Top 5 TNA Wrestlers Who Would Thrive, Fail, And Not Make WWE

With the doors closing shortly, let us remember all the good things TNA did for the wrestling world. They help to make the current WWE Champion AJ Styles as well as former NXT Champion Samoa Joe. The "Broken" Hardy Boys are doing are terrific job of keeping that relevant. TNA also helped us learn what a moron owner Dixie Carter is. But other than that, TNA failed to give the professional wrestling world anything worth caring about. With their doors more than likely closing shortly, there will be a bunch of talent on the wrestling market. Obviously, WWE will be looking for some of their talent. But if the purchase of WCW taught us anything, the WWE does not like talent they didn't help make. Talent such as Diamond Dallas Page, Taz, and Goldberg all had the makings of becoming a major star in WWE. But when they got there, they were treated poorly. The talent coming from TNA should experience nothing different and this may stop some talent from coming over. Unfortunately, some will easily be swayed by the WWE money and lifestyle.

Here are 15 TNA talent tall will either succeed, fail, or not even make the WWE roster.

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22 Thrive: Mandrews

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To be very honest, the WWE has booked the Cruiserweight Divison horribly. They failed to make anyone important besides Brian Kendrick and TJ Perkins. They have a ton of talent, but they have failed to get them over. Mandrews is wrestler from Wales who is very talented in the ring. He has wrestled as a member of the X-Division ever since he arrived. Like most X-Division guys, he is very athletic and is capable of pulling off incredible high-flying maneuvers. His signature moves include the Shooting Star Press, and the Corkscrew 450 Splash. If he busts out any of these moves, the crowd will easily pop. He will also fit in very well because like the other Cruiserweights, he has no real character at the moment.

21 Fail: Moose

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WWE has always been fascinated bigger professional wrestlers. Very rarely however, have they booked them correctly. Brock Lesnar is one of the exceptions. WWE was interested in Moose prior to him signing with the TNA. With TNA coming to an end soon, WWE finally gets what they want and that being Moose. Moose's ring work may be enough to ruin his career. His ring work has yet to catchup with the modern times. He's very slow and sluggish. Other than being big, his look is very generic and plain. The crowd is not gonna like him because of his poor ring work. They're probably gonna change his ring name to something else as well. It's interesting to see what happens, but personally, I believe Moose isn't a match with WWE.

20 Won't Make Roster: The BroMans

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The BroMans are a tag team consisting of Robbie E and Jessie Godderz. The Bro Mans also are not the best wrestlers or the most entertaining wrestling personalities. They've been teaming together for ever. They've already broken up and gotten back together in TNA. This team is tremendously outdated as they were a parody of the hit MTV show Jersey Shore. They continue to do the Jersey Shore act in 2016 although the show hit its popularity in 2010. They don't fit the WWE at all especially since they kind of have their own version of this team in The Hype Bros. The Hype Bros are almost as bad as the Bro Mans, but Zack Ryder has some talent. Both members of The BroMans offer nothing.

19 Thrive: Rockstar Spud 

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Rockstar Spud is a very tiny wrestler. However, he is incredibly talented for his size. He is something that the Cruiserweight Division needs desperately. He has personality and he also has character. Spud has the ability to talk on the microphone, and his gimmick is very flamboyant and eccentric. He needs to be a priority for WWE when TNA closes it's doors. If he arrives, he should completely bypass NXT and move straight to the main roster. When he arrives to the main roster, he should immediately be place in to the Cruiserweight Championship picture as he is a guy who has been on mainstream television for the past three years. TNA doesn't understand how to use Spud correctly, but hopefully WWE will use him properly.

18 Fail: Cody

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Cody is the former WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes or Stardust as he was last known in WWE. He left in early 2016 because he was frustrated with his position in the company. He also hated being Stardust. So when he left, WWE responded in the most petty way possible. That being not letting him use the name Cody Rhodes in TNA. He made is debut at the most recent pay-per-view Bound for Glory. Rhodes will eventually make his way back to WWE. What are the chances that WWE actually uses him right the second time? They will probably maintain bitter feelings about him leaving like they do with most wrestlers who leave on bad terms. Of course, Cody Rhodes never really stood a chance in WWE anyway.

17 Won't Make Roster: Tyrus

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Tyrus was known in WWE as Brodus Clay. He participated in the third season of NXT and finished second. Many expected him to become a monster heel and for him to run roughshod through the WWE on the main roster. Instead, they made Brodus Clay a dancing dinosaur with women known as "Funkadactyls." They tried to turn him heel before his release. But as you expected, it was close to impossible. It's impossible to turn a man who was just dancing and jiggling for the fans in to a unstoppable heel. His TNA run hasn't been all that spectacular either. He hasn't done anything remarkable in the two years he's been there. It is very doubtful that there will be any interest in either side for a big Brodus Clay return. The fans are also not clamouring for a Brodus Clay return.

16 Thrive: Ethan Carter III

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Ethan Carter III or EC3 was a member of the gameshow version of NXT. Then he was named a very generic name in Derrick Bateman. Bateman placed third in the show with Brodus Clay placing second, and Johnny Curtis placing first. Bateman was eventually released and joined TNA. Then he completely reignited his career. He was a fantastic heel, and held the TNA Championship twice. He was the kayfabe nephew of Dixie Carter which may have helped him get some of his heat. EC3 back in WWE would be tremendous. WWE will finally understand how talented he is. He is a very good talker and a very capable wrestler. But if he were to return to WWE, they would probably have to change his name.

15 Fail: Drew Galloway

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Drew Galloway was known as Drew McIntyre back in WWE. They started him off hot with him winning the Intercontinental Championship and giving him the nickname " The Chosen One." Plans for him completely fell off of the rails and he was released in 2014. Galloway then took the Independent scene by storm. He would win the World Titles in several different companies. The biggest title he won came in TNA, but his reign was short-lived. WWE is more than likely interested in his return. However this would not work for one major reason. That reason being that fans are not stupid. They'll remember that he was jobbing every week and that he was a member of 3MB. So his run will ultimately be a failure.

14 Won't Make Roster: James Storm

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James Storm joined NXT in 2015 for two matches and chose to re-sign with TNA. In TNA the popular tag team Beer Money reunited until Bobby Roode left for WWE (where he now shines in NXT). This left Storm to flounder in TNA. Currently, he is a member of a group known as the Death Count Council which is his third or fourth stable he's been apart of. When TNA closes his doors, he may be retiring or working the Indies. If he wanted to go to WWE, he would have went the first time he was offered. If Storm was still interested, he won't be treated correctly as he turned down WWE in the past. His character wouldn't work anyways because his entire gimmick is about drinking beer.

13 Thrive: The Wolves

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The Wolves actually had a tryout match in NXT prior to them joining TNA in 2014. For some reason, they weren't signed considering how much the tag team division was struggling at the time. They would end up joining TNA and their weak tag team division was completely centered around them. They won the TNA Tag Team Championship five times which is impressive in it's own right. What makes it even more impressive is that they both have been injured, yet they have still managed to win it five times. WWE's tag team division could easily use a boost especially since they only have one ready tag team in NXT. They can easily become one of WWE's more popular acts because of their exciting style.

12 Fail: Grado

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Grado is one of professional wrestling most loved characters. He gets his love by being a comedic wrestler. His actions and mannerisms are truly what makes the Grado character unique. He'll never be a World Champion in a major wrestling organization, but he gets the crowd hyped. WWE will more than likely pick him. The reason why he won't work, or they won't use him correctly is because WWE and Vince McMahon do not know comedy. Vince McMahon made Natalya fart on television for a couple of weeks. He still enjoys toilet humor as it is call. He made The Great Khali the Punjabi Playboy. He's not with the times anymore and he doesn't know how to adapt. Until Vince leaves, Grado will never work in WWE.

4. Won't Make Roster: Aron Rex

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Aron Rex or Damien Sandow is the current TNA Grand Champion. If you don't know what that is, I don't blame you because the concept is rather stupid. Damien Sandow had to be angry at WWE for failing to capitalize on him when he was red hot. The crowd loved him and wanted him to take the next step and become a mainstay in the upper mid-card. However, WWE did not listen and used him sparsely until his release in 2016. Many fans were heartbroken at the release and were probably interested when he joined TNA. But unfortunately, Damien Sandow is very different than Aron Rex. Damien Sandow had a great gimmick and was in good shape. Aron Rex has no gimmick and is a little more pudgy.

11 Thrive: The "Broken" Hardys

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Ahh Yes, you knew they'd come. The Hardys in 2016 somehow made themselves relevant again and it's all thanks to Matt Hardy. Matt Hardy stepped out of Jeff's shadow and became the most talked about wrestler in 2016. They are the current TNA World Tag Team Champions, and it's very intriguing to see how WWE would use them. The feud with Bray Wyatt has the potential to be very fun to watch although WWE has almost completely ruined Bray. The use of the Hardy Compound is more than likely gone unfortunately. WWE would also have to give them the ability to come up with there own promos which they usually don't. But the Hardys presence alone in WWE should be intriguing enough. Especially if WWE allows them to remain "Broken."





6 Fail: Abyss 

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Abyss has been the best monster in professional wrestling since Kane first debuted. TNA booked him strongly, then they made him feel like a human. But Abyss has been able to catch his old fire as a member of The Decay. It's a shame he didn't go earlier in his career, but WWE will more than likely pick him up despite him being in his 40s. They have no other choice but to make him a monster because that's what fans have known him as most of his career. The issue with that is the WWE's poor booking of bad monsters. Kane as I previously mentioned was booked great until they tried to make him human-like and they gave him emotions and feelings. They have no clue how to book monsters anymore and it will unfortunately be the same with Abyss.





1 Won't Make Roster: Bobby Lashley

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Bobby Lashley is arguably one of the best wrestlers in 2016 with his dominance over the TNA roster. With that statement being made, you may be asking why will he not make it to WWE. Lashley is a mixed martial artist and a good one at that. He has a record of 15-2 and winning his 15 fight in dominating fashion. Lashley may want to put his focus on mixed martial arts completely. He has a chance to win the Bellator World Heavyweight Championship as he has yet to lose a fight for the organization and he has stopped all of his opponents. WWE missed the boat on Lashley years ago along with their failed attempt at rebranded ECW. Although, Lashley wasn't as good as he is now.

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