Top 5 Wrestlers You Should Hate More Than John Cena

There's no secret the WWE Universe is divided when it comes to John Cena.

For over a decade, Cena has been under contract with WWE, and he was quite refreshing in his early days. The rap gimmick wasn’t exactly suited to please everyone, although he offered something different to the table.

Years later, Cena began to win major titles in WWE, and all seemed fine with the fans. But his clean-cut, hip-hop gimmick was growing old fast, and “The Doctor of Thuganomics” wasn’t exactly ameliorating himself in the ring. His move set wasn’t all that inspiring, and his matches looked like carbon copies of each other. He also spews the same stuff in his interviews and promos, which got extremely tiring after a while.

Simply put, Cena was offering nothing new to wrestling as the biggest star of the company.

Here we are in 2014, and purists of the sports entertainment industry loathe the Massachusetts-born superstar. Cena hardly loses to anyone, and WWE have truly failed to build top stars around him, which is a mutual feeling that former WWE broadcast legend Jim Ross feels, as he stated in a piece for FOX Sports where he called Cena a polarizing figure.

You can’t hate Cena for his company’s decisions to make him superior to everyone else, and truth be told, he’s great for the business. You could hate his character, but disrespecting the man Cena is would be foolish. He’s granted more wishes than anyone in the Make-A-Wish foundation, which speaks volumes for his commitment to the fans. His work schedule is presumably the busiest out of everyone in the company, and even though he may not be the best talent out there, he sells merchandise by the boatload. Plus, it’s hard to envision Cena refusing anyone for an autograph.

But he doesn’t have to win every battle, and the company shouldn’t have to put the title on him every time they’re stuck. However, is that his fault?

That said, we’ve seen this before in wrestling with other stars. Better yet, there are a handful of superstars who are either less qualified than Cena, or didn’t even put in half the effort he does.

Here are 5 wrestlers you should despise even more than the 15-time world champion:

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5 The Miz

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His new Hollywood persona could be reflective of who The Miz (Mike Mizanin) truly is, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The former WWE Champion was a reality television star that entered WWE with little experience, learning the ropes through WWE Tough Enough after a stint in Ultimate Pro Wrestling (UPW).

You have to credit the actor for his improvements inside the squared circle, although you could argue his best match was against Dolph Ziggler at SummerSlam 2014, which took place a couple of weeks ago. He’s been under contract for a while now, but you’ve got to think some of his compatriots buried on house shows are more deserving of his spot.

His “Figure Four” would make legends cringe, and it’s still astonishing that he headlined WrestleMania 27 and beat John Cena in the main event. His best moments were alongside John Morrison and Big Show in tag teams, but as we take a look at his situation years later, it begs to ask what he still wants to do in wrestling since he comes and goes during stints in the acting world.

4 Triple H

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You can’t say Triple H is lackluster in his current heel role, since his character as an evil boss in The Authority alongside his wife, Stephanie McMahon, fits perfectly into storylines. Simply put, he’s doing a pretty damn good job.

But you also can’t hide the fact that the decorated champion was critical of guys like CM Punk and Daniel Bryan, since he didn’t feel as if those former champions had what it took to find success on the big stage. That’s what made those storylines so intriguing; they were blurring the lines from fiction to reality.

Most wrestlers have good experiences working for Helmsley, yet he was more difficult to deal with in his past. He was a member of The Kliq, alongside his best friend, Shawn Michaels, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and X-Pac (Sean Waltman). Not only did they terrorize the locker room, but also Helmsley more or less aligned himself with the wrong crowd early on. Or, the right one, depending on how you look at the situation.

While his marriage to a McMahon was seen as problematic during his rise, it helped his career immensely. Helmsley would win a plethora of world titles, and whether it was his doing or not, disallowed wrestlers like Booker T, Rob Van Dam, and Randy Orton to take the next step in their careers by winning feuds he should have done the job for.

You wonder where all those burying jokes come from.

3 Batista

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Maybe Dave Bautista isn’t a bad guy. He certainly thrives for competition, as we saw with his divulgence into the world of mixed martial arts.

In spite of that, it was somewhat odd to see Batista come back to WWE to headline WrestleMania 30, with the original plan being for him to beat Randy Orton in the main event to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. As soon as Batista was nominated as the 2014 Royal Rumble winner, CM Punk decided to take his ball home. Nobody really has proof this was the exact reason Phil Brooks walked away from WWE, but he had an issue with part-timers being given huge spotlight roles over workhorses who broke their backs for the company.

When the fans started to read between the lines, they turned on “The Animal,” who never really had any classic matches during his championship tenures to begin with. Batista came off as somewhat arrogant, and rumors began to swirl about his unhappiness with the company because he was promised more money than he was making.

Maybe Batista isn’t deserving of the hate, since he expressed his frustration in a recently released DVD release, “Batista: The Animal Unleashed,” where he wished the fans were a little more appreciative of his return. Then again, he seemed to not care what the fans truly wanted, and didn’t really step his game up when he had the light shining down on him.

Was it all for the money, or did Batista truly care about coming back and making a difference?

2 Goldberg

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Bill Goldberg had the “it factor” when he was discovered by WCW, turning into a larger-than-life superstar who did his fair share to bring the promotion to the top of heap, over Vince McMahon’s rival company. He developed an ego fast, and during his WCW days, injured a handful of superstars (including ending Bret Hart’s career), while his work rate was deplorable considering the guys way below him in the pecking order that deserved a chance to shine.

It seems as if there is a possibility of Goldberg coming back into the fold, with many believing he will return to WWE for one last stint. Although, what are his expectations, and more importantly, what could he bring to the table?

When Goldberg came to WWE in the early 2000s, he was pitted against foes like The Rock and Triple H, and WWE allowed him to defeat two of the most accomplished superstars in the history of their business. But Goldberg wasn’t exactly the easiest or most heartwarming person to work with, and soon after, he became extremely lazy and disinterested in the ring. His signature move, “The Jackhammer,” looked vastly different from how he used to hit it while working for Eric Bischoff, and didn’t even put any effort into it.

After a backstage fight with Chris Jericho and arguably the worst match in WrestleMania history against Brock Lesnar, where both juggernauts insulted the crowd by refusing to put on a match even close to decent, his return doesn’t really feel warranted.

He’s already complaining about a feud against Ryback, and even though he says he isn’t interested in coming back to WWE, he’d definitely move if the money were right. And the money being right would see him overpaid for his services, while WWE already has a crop of talent that could contribute to make the main event scene more vibrant.

1 Hulk Hogan

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He’s the biggest star in the history of the business, but politics really came into play when you worked with Hulk Hogan.

Hogan could be the reason why “Macho Man” Randy Savage didn’t get as many titles as he did in the early 1990s, considering Savage was light-years ahead of him when it came to his skill set. Hogan didn’t job often, and his defeat against The Undertaker at Survivor Series 1990 was avenged four days later when he won back the WWE Championship. Wrestling hadn’t seen a heel like Taker up to that point, and it was the wrong decision to make.

He then stole Hart’s thunder at WrestleMania 9 when he really didn’t need to beat Yokozuna in an impromptu match after the main event, not to mention only losing it to the Samoan at King of The Ring 1993 when he was about to jump ship to WCW.

He had enough leverage backstage to guarantee his faction, The New World Order, would hog three quarters of television time every week on WCW flagship show, Nitro, and this was problematic for the guys in the cruiserweight division, or homegrown talent such as Booker T and veterans like Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero who deserved those spots. In fact, the situation where Jeff Jarrett laid down for Hogan, courtesy of Vince Russo, was a lot more non-fictional than it seemed, despite the angle being staged.

Also, he has numerous problems with a bunch of wrestlers, and his ego was out in full force after guys like Savage and The Ultimate Warrior died. He comes back for segments to hype stuff like the WWE Network, but it just feels forced at this point.

The hate for Hogan is more so because he truly was one of the biggest stars ever who couldn’t wrestle a decent match longer than 10 minutes, and couldn’t get along with anyone if they didn’t want it his way. He basically reinvented and then killed WCW’s main event scene, regardless if there was a ton of hype between his matches with Sting and Goldberg.

Then again, could Cena be the much nicer and respectful version of Hogan?

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