Top 3 Feuds We Want To See On Each Brand

The WWE rosters are set, as the draft has come and gone and we've officially embarked on the New Era in WWE. Battleground will be the final PPV that rosters will be mixed, but starting Monday, we should be in for some fresh programs and we'll begin to see what the better show will be.

Several big names from NXT have been called up, while the WWE made some big statements as to who will be given some big opportunitites. Finn Balor being drafted before the likes of Roman Reigns and John Cena leads you to believe he's immediately going to be a big time player on RAW. AJ Styles was SmackDown's second pick, right after WWE Champion Dean Ambrose, so you have to think Styles will soon be in the title picture, once his feud with John Cena ends.

When looking the different divisions, RAW clearly got the edge in the Tag Team Division, as well as the Women's Division, while SmackDown came away with many of WWE's established names. In any event, the draft leads us to some great opportunities for both brands to carry excellent feuds. Here are the three feuds each brand should run with now that the brand split is here.


We've seen the teams interact on WWE programming and now both teams have been drafted to the RAW brand. The New Day are set to soon hold the record for the longest tag team championship reign in the modern era and will need a strong feud going forward. With Bray Wyatt going to SmackDown, their current feud with the Wyatts will seemingly end after this Sunday. The best option for them at this point is a feud with The Club going into SummerSlam.


This just makes sense. Seth Rollins is the top heel on RAW while the no.1 face will be Finn Balor. Just listen back to how the crowd reacted when they heard Balor's name called, compared to when Roman Reigns was drafted with RAW's fourth pick. Booking 101 is putting the no.1 heel and no.1 face together. While I wouldn't be surprised if Balor eventually takes The Club for himself, I fully expect him to have a great babyface run to kick things off on the RAW brand.


SmackDown's tag division is considerably inferior to RAW's, especially with no tag team championship, but one major coup for SmackDown was drafting American Alpha. While options are pretty slim for them on the roster, they do have fellow NXT alumni The Vaudevillains, whom they feuded with down in NXT earlier this year. Re-igniting a feud would be a great way for them to kick things off on the main roster. Who knows, perhaps SmackDown will soon introduce their own tag team championship, much like they did in the original brand split back in 2002.

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Much like the formula used on RAW, this makes sense, as the Cena/Styles feud will soon be over and Styles will need another top babyface to tangle with. Once Cena is out of his way, the transition that would make sense would be a feud with Dean Ambrose. We'll have to see how Ambrose's run with the title plays out, or if in fact we will soon have two world champions.

Whatever the case, Styles vs. Ambrose should soon become a reality with the brand split.

Logic would indicate Cena and Styles having a blowoff match at SummerSlam, with Ambrose and Styles then headlining SmackDown's first brand exclusive PPV event.

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