, professional wrestler (who won WWE Intercontinental Championship twice) and an adult star.

With her relationship with Triple H ending unceremoniously, her chances of being a top-tier wrestler plummeted. To make ends meet (and support her addictions), she acted in numerous adult movies, with her first release, 1 Night in Chyna, coming in 2004. With her first amateur movie being a commercial success, she proceeded to act in five more adult films, including an Avengers parody, a She-Hulk parody and a wrestling parody.

24 Candice Michelle

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Candice Michelle, a one-time WWE Women’s Championship holder, parents three daughters with her husband Ken Ehrlich. She cherishes motherhood, as evidenced by her Twitter media uploads. She also seems immensely proud of her wrestling roots; however, she will likely never encourage her daughters’ watching her in HBO-produced television show Hotel Erotica or 2001 film Tomcats.

Hotel Erotica saw the Wisconsin-born beauty take her clothes off, but she hardly did anything extreme as the other entries as what she performed can only be branded as softcore. In Tomcats, she featured as a stripper. In April 2006, she posed naked for Playboy, even making the adult magazine’s cover. She has also performed non-PG acts on international television as she took part in WWE’s lingerie fashion shows and limbo contests.

23 Sunny

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Modern day wrestling fans are more informed about Sunny’s new career more than her Hall of Fame WWE career that saw her manage Chris Candido, Lex Luger, The Godwinns and The Smoking Gunns. Although she spent only three years with WWE, she manage to catch the world’s attention; AOL even named her the most downloaded woman in 1996. Her life began to spiral out of control upon her WWE departure, though.

Alongside Missy Hyatt, she acted in a 2001 video titled Wrestling Vixxxens Unleashed, which was her first taste of adult entertainment. She has since performed as a camgirl. It took her 15 years to make her major breakthrough in the industry as Vivid Entertainment released a film imaginatively titled Sunny Side Up. We don't know when or if Sunny will be putting out another film.

22 Sean Waltman

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Sean Waltman or X-Pac has always had something enigmatic about himself. His body language in the ring screamed unique and bizarre. It seems as though his wrestling character is not the only factor that sets him apart as he is one of the very few male WWE wrestlers to enter the Other Industry.

X-Pac filmed a tape with then-partner Chyna, who has also made the list, in 2004. Although their relationship ended even before they made it public, the Red Light District-promoted tape titled One Night in Chyna sold over 100,000 copies. It even won the Adult Video News Award for Top Selling Release of the Year; he claimed to have been high on marijuana throughout the filming. Unlike Chyna, he called it a day after the release of his first adult tape.

21 Tylene Buck

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Initially signed as an eye candy, Tylene Buck went on to be an interviewer before turning into a wrestler for WCW. Upon the company going bankrupt, she struggled to survive as she only wrestled for obscure independent promotions. It took her four years from her WCW release to hang her boots up.

She has not fully given up on wrestling, though; she continues to wrestle naked for Double Trouble Wrestling, a mock wrestling promotion that lets fans decide how (or whether) female wrestlers dress up for matches. Additionally, she works for Lighthouse Talent Agency, a Seymore Butts-owned adult production company. She also works as a camgirl to pay her bills. She might not have believed she needed to work three jobs even as an adult entertainer when she decided to take up her new career.

20 Amy Weber

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The Internet Wrestling Community know Amy Weber for her being one of the many wrestlers who were bullied by John Bradshaw Layfield during her one-year spell with the company. Nevertheless, many are unaware of the fact that she was already a Z-List celebrity before signing a WWE contract; her popularity came on the back of her being an adult entertainer. WWE brought her down despite her career history as they were then embarking on the non-PG Ruthless Aggression Era then.

Although she played the lead in 1999 independent horror movie Kolobos, her most prominent acting gigs saw her feature in softcore adult movies. Her most notable adult performance was in Forbidden Games; she performed numerous steamy one-on-one scenes with her female co-stars in the 1995 erotic thriller.

19 Missy Hyatt

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Missy Hyatt had a storied career with WCW, where she managed Sting and The Steiner Brothers. She even feuded with co-commentator Paul Heyman. However, her WCW run abruptly ended after she accused Eric Bischoff and WCW of sexual harassment. Although she received a paycheck or two from WWE, her segments never saw the light as Vince McMahon found her Missy’s Manor segment disastrous.

At 53, she continues to be embroiled in the wrestling industry as she works as an interviewer for Women Superstars Uncensored. About 16 years ago, though, she tried her hand at the Other Industry as she kick-started an adult website with Sunny. She performed on-demand sexual acts in front of the camera with Sunny and few other adult entertainers; the idea failed although they released Wrestling Vixxxens Exposed two years after their first release.

18 Brandi Rhodes

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Brandi Rhodes has had her private pictures leaked during her Eden Stiles days, but those do not make her appear on the list; her posing for Maxim, a men’s magazine, does. She was topless during the photoshoot, but she used her hands to cup her breasts as Maxim are not an out-and-out adult magazine.

However, unlike most other models, the 33-year-old is unwilling to bank solely on her physique to make money as she has let husband Cody Rhodes train her to become a professional wrestler. Her trophy cabinet currently has the highly prestigious Ironman Heavyweight Championship; she will only get better. Even if she decides to call time on her professional wrestling career, she will continue to land high-paying gigs with Maxim-esque magazines thanks to her glamour.

17 Kaitlyn

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Despite spending only four years with WWE and winning the Diva's Championship just once, Kaitlyn has earned a permanent spot in the WWE Universe's hearts. The hybrid of Ashley Massaro and Chyna, who both have made the list as well, left professional wrestling for good in 2014 to focus on her bodybuilding career.

One doesn't know if she still makes WWE money, but she has remained fairly relevant, with her relevancy receiving a push every time she poses naked. She shows off her toned body to encourage others to pursue fitness, so her posing naked hardly comes under adult entertainment.

However, having witnessed the Internet Wrestling Community have a field days every time her naked portraits come out, we cannot help but include the newly-single fitness freak.

16 Gangrel

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Gangrel has had the most successful adult entertainment career amongst the other men listed in this article. Despite Triple H and WWE claiming that Chyna’s post-wrestling career choices stopped them from rehiring Chyna, Gangrel continues to make sporadic appearances.

In 2008, seven years after his three-year contract with WWE ended, he signed a contract with New Porn Order to direct 12 adult movies. Prior to his signing for NPO, he had never had any directorial experience as he had only been drinking fake blood before his matches on WCW, ECW, WWE and Impact Wrestling. His first movie titled Miami Rump Shakerz 2 saw the light in November 2008. His other releases have remained obscure although many allege that he himself acted in few of those movies.

15 Sable

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Sable, much like her (third) husband Brock Lesnar, has had a tumultuous relationship with the McMahons. However, they have been so popular that WWE cannot shun away from doing business with them. The scantily-clad Sable was amongst WWE’s chief tools during the Monday Night Wars. During the peak of MNW, she made the Playboy cover twice although she was not with then-WWF during the second photoshoot.

Upon her return to the company in 2003, the McMahons (against whom she had filed a sexual harassment case in 1999) made her appear topless on live television. Her return paid off as she landed another Playboy gig as she posed with Torrie Wilson this time. She called time on her wrestling and modelling career months after making the Playboy cover, stating she needed more time with her family.

14 Torrie Wilson

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At 41, Torrie Wilson looks more attractive than half the women’s division today. No wonder she racked up numerous awards from FHM and AskMen. However, none of her accolades come close her being on Playboy’s cover twice. The first issue saw her model alone while the second featured her posing alongside Sable, as mentioned above.

Thanks to her average wrestling skills, every feud she had under the WWE umbrella surrounded her Playboy fame. She wrestled in a Playboy Evening Gown bout and Playboy Pillow Fight against Stacy Keibler and Miss Jackie and also against fellow-Playboy model Candice Michelle, respectively. Two months later, she even wrestled in the imaginatively-named Wet and Wild bout with the latter. Besides, the Playboy-themed matches, she wrestled in 18 bra and panties matches throughout her nine-year career.

13 Maryse Ouellet

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Maryse, real name Maryse Ouellet, easily ranks among the most beautiful women WWE has ever signed, so her appearing on Playboy's cover hardly comes as a shock. However, what shocks the WWE Universe is the fact she made Playboy's cover before becoming a WWE employee, unlike most other Playboy model-cum-wrestlers the writer has listed.

The Playboy portraits are not her only works with the adult entertainment, though. She has done numerous other naked photoshoots, which one can access with a simple Google search. Her appearing naked in front of a camera has not curtailed her chances of bagging WWE monies in the current PG-V environment, with her husband, The Miz, being a personage in the company. We reckon the WWE Universe has already seen the 34-year-old's final work with the adult industry.

12 Bubba Ray Dudley

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Bubba Ray Dudley has nothing in common with D-Von Dudley. The former still wrestles while the latter now works as a producer with WWE. The former hardly gets along with fans while the latter is known for being friendly with his fans during Meet-and-Greets. Heck, the former wore black nerdy glasses while the latter wore white ones. On top of these, the former directed in the industry while the latter played a Christian minister on television.

He, with the help of hisproducer friend Rob Black, made his childhood dream come true when he directed a Ron Jeremy-featured film in 1999. In return, he helped him set up Xtreme Pro Wrestling along with his wife Lizzy Borden. Apparently, he also dreamt of becoming a rockstar during his childhood; here is hoping he teams up with Heath Slater sometime soon.

11 Christy Hemme

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Christy Hemme, much like Maryse, earned a WWE contract only because of her Playboy fame. She won WWE's Diva Search in September 2004, fine months after her naked pictorials graced Playboy. Much like other Playboy models, she feuded with those who had not been featured on the magazine, with jealousy acting as the driving force for the rivalry. She fought in a Lingerie Pillow Fight with fellow-Playboy model Carmella DeCesare before wrestling Bra and Panties skirmishes with Trish Stratus, Gail Kim, Molly Holly and Melina.

An alleged secret relationship with Triple H saw her depart the company, but she denied breaking ties with the wrestling industry. She began working as a wrestler, interviewer and ring announcer for Impact Wrestling shortly after her WWE release and remained under their payroll for a decade before leaving them for good in April 2016.

10 Maria Kanellis

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Despite leaving WWE in 2010, Maria Kanellis has managed to stay fairly relevant. Much of her relevancy is based off her seduction segment with AJ Styles and Bullet Club during her NJPW stint. Even if she had never featured in that segment, she would have remained popular until her recent retirement thanks to her posing naked for Playboy.

She initially turned down their offer when she was 19, but being associated with WWE meant she made the decision to take her clothes off to appear on Playboy's cover. As had often been seen, WWE engineered a storyline based off her posing for Playboy, with the storyline ending with Maria headbutting on-screen boyfriend Santino Marella's crotch. With her pursuing an MBA, she will likely not adult-entertain the fans anymore.

9 Buff Bagwell

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No wrestling faction will ever be as cool as New World Order. However, every member of that faction do not seem to be thriving as Virgil is looking for pity money to eke out a living. Buff Bagwell, one of the earliest members, however, has found numerous ways to put the food on the table.

To start things off, he is an actor. He did not only act in reality television show Gigolos as he works as a gigolo in real life under the Cowboys for Angels umbrella. He makes a whopping $3,000 per night; however, when it proved insufficient, he inked a deal with Vivid Entertainment, who seemingly have signed more wrestlers than any other company, in 2014. He does all these with his wife’s full backing, surprisingly.

8 Carmella DeCesare

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Of all the wrestlers listed in this article, only Ohio-born Carmella DeCesare had an obscure professional wrestling career. In fact, her only match under the WWE umbrella (or any other wrestling promotion's banner for that matter) saw her wrestle with Christy Hemme, 2004 Diva Search winner, in a Lingerie Pillow Fight as she was unhappy with finishing behind her in Diva Search. Unsurprisingly, she lost the match before she was released a few weeks later.

Their Diva Search stint was not only what they had in common as she had posed for Playboy in April 2003. We may have already seen her last naked portrait as the Italian-Puerto Rican bombshell now mothers four kids with four-time NFL Pro Bowl selection Jeff Garcia.

7 Shelly Martinez

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After three years with WWE's developmental territory Ohio Valley Wrestling, Shelly Martinez earned her main roster debut as Ariel in WWE's reincarnation of ECW. Accompanying Kevin Throne to the ring, she had an eerie gimmick. She had two forgettable feuds with Francine and Kelly Kelly before the company handed her the pink slip in 2007 in light of an altercation she had with Batista.

She continued to wrestle for Impact Wrestling and few other independent promotions, but she couldn't make headlines until her pornographic debut in 2010. She featured in a softcore bondage clip titled The Notorious Jewel De'Nyle and Shelly Martinez, one year after posing naked in a photographic contest. With her being just 37, one can expect her to be featured in more adult movies.

6 Ashley Massaro

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Most entries stopped doing adult entertainment immediately after becoming a mother (or father); here is an exception. Ashley Massaro posed naked for Playboy for the first time when her daughter Alexa Massaro was three years old, in 2003. She modeled for the adult magazine again in 2004. WWE fame landed her her third Playboy gig in 2007 as she made the magazine's cover. She hyped up her Playboy cover debut by taking her top off to reveal her breasts covered only in Playboy bunny pasties in that year's No Way Out. Additionally, she has wrestled in numerous Bra and Panties matches and one Playboy Bunnymania Lumberjack match.

Having sued WWE in November 2016 over a neurological damage issue and accused them of covering up a sexual assault, she will never make a return like most retired WWE wrestlers do.

5 Taryn Terrell

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Taryn Terrell, who wrestled with WWE as Tiffany, received the boot in 2010 after being accused of battering then-husband Drew McIntyre. Prior to her release, she performed as ECW's General Manager and a SmackDown wrestler. She wrestled in vain for Divas Championship besides locking horns with Hall of Famers Mae Young and Beth Phoenix at different junctures.

Her WWE fame also helped her project her modelling career as she managed to be featured on Playboy in 2007. However, she did not bare it all until March 2010; that month's Playboy Lingerie Special Edition featured her naked portraits that the magazine had clicked before her WWE debut. A few days after WWE release, Playboy special edition titled Big B**bs, Hot Buns published more naked pictorials of her. She will not be adult-entertaining her fans anymore as she claims to have become a born-again Christian.

4 Mickie James

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Mickie James may now be garnering poor response from WWE Universe, but there existed a period when everyone touted her to become Hall of Famer Trish Stratus' spiritual successor. She might not have even earned a WWE contract had the company gone PG during her debut thanks to her career history. Prior to becoming a WWE employee, she had partook in numerous nude photoshoots, with many pictures even featuring her performing sexual acts with a man. Upon moving to WWE, she held a clean image, save for a disturbing lesbian angle.

It is safe to assume her stint as an adult entertainer is over as the 37-year-old country singer-turned-wrestler parents a daughter with fellow-wrestler Magnus. Even if she departs WWE, she will only be awaiting a Hall of Fame nomination while hoping her daughter never comes across the hundreds of naked pictures of her.

3 Lana

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Lana's new gimmick has irked many fans as it banks heavily on her sex appeal. However, the woman herself is seemingly proud of her sex appeal. Prior to signing a WWE contract, she performed as a backup dancer for Usher, Akon, Nelly and Rich Boy while also taking part in many nude photoshoots. It is safe to assume she has as many naked photos online as any other wrestler in this list. Unlike her closest rival Mickie James, she appears solo in her pictures although she looks much more attractive than the five-time Women's Champion.

Even WWE is not keen on keeping her career history secret as Enzo Amore mentioned her naked pictorials on Raw recently. We may not have even seen her last taste of adult entertainment as Rusev seems a person who has no problem letting his spouse pursue her passion.

2 Gail Kim

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Gail Kim managed to win Women's Championship only once during her five-year stint with WWE. Given her six Knockouts Championship reigns and Hall of Fame induction with Impact Wrestling, one wonders if WWE had dropped the ball on her. Many internet rumors state that Vince McMahon hesitated to grant her a push as he felt that the American audience might not find a woman of Asian origin attractive. He's not often wrong, but he was definitely wrong with his assessment as she boasted good looks on top of her admirable wrestling ability.

Her attractiveness is highlighted in the raunchy photoshoots she did a few years ago. Although her breast implants did make her look more attractive, she would look good enough even without those.

1 Ricardo Rodriguez

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Here is a name you might not have expected to find in this list. Ricardo Rodriguez, at one point, was more over than Alberto Del Rio thanks to his over-the-top ring announcing. He even won Best Non-Wrestler award from Wrestling Observer Newsletter in 2011. Aged 31, the odds of his returning to WWE is lower than his on-screen master’s.

He now wrestles for small wrestling promotions to make ends meet; he even wrestled for The Great Khali’s Continental Wrestling Entertainment in India last year. Before his WWE fame, though, he found different ways to earn his bread. He acted in an adult film as an extra; he can be seen donning a wrestling t-shirt, looking nonchalant in a classroom. He has never done any sexual act in front of a professional camera, though.

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