Top 5 Huge Takeaways From Monday Night Raw (08/22/2016)

SummerSlam has come and gone and with it, the "biggest event of the summer" has left many questions for the WWE Universe to ponder:

Has Dean Ambrose lost the crowd?

What will happen to the WWE Universal Championship?

Will Brock Lesnar face Shane McMahon at some point?

These are merely a few of the questions moving forward. Last night at the Barclays Center, WWE placed more focus on the Wrestling aspect of their product and less on Sports Entertainment.

Aside from some awkward interactions with John Stewart, SummerSlam - the second biggest event of the year - toppled the Grandaddy event of WrestleMania. Was this edition of SummerSlam the best to date? No. However, it wasn't putrid.

Tonight, WWE returned to the site of SummerSlam for an episode of Monday night Raw. So, what happened in the wake of a slaughtered Viper and injured champion?

Here are 5 takeaways from tonight's show:

5. New Day are the Greatest Tag Team of the Modern Era

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Tonight on Monday Night Raw, The New Day celebrated 365 days as WWE World Tag Team Champions. That's right, an entire year has passed since the trio captured the straps and imaginations of the WWE Universe.

And it's high time we give The New Day some proper credit. Kofi Kingston, Big E, and Xavier Woods should be considered the greatest tag team of the Modern Era. They have been that good over the past twelve months.

Not as intimidating as The Road Warriors but just as revered by the current WWE Universe. The New Day with their unicorn horns, colourful ring gear, and Booty O's cereal have won over the crowd.

How much longer will The New Day's historical WWE Tag Team Championship reign last? Who knows but what a ride it has been.

4. Big Cass Will Receive a Push

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So, Enzo Amore - along with six other Superstars - enters the ring to toss his name in the WWE Universal Championship hat. Mick Foley announces that a "series of matches" will take place in order to help clarify the #1 Contender.

As the night progresses, we discover that Enzo Amore will not even compete for an opportunity at the WWE Universal Championship. However, Big Cass would find his way into the picture.

In fact, Big Cass would advance to a Fatal 4-Way match next week on Monday Right Raw to determine the new WWE Universal Champion. While it is highly unlikely that Cass will win the title, this is  a sign of this to come.

Enzo Amore and Big Cass may be over in a big way but a bleak shadow hangs over their future. When they part ways, expect a major push for Cass.

3. Bayley is a Boss in Her Own Right

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In what should have been a lengthy WWE Women's Championship reign, "The Boss" Sasha Bank would drop the belt to Charlotte at SummerSlam due to injury; leaving many fans disappointed.

However, tonight on Monday Night Raw, the WWE Universe were treated to the officially debut of the beloved Bayley, who will fill the Boss Void. Bayley represents everything pure in professional wrestling and her attitude is infection.

The crowd lost their collective minds when Bayley's upbeat theme music hit and the all-smiles Superstar appeared in front of the live Brooklyn crowd. What a great moment for a well-deserving woman.

So, can Bayley capture the WWE Women's Championship straight away or will it be better to watch Bayley chase the gold instead? Either way, we're happy for Bayley.

2. Finn Balor is Finished

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The WWE record books will forever state that the very first WWE Universal Championship reign lasted less than twenty-four hours. And unfortunately for Finn Balor, this shall be his main roster legacy.

In the eyes of Vince McMahon, Finn Balor will now be considered "soft." Last night Balor was thought to be the new leader of Monday Night Raw. Tonight, Balor was forced to relinquish the title and his spot.

Sure, you can absolutely expect Finn Balor to challenge for the WWE Universal Championship upon his return to the company but don't expect "The Demon" to regain the red leather strap.

It's a sad, sad circumstance but a harsh Vince McMahon Reality. Finn Balor, it's been good to know 'ya, young Demon King.

1. Seth Rollins Should Win the WWE Universal Championship

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Perhaps this should have taken place last night at SummerSlam. Perhaps "The Architect" should have been the inaugural WWE Universal Champion. Perhaps this is all a strange twist of fate.

Seth Rollins coming up short to Finn Balor was a definite shock to the senses. WWE actually gave the people their desired champion. However, Plan B must take affect immediately and that plan is Seth Rollins.

WWE will not pull two swerves with the WWE Universal Championship. By all accounts, degenerate gamblers placed their bids on Seth Rollins capturing the title at SummerSlam. However, Finn Balor pulled out the shocking victory.

Next week, expect Seth Rollins to come out on top at the end of the Fatal 4-Way match and capture the WWE Universal Championship.

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