Top 5 Things We Want To See At SummerSlam

WWE Battleground is now in the books and we're on the homestretch to SummerSlam. Going into the event, we have the beginning of the brand extension. The WWE Championship is on SmackDown, as well as the Intercontinental Championship, while RAW has the Women's, Tag Team and United States Championships.

Some storylines concluded at Battleground, including Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens' feud, The New Day against The Wyatts and Dean Ambrose against his former Shield brothers. Some feuds are continuing going into SummerSlam, the finishes to Battleground provided strong hints at storylines continuing going into Brooklyn a month from now.

SummerSlam is traditionally WWE's second biggest event of the year and for 2016's edition to live up to that standard, here are five things that we want to see happen. To be clear, this list isn't necessarily what we believe will happen, but rather a wish list for what we'd like to see happen.

5. Roman Reigns Pays The Price For Failed Wellness Test

Roman Reigns got to return from a 30-day suspension and land himself a main event payday at Battleground. The WWE has punished talents before when failing a wellness policy test in the middle of a push and they should make an example of Reigns. If they want their policy to be taken seriously and show that no one on the roster is exempt from ramifications, the WWE should bump Reigns down the card at SummerSlam and have him do the job to a fellow RAW Superstar who could use the victory.

Countless others have lost their spot following a failed drug test and WWE can't give Reigns special treatment here. Perhaps him taking the pinfall at Battleground and losing to Balor on RAW was a sign of things to come.

You can't leave Reigns off the card altogether, because he's built up some credibility with many wins. Having someone like Cesaro beat Reigns would be a much needed statement win for Cesaro and could signal Cesaro getting a top babyface push on RAW, essentially taking Roman's spot, which is something we all want to see.

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Top 5 Things We Want To See At SummerSlam