Top 25 Wrestling Couples Who Were Together On-Screen AND In Real Life

Professional wrestling has always had the ability to blur the lines between entertainment and reality in a way no other medium really has or can. Using the real life drama of a professional wrestler a

Professional wrestling has always had the ability to blur the lines between entertainment and reality in a way no other medium really has or can. Using the real life drama of a professional wrestler and working it into a story on national television has always been a surefire way to pique the audience's interest. Take, for example, the infamous "pipe bomb" by CM Punk that occurred five years ago. Using Punk's disinterest in the company as an actual storyline helped garner much needed ratings that year. It's too bad the story went nowhere, but that's a whole different story for a whole different article.

Although the characters in wrestling can be pretty over the top, some wrestlers can bring their real life personas to the ring. And sometimes, even their real life romances. One of the earliest instances of this would be Hall of Famer Macho Man Randy Savage and everyone's favorite little princess of the '80s, Miss Elizabeth, who were both married in real life before they were even introduced as a couple on television. Since it proved to be a success, WWE has continued this trend of using real life romances and incorporating it into the storytelling on Monday Night Raw throughout the '90s and into today.

Of course, not all romances in wrestling are real from the start, or real at all. But sometimes, due to working so closely together, the chemistry can be so hot in fact that the made-up romances have legitimately become the real deal.

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, anybody? We'll get to that later.

Professional wrestling likes to tackle it all. Drama. Comedy. Action. Horror! And yes, even romance. So with this list, we will be looking at 20 couples in wrestling who not only dated on-screen, but off-screen at the exact same time.

25 CM Punk and AJ Lee


Although these two may be one of the few couples on this list who are legitimately still happily together, CM Punk and AJ Lee are only making no.25 because their on-screen relationship was brief. It was during that crazy year in WWE where AJ Lee jumped from man to man to man... to man...that CM Punk was one of those lucky men. It's unknown whether this was actually around the time that a love interest began to form between both of them.

Long story short, in an effort to make Daniel Bryan jealous, AJ Lee attached herself to everybody else and actually proposed to CM Punk on a live episode of Monday Night Raw. No, CM Punk didn't say yes. But, he said yes in real life years later at the altar, on the same day he was fired from the WWE. Kudos to them, these two are still going strong.

Too bad they're no longer wrestling though.

24 Diamond Dallas Page and Kimberly


Diamond Dallas Page and Kimberly were World Championship Wresting's IT-Couple throughout the '90s, on and off again on WCW television throughout 1994-2000. The pair's most crazy angle together saw Scott Steiner kidnap Kimberly in his car and attempt to run over Diamond Dallas Page before eventually tossing Kimberly out of the moving vehicle. Insane, right? Don't worry, Kimberly was fine; it was a stunt woman.

They also ran an angle in 2000 where Kimberly would turn on him. While feuding with Vince Russo and Eric Bischoff's New Blood stable, Kimberly joined up with the group and it was hinted that she was romantically involved with Eric Bischoff. Her run as a heel wouldn't last too long, as she left WCW that same year.

Crazy shenanigans aside, these two gave wrestlers hope that love in wrestling could be true. Until their divorce in 2005 that is. Even in divorce though, the couple seemed to split up amicably.

23 Lex Luger and Miss Elizabeth


It didn't feel right seeing Miss Elizabeth not accompanying the Macho Man Randy Savage anymore in the closing days of WCW, but as we've come to learn, things never stay the same in the world of professional wrestling. Although briefly with Savage again in WCW, Miss Elizabeth spent most of her time in WWE's rival company with Lex Luger.

Elizabeth and Savage divorced in 1992 but the two were able to keep a working relationship, as Liz still accompanied Macho Man to the ring for several years. She would eventually turn on Savage in a title match with Ric Flair and from there, things never felt the same.

This is a couple we wished would have only remained on television, as their real life romance took a tragic turn for the worse. Luger has unfortunately been linked to the untimely passing of one of WWE's greatest women in wrestling.

22 The Undertaker and Sara


During the Invasion angle in 2001, The Undertaker started bringing Sara around, his real-life wife, who's name had been tattooed on the neck of the Phenom for much of his career (but has since been removed as he is currently married to former WWE Diva Michelle McCool). The couple was married for roughly six years and had two daughters together.

The story that Sara was involved in saw Diamond Dallas Page become obsessed with Sara, sort of similar to how Scott Steiner became obsessed with Page's wife Kimberly in WCW. Kind of ironic, isn't it? Sara didn't last too long as an on-screen character. Following the storyline with DDP, she was taken off television.

Their relationship on screen wouldn't have worked if The Undertaker was the Deadman, but at this point in his career, he was the American Badass. This was also short-lived.

21 Jeff and Karen Jarrett


Now this relationship is quite the pickle.

If you're a fan of TNA, you definitely know about it. Karen Jarrett, who formally went by the name Karen Angle, was yes, Kurt Angle's wife. After their divorce in 2008, rumors ran rampant that Karen was now romantically involved with Jeff Jarrett. When the rumors proved to be true, TNA of course decided to use this storyline in a controversial fashion to try and get ratings. If you like drama, this would have been the time to watch. Whether you were a fan of this storyline being used off of real life drama, it's somewhat commendable to all parties involved that they were able to put personal issues aside and keep the storyline professional. Their feud eventually saw Chyna make her return to the ring to team with Angle against Jeff and Karen.

Jeff and Karen are still together under Global Force Wrestling.

20 Marc Mero and Sable


This one sort of has a sad ending. For Marc Mero anyway.

Marc Mero was supposed to be the next big thing in WWE. Astonishingly, he was actually given the first guaranteed contract in WWE history, despite the company having proven stars like Bret Hart, HBK and The Undertaker. It all looked great for Mero until WWE decided to pair him up with his hot babe of a wife.

As we know, Sable ended up stealing the spotlight simply because she was hotter than hell. Mero would grow jealous and the two would develop a feud. Looking back on their feud, you get the feeling that it wouldn't work in today's PC environment. Sable ended up being the bigger star in the end, exacting her revenge with a kick to the groin and a Sablebomb! Marc Mero would transition to WCW to very little success.

The two are no longer together as she and Brock Lesner are currently married.

19 Test and Stacy Keibler


When Stacy Keibler signed with WWE in 2001, she met Andrew "Test" Martin and the two quickly became an item in real life. Because of this, WWE eventually decided to unite the two on television throughout a major chunk of 2003. Branding Test's fans as "testicles," it was all good fun until, like Marc Mero and Sable, jealousy ensued and the storyline eventually turned into a love triangle with Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner (he really did like the ladies of wrestling, didn't he?), resulting in poor Stacy Keibler being emotionally and physically abused for the better part of a year.

Much like the Marc Mero and Sable storyline, you can't see this working today. The storyline involved a lot of chauvinism and had the stereotypical helpless damsel in distress.

The two of them not only split up on screen, but off-screen as well.

18 Billy Kidman and Torrie Wilson


We all believed Billy Kidman was the luckiest guy in the world. At one point.

Kidman and Torrie Wilson met during their time in WCW, where the both of them would work with and against each other in various feuds, including the first and only Viagra on a Pole Match. Yes, Viagra. When they were both signed to the WWE during the Invasion angle, their relationship continued to blossom and eventually the two married in real life.

Although it seemed like a fairy tale romance at first, it wasn't meant to be as the two of them split in 2005. Torrie Wilson has previously discussed how hard it was for her and said she wanted to take some time off from WWE following the split, but management wasn't having it. The two both seemed to have moved on quite well, as Kidman works as an agent for WWE and Wilson has become a fitness model and even had a three-year relationship with Alex Rodriguez.

17 Kenzo and Hiroko Suzuki


Kenzo Suzuki naturally got his start with wrestling for New Japan Pro Wrestling in 2000. When he signed with WWE in 2004, his real-life wife Hiroko decided to join in on the wacky world of professional wrestling as his valet. The two of them were a humorous pair, but never managed to make any real impact with WWE due to not ever being taken seriously.

Hiroko and Torrie Wilson actually had a brief feud together which led to Torrie dressing up in a kimono.

They continued working together back in Japan after their contracts expired. Both of them were released after being drafted to RAW in 2005 as part of a cost cutting move by the company.

Hiroko has since moved onto other things but both are still happily together.

16 Jimmy Uso and Naomi


These two haven't been as prominent together on WWE television as most other couples on this list, but it is still a known fact in storyline that these two are married, as we've seen them together in many segments on Raw and SmackDown (where the same cannot be said for John Cena and Nikki Bella, who have never shared screen time with one another in storyline). We've even seen these two get married on Total Divas, a reality television show both of them had starring roles in for a few seasons. They have to be the most adorable couple on the show and we would be surprised and kind of sad if they didn't last.

Ironically Naomi was dropped as a regular character on the show following her wedding to Jimmy Uso. She still makes occasional appearances on the show, but anybody who watched Uso and Naomi together on the show would agree that it would be awesome to see them back.

15 Stone Cold Steve Austin and Jeanie Clarke


Before Steve Austin would make his way into the WWE as the beer drinking middle finger raising SOB we all came to love, he had Jeanie Clarke by his side (also known as Lady Blossom) in World Class Championship Wrestling as well as World Championship Wrestling. The two were already married at the time in real life, and the two were on television together until 1991 when Jeanie decided to retire from professional wrestling when pregnant with their second daughter. The two eventually divorced in 1999.

Fun fact: Jeanie was the one who suggested he use the "Stone Cold" name. While drinking tea with her husband, she told him to drink it before it got "stone cold". Earlier this year, Clarke released an autobiography, Through The Shattered Glass. Clarke has since moved back to England since the divorce to Austin and got full custody of the couple's two daughters.

14 Stone Cold Steve Austin and Debra


It didn't take very long for Stone Cold Steve Austin to find another hot blonde to marry after his divorce from Jeanie Clarke. He and Debra McMichael, who had already found some success in WWE herself, married and Vince McMahon decided to pair them up on television as well. On television, Stone Cold wasn't very nice to Debra at times as he would insult her homemade cookies every single time she brought them around for the other wrestlers to try. The insults would eventually prove too much for Debra, who eventually nailed Austin in the head with a cookie platter on an episode of SmackDown.

When Stone Cold quit WWE in 2002, Debra followed suit. The next nine months would be the darkest in Austin's life. As most people already know, the two are no longer together. As for the reason? It didn't end well, we'll just say that.

13 Tyson Kidd and Natalya


This is another couple on the list with starring roles on hit reality television series Total Divas. Tyson Kidd and Natalya are sort of known for the marital issues, but something tells us that these so-called issues have been dramatized for the series, which Jim Ross even stated in an interview. The two met as teenagers and Tyson Kidd has since felt like an adopted son for the Hart family.

These two have worked together for years, as Natalya managed The Hart Dynasty with Kidd's former partner David Hart Smith, and recently managed Kidd and Cesaro last year before the two were taken off television due to injuries.

Here's hoping we can see these two back together on Monday Night Raw. Or Tuesday Night SmackDown when it goes live this July! Hell, wouldn't it be fun to see them wrestle one another at least once? I bet they could have one heck of a match.

12 Mike Bennett and Maria


This is another couple on the list who hasn't worked together in World Wrestling Entertainment. Mike Bennett and Maria married in 2014 and have found great success as a power couple in both ROH and now recently TNA. There have been rumors about a possible signing with WWE, although we don't know how likely that may be. Maria has stated in the past that the reason she is no longer with WWE or was ever brought back stems from heat with the Bella twins, who have some pull backstage.

As we know, Maria has already had some success with Vince McMahon's billion dollar company, yet we're still waiting for the talented Bennett to make the transition one of these days.

Or, TNA could become cool again, right? ... Right?

11 John Morrison and Melina


It's crazy to think these two met 15 years back in 2001 at the Tough Enough auditions. Melina and John Morrison would pair up on WWE television as part of MNM, with Melina aiding Morrison (then Johnny Nitro) and Joey Mercury to Tag Team Championships on SmackDown several times before eventually downplaying their television relationship, when both would go into singles competition throughout the remainder of their careers with World Wrestling Entertainment.

Melina reportedly was unfaithful to Morrison in the past, including an alleged affair with Batista, which ironically enough, was also played out on screen. Vince McMahon reportedly even lost respect for Morrison because he didn't confront Batista following the affair.

Although their relationship in real life has apparently been pretty rocky, they're still going strong and they even had a brief TV reunion together at Lucha Underground last year.

10 Rusev and Lana


Alright. I'm not saying that the United States Champion Rusev is unattractive or anything, but it's safe to say Lana's definitely the catch in the relationship. The two were matched up in NXT before transitioning into the main roster as two of WWE's biggest breakout stars a couple years ago. It didn't take long for them to develop real feelings for each other, as the two are now engaged to get married. Now that Lana will be starring in the next season of Total Divas, we're curious to know if we'll be seeing Rusev on the show as well.

This certainly is one of the more oddly matched couples in wrestling. The couple got in some hot water last year when they announced their engagement on social media despite being split up on-screen. The reveal caused WWE to reunite the two but they've yet to recapture the momentum they had in their first run together.

9 The Miz and Maryse


After being signed with WWE following Tough Enough, it was only fitting that The Miz would meet his future wife in a similar contest -- the Diva Search in 2006. The Miz met Maryse while serving as the host for the third annual search. Good for The Miz, as Maryse is one of the hottest Divas the WWE has ever had. Years ago, the two would exchange some flirtations on television but nothing like it is now, as Maryse has since returned to the WWE to act as The Miz's manager.

With the two married in real life, the return of the former Divas Champion has actually provided The Miz much more credibility than ever before. With Miz's current reign as Intercontinental Champion, and Maryse's sneaky yet devious ways, these two have the opportunity to become the next big power couple in WWE.

8 Goldust and Marlena


When Marlena debuted in the mid 90s as Goldust's gorgeous cigar smoking valet, it was the perfect juxtaposition to his rather feminine homoerotic demeanor. They were a crazy pair who found lots of success together until their final story line with Brian Pillman, which unfortunately got cut short with Pillman passing away before it was all set and done. It was after this that the two were split up on television, when Goldust decided to leave her.

The two of them have a daughter together but are no longer together in real life. However, they have remained on good terms, which is always nice to hear. When describing their current relationship, Terri said: "Always massive respect and love based on the fact that we have a daughter together. Sometimes I wish his current wife would be comfortable in the fact that he is all hers where the husband wife thing is concerned. We have co-parented and communicated since 1999 without any major troubles."

7 Booker T and Sharmell


Kiiiiiiing Booker!

Although Sharmell's voice may have grated at our ears every time we'd hear it, it was meant to. Five time WCW Champion Booker T would meet his future wife and former Nitro Girl during their time in World Championship Wrestling. Booker said their relationship wasn't one where there were sparks right away. The two had known each other for six years before they started dating. Booker has previously said the night he won his first WCW championship was the loneliest of his life, because he realized he had no one to share it with.

Eventually WWE would sign Sharmell to a contract as Booker T's manager in 2005. It was when Booker won the King of the Ring Tournament that their heel characters really came into their own. They have both retired from wrestling and remain happily in love. Now this is a couple others should aspire to be.

6 Tommy Dreamer and Beulah


ECW royalty, Tommy Dreamer and Beulah, would start their rivalry together as bitter enemies, with Beulah even taking more than a few piledrivers from her future husband on more than one occasion. Talk about a strange story to tell your children! When they did get together, they quickly became ECW's favorite couple. The two had a storyline where it was revealed Beulah had been having an affair behind his back. Dreamer was upset, until he found out her "mistress" was Kimona Wanaleya. Dreamer jumped for joy and ended up kissing both women.

After ECW went under and Tommy Dreamer made his way into the WWE, they would eventually tie the knot and are still married today, having since had twin daughters together. The two made a few more appearances together at the One Night Stand PPV events in the mid 2000s.

5 Matt Hardy and Lita


When Team Extreme was formed in 2000 and Lita joined the Hardy Boys, they were easily the fan favourites on the roster, up there with Stone Cold and The Rock. It was when Matt Hardy and Lita developed an on-screen relationship and an off-screen relationship that it added much more depth to the group. There had long been a hint of romance between the two but the relationship was kept as valet and wrestler on screen for a while. Then, something magical happened on screen.

When Lita and Matt Hardy kissed for that first time on the ramp on Monday Night Raw, we wanted to cry happy tears. Although their relationship was pretty damn adorable, it eventually took a turn for the worse and the two of them are no longer together. Why? Well, this leads us to our next point...

4 Edge and Lita


Edge, who had been married at the time, and Lita, who had been romantically involved with Matt Hardy as we all know, did a boo boo together and the two had an affair with one another behind their partners' backs. And, well, the entire world eventually found out. On the plus side, Matt Hardy got his job with WWE back as Vince McMahon cruelly took advantage of the situation by pitting all three against each other in a storyline that resulted in some of the most brutal, hard-hitting fights we've ever seen.

It was all good entertainment (for us). Though Edge and Lita would remain an item on screen for quite a while, their relationship in real life was short-lived. Even following their breakup though, they still kept accompanying each other onscreen until Lita retired from wrestling in 2006. The split up was amicable by all accounts.

3 Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella


Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella met during their time in WWE, and if you've seen them on Total Divas, then you know how perfect their relationship is.

After Brie Bella left WWE with her sister Nikki, Brie and Daniel Bryan kept their relationship going, which eventually prompted the Bellas to sign back with the WWE only a couple years later. They have since married and the two of them melted our collective hearts when Daniel Bryan had his farewell on Monday Night Raw earlier in 2016, with he and Brie chanting "Yes! Yes! Yes!" along with the WWE Universe during his heartfelt goodbye to professional wrestling. Brie has since retired from professional wrestling as well and you can catch them on new reality spin-off later this year, Total Bellas. It'll be interesting to see what this adorable couple will do in their post wrestling life.

2 Macho Man Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth


Since these two were mentioned at the top of the article, it's probably no surprise to those of you still reading that these two were going to appear on this list, especially if Elizabeth and Luger did. These two were the originals. The trailblazers. The finest! Like we stated, these two were already married before they formed an on-screen relationship before our eyes on television. When these two had their wedding ceremony on television, (the first wedding ceremony in WWE may I add), and when they reunited at WrestleMania VII, they were most definitely a couple every fan of wrestling enjoyed to watch.

This was everybody's favorite couple and looking back in history, this probably remains everybody's favorite couple. There was just something about how the two carried themselves on screen that created magic for the audience.

1 Triple H and Stephanie McMahon


I know what you're thinking. Of course Triple H and the Chairman's daughter Stephanie McMahon top this list. But can you argue a better power couple in professional wrestling?

These two were brought together on television when the Cerebral Assassin "drugged" Stephanie McMahon into marrying him through a drive-thru ceremony in Las Vegas. It was an intricate plot to get back at her father for being the one responsible for Stephanie's kidnapping at the hands of The Undertaker. Eventually, the two became a hot item on television and ruled Raw and SmackDown together in 2000.

They were so hot in fact, that a real romance formed, which resulted in some real backstage beef after Joanie "Chyna" Laurer, Triple H's girlfriend at the time, found out. But what can you really say? Triple H and Stephanie McMahon have remained together for over fifteen years and have since had three daughters together. They're a couple who we don't ever see splitting up, and they've both played terrific heels during their time with WWE and they ain't going nowhere!

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